2015 Theme Camps

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2015 Theme Camps


We are a twisted arcade dedicated to messing with your perception of video games as an art form by either changing how you play the game or even the game itself. Plus Booze… N-Toxicade!

Hometown: Las Vegas

Naked Heart

Naked Heart is devoted to the full embodiment of the Divine Feminine. We offer amazing experiential and experimental workshops that allow you to feel your feminine heart your radiance your inner goddess. This work requires the masculine as well; Everyone is welcome.

URL: http://nakedheartcamp.com Hometown: San Luis Obispo

Naked Human FussBall

Naked Human FussBall

Hometown: Bend

Naked Rainbow

Welcome to Naked Rainbow, the Strip Club for your Soul. Expose your dreams. Flash your fears. Bend over, spread your cheeks and give us a bare-assed view of your inner self. Our safe, open, meaningful and interactive environment plies you with mimosas, Harry Potter cocktails and good conversations to get you naked — spiritually naked, that is. Share your aspirations on the Tree of Dreams. Unburden your woes on the Tree of Prayers. Take a quiet moment out of your day to pray or meditate. Align your mind and spirit with Mimosa Vinyasa (Wed 5-6PM BYOM). Connect to each other at our modern partner-dancing workshops in costume (Tutu Tuesday 4:30-6PM + Bunny Thursday 3-4:30PM)! Join us for our Harry Potter cocktail hour dressed in your favorite color of the rainbow (Friday 5-7PM BYOC, starting with Andy’s standup routine)! We dare you to come sit in the Bad Advice Chair. You may even find yourself in the middle of an impromptu flow jam or fire spinning session. Even if it’s something as simple as dancing to our live beats or relaxing in the shade of our visually stimulating Dome, we hope you leave the Naked Rainbow with the most vibrant hues of your soul revealed.

Hometown: Los Angeles + San Francisco

Nakked Zebra Bazaar

A fantastic carnival inspired boutique for any and all to enjoy. Please come find just the look your after, or donate anything that you think others may need to find their true “burner” self!

Hometown: Rocklin

Nature Party Vacation

The Mystics invite you to seek out the hidden and unusual truths within. Inspired by the transformative and the transcendent, come find a world of Fortune Tellings, Palm Readings, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Mask-making, Question Games, a scavenger hunt, a Moonlit Masquerade and plenty more.

Hometown: Global

Naughty Naked Neti Camp

Hometown: Coos Bay

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need… to survive, refuel, and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the nectar you seek for any of them, in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 10am to 7pm.

URL: http://www.nectarvillage.com Hometown: San Francisco, Boulder, & Boston

Neverwas Haul

Come visit the Neverwas Haul, a self-propelled 3-story Victorian house on wheels, while we travel the Playa and visit the various art installations during the day and evening. We will also be open for tours at our camp at various times in the afternoon.

URL: http://www.obtainiumworks.net Hometown: Vallejo

New York Dangerous

Well, you can’t say your mother didn’t warn you! Join New York Dangerous for our annual Running With Scissors race 3pm Wed, plus our Strangers With Candy snack machine, Put Your Eye Out Shooting Gallery, Talking To Strangers discussion series, Playing With Fire medallion burning station, and Dangerous Liaisons social yurt.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYDangerous/ Hometown: New York

Nice Nice

We are an international group of artists, musicians, yogis, dancers, scientists, and creators.

We invite you to enjoy daily musical jam sessions around specially crafted interactive 8 foot long chimes (tubular bells), the Playa xylophone, and two deep-pitched gongs. Discover neon sprites of glowing plasma that moves in response to the human touch. Chill out under our shade or next to our virtual well and its aural delights. And, of course, the flamingos are expected to return, too.

Join us for a Wednesday pre-sunset white wine and music soiree.

URL: http://www.campnicenice.com/ Hometown: Palo Alto / Napa

Nipple Crime

Camp Nipple Crime has the intention of crackin down on nipple crimes committed by the citizens of beautiful Black Rock City. We encourage all sorts of nipples and creatures alike to take part in the creation of their very own personalized pasties.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1597975180414108/ Hometown: Reno

Nom De Plume

Come drink yerba mate, listen to dubs, burn copal and palo santo and thrive.

Hometown: Magicalville

Nordic Space Camp

The Nordic Space Camp let’s us reflect on who we are by seeing ourselves from space. Come experience the universe through three interactive art installations, and join us in establishing the first art installation on the moon.

Hometown: Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki

North Bay Freakshow

The North Bay Freakshow is in full effect in our city of dreams in the high desert plain. Come play with us! We are fire spinners and midway performers from the San Francisco North Bay and we’d love to get our freak on with you.

URL: http://www.northbayburners.com Hometown: Santa Rosa

Northwest Mist

Providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat with misting, music and body paint artists. Step through the Northwest Mist portal and transcend the heat of the day for a momentary refreshing encounter.

URL: http://www.northwestmist.com Hometown: Greater Portland/Vancouver area

Nose Fish

Welcome to Nose Fish. Carpe Diem at the Un-Hammer Cafe. Get creative making Playa currency to exchange for your coffee. Don’t forget your cup.Take a moment to meet the folks standing near you. Start/end times vary.

Stop by in the afternoon for a juggling class, EL wire electronic repair, a bike repair class. Check our schedule board for the activity of the day.

Come back at night to dance before the MEZ interactive Video Mirror.

Hometown: Silicon Valley, Boston, Maui

Nothing Butt Art

We supply the canvas and paint, you supply the cheeks, together, we will create nothing butt art. We also feature body stamp temporary tattoos . Stop by, make some art and get a tramp stamp.

Hometown: Reno


Here comes the sun. Beautiful beats and positive vibrations overflow the Playa at Nutz Sunrise Parties. Get some.

Hometown: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

Nåårsførtown Village

Everything your parents warned you about.

URL: http://www.mystikalmisfits.com/ Hometown: Los Angeles/San Francisco/Portland/Washington DC/San Diego