2017 Theme Camps

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This is NOT a list of officially accepted or placed Theme Camps. It’s a preview of what you’ll find when you get to Black Rock City.

This is the list of Theme Camps who submitted a Placed Camp Questionnaire requesting placement in Black Rock City’s reserved sections for this year and want to be listed publicly.

Placement is announced in Early July. These are the camps Placement is reviewing. To find out what camps did receive placement look through the Playa Info Directory in Center Camp.

To find camps not included on the BRC Map or to find camps that chose not to be listed, you’ll just have to get lucky.

2017 Camps

Radical Shelf Reliance

Radical Shelf Reliance.

Want to come and hear some tunes? Or maybe get some glitter on your face? Want to giggle and meet some beautiful people. Come by and relax in our library. Or mayne you even want to speak with a detective and solving the mysteries of Burning Man . Wed love to meet you!

Hometown: Sun Valley

Radio Electra

Radio Electra 89.9 FM returns yet again for our 17th year for your listening pleasure or displeasure. Tune us in during the event for an eclectic array of music, news, interviews and commentary. Artists and camps wishing to get the word out about events or projects on playa are always welcome to stop in for a live interview or just drop off a prerecorded PSA for our play list.

URL: http://www.radio-electra.com Hometown: Tucson

Rainbow OASIS

Every shade of the rainbow is welcome to relax at the Rainbow Oasis

Hometown: San Francisco

Raised by Wolves

Raised By Wolves is a transcontinental pack of artists, healers, performers, and builders who are inspired and impassioned by the classic story of feral children and their wolf pack families. Each year we bring ourRaised By Wolves is a transcontinental pack of artists, healers, performers, and builders who are inspired and impassioned by the classic story of feral children and their wolf pack families. Each year we bring our untamed energy to the Black Rock desert through play, performance and art.

Our gifts this year include our Cafe, where you can get iced, cold brew coffee every morning, and Ziza the Roving Tea Truck. We’ll also host yoga and other workshops in our dome—all are invited to attend and howl with us.

URL: http://rxwburn.com/ Hometown: Brooklyn

Rancho Sparkle Pony+Buddha Lounge

Rancho Sparkle Pony and the Buddha Lounge are a sanctuary for the care of the all so vulnerable and so often exploited sparkle ponies of the world. At RSP wranglers and ponies alike engage in numerous healthy and fulfilling activities with a focus on improving confidence, esteem and self-reliance.

Hometown: Black Rock City

Random Pants Camp

Are you too big for your britches? Is your cod-piece not sitting right? Did the sun go down and now your ass is freezing? Stop by Random Pants get yourself a new look (on the lower half, at least). From slacks to gators, we’ve got you covered.

Hometown: Portland

Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters

URL: http://rangers.burningman.org Hometown: Black Rock City

Ranger Outpost Berlin

Ranger Outpost Berlin

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

URL: http://rangers.burningman.org Hometown: Black Rock City


We will gently and abrasively coerce you into our foxy Rascal den. Some call it Stockholm Syndrome but we just call it love.

Hometown: San Francisco

Rat Trap

We are the bar that never closes. Come on by for a drink anytime day or night. We offer music, DJs, dancing, chill out areas and apparatuses to play and interact on. Stop on in. Drink our booze and join us as we strive for radical self-stupidity.

Hometown: West Coast U.S.A./ Canada

Real Dilla

RealDilla. A fun loving group of burners from Sacramento geared up to serve you Quesadillas and libations and dance, party and play with you!

Hometown: Sacramento


REBOOT – Home of Touchy Blinky and Raydulum!


Red Herring

The Red Herring: the eclectic salon of an unknown and decadent eccentric.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Red Lightning

Red Lightning – A sacred container for spontaneous healing, magical moments & transformational experiences.

We are a conscious community supporting ALL beings in the alignment of body, mind, spirit with the evolutionary intelligence of Gaia.

Over the last 8 years, Red Lightning has created an uplifting oasis of peace, healing and inspiration on the playa.

In 2017, we are interweaving the spirit of Standing Rock and Black Rock in the POWER OF PRAYER project. We are inviting Indigenous community members from across Turtle Island to gather in a tipi circle around a sacred fire in ceremony, prayer, song and celebration with the citizens of Black Rock.

As a chosen family, Red Lightning stands for an enlightened civilization celebrating diversity while sharing the values of honoring the Earth and one another.

We invite all co-creators of evolutionary culture, community, technology, economy, and spirituality to join us in building a mindblowingly magical and harmonious world together!

URL: http://redlightning.org/ Hometown: Los Angeles


Rejuvenation opens Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday providing ice cold coconut water, vitamins, supplements and playa remedies to weary passersby.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/playarejuvenation Hometown: Eugene

Reno Housewives

Helping costume BRC since 1998. Do you need bridesmaids for your playa wedding, or are looking for the perfect outfit for that party? ASK US — From frumpy to fabulous, we have you covered. Home of the world-famous Sillisculpt Museum.

Hometown: Reno

Retrofrolic 3.0

Retrofrolic, a theme camp in the heart of the 7:30 corridor provides educational activities, including demonstrations, workshops, conferences, and meetings, for individuals in alternative lifestyles and relationships. Retrofrolic provides skills and technique workshops and mentor-ship to like-minded individuals and teaches the practice of consensual sexual activities in adult personal relationships and promotes safe sex practices.

URL: https://www.retrofrolic.com Hometown: Ventura, Ca

Reverbia: Live Music Camp

Reverbia- Known as the “Portal of Live Music” or “Oasis of Live Music at Burning Man”, offers Live Music programming 18 hours a day/night including: Live Music Yoga in the Morning, Live Dance Workshops, Sing Alongs, Song, Dust, Sing (Black Rock City’s popular singer/songwriter showcase and open mic), our Concert in the Shade Series, Sunset Classical Concerts (BYO Wine, Food Baskets, and Blanket), Reverbia Live Nights (featuring International, national, and regional festival bands), and After hours Jam and Tea in our expandedTeahouse.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Reverbia Hometown: Eugene, OR and Vancouver, BC


Proud and thankful to return to Black Rock City in 2017, and begin our second decade at Burning Man!

RhythmWave is dedicated to the practice of Conscious Dance as a moving meditation. With no experience necessary and no “steps” to learn, Conscious Dance offers a path, different for each person, and the destination is the discovery of ourselves and a return to our center.

Facilitators from around the globe offer multiple daily sessions of Conscious Dance and movement on our 2,000 sq.ft., fully shaded and easily-accessible bamboo dance floor. RW also hosts morning yoga and meditation, as well as workshops and intention circles throughout the week.

All citizens of Black Rock City are once again invited to bless the bamboo at RhythmWave in 2017. Please join us!

URL: https://www.rhythmwave.org/


RISA is a resort planet, renowned for its breezes, clothing optional beaches and friendly atmosphere. In the afternoon you can enjoy one of our Snow Cones and lounge in an enclosed cooled area. In the evening come take a ride on one of our Mutant vehicles.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1474167569276927/ Hometown: Reno

Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation Village is home to a group of camps from the Pacific Northwest: Kreme Burners, Moon Base, SeaWEED, and The Dust Sucker art car.
Seattle’s diverse village for large playa art, an incredible art car, amazing French dessert Crème Brulée twice during the burn, a hookah lounge and a big chill space known as “Comfort”.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/RogueNationVilliage/ Hometown: Seattle

Rootist Lounge

Rootist Lounge – A place to call home! The Rootist Lounge is a camp dedicated to sharing the joy of knowledge, of healing, of yoga, of oneness and so much more.

URL: http://www.facebook.com/RootistLounge Hometown: Las Vegas


Rootpile is a camp composed of burners from all over the world, but particularly from North Carolina, whose mission is to continue bringing, with our fifth year on playa, live Bluegrass music, hillbilly culture and hillbilly food and drink to the Playa. We have live nightly Bluegrass music concerts by professional level bluegrass musicians at which we prepare food for at least 250 people and we have daily instrument lessons on banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and upright bass and we also have our Hillbilly Olympix area with lots of redneck games, yall come bank now, ya hear?

URL: http://www.rootpile.comj Hometown: Boone, NC

Rubber Armstrong

Rubber Armstrong’s iconic feature, the illuminated Skull, sits upon their tribe’s apocalyptic temple and shrine, transforming their elevated spirits through ritual and dance. The Tent of Sacrificial stuffed animals, is a space for performances, workshops, talks, games and events throughout the week. Desert dwellers who encounter the skull, will seek synergy and oneness with the skull.

Monks of Modification are on standby to PIMP YOUR BIKE. Questions 3 we shall ask thee, and pimping of thy bike will commence.

Riddles and rituals will get you access to the After Life bar, guests are ushered through drapes into the plush Egyptian den. Embalmed with various rituals of well being with drinkers and bar tenders in Egyptian animal masks and successful rounds of Connect 4 are the way to exit, collect your new bike and continue on your dusty adventure.

Hometown: Northern Beaches, sydney

Rum Amok

Come relax, refresh and enjoy our booster exotic Rum Cocktails in our tropical oasis in the midst of Black Rock City! Life is a Beach, long live Rum and Burning Man!

Rumi's Tea House

Hometown: Brooklyn

Run Free Camp

Run Free is a clean and sober Burning Man camp for folks whose common goal is enlargement of spiritual life through new adventures in being human and living life to the fullest. Run Free Camp: One incredibly fucking amazing day at a time.

URL: http://runfreecamp.com/ Hometown: San Francisco

Running of the Balls

Running of the Balls: A Pamplaya Experience. Each evening at 6:00, dozens of runners will be chased by six bulls (people in bull-costumed giant bubble balls).

Hometown: Orange