2014 Theme Camps

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Bringing together “self & other” in unique and interesting ways. Come with another, or be prepared to meet one.

1.21 Gigawatts

Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?

Hometown: Eden

11 Forward

11 Forward: its like 10 Forward, the bar from The USS Enterprise, but this one goes to eleven. We like to mix our cultural references like we mix our cocktails, randomly.

Hometown: Austin

3 Old Men: a ritual troupe

3 Old Men offer a meditative, 4-path labyrinth. As you choose your exit path, the Old Men represent differing agons: to bless, to be blessed, or to struggle.

URL: http://www.lichtenbergian.org/3-old-men/Hometown: Newnan

7 Deadly Gins

We are your ultimate sundowner destination! Come enjoy a top-shelf, ice-cold gin & tonics in our lush desert oasis bar, cool down with our new misting system, and get your groove on to quality downtempo, soul, funk, disco & house. You certainly won’t want to miss taking a spin on our rideable giraffe, Special Ed. It’s all happening Monday – Saturday, 3.30pm – 6.30pm.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/The7DeadlyGinsHometown: Bend

7 Sins Lounge

Come Embrace the Heat as the Playa’s Friendliest Little Slice of Hell returns for the 14th straight year!
Daytime brings what Sinners need – shade, chill music and slushy drinks.
But NIGHT brings what Sinners want – Flaming Libations and the ever popular WHEEL of SINS!
Our highly skilled and dedicated staff will happily deliver absolution & encouragement with a FIRM hand!
So come earn your “Get Out of HELL Free” card and remember to Start your SINS at 7!

Hometown: Sacramento

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemia where merrymaking, gypsy lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!

URL: http://www.7sirenscove.comHometown: San Francisco Bay Area

9 Energies

Each of us has 9 Energy Centers in our bodies, one of which is more active than the others – called the Active Energy. Knowing your Active Energy or Superpower gives you physical access to your spiritual nature. Sober please!

URL: http://9energies.comHometown: Novato