2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Camps

Kaleidoscope Collective

Kaleidoscope means “the observation of beautiful forms”, but we know you look into a kaleidoscope and see a beautiful mess. That’s just what we are. We bring people together through the power of stories and art (and monkey bars). Kaleidoscope Collective.  Share a story, spin a yarn, tell a tale.  We’re all ears.  

Hometown: Sacramento/Mexico City/Portland/London

Kamp BrewHaHa

Kamp BrewHaha – from 7-11 each morning we provide freshly brewed coffee, banter, good humor and even better people; old school coffee house of the first order, out in the peaceful suburbs of BRC.

Hometown: petaluma, ca.

Kamp Kaos

Kaos brings a human-scale fabric art maze, hall of mirrors, and late night Death Marches back to the playa!

Hometown: Boston

Kamp Kimono

Spontaneous desert haiku and mail art… Love! Kimonos! Weirdness!

Hometown: San Francisco

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye

Kamp Suckie Fuckaye, home of the Official Black Rock City Garnish fire and circus arts, Toolsday and The Suck ‘N Fuck Saloon!

Hometown: Portland


Kampersia melds traditional persian culture with modern burner ideas. Like tea and middle eastern food? We got you covered. How about traditional rose tobacco hookah and live acoustic music? Us too. We love persian culture, but we’d really love it if we could share it with you!

Hometown: San Jose

Kanuckistan BLASTO

Laser blaster shooting range features a quadcopter drone and a blazing ball of fire. 100% eyesafe. Home of the Old Country Vodka Snorting Bar, 11th annual Xeni Cup street hockey game.

URL: http://kanuckistan.ca Hometown: Calgary


Wookie Juice, Wookie Hugs, Wookie Art & Wookies dancing like…
Well… like Wookies.

Hometown: New York City


Come and enjoy a relaxing sunset time with us to share our aquatic kava tasting experience! Replenish yourself before the night takes on.

KavAquatic will be serving kava from late afternoon to the first hours of the night as is traditionally done in the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, New-Caledonia and Fiji, in a setting taking you right back to an island paradise!

Hometown: San Francisco


The Kazbah is a Sound Camp based in San Francisco. We are dedicated to spreading positive vibes and world-class house music.

URL: http://fb.com/thekazbah Hometown: San Francisco

KazbusKamp Transformation Station

Kazbus Kamp Transformation Station! Let us work some mirror magic! Come to our big top for a three-ring circus of top-to-bottom transformation and a new you: Saturnalia Salon for face and body painting and hair mutation; Atelier of the Absurd for carny costumery and outrageous accessorizing; and Psychic Parlour for some affirmative encouragement to discover your playa gifts. Let our talented team of image alchemists tease out the beautiful, bodacious Burner in you!

Hometown: San Francisco

Kegel Kamp and Bijou Boutique

Exercise your PCs! Can you peg the Kegel-O-Meter? Play Kegel Pong! Compete for valuable bragging rights or pick up a piece of jewelry at the Boutique!

Kegel Kommandos

Hometown: Reno

Kentucky Fried Camp

Kentucky Fried Camp – proudly serving the finest breakfast on the playa with the sweetest southern hospitality since 2000 something. Fried Baloney Sandwiches and fine Kentucky bourbon served up daily by gingham clad Kentuckians.

URL: http://kentuckyfriedcamp.com Hometown: Lexington

Khan's Asylum

Welcome… to Khan’s Asylum! Drink cool refreshing Romulan ale, make your own tribble, and show off your acting skills at our “Shat-off” as we recreate famous movie scenes in the style of William Shatner!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Khans-Asylum/619100008179731 Hometown: San Diego, San Francisco


Kidsville is THE place for kids and their families! We host a group of diverse families creating a unique space for play and other activities including the Black Rock Scouts program. Families with children 0-17 years of age are welcome to camp with us if they are pre-registered. Registration begins in March and ends when full. Note: Kidsville is NOT a baby-sitting service. All children must be supervised by an adult.

URL: http://kidsville.org Hometown: everywhere


Camp Kin-Dza-Dza!, bringing Soviet dystopia and tea to the Playa since 2006!

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/campkzz/ Hometown: New York

Kind of a Big Dill

Kind of a Big Dill: “Bar + Attractions and Amusements!” is a BRC version of the “roadside attraction.” We aim to provide fuel, refreshment, rest, social pause, and an assortment of curiosities to engage Burners traveling between the city and the open Playa.

URL: http://kindofabigdill.camp Hometown: Victoria

Kindergarten Kamp

Kindergarten Kamp is bringing it’s playground out for your enjoyment – kids of all ages (families, friends and all playa peeps) are welcome to enjoy our swings, trampoline, and teeter-totter, mini teeter totter, tree fort, sandless sandbox with toys, a one-hole miniature golf course, self-portrait tent, and carnival art adorning the camp – Kindergarten style! In the Gnome dome, hookah time and Swag poker will happen two nights – bring lots of swag! You will also be able to relax in our carnival styled Monkey-Hut complex.

Hometown: Auburn

Kissing Dinos

Hometown: San Francisco

Kosmik Dust Pedal Pub Theme Camp

Look for the Star Tunnel for iced tea, lemonade and cookies or play in our motion activated sound garden. Chill in the shade of our Kosmik Kafe or pedal with us across the playa under the cool canopy of the Pedal pub, our pedal powered bike bar.

Kostume Kult

Kostume Kult presents: UNDERGROUND NYC
From under the dusty pavement, the ultimate NYC Carnival Emerges… Urban Legends rise from the kkatacombs, dark figures lurk, steam pulses, things slither and growl. At Burning Man 2015 Kostume Kult’s ongoing FreaKKshow is emerging from the sub-urban depths… Strutting down our runway onto Esplanade Frontage!

URL: http://www.kostumekult.com/ Hometown: New York

Kreme Burners

Rave de Creme Brulees: Enjoy some cool beats in the afternoon, turning into Dubstep as the evening comes, while tasting the finest French style Creme Brulees on the playa. Show us your best tricks on the trampoline, get a cocktail refill when the bar is open, or just come and chill with us in the dodecagon.

URL: http://kremeburners.org/ Hometown: Seattle

KSA Disco Katz

Pounce by for a furrocious pawty in our gLitter box disco pyramid, enjoy a meowmosa to some funky house on Monday morning, or perhaps bring your finest hat for Hatty Hour on Wednesday shortly before dusk, but for the Madonna fans out there who happen to have a soft spot for house and daquiri’s we have just the thing: MaDaquiri Hour on Friday late afternoon will tie together your life! Purr… HISS HISS!!! Purrr……

URL: http://www.facebook.com/discokatz Hometown: San Francisco