2014 Art Installations

11:44 Pachamama Portal

by: Miguel Angel Herrera and Harlan Emil Gruber
year: 2014

The 11:44 Pachamama Portal is a deep-playa shelter consisting of a 50’ diameter, 7’ high angled playa-colored, plywood wall with one entrance. The wall provides shelter from the wind and sun within its angled interior for  a Temple of Visionary Art, Sound Healing, Light, Sacred Geometry, Vortex Based Mathematics, Orgone Energy, Solar Power, Ceremony, and Sustainability Consciousness.
The Heart of this Portal is a massive inflated Earth Ball standing 9? tall. This Earth Ball is constructed with panels of industrial canvas fabric printed with NASA imagery that are sewn together to form an EXACT replica of our home planet Earth. Hoisted up into the air over a 6’ tall DODECAHEDRON instrumentation sound chamber, this Earth Healing portal will rise 15’ in the air.
Surrounding this entire Earth Portal will be a large wooden LOTUS flower of twelve 9? tall petals, each one housing a Dream Catcher Hammock. The lotus petals will be constructed with a 7’ tall and 5’ wide steel frame made of 4” C-Purlin beams to support up to two people. The flower petals are 3/4?” birch plywood decking.

1330 and Timbuktu

by: David Cook
year: 2014

In 1330 AD, Timbuktu, Africa was an important crossroad for trade routes leading to the Mediterranean Coast and beyond. The resulting knowledge exchanges occurring there created a vibrant and diverse culture that had far reaching impacts. The unbroken expanse of the Black Rock Desert represents the vast Saharan landscape, filled with a myriad network of trails made by the participants of BRC as they travel between the city and beyond to the inner and outer playa. Some of these travelers will discover a familiar but larger signpost designed to represent Timbuktu in 1330 AD. The signpost will have special messages for the travelers who stop long enough to read them. In the spirit of ancient Timbuktu, travelers also will be encouraged to share their knowledge and wisdom on the signpost for those who may follow in their footsteps.

49 doors

by: Victor Rabbat
year: 2014

This installation consists of 49 reclaimed wood doors, in frames, arranged in ascending then descending rows like 2 sets of bowling pins set back-to-back. There are 13 rows of doors with the first row consisting of one door, the second row with 2 doors, the third row 3 doors until the seventh row with 7 doors. The eighth row begins the descent from 6 doors to one door in the last row. The doors are uniform in width and height but vary significantly in style. The doors and rows are oriented east to west representing the direction of historic movements of peoples such as traders, explorers and discoverers. This installation presents doors as symbolic passages and barriers in daily life. Each door contains a statement, message or saying. Participants are encouraged to interact with the doors to whatever extent desired such as adorning and/or writing upon them and/or their frames.


by: Quill Hyde
year: 2014

Mobile Art! The carousel is an apocalyptic vision of love, an interactive tour-de-force. A 50 foot metal ship, with lifesize metal horses, which carousel up and down. The whole piece rolls on big rubber tires and airbags, bouncy jouncy. We are the all inclusive party. We even have a wheelchair ramp! And anyone who dares is welcome to get their climb on, the piece unfolds to your comfort level. It is a marvelous place to be, aboard the carousel, wrapped in wonder and love, everyone feeling their best, slowly cruising nowhere for no reason.

Alien Sanctuary

by: Kathy D'Onofrio
year: 2014

An Alien Sanctuary awaits forbidden alliances. Intoxicating flowers extract authenticity. A transformation allows for mutual empathy. Travelers of the universes merge, mingle and mature.

The Alien Siege Machine

by: Dan Fox
year: 2014

The Alien Siege Machine is a ghost ship. It travels through space and time imperiling all it encounters. Appearing throughout the epochs, crews are enslaved and are driven by a mysterious rancor to pilot the Machine into battle, often adding their own technology as they feverishly execute another volley of combat against the very civilization from which they came. The Alien Siege Machine’s immortal and profane war has come to our time and place. Now it sits on the playa, battle wounded, but battle-ready. God save us all.

All These Gifts I Give to You

by: Eric Dickson
year: 2014

All These Gifts I Give to You is a site-specific audio installation, conveying a fractured narrative that is physically dispersed across five sites around the deep playa. We have all experienced moments on the playa when something comes out of nothing (“the playa provides…”); when a wrong turn takes us to the moment that makes all the difference; when the line blurs between being lost and being found; and when a glittering city can vanish in an instant, or be revealed suddenly in the passing of a cloud of dust. The parables comprising the installation reflect these themes. The individual sites can be encountered as independent, self-contained installations, but collectively carry the echoes of an epic journey, inspired by the Silk Road and the 2014 Caravansary art theme.


by: Sean Orlando and Orion Fredericks
year: 2014

Armagan is an interactive fire art piece located at Opulent Temple. Armagan means ‘the gift’ in Turkish. The concept fits in nicely with this year’s theme: a reference to the caravansaries along the Silk Road which ran through Turkey, allowing the exchange of treasures among different cultures. It’s a tear drop shaped ‘Pod’ from where the music and fire is controlled with steampunk nuances, enhanced flame-effect cannons and special lighting. An interactive element is “Salome’s Chamber”, a contained “dance box”, where dancers at Opulent Temple must perform their own version of the “Dance of the Seven Veils”. This raised platform is connected to electronics that measure dance steps. When a certain number of steps are achieved, participants will see a light go from red to green on a control panel that then allows them to control the fire poofer effect on the booth.

Art Car Bus Stop

by: Greg Binkard
year: 2014

Hurry up and wait at the Art Car Bus Stops! Conveniently located in multiple playa and city locations, you will be sure to maybe find a possible bus, should one decide to stop! Share experiences with other tired patrons underneath our LED shade, all while waiting patiently to see what happens.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

by: Cynthia Fleischmann
year: 2014

The event “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” invites participants to strip naked, cover in Playa dust, paint cracks on the body and finalize with red hands to simulate a connection between oneself and the desert environment. The message is to appreciate the naked body as well as the environment we inhabit by becoming ‘one’ with it. The event will be documented with photography.

Balloon Chain

by: Robert Bose
year: 2014

Strand of balloons in the sky


by: Chris Emde
year: 2014

You’re traveling across the open Playa, a slight breeze is blowing from the East, your nostrils catch a whiff of the comforting scent… HOT DOGS Sizzling on a BBQ. Is your mind playing tricks on you, is it real or is it a mirage? You keep following your senses and suddenly the mirage becomes real! A small Hot Dog oasis appears on the open Playa, how could this be? Some burners search for years and never encounter hot dog bliss, believing it only to be a myth. Others fulfill their hot dog destiny burn after burn. If you’re lucky and the Playa sprits lead down the right path, you TOO will become part of this legendary hot dog fantasy. Barter Dog has been roaming the open Playa since 2002, randomly gifting Playa Dogs to the citizens of BRC. Receive the gift “FUEL TO BURN BRIGHT”

Beauty through Urban Decay

by: Peter Hazel Mosaic
year: 2014

This piece was inspired by the artist’s sweetheart, as the daffodil is her favorite flower. Not only is it an expression of his love for her, but it is proof that monumental achievements can be made through a series of tiny steps. This is represented by the intricate detail of many thousands of individual ceramic pieces that come together to form one magnificent structure. It also celebrates the strength of Nature over man by showing delicate flowers burst through a concrete sidewalk.

Bell Tree

by: Carla Fabiola Dell'Oro
year: 2014

The Structure is 13ft high. The trunk is 8ft high welded iron, with branches 4/5 ft long made of aluminum and the various shaped bells are made of Iron and wood. The Bell Tree is a symbol of community participation; the sound produced by the bells create a music played by all. This year’s Caravansary Theme is perfect for the purpose of creating a oasis where the Bell Tree stands. As the passing civilizations on the Silk road could add to bells, wishes and purposes and attach them to the rare Bell Wishing Tree so Burning Man folks will be able to interact with the Bell Tree by writing all their heart desired and wishes on the numerous Bells or on the tree trunk . We are welcoming anyone interested in participating in creating this art piece to find more info on how to get involved by emailing me at fabiola (at) belltreehealing (dot) com

Bike Portal

by: Johnnie OIivan
year: 2014

The Bike Portal serves as an oasis for any biker in need of maintenance out on the open playa. A provider of necessary resources, the installation encourages the concept of helping those in need, and encourages the use of pedal-powered transportation. The cyclist/participant exits through the portal with a restored vehicle that lives up to its kinetic potential. We ask nothing in return for materials and maintenance, only that participants’ leave feeling relieved and inspired to share their own gifts, and promote selfless behavior throughout the playa.

Black Rock City Ice Fishing

by: Danika Patrick
year: 2014

Enjoy some of the world’s finest ice fishing this year on the Playa. Within walking distance from the heart of Black Rock City, you can enjoy nature and experience premier fishing. Below the ice, magic happens as a passerby ensures you success in snagging treasure on your hook.
Poles and bait provided!

Black Rock City Library

by: Molly McGregor and Nathan Hynick
year: 2014

The Black Rock City Library, home of the dusty nerds! The Library is a place to unwind, breathe out, and breathe in the dusty books a-plenty. The BRCL nerds are looking to offer late-night poetry readings, maybe a Time Warp or two, and a healthy supply of wonder.

Black Rock Observatory

by: Tom Varden
year: 2014

Black Rock Observatory is a tourist office to the rest of the universe. Two 21 foot domes built with interlocking wood are inhabited by instruments for viewing and sensing the universe. Balls viewing spheres from orbs on a globe. The sphere is the universe’s answer to the form problem: Orbs above, orbs below. Echoes of the outer planets, the domes lie in a remote space requiring skills, effort and patience to reach. Eyeballs and color coded lasers fondle the planets overhead while ‘zards, ‘nauts and bots conduct experiments below.

Showing the universe as art is an admission that the truth is sufficiently beautiful and that it deserves our attention.

Black Rock Rockfish

by: Jeff Tangen
year: 2014

With the introduction of Black Rock Rockfish, playa fishing boats will have options other than Sparkle Ponies and sharks. The Black Rock rockfish is a flashy fish and swims in a school that always points into the wind. The cd scales flash in the sun and glitter in the night.

Border Crossing

by: Jeff Nelson
year: 2014

A lonely, desolate outpost, the border marks the place between where you have been and where you are going. Crossing the border leaves one world behind, a new world ahead—if only they will let you through. Do you have your papers ready? Are you smuggling contraband? Perhaps you are an alien, perhaps you are a citizen. Like a coin, every border has two sides, and you must choose. Which side are you on?

Brigid's Crossing

by: Shane Sugrue
year: 2014

Brigid’s Crossing is a woven timber structure framing a unique space for contemplation and reflection. The form derives from the traditional symbol of the celtic goddess Brigid, bringer of light and warmth, protector of hearth and home, and patron of all elevated conscious states.

Burner Pen Pal Project

by: Angela Gentry
year: 2014

True burners know that our experience on the playa is just the beginning, and that we can touch lives with the lessons we’ve learned in the desert. Come to this installation (appropriately decorated with stamps, fur and shine) take an envelope and leave your address and burner name. In exchange, take the envelope of a stranger. Use the Burner Pen Pal Project to reach out from the playa into the future – to another like-minded soul in the default world – and remind them after the burn that the magic of the desert lives on!

Burning Sky Night Jumps

by: Christopher Olsen and 14 other jumper to be determined
year: 2014

15 jumpers exit the plane at night from about 3 miles high strapped up with all sorts of pyrotechnic goodies for your viewing pleasure. This is a very dangerous feat only performed by the most experienced skydivers in the world.


by: Vickie Manning and Vickie Vinton
year: 2014

We connect with a hand shake, a pat on the back, a wave. The concept for this interactive art installation is not revolutionary but rides on the tails of artists Tony Plant, Andres Amador and the creators of The Fallen Project, Andy Moss and Jamie Wardley. Unlike the ocean tide washing away the patterns created, the Playa’s dust storms, bicycle tracks and footprints will be our erasure. each day there will be an opportunity for passers by to play and be a part of our art by etching and raking hands into the sand.


by: Creator/Lead Artist- Anastasia Podolskaya Artist's-Donn Angel Perez - Tobey Toney - Austin Richards
year: 2014

Catharsis YOUR NEGATIVE” is an arrangement of 6 installations representing negative emotions such as Hate, Fear, Self-Pity, Resentment, Rejection and Greed designed and built by a team of aspiring artists/architects – Anastasia Podolskaya, Donn Angel Perez and Tobey Toney . Each installation is an interactive experience which is planned to bring a certain emotions into its viewer. The overall design solution and character of each installation is developed after a careful study of the common expressions of the certain emotion. The essential concept of the project is to let a person to experience his/her emotions consciously in order to outgrow the negativity, leave it to the desert and fire, and start a new chapter of life filled with love and light.


by: Francesca Nini Carbonini
year: 2014

ceciNESTpas is a nest of 10 meters diameter, built by four vultures that will invite and welcome wandering travelers. Inside it all around the nest structure are arranged 14 illustrated boards of the history of The Jungle Book. The nest will prove to visitor to be a jungle to cross. To advance in the reading of the history, visitors have to overtake ropes tensioned over the ground. While you progress through the story, you advance into the jungle to get out at the end of the story. The artist Francesca Nini Carbonini constructs in these illustrations a comparison between the jungle of Kipling with our modern jungle, telling the abandonment in the jungles that over time inexorably become a familiar place in which the individual abandoned, finds himself and creates its warm nest.


by: Shannon Reagan
year: 2014

This art piece is called Cell-Abrate to express the belief that the purpose of cell phone covers is the same as the purpose of life: “Protect yourself but look fabulous doing it. Be safe but be gorgeous. Live long but be beautiful while doing it.” Come view this spectacular creation if only to discover how limited your life has been until now. You are invited to “cell-abrate” this theory and learn about the safety and beautification of what cell phone covers can mean to you. This experience is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, so come Cell-Abrate phone protection and get connected to a network of friends by signing up for this great offer now!


by: Kevin Wanamaker
year: 2014

Chances is a simple piece exhibiting the sound and visual art of Chances R Good. The space is open to Citizens of BRC to access the multi-dimensional conscious expression of Chances as well as being a safe space to exercise ones intention, prayers and meditation practices. The site will be a convergence point for yet undisclosed activities perpetrated by the theme camp Hippocampus. Enjoy!


by: Larry Breed
year: 2014

A reliably erratic flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick… tick… the giant pendulum keeping exact playa time, more or less.


by: Erica Halpern
year: 2014

Circuit-Tree Forest provokes the senses and ignites the imagination. This installation was inspired by the beautiful repeating lines and angles of circuitry, the majesty of trees, and the beauty of ancient temples. Circuit-Tree Forest reflects the intelligence of the organic and how technology is a manifestation of this.

Compass Dome

by: Brandon Liddell
year: 2014

Come relax on a hammock while pondering the travels of our world with compass directions to your home away from home.

Corn Waves

by: Wendy Leicht, Peter Yared, Bruce Pla, Jenny Markowitz, Mike Myers, Dr. Mike Hines, Joan You
year: 2014

Corn Waves, a visual tone generating exhibit, is a marvel of engineering craftsmanship and sound amplification. Feel free to watch as playa dust and sand sweep across the foreground in a sacred geometrical dance. This exhibit visually displays the connections between sound waves, matter, energy and light. It serves as a reminder that voices, vibrations, sounds of any kinds (and even words left unsaid) reverberate through the universe and trace patterns, even when we’re not seeking them out.

Cosmic Condom

by: Brett McIntosh
year: 2014

The Cosmic Condom is a shrine celebrating geometry and color.

Cruz the Wave

by: Santa Cruz Burners
year: 2014

Cruz the Wave is a large wooden curling surf wave that will rise 18′ out of the playa. Playa colored during the day, it will be lit with thousands of programmable LEDs at night.

The Cube

by: Stacey Beamer aka Beamer The Dreamer
year: 2014

The Cube is excited about being an elemental shape, but solidly and surprisingly perched on its point. Completely composed of the detritus of society, The Cube is a collection of scrounged scraps and industrial junk consciously collected by the Artist for both aesthetic and tactile exploration. As well as being seen, The Cube wants to be touched, climbed on and climbed into. Stacey Beamer, sculptor, resides on Bowne island in British Columbia.

The D Lot Welcome Home Pyro Show

by: Jack Schroll
year: 2014

We wish to extend a VERY warm welcome home to the Citizens of Black Rock City using pyrotechnics and special effects.

DarkWad Stocks

by: Cheryl & Dave Barrar
year: 2014

A medieval pillory and stocks combination for the naughty people amongst us.

The Dining Womb

by: John Lum and Bret Walters
year: 2014

The Dining Womb is an architectural environment composed of 1,200 pieces of cut cardboard that creates a shaded refuge during the day and a night-time culinary bacchanal. Placed on the axis of Sunrise and the Man, the Womb becomes a 24-hour lounge observatory for celebrating the passage of time and our internal clocks of hunger and satiation. Dinner served daily.

Comprised of 5 8’ x 8’ x 4′ squares, Womb seats up to 20 people in various configurations. The many cardboard planes, which pass light at 90-degree angles, create a complex moiré pattern at once emphasizing structural solidity and disorienting insubstantiality.


by: Bryson Allen
year: 2014

The playa can be a treacherous place. Be careful what temptations allure you — they might just be a trap.

The Divine Masculine

by: Jack Allen, Tres Fontaine
year: 2014

The Divine Masculine in a large sculpture of a Penis. It is 22 feet high. It is covered in a sparkling purple and psychedelic fabric. Phallic art is ancient and has been found in diverse cultures around the world. This year of the Caravansary it seems fitting that a place to celebrate one of the most enduring and personal symbols of the masculine be in Black Rock City. Devotees and worshipers are invited to enter the phallus and after admiring examples of phallic art, ascend the two ladders inside and emerge from the tip of the penis. While standing in a very safe, enclosed platform, admire the view, launch fluttering banners representing the holy milk, sperm, and pose for pictures. Sperm costumes welcome.

Donde Jugaran Los Niños? Where Will The Children Play?

by: Vico
year: 2014

This series was created to address the issues that affect children all over the world regardless of race, age, class or gender. Issues like the degradation of the environment, exploitation for labor and sex, and the early age in which many are turned into consumers in effect losing their innocence and the opportunity to have a healthy and balanced childhood. As with many tragic events many people quickly forgot the suffering that continued to unfold in particular to the plight of children, that is why I created this series with the intent to keep the issues of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation alive in the social conscience. In these sculptures the children’s kites, body language, and facial expressions act as a metaphor of their struggle.


by: Badier Velji, Mikel and Sandi Kovach-Long
year: 2014

Playa magic unites the pilgrimage to Burning Man with the 1850’s US Camel Corps and great wagon train migration west. Survivors of the Camel Corps were still seen into the 1900’s in the deserts of Nevada, California, and Arizona. Legends of ghosts and skeletons riding camels were prevalent in the west and participants are encouraged to pose with the articulated skeletons or ride a camel. Visitors may climb into the covered wagon for refuge from sun or wind and discover some gifted treats inside a trunk. This piece is also paying homage to the Donner party which passed close-by in Wadsworth NV. Signs will provide historical information as well as whimsical comments.

More about camel history:




Drone Sigil and Reliquary

by: Megan and Adam Rothstein
year: 2014

“Drone Sigil and Reliquary” is a small monument to a magical pattern that does not worship technology so much, as invite technology into our deeply human cosmologies of what belief and spirituality ought to look like. The monument is a place where a technological assemblage can be viewed, and treated with as much or as little respect as any other auspicious object. “Drone Sigil and Reliquary” is a place for personal reflection, as much as it for social interaction with institution–a reaction that can never be planned. By invoking the image of the drone, one of the most contentious current technologies, the monument also brings up the question of the iconization of religion and technology. The image of the drone is put into the context of other similarly powerful symbols, like those present in religion and magic, and asks whether we consider technological symbols to have such power.

Ecliptic - The Art of Sun Gazing

by: Shane Brandolini & Heather Kadar
year: 2014

An art project dedicated to sun gazing and cyanotype art photography. Ecliptic is a destination on deep playa for relaxation and contemplation. The project is positioned along the sun’s ecliptic, perfect for staring at the rising and setting sun. The hanging cyanotype art flags dance in the wind and streaming binaural beats calm the mind. An night the project is well illuminated.

El Oceano

by: Dorothy L. Johnson
year: 2014

El Oceano is an interactive Ocean of blue fabric with waves reaching seven feet upward. Not only can you climb through the waves, but if you’re tired, you can lay beneath them and rest in his shade. Keep your eyes and imagination open while visiting El Oceano and you may find a sunken Treasure. You will find El Oceano at around 1:15 within the inner playa, just look for the shimmering blue waves and find some sea loving friends.

Electric Lazy Lounge

by: Mike Conatser
year: 2014

A mobile art installation that will appear at different areas each night. From a distance the Electric Lazy Lounge will appear as a large canopy bed. The back lit color under the darker fabric canopy will shift and dance to music. Above the canopy reads “Electric Lazy Lounge” lit up on a white fluffy cloud. As interested participants get closer they may realize that there is more to this colorful dancing curtain than meets the eye. Meeting with the operator will lead to the true magic inside. Inside participants will lay in one of six “Lazy” stations where they will experience a 10 – 20 minute full sensory experience. Light, sound, massage, vibration, scent, and even taste are stimulated and synchronized to create a state of over-stimulation, allowing participants to dissociate from their sense of self and disappear into what we call LazyLand.


by: Darrell Ansted
year: 2014

en·light·en is a 15 ft tall light house that shines outward but invites investigation inward. Is this a warning sign to seek shelter from the storm or a sign to look inward to shine your light outward. en·light·en will offer an opportunity to find light in the storm.

Enlightenment First edition number 69/69

by: Hibbard Engler
year: 2014

This is a huge graphic depiction of Trevor Browns “Strange Little Dots”, which originally was LSD blotter art, re-imagined if the inifividual pieces of blotter each showed their own unique psychedelic vision, and story.

There will also be a coffee table with cabinets that is used to act as a offering temple, with crystals and led based candle lights.


by: Lee Merschon, gaby wohlwend
year: 2014

marked by a flag and a night light pole, this simple desc holds a small box containing a powerful force. if you dare flip the activation switch the meaning of life might just reveal itself.


by: Rock Weir
year: 2014

In keeping with the tradition of skewering cultural icons, this project reveals an enormous “Esc” key lost from some giant keyboard. May be used to escape from sudden dust storms et cetera.

Eulers Cathedral

by: Michael Burke
year: 2014

In a famous legend, In the 18th Century the philosopher Denis Diderot was explaining at great length to Katherine the Great why there was no God. Katherine was upset at this display of atheism and asked the mathematician Leonhard Euler to respond. Euler had combined three mathematical constants to produce a remarkable formula known as Euler’s identity. The formula combined “i”, the imaginary unit, “e”, the base of natural logarithms, and pi. He presented his formula as simple proof that God existed.

The sculpture “Euler’s Cathedral” is built as an “inside-out” cathedral to honor Euler, and to illustrate the complex relationship between religion and science. It is constructed of nine sheets of 3/8” aluminum, slotted together to make a three-dimensional structure 8’ by 8’ by 11 feet high. Euler’s formula is cut into the metal and surrounded by shapes representing parts of a cathedral and it’s natural surroundings.

Eye Trip

by: Priscilla NocuaYu
year: 2014

Eye Trip is a vibrant optical illusion tower with a crowning third eye rotating chair on top. The interior sacred space is finished with psychedelic infinity mirrors & linear phantasm. The sculpture is adorned with interactive symbolism such as large beads of re-purposed magnetic, a rotating jaguar head/ human skull representing the spirit animal in every human and the human spirit in every animal, the interior infinity mirrors portrays the yearning of the human physicallity to travel beyond into altered states of awareness for growth, the parascope depicts natural visual sight it is connected to the pupil of the rotating eye chair also known as a third eye which represents the invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.
Overall the sculpture depicts the artwork of the Huichol indians and gives the impression of the mind-blowing experience of a Shaman’s light journey.


by: JohnsonSarkissian
year: 2014

Isolating subject from environment, Faces takes a deep look into the being under the skin. Within a brief interaction, international photographers JohnsonSarkissian create a safe moment for participants to expose their inner beliefs, desires, and connections in a visual manner.


by: Steel Love Design
year: 2014

When seen from a distance, the face of the FAN will look like a 30′ diameter decorated half circle on the horizon. As approached, the true shape emerges as the parabolic curve created by the intersection of the linear fan wedges comes into sight.
The fan itself is composed of 11 panels, each a 15 foot wedge shape composed of 6″ aluminum C channels, faced in perforated and cut aluminum panels to produce imagery and decoration. Sensor and camera controlled interactive colored lights in each panel illuminate them from the interior at night. With internal linear colored spotlights in the outside edge of each wedge of the fan, there will appear to be a virtual fan much larger than the fan itself when dust or smoke blows around it.

Fata Morgana Girare

by: Steve LaBerge
year: 2014

By collaboration with others you move the orb above(really just a bowling ball). Lean back in one of four reclining sofas and influence the balls circular/rotational journey.

The Field of Echoes

by: Sean Coffin
year: 2014

The Field of Echoes is an interactive sound installation that transforms a piece of the open playa into a reverberant space where sound echoes and decays slowly as it would in a large enclosed space such as a cathedral or cavern. This pocket of altered acoustics is produced by a number of small pillars that rise above the playa’s surface, scattered across an area approximately 80 feet in diameter.

Field of Innocence

by: Joe Berman
year: 2014

Field of Innocence is a baseball field defined by nine tall posts, one for each fielder.

Finally, A Relaxing Place to Sit Your Ass Down.

by: Terry Jacobson
year: 2014

Poor traveler! You’re tired and worn out from trapezing the playa all day (or all night) and you desperately need a spot to just sit your ass down and take a load off. Well, here’s your chance. Two oversized Adirondack chairs are available to help you kick back and relax while watching your fellow travelers. One chair faces East, the other West, so you can enjoy the Sun both coming and going.

Finish Line

by: Gary Esser
year: 2014

The Finish Line is the end. Take a load off, rest, relax, enjoy the view.
Or not.
Start again, make a plan, get moving.
Are you at the Beginning or the End? You get to decide.

Fire In Balance

by: Patrick Shearn / Patrick Shearn / Fire In Balance Camp / Poetic Kinetics
year: 2014

Fire has been an intrinsic part of the human experience since the dawn of man. Control of fire is what separated us from the animals. Fire in Balance takes that control and literally turns it upside down, creating an immersive experience for large numbers of participants to witness and interact with the unique phenomenon of inverted fire. Like moths to the flame, Fire In Balance draws you ever closer to it’s molten, mesmerizing blaze. Come cozy up in this inviting space, it will leave your heart warm long after you’ve left. www.FireInBalance.com

The Fireside Circles

by: "DA" Dominic Tinio
year: 2014

The Fireside Circles are low to the ground circular concrete burn platforms with seating, designed for the citizens of Black Rock City to congregate around a nice fire on the open playa from sunset to sunrise.

It is approved for the burning of firewood only.

There will be four Fireside Circles this year, 2:00 & 10:00 and 4:30 & 7:30 off of Esplanade on the open playa.

Come gather around the playa, stoke the fires, and tell stories while watching the playa go by.

The Fireside Circles is produced for Burning Man by the Black Rock City Department of Public Works.

Designed by “DA” and built by “Joe the Builder.”

Gates Of The Lost Soul

by: Thomas Barker
year: 2014

The Gates Of The Lost Soul is a hand carved representation of the gates of Heaven and Hell in an open and encompassing manor containing a sampling of religious symbols and imagery from a diversity of faiths.

Visitors are encouraged to add to the gates and then pass through them leaving the negative behind as they pass, and to embrace the positive energy of the Goals etc. they have placed on heaven side. Remember that the path to Paradise often takes us through Hell.

On the last day of the event the project will be disassembled and burned to release its energies into the universe.

Glow Wind

by: leif aamot
year: 2014

Six 2′ x 9′ tall tree like sculptures made of organic materials, with a 20″ datura flower. Graceful and wind swept they are white flowers blooming in the desert that will glow from inside in the most beautiful way. Glow Wind is like seeing LEDs through sheets of milk.


by: Matthew 'Fish' Dockrey
year: 2014

GMBLMZ is a spinning, 3D maze. It is mounted in two gimbaled rings, 4 meters across.

Groping Gauntlet

by: Nick Fisher
year: 2014

The Groping Gauntlet is a tactile tunnel. Its feelers are designed to tickle and tantalize as you pass through on your journey. Made from wood, inflatable feelers, and LEDs its minimal look won’t distract you from joy of touch.

Group Bodypainting

by: Andy Golub
year: 2014

Andy Golub paints large groups of people. The largest group has been 48 at a nudist colony and 22 in the streets of New York City.

Andy Golub will be painting 100 fully nude models, male and female, of all shapes and sizes at Burning Man 2014!

HAPi Experience

by: Michael Fung
year: 2014

“Our mission is to become a Healing Art Performance installation space encapsulated i the beautiful HAPi Experience lotus flower structure…open to all cultures, empowering new rituals and techniques we can incorporate into our daily lives. This will be achieved through the multiplicity in Healing Art and Performance. gathering a visionary collective combining each medium and discipline together in a traveling mobile dome environment, ensuring all the participants that enter the HAPi Experience, leave with the tools needed to bring about a positive change in their lives, as well as in the society and the world we all live in and interact with.”

Heart Burn

by: Darrell Hunger
year: 2014

The art “Heart Burn” is a metamorphism of of an art piece that was installed at Burning man 2013 ” Burning Baggage”.
The new piece is an open suitcase with a playa looking interior bottom. Sculpted fire is coming out of the floor of the suit case projecting up two feet. Behind the flames is a flaming heart on a deep blue background. The suitcase sits on five flaming branches. At the base of the branches are two wagon wheels that appear to be buried in to the playa surface.

The meaning: The flame of passion comes and is found on the Playa at Black Rock City.

Homeless Jangles Halfpipe

by: Joseph Mettille
year: 2014

The overlaying plywood of this mini ramp (halfpipe) is essentially covered in artwork from local artists of central Kentucky. This blanketed canvas is a symbolic representation of the spark of creativity that one undergoes when cruising on a bmx bike or pushing a skateboard. It’s an art form. Just as chords combine to make a lick, maneuvers conjoin to create a symphony of sorts. Ramps, to all shredders: skateboarders, and “pedalers” alike are blank canvasses to which we can express boundless journeys of free flowing creativity.

The Honeycomb

by: Abram Munoz Santa Cruz
year: 2014

The Honeycomb (to be renamed) is made up of 16 hexagonal shaped glowing frames. Each frame is 4ft x 4ft wide and 3 inches thick, interconnected by wooden spacers. The art project is elevated to approximately 10ft using a suspension pulley system supported by 4 aluminum poles.

The materials to make the project are 90% recycled from our previous art project, The Peace Wall.

The frames are constructed from wood and Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets. Each frame contains 90 LEDs that will illuminate the project at night.

From the underneath, the project looks like a molecular structure with changing colors.


by: Simon Edwards
year: 2014

HOPE is a large, interactive puzzle comprising of many pieces without obviously being a puzzle. It may initially seem quite random and dark/depressing but exploration and a change of perspective will reveal its true nature and hopefully reward curious participants with an amazing image.

Hua Biao

by: Desert Dragon Arts
year: 2014

“Hua Biao” is a cylindrical structure, about 16 feet tall, on the top it’s a mythical guardian beast sitting on the cloud. It’s a totem of speech post for the ordinary people in ancient Chinese times going back 4000 years ago outside emperor’s palace. Later on it become the symbol of freedom of speech.

Hyphaesaurus One

by: Chris Carey and Ellie Lawson
year: 2014

Hyphaesaurus One is a 22′ geo dome made from wood and metal that provides refuge and amazement to all playa denizens who dare stumble upon it.

I Am But Wood (The Ploetry Project)

by: Andy Daniel
year: 2014

I Am But Wood is a poem carved into a backlighted tower surrounded by seating for contemplation and relaxation. Written while watching the Man burn in 2012, it expresses the feelings of the Man himself as he surveys the world that grew up around him. I Am But Wood is the first piece in the Ploetry – or “Playa Poetry” – project, to – hopefully – be added to by visitors each year, creating a series of Ploems scaterred around the Playa.

Ibis Maximus

by: Nick Taylor
year: 2014

Ibis Maximus is a beautiful sculpture of a bicycle, nearly 10? tall. It is the brainchild and creation of sculptor Nick Taylor of Fort Bragg CA. The main frame is made from steel pipe, 4 inches in diameter with about 1/4 inch wall thickness, heavily manipulated and sculpted and welded and ground and filed by Nick. The forks, bars, stems and links are also custom made. It weighs over 1,000 pounds; the wheels are 59 inches. Not recommended for riders under 10? tall.

Image Oasis

by: Bill Neely
year: 2014

Image Oasis is a golden palm shade oasis in the playa. The tree trunks are cylindrical mirrors. The caravaner will be directed by music to discover images revealed in the mirrors.

In Search of the Truth (the Truth Booth)

by: Cause Collective
year: 2014

In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth) is an installation comprised of a touring, portable, inflatable ‘Truth Booth’ that embarked on a world tour in Ireland in 2011. The exterior is iconically shaped like a giant cartoon speech bubble with the word ‘TRUTH’ boldly printed on the side. The interior acts much like a photo booth, but serves to compile 2 minute video responses from the public. Once seated inside people are invited to record their opinions and thoughts as they finish the statement: “The truth is…”.

Throughout this long-term project the video footage will be compiled into a video installation. The movements of The Truth Booth and its video portraits will be tracked and categorized on a dedicated website. The goal of this project is to capture as many definitions, confessions and thoughts on The Truth as possible, creating a diverse ‘portrait’ of people across the globe.

Inspireality Palace

by: Gloria Lamb & Perry Freeze
year: 2014

Within the grand caravansary of Black Rock City, Inspireality Palace is an inviting structure, a journey of self-discovery, a communal space and a transformational experience. Two mountainous peaks, draped with hundreds of shiny black rectangles, sparkle from afar. Weary travelers drawn to the abstract edifice discover one of two entrances disguised in the hard outer shell. Inward spiraling arches guide travelers through a warmth of feeling created by intense contrasts of scale, materials, illumination and sound. As in nature, this large double spiral comes together at its center making a universal connection. Follow-up project to Circumvolute (2012).

The Iron March

by: Kevin MacDonald
year: 2014

“The Iron March” is a series of realistically proportioned sculptures – human silhouettes – cut from steel plate. The strength of the material will allow them to be completely self supporting from an essentially invisible anchorage buried lightly in playa. The captured postures will suggest an apparent motion, a caravan of sorts of modern human figures on the move, but unnaturally still in the natural environment. Upon approaching, additional internal sculptural detail in each figure will become apparent.

Jenny’s skirt

by: Amoreira
year: 2014

“Jenny’s skirt” is a huge skirt that invites participants to look at life with different eyes. The art project is inspired by the lyrics of a song by Fabrizio De Andre’, an Italian songwriter who died in 1999, and by the infinite sense of freedom, self-expression and sharing experienced at Burning Man.

The philosophy of the project is powerfully enclosed in one sentence from the song’s lyrics:

“In a whirlwind of dust others saw dryness,
While it reminded to me of Jenny’s skirt in a dance of many years ago”

The whirlwind of dust could be interpreted also as a dust devil, but really is the dance of the person you love, seen when living life at full speed. The metaphor of the skirt refers at the way to look at things, wishing there was more poetry in life.

Journey to the Center of You: Be the Cleu!

by: Capitaine LeCleu
year: 2014

“Journey to the Center of You: Be the Cleu!” is a labyrinth of intertwining circles forming the Cleu, a symbol of who we really are, where we all come from, and why we’re all One. The labyrinth is surrounded by a circle of bamboo decorated with colorful ribbons. The paths of the labyrinth are marked by small flags. A lifesized copper Cleu invites explorers on a journey within, a walking meditation through Consciousness, Life, Earth, and Universe. A treasure box offers clue cards with mystic revelations as well as directions to Cleu Camp where dusty pilgrims get a copper Cleu pendant. The labyrinth is a magical oasis in the middle of the playa, a place where curious travelers can take a break to explore the way the Universe, Earth, Life, and Consciousness connect endlessly with each other, on paths of eternal return, a journey revealing that you are the clue.

Joyism Tree

by: Rupert Hart
year: 2014

A tall spire holds two horizontal rotating arms which support Calderseque mobile elements which twist and turn in the wind.


by: Vachot
year: 2014

KognitoKhan is a shining beacon in the desert, a towering 22’ effigy standing atop an 8’ tall silver pedestal, with multiple outstretched arms, each one holding a flame pod in a metallic hand. As worshipers gather at the meditation station near the effigy and don wireless headsets, their meditative powers are channeled to cognitive analyzers which convert their brainwaves into control signals, sending fireballs into the sky, slowly at first, building momentum with increasing concentration and finishing in a fiery climax of mental exhilaration.

The Kraken

by: East Bay Burners
year: 2014

La Diabla

by: Fire Conclave Convergence
year: 2014

Opening Fire Ceremony & The One Flame – Utilizing the sun and a spiral mirror Crimson Rose wxtracts a flame from the sun and a fire is lit in La Diabla located in Center Camp. For the flame to continue burning it must be stoked, disturbed and kept alive throughout the entire week.


by: Todd Williams
year: 2014

The LadSharks are remote controlled, animated El-Wire Sharks that roam the open Playa at night . We play with people in many ways, they chase bikes and art cars, playfully attack swimmers , walkers desert isles…. whatever we come across.We are out to brig smiles to as many as we can. It is all about playing and sharing.

Larger than Life Brite

by: Michael Duncan
year: 2014

The ultimate in interactive art, the ‘Larger than Life Brite’ is only what the user makes it. This massive ‘Lite Brite’ has a canvass on all four sides where images can be created, or recreated an infinite number of times throughout the event. A user or multiple users can create, tear down, and recreate any image they want.

This 8 foot cube is powered by solar and uses reclaimed water bottles as pegs. Users can explore the meaning of immediacy by building on others’ art, or watching their art be taken down to create a new image.

The Largest Known Hammock

by: Will McCann
year: 2014

This giant hammock spans 40 feet and provides multiple groups of weary playa wanderers a suspended space to sprawl out on.

by: Camaraderie
year: 2014

At the heart of Burning Man is the people and their spirit, radical self-expression, art and the playa itself. The essence of Light Box is to capture these treasures as photographs. The Light Box is a large, moveable “view camera” which records the beauty, state of happiness, euphoria and freedom in Burning Man! Found in a different playa location each day, the Light Box is an automated device that will record images of whatever passes in front of its all-seeing lens. Stand in front of the Light Box’s view screen and see previously captured images come to life in an interactive slideshow! After the Burn, all images will be made available to the Burning Man community.

a little oasis on the way

by: douglas kaufman
year: 2014

as the name implies, a simple oasis from the wonderful chaos of black rock city. a spot to rest and relax as one wanders the art on the playa..short walls, shade covered by day, astroturf on the ground, and soothing water sounds at all hours. shade, palm trees and water..what is not to like?

The Loop

by: Ronen Sarig
year: 2014

The Loop is a bike ramp in the shape of a classic “loop de loop”.

Mobius Heart

by: Andrew Steinberg
year: 2014

Trace a path around Mobius Heart and you’ll discover there’s actually only one side, and only one edge. It represents never-ending love, and from dusk ’til dawn brilliant LED’s will trace that path for all to see.

Mt. Infinity

by: SeaWEED Artist Collective
year: 2014

Mount Infinity is a 25 foot high climbable mountain. Faces are at varying angles, adorned with several kinds of hand and foot holds to enable participants to climb to the top of the mountain at varying levels of difficulty. Alternatively, there is an inclined path leading to the top. Once at the top, burners can look down into an Infinity Pool*.

The inside of the mountain is accessible through a cave opening, and once inside participants can see another infinity pool above them.

At night, the crevasses between each mountain face glow and light from fixtures mounted inside spills through the cut out holds as well as the cave door.

*An infinity pool is composed of one circular mirror, a gap for lights, and then another two way circular mirror. This gives the illusion that one is looking into a pool of lights going into an infinite distance.

Nail, the Contraption

by: Mike Gray, lead artist: Josh Valle, artist group: Union Phi
year: 2014

Ten giant nails balanced on the head of one! You say it can’t be done?? Of course it can! It is “Nails, The Contraption”.
 The creator has made it so there is rocking motion with lasers to illuminate the ground underneath. It must be art and science!

Nuclear Dream

by: Las Vegas Burners
year: 2014

Nuclear Dream, a 25′ unexploded atomic bomb, sticks out of the playa surface. Dropped to a failed detonation, it still radiates with danger. With their city’s long history of nuclear testing, the Las Vegas community has decided they are the best candidates to lead the cleanup effort for this glowing hazard. Their ordnance removal track record so far is not great, but they are confident that this one will go exactly as planned!

Oasis of LoDo

by: James Lord and Chris D'Andrea
year: 2014

As the Caravansary Traveler crosses the bleak and glaring desert, they are drawn towards what appears to be date palms by a shimmering pool. Can it be real? Or are the shimmering lights just a Mirage?

As the Travelers approach it becomes clear – they have discovered the Oasis of LoDo. The pool is actually an interactive, life-size, multiplayer game board. Stepping on a square after dark, LoDo comes to life, drawing players to co-operate in games like life-size Pong and Breakout. 

The assembly consists of 35 pressure sensitive squares illuminated by thousands of LED lights. Players moving over the board trigger reactions in the microprocessor controlled game and sound effects.
You are the paddle, your movement over the squares controls the LED field.

Lodo is powered by the sun, and the site is surrounded by LED “date palms”.

By day, the platform is a place to rest or meditate

The Oasis of Missed Connections

by: Gardeners of Missed Connections
year: 2014

The Oasis of Missed Connections stands to commemorate those people we have no way of contacting. It is a sanctuary in the desert where those connected across time and space can find common exchange, where each traveler who arrives brings memories of those in their wake. At the center of the Oasis lies the Book of Missed Connections, where visitors can pen notes to those with whom they have lost touch over their journey. This living document allows travelers to connect with their loss, share stories, reflect on our larger community, and – when the stars align – reconnect with those they thought gone forever. At the end of the week, the Book finds its home in the fires of the Temple, symbolizing the release of missed connections and the future they represent.


by: Kahai Tate
year: 2014

Rising thirty feet from the desert floor; the great volcano Paha’oha’o! At night its fiery peak will be visible from miles away as will the screams of those who cast themselves into her cauldron, seeking the joy of flaming transformation.


by: Mark Lottor
year: 2014

A three dimensional computer-controlled light sculpture forming a 42ft wide disc, hovering above your head.


by: Lucas Jones
year: 2014

The percussiosphere is a collabrative space intended for burners to come and unleash their musical capacities and inspirations. The percussiosphere utilizes recycled, re-purposed and everyday objects and uses them to create a giant interactive instrument. This is a place to gather, create and inspire.

Phoenix Sanctum

by: Ken Toman, Fredrik Buch, Tim Roller, Eduardo Green, Mike Tarzian, Stephanie Allen
year: 2014

The Phoenix Sanctum arises from the harsh dusty surface of the Deep Playa offering shelter to the weary traveler from the searing rays of the sun. The underside of the 60-foot wingspan of the mythical flaming bird reveals three comfortable nests suspended above the playa, allowing group of lovers and friends the chance to relax and recharge while gazing up at the luxurious billowing substructure and interacting with the colorful totems that form the main support for the structure.
The area directly in front of the Phoenix Sanctum is designed for many uses, namely a sacred shaded dancefloor for small to medium-sized mobile sound vehicles, a group gathering space At night, the dimly lit colorful structure will complement any art car and provide an artistic space for an incredible spiritual experience.

Playa Compass Kiosk for Playa Texting

by: Joe Miller
year: 2014

The Playa Compass Kiosk is a hotspot for using the web-based Playa Text service, allowing interested parties to message to each other while on the Playa. While any mobile phone with a web browser can send and receive messages to other burners, the system is best accessed through the Playa Compass Android App, which can be downloaded either in advance from Google Play, or on the playa from the Kiosk. The Playa Text message system does not extend beyond the playa. It is for use while on the playa for one burner to send a message to another. It is brought to you by your friends at hoppercodes.

Playa Missed Connections

by: Nicky Dyal
year: 2014

Playa Missed Connections is serendipity’s little helper! At the Playa Missed Connections kiosk you can search missed connections that have happened on the playa, write your own, or reply to someone else’s and watch it all be displayed. Our missed connections are the art! All missed connections will become part of an Infinity Archive available online year round. “We love you but we didn’t get to meet you”


by: Chad Lent
year: 2014

Polaris of Black Rock City casts shadows of intrigue upon the surface of the playa surrounding it. This mosaic of luminance attracts curious pilgrims, to discover a spectrum of rainbow beams hidden within the structure. Polaris shall demonstrate to the viewer, the ubiquitous influence of light in our everyday lives.

Poppies in the Snow

by: Raffaela Vergata and Jake Platt
year: 2014

Poppies in the Snow is a celebration of Maria Wizmur Kaslow. Now in the 90th year of her life we reflect on her experiences as a young girl in World War II Poland and yet bask in the warmth that she gave to so many. We invite you into her garden of poppy flowers and hope you will spend some time relaxing. Scattered among the flowers are baskets containing goodies to be taken with you and we hope you’ll leave something in return.

Photos and info about the artists on Raffaela.com

Project Flashlight

by: Neal Strickberger
year: 2014

Project flashlight is about interactive light at a grand scale!
The joy of light. Pure, incredibly bright white beams, contrasts with the night sky, scale across the open playa, interaction of beams, light in motion, illuminating the mountains, visible from space.

Citizens directly interact by controlling the lights with iPads or light sabers, spinning and moving rainbows by moving big prisms and mirrors.

Project Flashlight is intended as a platform for wide-area public light art for the the Bay Area and beyond.

The lights are 1.2 billion candlepower military searchlights, formerly used by NASA to illuminate Apollo and Space Shuttle launches. Project Flashlight reanimated the 1960s technology, added motors, computer controls, all for the sake of art!

Project Insanity

by: Jessica Panuccio
year: 2014

In a vain effort to control the world I live in, my art tries to capture in language the things that I see and feel as a way of recording their beauty, power and terror, all in real time. In that way I try to have some sense of control in a chaotic world, by absorbing others into the art I have created. The language is not too abstract or chock full of symbols, loosing the coherence and comprehension of the onlooker, thereby keeping the project worldly and familiar. The juxtaposition between the primitive word and the surreal environment it lives in, is where the insane nature of the art exists. We are led to wonder though, is it the art that brings on the insanity or are the insane drawn to the art?

Projected Family

by: Michael Brown
year: 2014

A 35mm slide taken of a family photo is projected onto white cutouts that match the shape of the people in the projected slides. These cutouts are located where the people originally stood when the photo was taken. The illusion is a 3-dimensional life-size portrait of the people in the photographs. An audio recording of children playing and the sounds of birds singing help to complete this hyper-real environment.

The Pyramid of Burning LOVE

by: Laura Kimpton, Jeff Schomberg and Steve Atkins
year: 2014

The Pyramid of Burning LOVE is a five word steel sculpture made from letters by Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg. Past Words were MOM, OINK, LOVE and BELIEVE. This year we will have five LOVE’s in varying sizes to create a Pyramid of LOVE. The tallest LOVE will be the center LOVE at 12 feet tall. On Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights we will attach flame poofer to create an effect that makes the 12 foot LOVE look like it is on fire. All the LOVE’s will be lit with LED lights from the inside. This sculpture will create a place for people to come celebrate LOVE, Feel LOVED and evoke LOVE.
When creating this Sculpture we gathered hundreds and hundreds of steel little birds. We will be at The Pyramid of Burning LOVE handing them out to participants. People can take home a piece of the LOVE.

Pyramid of Possibilities

by: Douglas Taphouse
year: 2014

The Pyramid of Possibilities is eighty-four hexagonal platforms, arranged in a triangular pattern on seven tiers. Every platform set at a different height, from 30 inches to 30 feet above ground level. Easy-to-climb stairways on three sides of every platform, fully interconnecting the structure, providing a virtually infinite number of paths through a 3-dimensional maze. At night, the Pyramid comes alive with fully interactive LED light strips around every platform edge. Normally, the lights will react to localized vibrations and activities and actions, allowing individual play. At other times, the lights will be fully coordinated across the entire structure, controlled from central control stations, interacting with sound, music, touch, and movement. Wild and wonderful patterns of color, sweeping, beating, and pulsing their welcome across the playa. During the daytime, the Pyramid is a wonderful climbing playground, and provides welcome shade within which to rest and relax.

Queen and Pawn

by: Oleg Lobykin
year: 2014

Queen and Pawn is an abstract, organically shaped, and brightly colored interactive sculpture with a visual reference to two chess pieces. Made of composite materials and fiberglass, it is light and durable yet suitable for climbing. Queen (10′ high) and Pawn (8′ high) are a conceptual representation of a new visual form. It’s a search for the roots of form and its basic elements, which can combine to create any complex shape.

The Rainbow Maker a mobil Project

by: The Rainbow Maker, Fred Stern
year: 2014

The Rainbow Maker will create a natural rainbow (using water air and sunlight) in the sky seen over the “Man” The rainbow will be seen by a limited number of people in close proximity to the installation. The location will be approximately 200 feet from the “Man”. Exact position on the Playa will be determined by the solar position.

This project was presented at AfrikaBurn in May of this year

If additional water becomes available a mobile rainbow will travel along the track around the Playa bringing the rainbow and cooling to a larger group of people

The ReBar

by: Megan Gazzo, Evan Carroll
year: 2014


by: Deborah Colotti
year: 2014

Two parachutes salvaged from the British military have been tie-dyed and tailored to be tugged and stretched over a nutsack-like structure built atop two tightly tucked 14-foot trampolines. One ball rides high, while the other nad is hung low. Entrances to the family jewels are marked by a series of arches subtly defining a “ghost phallus” that appears to be coming balls-deep in the playa. Bumper cushions are tied to the trampoline frames to provide comfortable pillows for visitors basking in the creamy ambience of the scrotal inner sanctum. The parachutes, trampolines and cushions are made from materials salvaged and upcycled. These cojones are vajazzled with LED strands resembling pubic hairs and arranged to appear like sweet sprinkles scattered on the outer surface of two deliciously lumpy cupcakes.

The low overhead inside the love grapes discourages jumping, but any and all other activities are possible, predictable and encouraged.

The Reverse Cowgirl Creamery

by: Josh Bukstein
year: 2014

Through the technology of freezers and generators, we give ice cold and hot treats to those who need it (and those who just want it). By day, you can see our covered wagon from afar as you come closer to savoring the satisfaction that only a cold popsicle or ice cream treat can give on a hot day. By night, let our fully interactive LED sculpture beckon you closer to hot coffee, tea and tales of the frontier around our comfortable lounge.

Rings of Light

by: Marc Anderson
year: 2014

Light is a powerful force. It draws us in, it makes us feel safe and can excite us visually. Rings of Light harnesses that power during all hours. During the day, the light of the sun reflects off of the curved surfaces of its rings. As the rings sway in the wind, the glimmer signals people, calling them from far away. At night, the interior of each ring comes alive with all of the colors of the rainbow, constantly changing and never repeating. Once discovered, Rings of Light invites all to sit on one of its benches and observe the movement of this kinetic sculpture as light moves up and down each tower and from ring to ring.


by: Adam Weber, Jonathan Rodriguez, Kevin Raich, Keith Keary, Quill Hyde
year: 2014

The RISE OF HUMANITY is a unifying call to individual and collective awakening. This mirrored, stainless steel Phoenix is much more than a work of art. She represents the courage, unity, and shared vision required to go through the transformational death and rebirth process humanity is living through. She embodies the shift out of a fear-based consciousness and into love-based consciousness, a new heart-spaced reality of oneness. She is also a reflective invitation to the transitional generation to activate a powerful understanding within us all – awaken inside, reclaim the outside. As the Man Burns, Together we Rise…

Secret Trading Post

by: Laura Horton & Javier del Castillo
year: 2014

The Secret Trading Post fosters liberation from the weight of the past. It is a welcoming outpost and non-judgmental space for those who have secrets that they would like to let go. Trade anonymously, trade with a friend or stranger, or share on the walls. Any which way you choose to go, don’t look back.

Seeds of Burning Man

by: Mr. Jan Allen Nichols
year: 2014

My art consists of nine 3×6 panels. Each panel has 18 8×10 photos on each side. These panels displayed in a 90 degree zig zag pattern suspended on metal poles. The 320 photos, taken from Orange Co. to San Fransisco. At music festivals, anti war rallies, and “Happenings”. Some might say they are pictures of “hippies”, but they are far more than that. They are all types of people coming together because they share primary principals they felt were important to share and stand for. Such as music, dance, art, freedom of expression, the worth of each individual, an abhorrence of war and hate, and a hope for a better future. They could be seen as the seeds from which Burning Man grew.


by: by Bart Kresa & Joshua Harker
year: 2014

Shogyo Mujo is a 30′ high, geodesic, skull which will be 3-D projection mapped on all sides via 4 projectors, and then burned. During the day, it will be a beautiful faceted sculpture, covered in muslin…a blank canvas if you will. By night, the skull becomes a vehicle for experiencing and channeling our visions into the physical world. 360-degree projections animate the skull, symbolizing our hopes, dreams, imagination, and vision – our spiritual connection to the universe that defines us as human beings. Nightly video interaction between skull and audience provides further connection via individual offerings. Each evening’s finale includes animations representing the synthesis of that day’s offerings, ultimately culminating in a final incineration, symbolizing the limits of the physical and the grand release of the spirit.


by: Julie Goschy
year: 2014

This piece takes advantage of our minds eye to piece together a familiar word that looks like randomly held blocks at different angles, but forms a word when viewed straight on.

Silk Route Shoe Shine Stand

by: Jane Purchall
year: 2014

The Silk Route Shoe Shine Stand is the perfect respite for the travel weary, the adventurous, the dusty and the persnickety. A ludicrous exercise in futility perhaps? Or maybe simply a meditation on just letting go? Everything is temporary on the playa, everything is beautiful, even if just for a few seconds until the dust blows up again and hides once more that oh-so perfect shine.

Designed for two people to sit side by side, to talk, to drink, to watch the Playa go by, all whilst having your boots polished, using the brushes and polishes supplied, by a friend or three.

The Skull of Actaeon

by: Oh Bunny Designs
year: 2014

From the artists who brought you the Stargate in 2012, comes the Skull of Actaeon. The Skull of Actaeon is shaped like a stag’s skull, as you would find it while wandering in the woods. The deer/stag is an animal that we resonate with and we were inspired to capture the beauty of nature’s architecture in a sculpture of a stag’s skull. This sculpture will be made mostly of recycled materials and lit via a programmed LED grid, reacting to sounds around it. As an interactive light experience, the participant will also be able to change and control the lights using their own pulse. Additionally, the skull will be internally lit, filtering soft light through the slits between the strips of wood. The eye sockets will be used as altars to create a shared experience with our community, intended to address a need for a sacred space.

Solar FREAKING Galaxies

by: Christopher Cianciarulo
year: 2014

Solar power is as old as the stars. Galaxies are as old as the
universe. All galaxies a solar powered and so are these. Just imagine
how much power a galaxy emits!  Come sit among them and experience the
ocean beneath.


by: Darya Mars
year: 2014

Soul Seat

by: Eric Zann
year: 2014

Soul Seat consists of an interactive sculpture suspended from a 24 foot tall armature which defines a contemplative, centered and grounded gathering place. Three fins of graceful curves, representing Body, Mind and Spirit rise from the desert like waves; they meet at their apex in a delicate point, the point at which the ego dissolves. Integrated platforms and seating encourage the body to rest and the mind to meditate. Participants are encouraged to write down their reflections and inspirations for others on small metal tags, to be attached to the hanging sculpture, imbuing it with life and communal energy.


by: John English
year: 2014

The SoundPuddle is an interactive space of visual-acoustic synesthesia. This spectrographically colorful dome illuminates sound on an immersive canopy of light. Visualize the spectral shapes of sound-space with any noise you can make. This is the perfect place to bring your musical instruments and selves for a unique and mind-warping sensory experience. You will laugh, shout, and sing as thousands of solar powered LEDs unify your ears and eyes.


by: Matt Melnicki
year: 2014

Spines consists of small verterba-shaped bookcases. Installed inside are a series of uniquely-titled hand-bound books of literary art, containing authorless “remix poetry” which focuses on themes of “diaspora, interchange, networks, and pivots”.

Spiritual Oasis

by: Lewis Kawecki
year: 2014

Spiritual Oasis is a pyramid for guided meditation and hanging out in hammocks. The lower six feet of the pyramid will be open with hammocks. A ladder will lead up to the upper level which will have a wool rug, meditation pillows, and LED candles at night. A guided meditation or meditation music will be playing on the small speakers inside. The top of the pyramid will light up at night with a color changing light, and LED strips will illuminate the corners of the pyramid at night.

Stands Of Chime

by: Mike Miller
year: 2014

The art installation will have the look of a pagoda. As you approach it you will see a simple 4 sided hut made of steel. It stands 10′ at the peak of its roof and is about 12′ wide. What you will notice first is that the walls are made of large suspended steel chimes. They will range in size from 6″ to 12″ in diameter an up to 4′ long. With a simple breeze the pagoda will come to life as an enormous wind chime . As you enter into this amazing pagoda of tones you can take a seat in the epicenter of sound. There is a bright red roof to shade you from the sun and a round bench in the middle for you to sit and enjoy.

Star of Shamash

by: Jim Foerster
year: 2014

The Star of Shamash is the symbol for the Babylonian Sun God, Shamash, which was likely a part of the caravansary across ancient Mesopotamia. It is 8′ diameter and colorfully lit with LEDs for night-time sun worshipping. It was also built to honor Anat Shamash for her 20th anniversary of attending Burning Man!

Stargazers Anonymous

by: Owl
year: 2014

Stargazers Anonymous provides a safe space for people in all phases of consciousness. A deep playa reverie for wayward travellers, weary playa surfers and strung out desert shamans. Come and gaze at the stars, safe from bright lights and stray art cars.


by: Deborah Davies (Dd)
year: 2014

With ideas around travelers navigating the Silk Roads, StarWay plays on the ideas of star navigation and journeys.

Stars will be distributed around BRC with printed instructions on them to bring the ‘found’ star to StarWay, a 20’ sculpture made out of 300 individually lit stars. Those who bring the ‘found’ stars to StarWay will see a star on the sculpture change colour from blues/green to pink/red reds – the colours of love. But that is just one part of the interaction. They will then receive a message on a screen instructing them to continue their journey with the ‘found’ star and gift it to someone else. Who knows if the ‘found’ star will find its way back to StarWay with its new owner, we hope it does as the more the stars return to StarWay the more she will deepen in red – the colour of love.

The Stoop

by: Katie Hellier
year: 2014

The Chris Himle Memorial Stoop is a community gathering place, much like the apartment stoops in your own town. The 16 foot tall wooden structure consists of a set of stairs and a front porch, serving as a place where art car parties develop in the middle of the night, loved ones can reunite after a long day roaming the playa, community members will erect story-telling tables, and people can sit and relax and meet new friends, taking in the view of the city and contemplating the meaning of life.

Sunrise Saloon

by: Thomas Haan and Brian Jones
year: 2014

The Sunrise Saloon is a sunny place for shady people located on the far eastern hinterland of the deep playa. This watering hole is home to gunslingers and bandoleras alike who come for the sunrise and stay for the whiskey.

The Supreme Ultimate

by: Tom Woodall
year: 2014

The Way that can be spoken is not the eternal Way… In the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Yin-Yang symbol represents the duality of the essence and substance from which the myriad things come – light/dark, masculine/feminine, sun/moon, good/evil, active/passive… For us as individuals, sometimes our yin is rising and yang setting, and then again, sometimes yang is rising and our yin is setting… it’s all one big cycle of rising and setting, rising and setting. How are things going for you just now?

Suspension of Disbelief

by: Zoey Platt
year: 2014

An epic jungle-gym for all ages, crocheted in white, nylon rope. Beautiful & interactive, bringing people together and building community. Aprox. 30’x30′ and 16′ high. Lit with color changing LED spotlights – fully climbable!

The Sylvan Path

by: Michael Lundquist
year: 2014

The Sylvan Path is a passage through a dense forest of trees. It demonstrates the differences between a guided path and a challenging journey while also illustrating that exploration can bring unexpected treasures. The Sylvan Path challenges perceptions of an open area versus a confined space and the differences in environmental interpretations based on surroundings.

The Temple of Grace

by: David Best
year: 2014

The Temple of Grace is intended to be a spiritual and sacred space for memorials, reflection, celebration, and to commemorate life transitions. It is a special work of art given to the community; it is a spiritual refuge where thousands gather, each to engage with it in his or her own way. The community comes to write their memorials and place tokens of their transitions, and it is burned at the end of the festival in a tradition of releasing them by fire.

The structure incorporates a central interior dome within a graceful curved body made of wood and steel. It will again have intricately cut wooden panels for the exterior and interior skin. 8 altars will surround the temple inside a low-walled courtyard, creating a large exterior grounds for the community.

Time Continuium

by: Candi Carrell
year: 2014

Imagine 13 circled spots leading to the advancement of time through the sun’s position. This progression of time keeps moving forward constantly connecting our inner souls and fears..

Time to Man

by: Seth Aylmer
year: 2014

This large wooden figurative sculpture stands at the center of a giant sundial. It is decorated with ancient petroglyphs from around the United States.

Tribes That May Be

by: Jonathan Freedman
year: 2014

Tribes That May Be is a two-fold project. It features a subtle physical artifact in the form of a small steamer trunk that seemingly fell off a trade caravan ages ago and an interactive, ethereal piece accessible via mobile device that challenges the participant to consider the Ten Principles of Burning Man in a different light via an exploration of its history and a possible future. The chest acts as a landmark to tie the two pieces, the real and the imaginary, together.


by: Gary Gunderson
year: 2014

TRILLIUM is an interactive rolling ball kinetic sculpture. It is a celebration of the beauty that can be found in human designed mechanisms and structures and is inspired by a flower that is nature’s celebration of the number 3. Constructed from tubular metal and plywood, this piece is 16 feet tall and towers above like a giant mechanized flower. Participants young or old can turn a hand operated crank to power a mechanism that lifts large balls to the top where gravity take over and they roll down the petals and leaves to be collected and returned upward.

Triniti Illuminati

by: James Bahr
year: 2014



by: Jake Smith
year: 2014

Triplex is a sparkly little number for you to stumble across in the middle of the night out on the playa and say “Oh, let’s go look at that!”

True Flame

by: Brian Walter
year: 2014

True flame is a fire-powered healing mandala made from old propane cylinders cut with a plasma cutter, lit with LED light and fire.

Under the Microscope

by: Benjamin Newman
year: 2014

Under the Microscope encourages observers to interact with large scale insects made entirely from recycled transportation parts. If allowed, each piece communicates a unique experience and inspires imagination.


by: Merel Geanna de Boer
year: 2014

At the Valuation-Station it’s not your parking ticket that get’s valuated but you, awesome you! You make Burningman great and the Valuation-Station crew want to make sure you know.

The Vision Tree

by: Swig Miller
year: 2014

The Vision Tree is a project that symbolizes people sharing the best of who they are through the creation of a 50′ tree. The tree is hollow to allow people to climb up inside it’s 35′ trunk to gain a better vision of their surroundings.

During the day the trees branches and leaves provide shade for those braving the desert sun. After dark a projection system lights the tree up providing a magical lighting experience.

Visual Orchestra

by: Greg Ames/Dawn Crat
year: 2014

The Visual Orchestra is meant to delight kids of all ages. It is a combination of light, sound and motion. It is the next in a series of multimedia art and technology presentations by Greg Ames.

The Voice of the Man

by: Stephan Douris
year: 2014

The Voice of the Man allows the user to rest and listen to the Voice of the Man radio station (BMIR) through the use of a beauty salon chair.

The Vulvatron

by: The Cliteratti
year: 2014

The Vulvatron is a visually iconic mobile art piece, empowering women, goddesses, and the feminine identity. This is an interactive, immersive environment that celebrates the female experience in us all. Through an immersive multi-media experience, the Vulvatron explores the feminine identity and acts as an advocate for feminist issues. The project’s form is inspired by the often politicized and stigmatized vulva. There are two 20’ tall projection screens in the shape of labia. Our video artists will project images on these that are evocative of the feminine – human forms, elements, abstract geometric shapes, and so on. In addition, people will be able to stimulate the lighting effects of the Vulvatron by touching sensors located within the installation.

Wanderer's Sanctum

by: Jeremy Castellano
year: 2014

Weary travelers, come rest in the confines of the Wanderer’s Sanctum. A shelter from the elements, may it provide you with a place for rest, meditation, and rejuvenation.

We Are All Stars

by: Disco Denizens
year: 2014

We Are All Stars is a 25’x25′ canopy of glowing ping-pong balls that interacts visually with people under it.

Wind Sock

by: Richard Minner, Karl Secks, Chris Romp
year: 2014

Wind Temple

by: Michael Tscheu
year: 2014

the winds of change: art & poetry inside a Tibetan prayer flag temple.

the wind travelers perch

by: Don Smith
year: 2014

This is a place of rest for travelers weary from the desert winds and sun. You can pause, relax, trade stories and ideas with your fellow travelers or just play in the shade. Climb high and sway like the desert winds, rest from the sun while basking in the love and company of those around you. Regain your strength here to go back and give yourself once more to the people and the desert.

Ye Olde Gift Shoppe

by: Allan Topp
year: 2014


by: Jessica Ice (Spoiz), Michael Sharman (Wallaby), Becky Lukinac (Smithers)
year: 2014

Throughout human history, in nearly every culture, females have suffered enormous oppression and suffering. Rape, bodily mutilation, denial of human rights and participation in religious and political spheres, and the pains of childbirth. This legacy has been one of sacrifice and hardship that lies deep within our spiritual memory. Incorporating the themes of Yoni and Shakti , we can commemorate this suffering and heal the emotional bodies. Inside of the structure is a womb where individuals are free to be vulnerable in the place where we begin our lives, protected from the harsh environment outside, and reminded of the Mother that brought us in to this world. Inside, one will be surrounded by imagery that captures the struggles experienced by females throughout the millenia. A shrine inside the womb offers a place of reflection and reverence to feminine energies. An illuminated feminine symbol stands atop the structure.


by: Prost
year: 2014

Yorick is a ten-foot calavera, constructed from plywood cut on a CNC router. The design includes two portals that allow participants entry to the interior. At night it is illuminated from the inside, and occasionally on the exterior by video projections.


by: Bruce Miles
year: 2014

Zap is a giant lighting bolt striking the playa. It seeks to blur the boundaries between a traditional two-dimensional cartoon image and a three-dimensional sculpture to engage the viewer into questioning their perception of fantasy and reality.

Zen Garden

by: Joerg Student
year: 2014

Zen Garden is a collection of five to nine over-sized flowers, ranging from 10? to 15?. The buds are primarily constructed from corrugated plastic sheets that have been plastic welded and folded. This tessellated fold pattern creates flower buds that open and close as the flexible stems move gently in the wind. Between and around the stems are “garden stones” constructed from marine plywood with pressure pads on top, treated to look like stones, that sense when people are standing on them. The translucency of the plastic materials allow for an array of vivid, varying diffusions of colored light.

ZZ Fish

by: Jan DeLano, Wendell DeLano, Anne Pearce
year: 2014

The life cycle of the salmon is one of the world’s greatest caravansaries on earth. The salmon migration embodies determination, transformation, and the cycle of life across the vast oceans of planet. The symbol of the fish is commonly used to denote spiritualism and transformation. Salmon travel in schools, each working together for protection, guidance, strength and reproduction.

ZZ Fish celebrates the migration of the Salmon and all that it stands for.

One side of the mosaic is fresh water, the place of birth and death, and the other side is salt water, for the oceans that make up the largest migration path on earth.