2016 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

2016 Art Search for "Guild"

Amalgamated Debris Assemblage

by: Jimmy Descant and the "Amalgamated Debris Assemblage" Guild
from: Salida, CO
year: 2016

Involving the public in the ‘Amalgamated Debris Assemblage’ Guild’s art, not only in vision but in tactile experience, is irresistible and anticipated! The ‘artist participants’ of the public are welcome to the ADA booth to create their own vision in assemblage of ‘found objects” – pieces/parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing, and the castoff debris of society! Portraits, beauty, free speech, etc. coupled with guidance in assembling into vision when needed by the Guild artists! It’s okay to handle, tool, and work and arrangeā€¦ and see, and do! PLACEMENT in the moment, because YOU say so, and the magnetism used by the assemblage artist, interacts with the whole of this epicenter of Guild creativity. Art created can be taken, given away, picked up later, or labeled ‘free’ for anyone to take. Transposed and balanced with the public build, “The Creative Cavern” is a solo art experience booth where the artists can create in private – the artwork within will be unveiled at the end of the week!

Becoming the Master/Mistress of Stones: The Arts of Buon Fresco Revealed

by: Gigi Clark & Rituals Art Collective, Three Faced (Stone) Wench Workshop/Guild
from: Oceanside, CA
year: 2016

Student Artists will learn the various actual old time techniques over several days to create a fresco (block) from scratch to take home. As part of our commitment to up-cycle we will utilize and recycle actual (old foam insulation) building materials. Participants will learn to recreate various historical stone mixtures that compromise the the surfaces of the block, complete with plastering, cartooning, and finally the stages of painting the actual fresco with pigments. This artifact creation will be followed by (and applied) techniques to ‘age’ their artwork with the patina and craquelure of passing time. The result? A beautiful, yet portable and tangible, aged piece of buon fresco that becomes their momento of inspired learning at Burning Man. šŸ˜‰

D'Oro de Sacramenti Regionale (Gold of Sacramento Region)

by: Sacramento Region
from: Sacramento, CA
year: 2016

Upon entering the busy, rustic, guild space of D’Oro di Sacramenti common folk, tradesmen, merchants and nobles will walk though a logge facade. They will be greeted by our Guild Members and invited to craft custom weapons of Dragonswood and Valyrian wood.
Our Guild Tradesmen will instruct on skills and the precision of accuracy in the field of weaponry. Using the hand catapult and other weapons forged by our smiths.
All will be invited to enter into our Weapons Practice Gallery. Each visitor will select a projectile that either they have crafted in our Guild workshop or one made by previous visitors. The projectiles will be made from deconstructed, then reconstructed Stuffed Animals. Participants will be seated at one of our Practice Weapons, such as a giant slingshot.
Skills of persuasion and accuracy will be needed to hit the targets on our gallery wall. Some of the targets will illuminate with LED lights if hit, earning the participant a treasured object from the House Sacramenti –
The Golden Dragonbear.

Dream Machine Guild

by: Dream Machine Guild from Japan
from: Japan
year: 2016

“Mind Loop” provides a test field to explore your sense of time and space. Blinking lights or anything that reflects light, even your body, will generate rainbow reflections in patterns. Create temporary sketches for new inventions right out of your mind! At this moment, everyone becomes their own Da Vinci.

Elephant Expressions/Radical Self-Expression, The Ten Principles of Burning Man

by: Scott London
from: New York, NY
year: 2016

A ten part, ten year art project based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man. This year, in name of “Radical Self Expression” we sent out five hundred vinyl toy elephants to kids all over the world and asked them to express themselves by decorating them. We are then taking those elephants and displaying them at Burning Man under The Man as part of the Guild Workshops piazza.
Our aim is to bring awareness of the importance of creativity in a child’s life. Lack of funding has stopped art programs in many public schools across the country. We are figuratively and literally putting the crayon back in the child’s hand. We are also bringing 10,000 elephants to the playa this year and letting burners express themselves by decorating the elephants, and gifting them to fellow burners.
We chose to create a vinyl elephant for the kids to decorate because of the elephant’s outstanding memory. We are building positive experiences in children that we want them to remember for a lifetime.
We also sculpted the elephant into the shape of the Vitruvian Man, as a wink to this year’s Burning Man theme.

Grand Elaborated Rule Masters And No-holds-barrers (G.E.R.M.A.N.)

by: German Burners with Berlin Burner e.V.
from: Germany
year: 2016

Medieval Germany is known for the stories collected by Brothers Grimm, the Hanse trading company, people obeying to the rules of their kings, and
Gutenbergs art of printing. All of these attributes are reflected in the G.E.R.M.A.N. guild workshop. This workshop is about rule making and printing. Following a playful structure, a personal rules of life and/or behavior is told and traded for a new rule, which is chosen or created by chance. To make this new rule a temporary or permanent part of the participants life, he or she can print this rule on pieces of old German files, badges, wristbands or even body parts.

Guild of Mile Higher Knowledge

by: Colorado Burners
from: Denver, CO
year: 2016

The Guild of Mile Higher Knowledge is an on-playa twist on a Maker Space. The space is broken up into 3 areas. In the front you have a present day work area where modern workshops will be taught, like LED helicopters, making a solar stove, Tesla cell phone chargers, etc. If you want to tap into ancient technology, you can pass through the time portal into a workshop from the Renaissance era. The time portal will have an interactive clue aspect that you have to figure out in order to get the past to open up to you.
The front of the booth is heavy canvas walls painted to look like an ancient building with LED lit columns standing in front. The side project, the Da Vinci Code Capade, will involve picking up a cypher card in front of the booth and figuring out clues to take you around the playa. This will allow many of the Colorado theme camps to host our adventurers along the way. People can bring their completed card back at any time during the burn week.

Hot Glass Arts Guild

by: Berkeley Bohemian Glassblowing Cooperative
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2016

This will be an interactive glassblowing studio giving live demonstrations, and offering opportunities to learn the craft of glassblowing.

La Bottega

by: La Bottega Team
from: Black Rock City, NV
year: 2016

La Bottega is a hub which will serve as a welcome and information center for the Guilds located at the base of the Man, in the Piazza. La Bottega will also support the Guilds by being the logistics center for all the Guild regional groups and artists, Man Watch, and Rangers assigned to the Man Pavilion.
For three magical years, The Man Pavilion has been a focal point of promotion of our worldwide community. From the Souk, to the Midway, and now the Workshop Guilds, The Man himself is much more than a destination throughout the week, it is now also the center for participants to reach out and learn about our communities growing in every corner of the world.

M3 - Minnesota Makers & Masterpieces

by: MN Regional Burning Arts Cooperative
from: Minneapolis, MN
year: 2016

Apprentices will enter the M3 Guild space and be treated to a variety of interactive, educational experiences… and a few bits of just plain fun. The novices can learn to strike coins, become DaVinci coders, control lights and sound with logical programming, learn and practice drawing. Applying science and physics they can heat their own tater tot with the sun.
There will be an oversize component Moog synthesizer that can be reconfigured and reprogrammed.
For fun, apprentices will be encouraged to join the low-brow instrument band, and participate in a parade through the Man Pavilion.
As a commemorative, “graduates” will be lined up as participants in a 2.5 dimensional version of DaVinci’s Last Supper with costumes and have their photo taken.

Renaiximent - (Renaissance)

by: pink intruder (miguel arraiz + david moreno)
from: Valencia, Spain
year: 2016

A combination of geometry and sculpture with techniques used in the Fallas festival from Valencia, Spain.
A reinterpretation of grotesque decorations from Valencia Silk Market, UNESCO Heritage building from XV century.
Grotesque decorations at this building were used by civic society to laugh at and face against established power and rules.
Molds and pieces hang in the inside of the installation and create a space for participants to interact.
A golden cube in the desert to attract people inside, where they become part of an art installation that mixes the contemporary language of the latticed architecture of the pavilion with the cardboard pieces and molds of a traditional Fallas guild.
The cube lays over a wooden mosaic of thousands of pieces assembled by social collectives. The debate between traditional and contemporary is held over the floor that has been built by the collective. Neither the tradition nor the experimentation have a future without communal effort.

Rocky Mountain High Flyers Guild

by: Ed VanDyne and the Rocky Mountain High Flyers Guild based in the Loveland CreatorSpace
from: Loveland, CO
year: 2016

We will be making and flying a full scale model of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine that he designed oh so many years ago. Leonardo da Vinci designed his wings after dissecting bird wings in order to figure out how they flew. The Rocky Mountain High Flyers Guild will be making a giant kite with a 30 feet of wing span that will follow da Vinci’s drawings as closely as possible. It will be made of wood and rope, with the wings covered in unbleached cotton. We will also have parts for over 100 kites with a 5 foot wing span that will be a replica of the big kite for the citizens to make and fly and take home with them.

The Black Rock Notary

by: Philip DePoala, The Notarius Notary Guild
from: Saugerties, NY
year: 2016

We are a Notary Guild and an interactive installation. Participants will be invited to caste customized documents with help from our artists, facilitators, and mediators that will then be notarized and “sealed”. This interactive process will utilize aspects of ritual, ceremony and iconography. Some documents may require participants to create tokens, amulets or henna tattoos with materials we provide. These tangible “takeaways” will stand as official records for agreements made at our notary. Notable services such as Pair Bonding and Water Sharing Bonding may involve ceremony invoked through ritual in our inner shrine. Our Guild is composed of skilled and experienced Artists, Healers, Dancers, Singers, and Carpenters who will apply these talents to the many aspects of this project. Custom Notary and Ritual work for more unique social situations/needs will also be a focus. These services can be applied to the individual, pairs and larger groups.

The Mask Factory

by: The Mask Factory Guild
from: Houston, TX & Portland, OR
year: 2016

The Mask Factory II welcomes you to our Guild Workshop under The Man. Shade, Interesting People, and Unique Hand-made Masks are all waiting for your Creative Spirit. Open from 11:00 to 5:00: seating is limited. Start the day by working with your hands and meeting amazing strangers!

Vapor Cannon Guild

by: Alabama Burners
from: Birmingham, AL
year: 2016

The Vapor Cannon Guild combines Leonardo’s visions of war machines and with the Burner Principle: Participation! Black Rock City Participants will use vapor cannons to blast targets located within the guild space. The guild will offer three ground target areas as well as aerial targets to test the skill of the participants. In the evening the Vapor Cannon Guild will morph into another world with cryptic symbols. By the way, vapor cannons run on air so there is an endless supply of ammo!

YO! Union Guild BRC Local 420

by: Philly Burners
from: Philadelphia, PA
year: 2016

Yo! Union Guild BRC Local 420 is your local volunteer workers Union chapter here to represent YOU! Yo! Union Guild celebrates Radical Self-Expression by offering an open communication channel for the volunteer workforce of Black Rock City.
By day, Yo! Union Guild is a playful educational space focused on volunteer worker rights. Interactive posters list changes the volunteer workforce of Black Rock City request to see enacted in the future. There’s a playful mix of honest real messages, sarcasm and rumors. The Rumor Mill, a DaVinci inspired kinetic sculpture, cranks out rumors for participants to take with them and spread through our great city. Yo! Union Guild hosts a daily Union Break for 20 minutes at 4:20.
By night, Union Headquarters is overrun by the Philly Mafia converting the space into an underground casino. You’ll find bookies taking bets on Thunderdome fights as well as participatory gaming of Poker, BlackJack, Craps and Roulette just remember, the House always wins!

Ziggy Sawdust & the Chainsaws from Mars

by: Glenn Richardson
from: Woodstock, VA
year: 2016

Ziggy Sawdust and the Chainsaws from Mars is essentially portrait sketch artists with chainsaws.
We carve a sitters likeness and profile into a pine plank in about 15 minutesĀ  (or less depending on how many warts they need removed) This is performed in a moop proof enclosure in front of any passing burner. Two carvers are on duty from about 1 pm till just after sunset. One cleans up after the portrait they just carved while the other carves and/or engages the audience.
Ā Ā  ALL portraits are held till after sunset. At that point each image is brought forth and subjected to the kiss of the charring roof torch. This turns each portrait into an image of glowing embers reminding everyone of our brief spark.
Ā Ā  They are hung inside the moop containment cage and are wire brushed in the morning, ready to be collected by the Burner who was brave enough to sit for us. They can further be adorned at other guilds, taken home as is or contributed to other burns.