2013 Theme Camps

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S'mores N Amour

We bring a camping favorite to the playa….S’MORES. We provide everything for all ages to enjoy this sweet treat. Marshmallows will be roasted!
S’MORES at sundown Monday through Thursday!

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/b1e2bf96-a3bf-4a91-b145-9a9b0fdff718Hometown: Los Angeles

Sacred Spaces Village

We are a diverse inter-faith spiritual community of artists, activists, and mystics seeking to improve the collective intelligence of humanity. We provide grounded, heart-centered sacred spaces for individuals to heal, learn/teach, create art, make music, and transform themselves and the world. Water the Roots!

URL: http://www.sacredspacesvillage.orgHometown: San Francisco

Safer Sex Camp

Source of all your playa safer sex needs: Safer Sex Kits with condoms, lube, gloves, and dental dams. Look for Kits in blue Outpost Bags and at Safer Sex Camp. All Kits are free, not for sale, not for barter. Home of Making Erotic Fetish Wear from Rubber Inner Tubes, and Women-Only Liquid Latex Body Painting for Friday’s Critical Tits Ride) See What/When/Where for days and times.

Hometown: San Francisco

Saints and Sinners (Camp)

Saints and Sinners Camp- Offering Sensual Workshops; Temporary Marriages; Body Painted Naked Art; Walk by Foot wash and toe nail polish.

Hometown: Oakland

Salon 7

Welcome home! A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants. Our juicy collection of 70+ return burnophyiles welcomes all those who want to relax, connect and “Experience” home. A collection of souls from Asia, Europe and across the US and Canada, you will surly find yourself deep in amazing conversation and flow. Join us.

Hometown: Honk Kong, Vancouver, San Francisco

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other beings. We invite the Burning Man community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes any time, stop by for a dance at our Funk Royale cordial, or enjoy one of our Healing Fairs offering massage, readings, or relationship counseling, and come feed your power hungry devices or fill depleted batteries at our solar charging station!

URL: http://www.salonsoleil.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Salty Jack's

We’re a “naughtycal” neighborhood dive bar, complete with undersea dance floor, a mutant vehicle for deep sea, beach (playa) reconnaissance, and years of experience doing it right.

URL: http://saltyjacks.wordpress.com/Hometown: San Francisco, CA (Boise, Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego too!)

Samadhi Vision

Samadhi Vision is a self-sustaining and earth-conscious VJ/video projection/3D mapping showcase fueled by solar and wind energy.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Santa's Summer Sleigh Camp

Santa has prepared flavored Sno for you each afternoon and Mrs Claus has spent all winter make a special Objet d’Art just for you. Come get it dawn to dusk!

URL: http://santassummersleigh.infoHometown: North Pole

Scarbutts Cafe

Our goal is to provide a morning mecca of taste, stimulation and aural sensation for famished burners of all ages, types and experience levels. We spank your hiney and give you some coffee.

Hometown: San francisco

Scotch & Hop

Scotch & Hop is a playground of Hop Scotch and a Scotch Bar. Come jump around and test your agility and reminisce of playing a childhood game. Then relax with a nice adult glass of Scotch and Scotch cocktails.

URL: http://www.scotchandhop.comHometown: New York

Secret Passage Camp

A small camp dedicated to the secrets we all carry within us, helping share ourselves with each other, with the help of a bit of booze, a place to hangout, a photobooth, and more.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/108509422579084/Hometown: New York City and Everywhere

Sensual Pleasures, The Camp for Sensual Pleasures

The Camp for Sensual Pleasures is dedicated to providing pleasure for women.
We offer hair washing and massage by Pope DB, and the well-known Orgasamator Experience is back, enhanced to give women an even more intensely enjoyable experience, all in an environment that’s safe, comfortable & private.

URL: http://campsensualpleasures.comHometown: West Coast, USA

Serenity Now

What do you seek? Serenity Now is a bubble in the chaos of Burning Man; a home for the weary traveler. We feature an extensive whiskey bar and a birds eye view of the playa from the ‘Eye of Serenity’.

Hometown: Santa Clara


Swing by our singular six-sided living room, climb to 360 degrees of BRC from our Observation Deck, 20 feet high (seems higher). Enter the Lingerie Lounge and helpful staff will hook you up with a new look from our vast trove of sweet wearables that’s sure to please, zip thru the PlayaPilot? bikeway to earn your Official Pilot’s License, and hoopdance extroverts of all levels welcome, we have extra hoops for you.

Hometown: Portland


Come find your way down our zip-line at Camp Sextant. Ice cream sandwiches will occasionally show up.

Hometown: Redwood City

Shady Motherfaffers

Get out of the sun! An afternoon shade oasis and lounge with sexy beats, honey bar, and an observation deck to peer out into the great beyond.

Hometown: Denver

Shady Waffle

The Shady Waffle is a community of chillers who love to make food, create art(cars), and play music for YOU! Swing by and enjoy our tasty breakfast restaurant, daytime bar, dance parties, and more. Look for the giant, multi-colored dome and you’ll know you’re home.

URL: http://www.shadywaffle.org/Hometown: San Francisco


Shadyvil is home to our diverse crew from around the world. Specializing in fine libations, yoga, grub and chaos. You’ll find us hosting afternoon events in camp and styling around the playa late at night in the Mayan Warrior mutant vehicle.

URL: http://www.shayvil.comHometown: SF, NYC, Mexico DF, Portland, Austin, Australia, New Zealand, C

Shamandome Camp

Shamandome Camp is a collective of “Shamanistas” – people interested in developing our understanding and practice of ancient wisdom for the good of others. We find joy, community, identity, and healing through shamanic drumming journeying, and helping you do the same with your Power Animal Guiding you to direct access to Source.
Hometown: Fairfax, CA

URL: http://www.shamandome.orgHometown: New York City


A lost paradise for sun-beaten adventurers, or a den of chaos for the wild hearted? Come to investigate for yourself the legends of Shangri-Lawless.

URL: http://www.shangri-lawless.comHometown: San Diego


ShangriLa is among the most enduring myths in this world. Where human beings live in harmony with nature, and where the wisdom of the planet is saved for future generations. When you enter Burning Man – you are in an earthly paradise of unbelievable possibilities ~ Welcome to ShangriLa! Our international group is looking very much forward to create an ambiance where people can spend the entire day hanging out. We will be ShangriLa for you and your playa friends!

URL: http://shangrila.racinesystems.com/Hometown: Morrison


ShantiTown is a place of chilled out fun. Come hangout with us and get lots of love and a pampering hair wash.

Hometown: Toronto / NYC

Sharkey's Bar and Lounge

Sharkey’s Bar – aka The Preferable Party Past the Porta-Potties, where Peni and Pagina Play on the Pre-Playa-Plaza-Playground!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/144115109328/Hometown: BRC

Shaved Ice Pussy

Stop by our Shaved Ice Pussy camp and indulge in a refreshing delicious snow cone made with the softest snow and the juiciest of juices.

Hometown: Reno


The Shenanstigators and the safety third play ground: Run and play and be safe!!

Hometown: San Diego


Shibumi is a collection of amazing souls committed to a rare form of personal excellence, and a state of effortless perfection.

URL: http://campshibumi.comHometown: Heart & Mind


As we make our way through life, we develop ideas of how things work that may not be true. We are invited or forced to understand that things are not always as they seem. A new way of thinking. SHIFT Camp welcomes you to have a SHIFT experience, a change in paradigm. We offer the set and setting for you to examine your inner workings, reveal and share, and explore the shift that you can make happen. Inspirational art daily.

URL: www.SHIFT-BM.comHometown: Seattle

Shipibo Vapor Bath Camp

We will provide a tiny example of Amazonian plant medicine traditions here on the playa. Healing vapoor baths with Amazonian plant essences.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Short Stack & Om Skillet

Short Stack & Om Skillet bring you a chill park vibe and gourmet grilled cheese in the desert. Join us around noon from Tuesday through Friday to lounge on our lawn with sandwich service and some groovy tunes. Tuesday afternoon is the Tutu Tuesday dance party!

Hometown: San Francisco



Hometown: REDDING

Shots for Shocks

An electrical tasting bar: we shock you with a cattle prod, you get a shot! 21+

Hometown: Seattle

Shwar Town

Holding it down since 2002, Shwar Town offers tasty Oregon made kombucha to the public. Come through and take a break to detox before you get back out there and retox.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shwartown/Hometown: Eugene

Siberian Electric Company

Somewhere in the vast expanse of post-appocolyptic Northern Russian territory the mutants of the Siberian Electric Company came to know the Atlantan tribe of the Velvet Soulmine. Years of peaceful co-existence have resulted in a camp within a camp where you can experience all the verbal abuse you need along with a breakfast of whiskey & peanuts, or slush back a toxic vodka drink from a shotski at the bar.

URL: http://mesabear1967.tripod.comHometown: Salt Lake City

Sidekick Camp

Sidekick camp is on the lookout for all would-be scamps, scallywags, and rapscallion who are on the search for adventure. Come grab a helpful companion to aid in your journey or hang out and get certified as a bonafide sidekick yourself!

Hometown: Seattle

Sideshow- Geeks, Freaks and Absurdities

Sideshow- Geeks, Freaks and Absurdities is your old time sideshow portal to the geekish, the freakish, and the Odditorium of Playa Wonders! Looky Looky what we have on the inside for your amusement and bewilderment with daily late afternoon performances.

URL: http://sideshow2013,weebly.comHometown: Reno

Silicon Village

Visit our Village for red carpet treatment as you check out the live stage acts, shop in our free “store”, take windsurfing lessons, classes and workshops, watch Tesla coil shows, cool down in a misting booth, get airbrush heart tattoos, cookies and spankings, zip down our Zip Line, hang out for nightly Happy Hours…AND SO much more! We’d love to meet new people & are looking forward to seeing YOUR face in our HOLES: cartoon cutout photo-ops.

URL: http://www.siliconvillageburners.org/Hometown: San Jose

Sk8 Kamp

Burning Man’s best skate spot!

Hometown: Oakland

Skinny Kitty Teahouse

Skinny Kitty Teahouse serves tea 24 hours a day, all week long. We offer a refuge from the hustle and bustle: shade, shelter, couches, a piano, performance space (for spontaneous use) and the company of several unfortunately emaciated felines.

URL: http://skinnykittyteahouse.com/Hometown: Mendocino County

Skyler's Esplenade

Home of the Skyler’s Esplanade art boat and those who love and mourn Skyler, doing art in his memory.

Hometown: US: California: LA, Arcata, SF and Nevada City; Europe: France


Look ma, we empowered ourselves! Now cum suck down our Slut juice, wrap your body in our love and pound your hips to the rhythms of the playa.

Hometown: Portland


Serving smores and more since 2011.

URL: http://www.smoregasm.com

Snow Koan Solar within Nectar Village

We provide solar power in several ways around the playa.
We also serve snow cones on a daily basis.

URL: http://www.snowkoansolar.orgHometown: Bay Area

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village (since 2001) is a home to Midwesterners and other long-distance travelers.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2013Hometown: Milwaukee

Soft Landing (formerly Camp Above the Limit)

Camp Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea and participate in visionary discussion. Soft Landing presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring over 40 talks on technology, art, science, design and enthnobotany. Presentations take place in our Jungle Palace which also hosts small musical performances, workshops and yoga. The neighboring Full Circle Tea House offers fine pu’erh tea and herbal infusions around the clock in BRC. Servers provide tea and comfortable spaces for rest and quie

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.comHometown: San Francisco


Solnishko – russian word for baby-sun. We are an eclectic group of Bay Area touchy-feelers, international russian affectionados and uncategorizable veteran burners. We will offer space for self-reflection and contact, rest and challenge, olfactory and body stimulation and facilitate sensory and sensible connections. We will recreate the life-giving atmosphere of the Sun in our cozy dome, beverages and snacks and unapologetic soul-mating.

URL: http://www.solnishko.webnode.comHometown: Berkeley

Something Dirty - a martini lounge

Shaken, not stirred. Add an olive and some dust and you might get Something Dirty.

URL: http://somethingdirtybrc.wordpress.comHometown: Seattle

Soulicious Heroes & Super Villains / Easy Village

Heroes & Super Villains subscribes to the philosophy of uniting yin and yang in cooperation for the common good and takes great pride in providing a balanced environment where it doesn’t matter who you are, it matters how you are involved. Our camp was created to provide a home at Burning Man to all those Heroes AND Super Villains around the world.

URL: http://www.heroesandsupervillains.comHometown: NYC, LA, UK, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Richmond, New Orleans


Soup camp provides the art and identity for Nectar Vllage. Advanced degrees in security studies are also available, but not during the burn.

Hometown: San Francisco

Source Maui Core

We come to SOURCE to strengthen ohana, laugh with our children, create and share art, gifts, food and song and dance under the stars. SOURCE is entirely created with the energy and passion of its members. We are artists and families. Some of us are Maui residents and many others are travelers, modern gypsies and fairies who fly in to share the magic with us. Bring your friends, your music, your art, your authentic self to create SOURCE

URL: http://sourcemaui.comHometown: Haiku

Space Gnomes

Intergalactic party enablers.

URL: http://spacegnomes.comHometown: Calgary

Space Virgins

Space Virgins are Benevolent Visitors from Elsewhere, bringing our magical technologies to you, the primitive natives of the playa. We take a form much resembling the Roman and Greek gods of Mt. Olympus, creatures so far beyond your primitive culture we seem divine. Join us for our daytime electronic dance music party from 3p- 6p at Mt. Luminous, our palatial home in the Clouds. Indulge in the nectar of the gods from our golden chalice.

URL: http://spacevirgin.orgHometown: Seattle


SpaceCowboys: Shaking your business since 1997.

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.orgHometown: San Francisco

Spaced Scientists' Massage and Health Spa

Philosophize with Visitors from Elsewhere (as well as with local Burners) as to the nature of inner and outer space. Women will look and feel their best after a visit to the Massage Spa. Nurse Jane’s Herbal Space Meds will enhance well being and libido.
Dr. Stu’s Mammogram Station will provide “medical support” for the community.

Hometown: Orinda


spacetimelive is a conglomerate of international humans of mystery, local space enthusiasts and general good time having folks.

Hometown: London

Spaghetti Taco Camp

From the scorching sands of New Mexico comes a camp hellbent on serving you the finest in Spaghetti Tacos and Hospitality. Come for the Bagels and Boogie, stay for Ass Impressions, Tarot, Guerilla Chefs, and Pepper-Garlic Tequila.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spaghetti-Taco/184574798270332Hometown: Albuquerque

Spandex and Steroids

A tribute to the American Gladiator of the 90s television series, come prove your worth against the best spandex-clad, ‘roided-up competitors on the playa. Test your speed and agility by dodging pneumatically launched tennis balls in Assault and strength and balance one-on-one at Joust.

Hometown: San Francisco

Spank Bank

Spank Bank-We provide daily spanking services for the entire playa. From sensual to hard, on a scale from 1-11, we can give you the Spanking you are looking for.

Hometown: Hood River

Spank of America

Get your bottom robotically spanked on our ATM (Ass Thwacking Machine).
Enjoy the mist system, Bottom Bar, bank/spank satire art and videos. Mark your hometown on our “world o spank” world map.
Our motto.. We give till it hurts .

URL: http://www.stuver.com/spankofamericaHometown: Torrance

Spank the Monkey Bar and Monkey Love Lounge

Wet your whistle at the Spank the Monkey Lounge, enjoy virgin burner shots, playa friendly poontang (aka the playa screwdriver) as well as other refreshing beverages. They come with free harassment from our assortment of monkey clad bartenders, we’ll try not to throw poo.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spank-the-Monkey-Lounge/125902577487583Hometown: Salt Lake City

Spanky's Wine Bar - (Spanky's Village)

Massive wine bar, dance floor, carnival rides, amusement rides, adult fun, parades, theme events, games, and Morning Painjoy Radio (MPR).

URL: http://www.spankyswinebar.comHometown: Sacramento

Sparkle Ponies Costume Shop

Are you a sparkle pony that showed up unprepared? Do you feel your playa look is lacking? Come visit us for personalized styling over an ice cold beer, then see the new you in the mirror of truth.

Hometown: San Francisco

SparkleSpaz CarnyTron 20:13

Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble, One of Us, One of Us! The jangly bells, warbling tunes, heady smells, visual delights, and swinging strings of colored bulbs of an olde tyme carnivale, SPAZADELIC SPARKLETRON STYLE! Janky game booths, mystical fortune telling, fantastical airbrush body painting, hypnotic pendulum harmonograph, fabulous prizes…STEP RIGHT UP!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/SparkleSpazHometown: Travelling Carnivale

Special Places Camp

Special Places Camp.
Ladies 18 and older come and get pampered and relax with a Cuny Trim & Spa or a Morning Coffee Enema it is a service provided just for you. At this camp the ladies are the boss no questions asked.

Hometown: Jefferson

Spice & Vice

Spice n’ Vice is a welcome camp of international travelers and friends at 7:00 and B Street. We offer our community the “Desert 2 Desert” pavilion open from 12pm – 3pm Tuesday to Saturday. In this gathering place you will find authentic Arabian and Silk Road curiosities creating a special place to enjoy arabic tea and coffee and other delights. Share your travel stories or ask our sage for advice about world travel as well as life on the playa while we provide you the best Arabian hospitality in BRC!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spice-N-Vice-Camp/526781040702841Hometown: Holland MI,Norfolk-VA,Shanghai China

Spicy Krunchy

Camp Spicy Krunchy is home to the P.A.M.E.L.A. artcar. Come chill with us at the spicy dome, learn what’s new in the field of alternative energy and dance to some electronic tunes!

URL: http://spicykrunchy.comHometown: SF Bay Area

Spin Art Camp

SPIN ART CAMP – Remember Spin Art? We built a 4-foot diameter machine to create your own masterpiece on. Bring a T-shirt or just take off what you are wearing and join the fun!

Hometown: Steamboat Springs,


SpinCycle provides the largest shaded space dedicated to hooping and spinning on the playa. We host an annual hoop jam and have workshops throughout the week.

URL: http://spincyclecamp.com/Hometown: San Francisco

Spirit Dream

Synergy. How do so many things join in the same flow? The land, peace, spirit, tears, soul, laughter, coffee, love, drums, breath, hydration, purity, release, transfer, adoption, destiny and you. Join with us in our tenth year of purpose on the playa.

URL: http://spiritdream.orgHometown: All over

Stag Camp 7

Stagger on in to our 7th annual assembly of weirdly independent social butterflies. Enjoy daily Mölkky games, trampolining, and The Bondage Barber Chair experience (bring your own submissive). Delight in Bean Flickers Roving Coffee Service Wednesday and Friday mornings 9am-11am, and Greg & Danny’s Open Bar Wednesday Night after 8pm. (Order anything… & get a gin & tonic!) By day, luxuriate in the huge green shade. By night, flee the shade (it’s full of raccoons) & toast yourself at our warming station.

URL: http://www.stagcamp.proboards.comHometown: All over the place!

Stamp It Camp

STAMP IT! Camp is a place to create your Burning Man 2013 Souvenir. We provide BM theme stamps for you to stamp your T-Shirt, Hat, whatever you bring with a piece of BM to take back with you. Sample stampings: Burning Man 2013; I’m Burnt!; The Playa is in my blood.
In addition, movies will be shown nightly Mon-Fri (8-10pm).

URL: NoneHometown: Pittsburg

Star Star

Star Star – Live Music – Welcome to the heart of your night out! Lively shows throughout burn week on our gorgeous rustic stage. Kick one back and come shake your business at the Star Star Roadhouse!

Hometown: We come from all over!

Stardust Lounge Casino & Spa

Go all-in at the Stardust Lounge Casino and Spa! Double down on some dirty martinis and dirtier games of chance and skill at the Casino, spin the Wedding Roulette wheel at the Chapel, then clean up and cool off with rejuvenating treatments at the Spa.

Hometown: San Francisco

StarFist @ Starlight Cafe Oasis

We best serve the Playa by helping you bid farewell to the remaining light of the day the only way we know how: Tea for the thirsty, coffee for the strained, and other refreshments for the adventurous. Be ready to be transported to a welcoming den. You might just hear the late afternoon summer sounds of the Bosphorous.

Hometown: Oakland

Steam Bath Project

The Steam Bath Project is magical! Come and steam away the dust with an age-old ritual tradition embracing the possibility of transformation.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/SteamBathProjectHometown: Boston

Steampunk Saloon

The Steampunk Saloon, a nefarious tavern whose location is secret and said to change from time to time. Said to be run by the crew of the infamous pirate airship, The Steampunk.

URL: http://steampunksaloon.comHometown: Los Angeles

Struts & Bolts

The Bangingest Lounge on G(?) Street

URL: http://www.strutsandbolts.comHometown: Costa Mesa


Wet plate collodion photography uses elemental silver on blackended aluminum to create one of a kind photographs that will last for centuries. Images will be displayed from 2011 and 2012 and opportunities to take new images and be gifted a copy are available.

Hometown: San Francisco/Sacramento

Sukkat Shalom

Sukkat Shalom gathers the disparate sparks of the Divine contained in all persons to form a space for profound spiritual connection and exchange between all religions and cultures present on the Playa.

URL: http://www.sukkatshalom.netHometown: San Francisco, London, Brooklyn, Boston, Reno

Sunrise Coffee Camp and Sunset Lounge

Spun from last night? We’ve got you covered! It’s hot, it’s wet, it’s black. Straight off Kona and down your throat, bitches.

Then after we get you zipping on coffee, join us in the lounge for the best Playa cocktails in the neighborhood.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sunrise-Coffee-Camp/166355776728785Hometown: Chico

Super Friends Synaesthesia

Billowing white fabric surrounds our waterless pillow pools where the tired burner can take an afternoon nap. Feeling dizzy after Circumvoluting? Chill by the fire, or enjoy a late night movie. Inquisitive burners can join us in our makeshift lab to study an unidentified artifact found on the playa that seems to offer previously undiscovered scientific knowledge. My hand is holding your hand, but we’re such Super Friends, you feel my hand on your heart. Or in your brain.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Super Happy Fun Time

Come to chill space! We draw on you! You have super happy fun time!!!

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Suspended Animation

Experience full-suspension erotic rope bondage: part kinetic art, part thrill ride, part endorphin rush. Our crew of expert riggers offers bondage rides, workshops for all levels, breathtaking performances, and night time play parties. We also rove the playa and build impromptu bondage sculpture!

URL: http://suspendedanimationcrew.comHometown: Seattle


SwagMart is an Oasis of Creativity located in the heart of Black Rock City. We provide FREE unusual materials to create Swag Necklaces, Earrings and noteworthy embellishments for your Playa wear, Sculptor Todd Andrews
Branding Man Designs for your Boots, Hats, Belts, etc. Daily Costume Appreciation Shows with Trophys & Special Swag. Stop by for a fun Creative positive experience and meet Burners from all over the Planet

Hometown: Nevada City

Swing City

Swing City brings the original muscle beach from Santa Monica CA to BRC.

Hometown: Santa Monica