2014 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

* Cats

Come chill in our hammock dome. Take a nap or medidate in the shade and escape from the heightened energy of the burn.

Hometown: SF/NYC

Cabana Club

Come and enjoy The Favorite Vacation Destination for the hard working citizens of Black Rock City! The Cabana Club is an oasis of hospitality and friendship. We serve up a refreshing array of nosh and cocktails for your Afternoon Delight and a variety of late-night themed events.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BlackRockCabanasHometown: San Francisco

Cacao Camp

bringing the culture of the food of the gods to the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cafe Negro

Cafe Nëgrø provides aural and oral transformative rituals for your morning, featuring the finest in black coffee and black metal. Come for our 1 PM hour of darkness and ready yourself for the new day.

URL: http://cafenegro.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Cafe Surprise

The fine patrons of Cafe Surprise invite you to dine with us at our very own Cafe Surpise. Come daily at 1:30pm to enjoy French Fries and nightly from 5:30-7:30pm to enjoy dinner in our French Bistro.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cafe Village

Cafe Village is a ‘Work/Staff Camp’. We are not a ‘Theme Camp’ and although we like to have fun and definitely create community, we have also worked to make sure Cafe Village is a respectful environment for those of us who need solace from the masses after a long days work!

Hometown: San Francisco

Caja Pedo

No, it’s not a mirage; Caja Pedo is a refuge for all those who wander.
Escape the heat and join us for daily rejuvination. Unlock answers that only bananas and pendulums can reveal.
Daily creations will appear from this international crew of burners. Come decorate yourself. Join us for some home made games, yoga, meditation or simply relaxation.
The playa is full of dust, so bring your dusty Caja Pedo our way.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Camp (!)

Our camp is meant to ignite creativity and to build community through healing, light, education, dance, art, expression and healthy, mindful practices. Our aim is to invoke a sense of wonder and play, to offer workshops to aid in your quest for growth and personal development, and inspire you to create meaningful experiences with our vibrant community of artists, musicians and healers.

URL: http://burningman2014.jefflapenna.comHometown: San Francisco

Camp 11:11

11:11 is a catalyst to unite people. It’s a totally vertical moment in time. Make a wish at 11:11. Have a shot, give a kiss, or smoke a smoke at 11:11. Flame on at 11:11. Orgasm at precisely 11:11. Does anyone know what time is it? Its 11:11. Come help us discover 11:11 at Camp 11:11

Hometown: Redding, CA

Camp 451

Free library – come by browse, sit, visit, chill

Hometown: Woodacre-Seattle

Camp A-Bunn-Dance

The members of Camp A-Bunn-Dance will be riding around on bikes with radios and speakers. When the music is right we will form a circle for a spontaneous inclusive dance floor. Come Dance your Bunns off with us.

Hometown: Chico

Camp Afterglow

Afterglow, that wonderful feeling that lingers long after the experience has elapsed—a feeling that only occurs when the mind, body, and soul has been ever so stimulated. Our gift to the Playa and to its dear citizens is Afterglow!

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Armageddon

Armageddon – it’s not the end of the world, it’s the Safe Word! Come here for bike repair, yoga, music or just ‘set a spell’ in our living room dome!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Armageddon/51276852446Hometown: Chico

Camp Asterix

Hometown: Various

Camp Awesomeness

Camp Awesomeness is a transformational camp that brings together people who are driven to change the world- entrepreneurs, authors, technophiles, mavericks, artists and visionaries alike. At the Camp, you receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, deep connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to give back and be awesome, so you can play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things. The Camp will attract amazing men and wo

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372585972835366Hometown: Planet Earth - Global collaborative

Camp Bang Bang

Come and play with us! Yoga, meditation, ceremony and our annual Wild Animal party on Wednesday night.

Hometown: Sydney

Camp Bitcoin

Camp Bitcoin explores and demonstrates the promise of Decommodified Transactions to the Playa. We offer workshops and conversation around the possibilities of cryptocurrency, taking the discussion far beyond its stereotype as just a new form of money. Join us to discuss smart property, decentralized autonomous corporations, and much, much more!

URL: http://campbitcoin.hivewallet.com/Hometown: The Internet

Camp Caribbean

The soul warriors of Camp Caribbean are back with the absolute best riddims of the Caribbean, including salsa, roots reggae, soca, dancehall, reggaeton, zouk and more! Stop by to dance, chill in a hammock or have a mojito at our annual Thursday afternoon fete at 2pm.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/118431024872493/Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Charlie

Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is an homage to the most infamous unicorn in the history of popular culture.
Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles and rainbow glitter, this one of a kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it.
On the playa, Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampCharlieHometown: Los Angeles


While every person’s first Burn is unique, most everyone at some point is confused, disoriented, and unnerved by the intensity of the experience… discombobulated. Working through this is a part of the journey, but it helps to connect with people who have gone through it before and respect and honor the transformation. Our camp contribution is to help people through this metamorphosis – to combobulate the discombobulated.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Conduit

Gifting sun hats, hemp bondage rope, suspension bondage rides, and knot instruction to the masses. Returning in 2014 with more hats, more rope, and more fabulous belts and scarves!

URL: http://www.facebook.com/camp.conduitHometown: Seattle

Camp Contact

Camp Contact’s motto is “Explore Connection” which we do through workshops in Contact Improvisation Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Acro Yoga, Intersubjective Meditation, Interchange and many other forms of embodiment and awareness generating practices. Come play with us!

URL: http://burningman.campcontact.orgHometown: Earth

Camp Cuddle Cult

Camp Cuddle Cult aims to foster a stronger Burning Man community through cuddling. Drop by and immerse yourself in one of our famous (platonic) Cuddle Puddles filled with soft pillows, fuzzy blankets and warm bodies. If you want to make some new friends on the playa this is the camp for you!

URL: http://campcuddlecult.com/Hometown: Portland/San Francisco/Seattle/Atlanta/Kansas City

Camp Cul-de-Sac

since 1997, a collection of friends, bringing fine cinema and video experiments.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Camp Cut! Cut!

Camp Cut! Cut! for those who know and those who want to know.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Camp D.O.A.

Camp D.O.A is a Burning Man theme camp, hosted by an exciting, fun-loving group of rock climbers, mountaineers, canyoneers, backpackers, skiers, kayakers and, of course, Burners! We offer music, conversation, dancing, hooping, and a shady spot to relax with a glass of wine, champagne, or cocktail. So come in, have a seat, and share with us the decadent outdoor adventures you like to do while you enjoy the best decadence in Black Rock City!

URL: http://sites.google.com/site/campdoaHometown: Cameron Park

Camp Delicioso & Creperie

Hometown: Long Beach

Camp Disco Nap

Because the best type of nap is one with a party at the end! Dedicated to the art of getting ready– Camp Disco Nap is about bonding over creative frenzied makeovers, dancing in hot pants, and all things shiny and distracting.

Hometown: Brooklyn

Camp Do It All

We are a group of doers and performers based mainly out of Portland Oregon. We will be providing a chill space, with classy music, and providing food, hookah, tea, along with flow and yoga workshops!

Hometown: Portland

camp do nothing

Ride the 360 Swing, play on the Foam Dome
we have been described as the funniest camp for yards in any direction 4 years running

Hometown: seattle

Camp Dusty Sanchez

Come get your Dusty Sanchez on!

Hometown: Reno

Camp Fingerbang!

Camp Fingerbang features the Go Fuck Yourself Saloon and is dedicated to raising the level of inappropriateness on the playa. We are a group of delightfully ridiculous long time playa friends who are yet again banding together for another year of fun and mayhem. We do not take ourselves seriously at all and neither will you when you come to visit.

Hometown: Sam Francisco/Los Angeles

Camp Gallavant

Ahoy from the Pirates of the Playa (infamous creators of the Mutant Vehicle, USS Nevada). We have the “gall” to “Gallavant” around the playa spreading fun and adventure throughout the City, so, visit us, enjoy the Arrgh Bar, as well as our Chill Lounge and hop a ride on a Mutant Vehicle at the #1 loading station for the Un-Official Public Transit System of Black Rock City!

URL: http://www.rickmetz.com/Site/Camp_Gallavant.htmlHometown: Reno

Camp Hey Gurl Hey

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Hot Cheeks

Stop by for body-painting by Latte, drinks, and the Chinese Swear Word of the Day.

Hometown: L.A., Kappa, Taipei

Camp Hot Mayo

Camp Hot Mayo is excited to be back and as usual we welcome all! Please come visit anytime and join us on Thursday @ 4:20pm for our Irish Car Bomb party. On Saturday @ noon for Sangria. We will have daily yoga and meditation in the morning to revive your soul for another amazing day on the playa. We will have a board w/ all of our scheduled events. We always try and stay at 9ish and H!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Hot-Mayo/283651174985176?ref=hlHometown: Sparks 9:15 and H

Camp Hotel Rug

Chill with an eclectic group spanning the whole globe, at the hotel rug nothing is left unturned. Take workshops to improve your flow, creativity, and perception or some time with our counselors to delve into the depths of the psyche and the mind and the effect the playa has on it!

Hometown: Planet earth

Camp Illuminaughty!

Welcome to Camp Illuminaughty! Come by at dusk for our music and light-filled activities, then follow us and the Wall of Light out into the night to dance ‘til dawn!

URL: http://bit.ly/campilluminaughtyHometown: Sunnyvale

Camp IMAGINEnation

A camp dedicated to the power of dreaming and radical honesty. Hosted by The Handel Group and in partnership with Global Glue Project. Our coaches provide daily life coaching workshops and one-on-one coaching to the people of the playa. Global Glue Project will be interviewing couples willing to share their secrets of how they stick together! Open M-F 10-4pm to help you sort out your life. A conversation with one of our coaches will change YOU forever.

Hometown: New York


FRUIT ! ICE! [email protected]! Beats and smoothies Noon-5 daily.

Hometown: los angeles

Camp Kegel Kommandos

Camp Kegel Kommando………….I’m doing it Now!

Hometown: Reno

Camp LaLa

This year Camp Lala will seek out entertainment deprived locations on the playa, and target them with sublime, surprising and baffling interactive Flash Mob performances. If you would like to give the gift of booty-shaking, twerking, or general silliness, come by to participate! Otherwise, see you when you least expect us!

Hometown: San Francisco (and worldwide)

Camp Lamp

Camp Lamp brings Light, Art, and Music to the Playa, with a fire-spinning circle that is open to any skilled fire spinners.

URL: http://www.camplamp.usHometown: Boston

Camp Little Bitty

Smile like a child again! Come play with our grown-up sized version of popular children’s toys, and get your face painted by a professional face painter before you go!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Luminous

Camp Luminous is an interactive theme camp offering a Tea Lounge and geodesic shade structures.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp.luminousHometown: Acata/Reno

Camp Make Good Choices

At burning man one must make good choices! Let us offer you sound advice about how to make the most of your burn! Participation, spanking and games are all good choices! Come play with us and see if your interaction produces gifts.

Hometown: Boise

Camp Manifestation

At Camp Manifestation we encourage and explore the process of creation, acknowledging that power within each of us, in order to manifest whatever is in one’s heart and to experience life as one desires. By discovering our innate ability, we put intention toward the coupling of the power of thought with the moving force of action. We then begin to ignite and catalyze these forces which allows us to create magical results in the world. Come explore with us!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Mind Eraser

Arrrrrrr ye tired of all the electronic wub wub? Sail on over to Camp Mind Eraser for rum drinks, cool mist, fried plantains, and booty shakin live rock ‘n roll.

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Camp Morning Wood

Hometown: Los Angeles

Camp Mystic

Inspired by a sense of mystery & wonder, we perceive the consciousness of “We Are All One”. Mystics encourage the enigmatic spirit to explore a deeper connection not only on this planet and all that exists within, but the realm of the entire Universe. Camp Mystic is an ongoing experiment in the power of friendship, love, artistic expression, commitment, and exploration into the farthest reaches of human development and beyond.

We are all about ecstatic participation, contribution, and intimate connection.

URL: http://campmystic.org/Hometown: All over! SF, LA, NY, Canada

Camp New Year

Camp New Year is a community dedicated to ritual celebration, renewal and intention setting.

Hometown: San Francisco and Los Angeles

Camp Nice Nice

We are an international group of artists, musicians, yogis, dancers, scientists and creators. Join us anytime or Wednesday at sunset for a flute music and white wine soiree.

URL: http://campnicenice.comHometown: Palo Alto

Camp Not For Prophets

Relax in the morning shade and join us for coffee and the freshest donut holes on the playa. Add a variety of icing to your freshly made hot hole.

Hometown: Mt. Hood

Camp of Bokonon, The

“If you find your life tangled up with somebody else’s life for no very logical reasons,” writes Bokonon, “that person may be a member of your karass.” At another point in The Books of Bokonon he tells us, “Man created the checkerboard; God created the karass.” By that he means that a karass ignores national, institutional, occupational, familial, and class boundaries. It is as free-form as an amoeba.”

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Camp of Misfit Toys

Camp of Misfit Toys, a camp where all Misfits are welcome. Come visit and meet Santa, and sing some misfit carols, come back and see if Santa left a present for you.

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Of N!nja Consciousness

Lift your spirits. Find your way. Let your new spirit guides show you the path. Dance. Meditate. Heal and realign those chakras!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/theninjacampHometown: Los Angeles

Camp Orange

Fruit lovers rejoice for Camp Orange (you glad we didn’t say banana) is here! Cool off with a refreshing treat from our enormous banana, confess your playa sins to our ordained ministers and monkey around in one of our banana hammocks while hearing every fruit pun imaginable!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BMCampOrangeHometown: San Francisco

Camp Peace of Ass

Camp Peace of Ass supports the vulnerable, sumptuous, cheeks of biking Burners as they travel the vast, course playa environment. The repetitive motion propelling your steed, up and down, fast or slow, hard or soft over and over again demands the protection and shield available only from Camp Peace of Ass; colorful, hand-crafted fleece bicycle seat covers that are guaranteed to soothe and caress your precious assets all day and all night long.

URL: http://www.camppeaceofass.comHometown: Reno

Camp Pickled Monkey

Forget the pandemonium,
Come unwind your mind.
Follow the eye inside,
Mutt and Jeff’s Piano Oasis you shall find.

Hometown: los angeles

Camp PlayApology

After a successful bow in 2013, Black Rock City’s first “Custom Apology Delivery Service” returns to offer Playa-friendly flowers, cards, and singing “SorryGrams” to anyone seeking to make “playAmends” to a fellow BRC resident.

Hometown: Los Angeles, Phoenix

Camp Pot Luck

Camp Pot Luck creates community through the facilitation of food sharing. While we’re open pretty much non stop for sitting around some tables and noshing on things, we host several Pot Luck events throughout the week where people can gather together a group of new friends and share food with each other.

Hometown: Seattle, Palo Alto, San Diego, Melbourne and Dallas

Camp Pucker Love

Camp Pucker Love will perform tarot readings and capture your playa essence with palm or other body castings. While you await your reading take a spin on the corn hole of death.

Hometown: Seattle


“A questioning mind does not always accept what is readily & easily available… it seeks out what it needs to be satisfied” ~?
There are a lot of people claiming they have all the answers… you should question that. Question yourself… & in doing so, find what’s right for you… and enjoy it to the fullest!
Come by Camp Questionmark to experience music & creativity born from the inspiration of the playa… desert music, from questioning minds that have found their fulfillment

URL: http://www.campquestionmark.comHometown: Bay Area

Camp Red or Green

Red or Green? New Mexico brings its state question back again in 2014 with its premier theme camp, Camp Red or Green. Though usually referring to chile preference, we are experts on all matters of red or green decisions, whether it be attire, to stop or to go, or how our camp will fare on the MOOP map. So the question is: Red or Green?

URL: https://www.facebook.com/redorgreen?ref=hlHometown: Albuquerque

Camp Safari

Hometown: Concord

Camp Samovar

Camp Samovar will bring a taste of Middle East to the Playa. We will be serving Persian tea and dates during sunset.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Samovar/224458257645409?ref=hlHometown: Oakland

Camp Short Bus XOXO

No gifted kids here. We ride in a short bus because we’re all a little special.

Hometown: San Diego

Camp Shrunken Heads

Camp Shrunken Heads invites you to come by and make a shrunken head. Takes 20 – 30 minutes but is a lot of fun. We will also be stenciling anything you bring by with dancing dinosaurs, b-men, and such.

Hometown: Oakland

Camp Soft Landing

Camp Soft Landing offers a comfortable space to drink tea, tell stories and participate in workshops. Soft Landing presents the Palenque Norte speaker series featuring 40 visionary talks and stories in diverse concepts such as technology, medicine, art, science, design and entheobotany. Open 24 hours, the Tea House hosts acoustic and spoken word poetry performances. Servers provide tea and empathy and comfortable spaces for rest, rehydration and quiet conversation.

URL: http://www.campsoftlanding.comHometown: SF

Camp Stella

A clean and sober space for all Burners.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/115647961857314/Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Suburbia

Ever wish you could feel more at home on the playa? Camp Suburbia brings the class and sophistication we all deserve to the playa.

Hometown: Seattle

Camp Touch This

Hometown: Truckee

Camp Upsie Dasium

Rising Up out of the Chaos of the Default World comes your Beacon of Hope: Camp Upsie Dasium! Featuring a 45 foot high climbable Tower, Silhouette Theater, over 900 sq ft of Shade, Live Music and Tastings. Come Climb the Tower and Enjoy the View of BRC on Platform Level 3. We are open to Burners who want to use our camp for small events.

Hometown: Corralitos

Camp Walter

Walter the World’s largest VW Bus and his giant friends Big Red, Heathen and Kalliope are often seen cruising the playa, but love to welcome guests home to play, party, and peace out with our tribe. We hope to inspire everyone to let loose and look beyond what is to what might be…

URL: http://WaltertheBus.orgHometown: Scottsdale

Camp Wi Chi Chi

A place of refuge, to wind down, or wind up, Camp Wi Chi Chi will fill your bellies with tasty treats and good booze. Radio Wi Chi Chi will give the visiting burner the chance to chose the music, in exchange for a drink, of course. Volleyball games by day – hedonism into the night… come pay us a visit!

URL: http://www.wichichi.comHometown: Sydney

Camp Yes Please

Yes: adv – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent. Please: adv – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction. Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come meet sexy, open-minded, international, friendly, dancing, writhing people. And be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth, occasionally staffed by real doctors!

Hometown: San Francisco

Camp Zazen

We know the playa can be overwhelming, so let us be your sanctuary. Come “Zen” out in our Om Dome or Chill in Siddhartha’s Lounge. Your sure to see a friendly face around Camp ZaZen.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CampZaZenHometown: Park City


Bouncing, Booze, Bacon, Banana Hammocks, and Fine Art. Show Tunes, Sea Shanties, and Inappropriate Touching.

Camp...In Bed

Camp…In Bed enters its tenth year of feeding hungry revelers the famous salsa, Philthy Sanchez. Philthy Sanchez: the spicy brown that never lets you down, try it on a chip, smear it on your lip.

Hometown: Seattle


Campania: Ancient Ruins of the Playa. Two thousand years ago, the world was ruled by Rome. Step inside for a glimpse into the sophistication and brutality of an empire.

Hometown: San Francisco


CampDIY fosters self-reliance and seeks to share our knowledge and experience with the greater community. We host a number of DIY workshops though out the week, and all members should support that effort to some degree. Our camp is a low key retreat from the intense energy of the Burning Man environment. While “enhanced” social activities are not discouraged in camp, we rely on a availability of other camps for our party experiences. Camp DIY is a sanctuary to relax.

URL: http://www.campdiy.comHometown: San Diego


We are from all corners of the World but we are mostly Latinos. We love to dance and celebrate friendship. We contribute to the playa experience a latin SABOR. SALSA. Come and play Beer-in-hand soccer. We have a stadium. Look for the Boa.

URL: http://camposantito.comHometown: San Frnacisco

Can I Show You Mine?

Can I Show You Mine? is an awesome little camp that provides custom designed luggage tags to be filled out and laminated on playa so you can attach it to your bike, bag or body. If that item gets misplaced – you have a chance to get it back if they know where you camp.

Hometown: Boise


PHISH phrenzy! We’re back with an all new set list. Bring your bongos to our piano lounge on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. for an epic live Phish jam. Pound your Northern neighbors in our life-size Whack-Ca-Nuck game (you know you always wanted to). Liqour yourself up at our Maple Liquer open bar open every day. Contribute to the Tattletale Project – tell us when “telling” is responsible and when it’s just straight-up tattling.

Hometown: Montreal/Winnipeg

Captain Pump's Raiders

Captain Pump’s Raiders is Black Rock City’s finest mercenary company. By which we mean we are a collection of geeks, gamers, musicians, artists and storytellers committed to adding to the fantastical nature of Burningman through song, story, and roleplaying games.

Hometown: Boulder


We connect with a hand shake, a pat on the back, a wave. The concept for this interactive art installation is not revolutionary but rides on the tails of artists Tony Plant, Andres Amador and the creators of The Fallen Project, Andy Moss and Jamie Wardley. Unlike the ocean tide washing away the patterns created, the Playa’s dust storms, bicycle tracks and footprints will be our erasure. each day there will be an opportunity for passers by to play and be a part of our art by etching and raking hands into the

Career Ending Footage

Sick and tired of your crummy job. Come to Career Ending Footage and we’ll have you fired in no time.

Hometown: London, Sydney

Carnival of Bad Decisions

Come try your luck at getting fucked up with games, rides, and a big-top fit for a king.

Hometown: Seattle

Cartoon Commune

If you’re an aspiring cartoonist, artist, singer, comic, or game enthusiast, on-stage model, dancer, or ‘60s rock&roller, there is much for you at Cartoon Commune on the BRC Silk Road. If you need a massage or something to drink, we’re here to serve your preference, and with Laughter Yoga as of yore, plus revered Longevity Stick exercises to get your Xi flowing like the Playa wind blows — and so much more, in our eighth anniversary year.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/groups/198208360209399/Hometown: Fountain Valley

Catch and Release

We catch the wandering burner and share without being asked. We feed those who don’t expect to be fed. We provide shade and water to those who pass. We give friendship, company, and safe space to those who are lonely or overwhelmed. We laugh and play with those who join. We welcome all in to our family for a minute, an hour, or a day, and then release them back out to the playa to have a spectacular burn.

Hometown: san jose


Catharsis YOUR NEGATIVE” is an arrangement of 6 installations representing negative emotions such as Hate, Fear, Self-Pity, Resentment, Rejection and Greed designed and built by a team of aspiring artists/architects – Anastasia Podolskaya, Donn Angel Perez and Tobey Toney . Each installation is an interactive experience which is planned to bring a certain emotions into its viewer. The overall design solution and character of each installation is developed after a careful study of the common expressions of t


Cats!Cats!Cats! is a playful camp inspired by the feline inside all of us, and a member of FurBallz Village. Cat lovers, furry types and those who just like to MEOW are invited to stop by for a spin on our stripper pole, a climb up our cat condo or a rub against our scratching post. We’ll be hosting the Critical Cats parade and party on Thursday, “Kitty Porn” on Wednesday night and much more. Come purrrrr with us.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Celestial Bodies

a straight-friendly lounge in the gayborhood featuring daily events and activities, music, massage, and serving our refreshingly delicious Playa Cosmo.

URL: http://campcelestialbodies.orgHometown: San Francisco


This art piece is called Cell-Abrate to express the belief that the purpose of cell phone covers is the same as the purpose of life: “Protect yourself but look fabulous doing it. Be safe but be gorgeous. Live long but be beautiful while doing it.” Come view this spectacular creation if only to discover how limited your life has been until now. You are invited to “cell-abrate” this theory and learn about the safety and beautification of what cell phone covers can mean to you. This experience is guarante

Celtic Chaos

Bringing a little more mayhem to the universe. We are bringing the Castle back to the playa for 2014 and it will be bigger, better and fiery!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CelticChaosCommunityHometown: San Francisco

Census Lab

Visit Census Lab to learn about the Black Rock City Census, check out survey data on participants from prior year Burns, and make an entry in the Analog Census.

URL: http://blackrockcitycensus.wordpress.comHometown: San Francisco

Cereal Thrillers

Cereal Thrillers Breakfast Cereal Bar: We serve sugary breakfast cereal your mom would not let you eat as a kid.

Hometown: San Francisco

Chainsawmargaritaguys Camp

It’s the 11th anniversary for the ChainsawMargaritaGuys. Stop by for our happy hour. Daily from 2-3PM Mon-Fri. At 11,000 rpm, it’s the frothiest margarita on the playa. This year we will be serving our 11,000 drink. 11th year,,,11k rpm,,, 11k drink,,, 11 million year old ice,, Coincidence? As in the past years, we will be using our Northern Canada glacial ice that is over 11 million years old. 21 and over please. check this site out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LngEInjk8HI

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie

Chakralicious Camp

Chakralicious Camp is a camp dedicated to all levels of colorful diversity, with yoga, workshops, music, art, performances, spirituality, community, and more. This will be a 24 hour interactive camp with beautiful altars, chill spaces, visionary art, and colorful decor representing the rainbow colors of the chakras. Come take a class in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Thai Massage, or Non-Violent Communication, and at night, dance at our chakra themed parties with djs, live music, and fun interactive ceremonies.

URL: http://www.chakraliciouscamp.orgHometown: San Francisco

Chameleon Camp

Chameleon Camp is a camp full of awesome people with amazing a varied interests. Our camp can be many different things and like a chameleon changes based on where it is and who is in it!

Hometown: Corvallis

Champagne Lounge

Come by the Champagne Lounge for your daily dose of bubbly fun! The Champagne Lounge will be quenching your midday thirst with happy hours featuring ice-cold champagne. Not in the mood for bubbles? Grab some friends and take a shotski! Bring your own cup, and be ready for booze, live music, and fun! Also check out Champagne Lounge Audio Programing, or the C.L.A.P, on your radio at 99.9 fm!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/ChampagneloungeHometown: Reno, SF, and Amsterdam


Chances is a simple piece exhibiting the sound and visual art of Chances R Good. The space is open to Citizens of BRC to access the multi-dimensional conscious expression of Chances as well as being a safe space to exercise ones intention, prayers and meditation practices. The site will be a convergence point for yet undisclosed activities perpetrated by the theme camp Hippocampus. Enjoy!

Children of Chaos

Chaos, joy, good conversation, parades and motherly advice. Gold parade Wednesday, assemble at 5:30, parade at 6:00 pm, cocktails after the parade. Illuminated Specters Thursday, assemble at 8:30, parade at 9:00 pm. Also, meet the Jewish mother you never had – mothering in your choice of English, Yiddish, or Hebrew. For good conversation, try our bar.

URL: http://chaoscamp.wordpress.com/Hometown: Portland

Chomp and Stomp

A team of makers and shakers. Find us and our late night mobile chili cart deep playa. Or join us at our camp for bloody mary’s, and merry making.

Hometown: Atlanta

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is the best small Playa neighborhood repair garage in BRC! We are ready to repair a wide variety of Playa transportation with parts, repairs and advice. Daily specials such as scissors and tweezers.

Hometown: Flagstaff

Chrono-Synclastic Infundibula, The

Camp of the Space Wanderers and Home of the 54th Portal of the Soul is where all the different kinds of truths fit together. We invite you to share your stories, your celebrations, your music, your poetry, and your art in our caravansary! Play chess or see/be what’s on the Big TV. Check out our spacecraft powered by the Universal Will to Become (UWTB), and harness some transformational energy for yourself.

URL: http://campofthespacewanderer.wordpress.comHometown: Ventura and Brooklyn

Circus Boot Camp

Come earn your clown nose by participating in Circus Boot Camp! We’ll teach you to juggle, unicycle, hoop, slack line, trapeze, crack a whip and other circus-inspired arts

URL: http://www.curiouslife.net/circusbootcampHometown: San Francisco

Circus Combustus

We are a fire circus performance group. We will be performing an abundance of circus arts for the beautiful people of Black Rock City including stiltwalking, juggling, acrobatics, trapeze, silks, lyra, fire arts of all devices, belly dancing, clowns and more! We will also provide dazzling fire structures for our crowd’s pleasure including our newest Jack in the Fire Box! Everything will be on fire! We have fire cannons on our aerial

Hometown: Atlanta

Cirque de Moop

Come get trashy with us to make the world a little less scummy.

Hometown: Reno

Cirque du Cliche

Cirque du Cliche, part of Jankytown, live music and circus arts. Musical improv comedy. This year Cirque will be producing the Jankytown Orquestra – group flow music and performance art happening all week and featuring a wicked cast of musicians and performing artists (clowns, stilters, fire dancers).

Hometown: Reno

Cirque du Formage

Come visit Cirque du Formage for some great wine, cheese and sunrise Bloody Marys provided by Big Cheese and our Family Formage!

Hometown: Los Angeles

Cla$$y Village

The Cla$$y Village is an ensemble of surly pirates from Camp Hot Mess and artisanal chefs from Camp Enchanted Charcuterie. We are an eclectic group of artists, frisbee players, and teachers from the Bay Area excited to provide fun, entertainment and love to all inhabitants of Black Rock City. Stop by for a mythical meal and learn how to swear like a bloody sailor (ESL Friendly)!

Hometown: Bay Area

Club Neu Verboten

Club Neu Verboten provides our usual retro avant garde parties inside the old tent and under the star tent. Look for all new flash dances.

Hometown: reno

Clusterf*ck United

As Clusterf*ckers, we are United in our goal to provide a welcoming stop with refreshing drinks for fellow travelers and new friends along the dusty road. We’ll have exotic attractions this year, such as our Sphere of Illumination, Perpetual Wave, Sedan Chair, and a new Camp Beacon.

URL: http://clusterf.ckunited.org/Hometown: San Francisco

Clutch Village

The word Clutch means “Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it”.
We are a Village which aims to direct citizens of Black Rock City towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly ways of living, both on the playa and in the default world. Furthermore, Clutch Village wants to encourage Black Rock’s citizens to take action by providing the tools and connections needed to both start and continue entrepreneurial projects which are considerate towards sustainable living and the environment.

URL: http://www.clutchvillage.com/Hometown: Berkeley

CockTail Weenie Camp

Come to the CockTail Weenie Camp and enjoy some on-the-Playa cold brewed coffee or lemonade, join us for one of our weenie roasts and take your Christmas card picture with our Photo Boards!

Hometown: Klamath Falls


COHESION! Come jump onto our velcro wall, have a spicy margarita, and swing in a hammock in our cool dome! You’ll be sure to smile, make new friends, and leave with a blacktooth grin! 😉

URL: http://www.hosecoin.comHometown: Flagstaff

Comfort and Joy

Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, a gay community oasis offering a fully functioning Gym, colorful art installations and daily events including yoga classes, inspiring performances, & quite queer nightlife.

URL: http://www.playajoy.orgHometown: San Francisco

Commie Camp

Commie Camp brings together the best of all known communist cultures … vodka, cigars, salsa, chow mein … all in one place!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1552420411651152/Hometown: Las Frisco

Compass Dome

Come relax on a hammock while pondering the travels of our world with compass directions to your home away from home.


Camp Conception is the womb of small ideas and experiments that grow bigger than expected. We provide fertile ground for birthing art, ideas, and self-expression as a product of exploring the deep insides of the creative act. See us for loincloth workshops, our beard spa, our women’s T-dance, open canvas painting, our Ultrasound dance event, the Conception Pleasure Palace, and various art installations.

URL: http://www.campconception.comHometown: Seattle

Confessions Of A Burner

Are you dying to tell someone your secrets? Come by any day and play games, relax, and confess.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/confessionsofaburnerHometown: Reno

Contradance Community Camp

Contradancing all levels every night (and most days) to live music -looped/traditional/celtic/fusion/techno; fast-paced yet easy to learn with a caller who instructs (but with room for dancers to improvise).
Half the moves are with your partner, half with everyone else, resulting in a tribal vibe, where the Zen is flow, synchrony,and bonding (not footwork, not competition).

URL: http://burningmancontradance.comHometown: Gainesville


Join us for SnowCones and enjoy some cooling shade each afternoon from 1-3 Each Afternoon Monday through Saturday. Ask about Twister and Talks While in line.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Corn Waves

Corn Waves, a visual tone generating exhibit, is a marvel of engineering craftsmanship and sound amplification. Feel free to watch as playa dust and sand sweep across the foreground in a sacred geometrical dance. This exhibit visually displays the connections between sound waves, matter, energy and light. It serves as a reminder that voices, vibrations, sounds of any kinds (and even words left unsaid) reverberate through the universe and trace patterns, even when we’re not seeking them out.

Cosmic Casbah

Stop your caravan at our Spacious Oasis, and take refuge in the shade, sip some tea or coffee and have your fortune, future, or present told. We are an open meeting of the minds, offering space for meditation and writing sessions.

Hometown: Oakland

Cosmic Condom

The Cosmic Condom is a shrine celebrating geometry and color.

Cosmic Giggle

Like fire? Like mini-golf? Like muscles and sweat? For a good time, call 1-800-Cosmic-Giggle.

Hometown: Portland

Cosmic Recess

Cosmic Recess is a Playground with a Space theme. We believe that interactivity, creativity and play are all neccesary components of joy and happiness! All of our playground elements are original and homemade, most with recycled/reused materials. Please come play with us at the new Cosmiquarium Village this year! We will also host kickball tournaments between camps and villages as well as parties and events throughout the week!

Hometown: Salt Lake City


Cosmicopians are inspired by the deep connections between psyche and cosmos. Visit our camp for archetypal astrology consultations, transpersonal healing, and philosophical inquiry.

URL: http://realitysandwich.com/118635/astrological_guide_burning_man/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Cosmiquarium Village

Cosmiquarium Village is where the mysteries of the deep intermingle with the wonder of the stars. Combining the galactic playground of Cosmic Recess and the aquatic antics of the 4 fabulous mutant vessels: the Amazing Jelly Fish from the year 12000, Spider Jelly, the Pilot Fish and Jelly Roll. Join us for adventures of sea and space…at our home sphere or on voyages into the deep Playa!

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is Black Rock City’s leading supplier of high-quality, low-cost soulmates since 1998. We offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

URL: http://www.csto.orgHometown: San Francisco and beyond

Cotton Swab Fencing

Challenge the strongest Cotton Swab Fencers of the Caravansary and become a burning legend! Come fencing, and share some infused watermelon watching fencers cotton-swab-fencing.

Hometown: Mixed

CouchBurners Camp

Couch Burners, a cross section of CouchSurfers and BRC inhabitants, welcome weary, wild, and wondrous travelers alike to chat, relax, perform, interact, play some international games and sports, and surf the Mutant Sofa. Come learn tips and suggestions on succesful international travel, converse in your original language, or relax in our cafe & lounge to watch some bocci, croquet, horshoes, or fire dancing with a slew of likeminded individuals participating to create a better world… one couch at a time.

URL: http://www.CouchSurfingCamp.orgHometown: Seattle

Covered in Bees

Covered in Bees Bar & Lounge

URL: http://www.coveredinbees.infoHometown: Boston, San Fran, and Los Angeles

Crackwhore Camp

Come break out your inner whore. Let us show you the way to the Lemon Lounge..

Hometown: Portland

Cranky and Sons Bike Repair

Come to Cranky and Sons for assistance, education and advice for those “Oh shit!” cycling needs, from a flat tire to exploded derailleur, and we’ll help you get back out onto the playa. If you’ve got some free time and can lend a hand, grab a beer and a wrench and help us help those in need! Mechanics on duty mornings until 1pm – DIY tools available any time.

Hometown: Berkeley


The Crossroads Collective is bringing live R&B, funk, soul, groove, rock and randomness to the playa! We feature a 20+ piece band of professional musicians and performers from The Bay Area, LA, Chicago and abroad, serving up a tasty funk where there was none!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperienceHometown: SF, LA, Denver and Chicago

Crossroads & the MoonCheese Grill

The thematic elements focus around an impromptu interstellar party in a backcountry clearing. We offer a blockbuster party with live music featuring a 20+ piece band of professional musicians and performers. While enjoying the music, you’ll be able to grab a grilled cheese sandwich right off the grill. Don’t look away or it’ll all disappear into the dust without a trace. You may never know if it was really there or if it was all a dream.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsLiveExperienceHometown: SF, Palo Alto, LA, Denver & Chicago

Crunklantis & (sea) Monkey Bar

Splash on into a deep sea oasis of crunk vibes and hydrating times. Blurring the line of recharge and party. Swing into the (sea) monkey bar for a chimply marvelous time. Peel back your layers with our specialty (sea) monkey cock-tails. Hangout and dance while our crunk DJ’s serenade you from our underwater bambooth. Come beat your chest while guerrllian up some hotdogs. Bring out your inner crunk primate on our slack line and monkey bars. A group of crunk monkey souls that were brought together by a por

Hometown: California

Cube, The

The Cube is excited about being an elemental shape, but solidly and surprisingly perched on its point. Completely composed of the detritus of society, The Cube is a collection of scrounged scraps and industrial junk consciously collected by the Artist for both aesthetic and tactile exploration. As well as being seen, The Cube wants to be touched, climbed on and climbed into. Stacey Beamer, sculptor, resides on Bowne island in British Columbia.

Cubhouse, The

Come play at the Cubhouse! We have games like Kubb and Cornhole, Nail Tattoos, Tarot readings and even some dancing bears to make your day more playful.

Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of BOB

And so did the holy army of BOB (the Buhpartment of Buhfense) did prepare a desert orderly and suitable for our lord BOB to substantiate and deliver his WORD unto the wretched. We are the humble vessel of this WORD, given so that all may bask in the warm seminal light of BOBness, calling you to glorious prayer. get the BOB in you.

URL: http://technobrat.com/cult.of.bob/Hometown: San Francisco

Cult of Heroes

Cult Of Heroes is a place to get in touch with and develop your inner hero. We all have special powers – observation, intuition, love, dance, ego, math, connection. Cult of Heroes is where we foster those powers.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Curiouser and Curiouser

Follow Alice in size changing games – giant board games, murder mystery tea party, ping pong and pool. Come hang out for an afternoon, a morning or take a lesson in aerial with our teachers and camp mates.

Hometown: San Luis Obispo


Cyberia is the coolest place on the playa, with a white 30 foot dome to chillax and an industrial strength snow cone machine churning out frozen treats to help beat the heat!

URL: http://www.campcyberia.orgHometown: Irvine