2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps

Janky Barge

Come join us on a ride-a-long for some music and fun with the Janky Barge or hangout with us at our bar & lounge!

URL: http://www.thejankybarge.com Hometown: San Francisco


Live music, circus art, comedy, and performance art featuring artists from Cirque du Cliche, Samba Stilt Circus, Fou Fou Ha Clowns, and Ministry of Flow Fire Arts

Hometown: Reno/Bay Area

Jellyfish 12000

The Jellyfish 12000 invites you to come explore the aquatic alien underground native to ancient Lake Lahotan. Our otherworldly time-traveling family of mutant vessels consists of The Amazing Jellyfish From The Year 12000 and Jelly Roll.

jellyfish 12000 say
human be nice to other human
human protect nice planet
human go on get funky

URL: http://www.jellyfish12000.com Hometown: Salt Lake City

Jerk Church

We gather at our cathedral to Break Bread, Share a Cup, and a Song. Sometimes we have weddings. Sometimes we run a bar. Sometimes we like to sit quietly and contemplate the true nature of the Jerk. All are welcome.

URL: http://www.jerkchurch.com/


The best green tea on the playa available daily 10am-1pm… served one freshly-brewed cup at a time! Learn the difference between matcha, houjicha, and sencha. We’ll have cold sake for those who can’t handle tea in the morning.

Hometown: Las Vegas

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me?

Good morning Black Rock City! 7 a.m. sunrise service of coffee, tea, hot chocolate (and “Me” if you ask nicely). Coffee if you’re getting up, tea if you played through, hot chocolate if you’re feeling snuggly. Sofas, pillows, rugs arranged under the big wooden structure arrayed with sparkly and flowing stuff. Firepit if it’s cold. Stop by — but always bring your own cup.

Hometown: SF Bay.

Jub Jub's Plastic Circus

Welcome! The Monkey’s back in the Carnival & will proudly serve funny hard-to-get drinks, uneasy rest, strange music, weird plays, loud noises, oh-so-friendly grief, bruises, nausea, vertigo i.e. Monkey Business!!! maybe poo too…

Hometown: Reno