2019 Art Installations

2019 Honoraria


by: Nicholas Debruyne and Wevolve Labs
from: London, England
year: 2019

Archaeopteryx is a kinetic light sculpture, designed to bring people together. The Archaeopteryx (pronounced arc-kee-opt-er-ix) is the first bird known to evolve from the ancient dinosaur, marking an important leap in the story of evolution on earth. Rising from the dust, our sculpture invites you to touch, explore, and inhabit. Through collaboration, participants can mobilise her 16ft wingspan and activate beautiful illuminating light graphics. The Archaeopteryx is a physical and symbolic reminder that in order for humans to evolve, we must work together.

Awful's Gas & Snack

by: Matthew Gerring & Crank Factory
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

Awful’s Gas & Snack: Your Gateway to the Big Wild! See one of the few remaining gasoline stations, painstakingly preserved since the mid-21st century. Travel back to a time when hardy men roamed the “open road” seeking fortune & freedom. Wilderness passes & provisions available. NO GAS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, PLEASE DON’T ASK.

Bee Divine Hive Temple

by: Artist Collective: The Hive, Lead Artist: Elizabeth Huebner
from: Santa Barbara, CA
year: 2019

This project seeks to empower female identifying participants by creating themselves as a Divine archetype and designing a customized ritual of worship for that expression. Each night Priestesses utilizing tools of sacred theater, shamanism and hypnosis will guide them into a state of heightened embodiment. This alchemy will take place as an interactive ritual theater open for all citizens to engage with. It’s set in a hexagonal Temple to the Divine Feminine and the bee, with fabric and LED woven walls, interactive altars and artwork. Dusk and dawn oracles offer truths to all who sit before them. This is an experiment of the imagination to explore how deeply one can dare to believe and how our belief creates reality. Imagine and Bee Divine.

Bee or Not to Bee

by: Mr & Mrs Ferguson
from: Alameda, CA
year: 2019

This bee is big. Comparing a person to this sculpture yes, but so is the contribution the honey bee brings to the world’s food supply. Don’t be intimidated by its size. Get close. Draw your hands through its hair. Feel the limbs. Sit on its flower. You’re not vulnerable at all, but the bee species is.

Bounce Back

by: Sarah Gonsalves aka Sassy Galaxy
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

This intriguing hand-built interactive kinetic sculpture uses pedals and cooperation to power an amalgamation of industrial equipment and playful objects to create the contained chaos of a musical, colorful, visual, physical, colorful spectacle as thousands of bouncy superballs are lifted on high by a hand built bucket elevator and dropped twenty feet to bounce & ping around like crazy inside their spacious see-through silo, just for the sheer joy of it! Surrounding Bouncy Ball Benches provide a cozy place to relax, watch and listen as the spectacle activates, settles and restarts in a testament to resilience and our ability to bounce back!

Carousel Zarya

by: Сarousel Zarya
from: Moscow, Russia
year: 2019

Carousel Zarya is a rotating, interactive art installation and ride. It is hand-powered, and the energy transmitted by the human motor flows into the creativity and joy of the people spinning on the platform.

Zarya in Russian means the sunrise, and this name references the possibility of a post-apocalyptic utopia. The carousel looks hellish, but when it starts to move and emit light and sound, it becomes a celebration of creativity and the irrepressible ecstasy of life. If humanity itself can learn to produce light and love, it will be able to continue even after a societal collapse. That’s why the Carousel Zarya is hand-powered: the person himself becomes the main driver of movement, joy and life in general.


by: David Normal
from: Stinson Beach, CA
year: 2019

Cathenge is a Cat Temple. Nine tall, elegant, mystical, glowing cat statues representing the nine lives of cats arrayed in a circle and shooting lasers from their eyes in geometric array towards the central shrine of Pussiopolis, the sanctum of Holofelinity. Cathenge is an interactive light and sound sculpture that explores the harmonics of purring and emanates kitty kundalini. The central shrine of Pussiopolis with its three Sekhmet Lioness Goddess heads forms an interior sanctuary where people may commune with ‘Holofelinity’ the universal cat consciousness. Pussiopolis is surrounded by three mighty pillars with braziers of fire upon their capitals, and the shrine is surmounted by a dome containing the vast array of magical Catulets.

Chakra Cannon

by: Joshua Pipic
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2019

A interactive installation revolving around a large-scale “Light Cannon” powered by the human voice. The light source is a custom designed 3000 watt LED spot light with a liquid cooled core. The cannon will generate a super bright beam of light that will blast upward into the sky when participants collaborate, making sounds into microphones to create a shared vibration. The installation encourages releasing one’s individual chakra energy and using the sculpture as a conduit to channel the group’s vibrations that will be visualized as a beam of light. This sculpture aims to communicate the true potential and beauty of our collective voice.

Chapel Perilous

by: Rob Leifheit & the Enchanted Booty Forest
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

Only two walls of the ruins of Chapel Perilous still stand, sunken heavily into the ground over time. From the Black Rock City, the chapel appears dark and mysterious, but from inside, four stained glass windows and a large rosette illuminate the piece. Custom light patterns and ambient sounds engage visitors to learn more about the eight circuits of consciousness and the trappings of Chapel Perilous — a state one enters when facing truth that disagrees with their notion of reality. Once you enter, will you ever leave Chapel Perilous?

Circus Fabulae

by: Benjamin Jones and the Populus Ludere
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2019

Circus Fabulae is a whimsical two story swing set with beautiful, custom designed mosaic roof and circular play space for performances of all kinds. At its a heart is a community space produced by a community of artists for the community to interact on. Circus Fabulae is at its core an interactive art piece that fosters participation from the community. First, it brings together a variety of artists to design the swings and mosaic ceiling, then it provides the residents of Black Rock a place to rest and play during the festival and finally, it is a performance space for all kinds of mediums (dance, theater, games, music, spoken word) that encourages one to push personal boundaries and deepen one’s connection to the community at large.

Cloud Swing / Cloud Swing Storm

by: Lindsay Glatz with Curious Form
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2019

Cloud Swing consists of swings suspended from a glowing cloud. Through utilizing a ubiquitous symbol of childhood, the work remains accessible and unassuming. The swing itself generates feelings of nostalgia and simplicity.

While the swings remain unoccupied, the cloud above emanates a steady white glow of light, appearing to float within the darkness. The light shines downward highlighting the empty swing in an invitation for passersby to enjoy its delights. Once the swing is occupied the transformation and color begins to glow. Cloud Swing explores the transformative possibilities of imagination and innovation. Showcasing that no matter what pulls you back wonder, delight, and joy will inevitably push you forward.


by: michael christian
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2019


by: Roger Heitzman
from: Scotts Valley, CA
year: 2019

Rising out of a tower of hand-bent deep rust patina steel flames is a contrasting stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture. The sculpture’s center steel tube supports the 6 axes on which the hand-hammered stainless steel wind-catching cups spin via straight and bent stainless steel tubing. Precisely balanced and using stainless steel ball bearings, the piece will react to gentlest of breezes yet withstand the most intense winds. At the very top sits the sun, made of a stainless steel sphere surrounded by rusted steel flames. This piece gives the illusion of the heat generated by upward-moving flames rising to activate the sculpture. The randomness of flame heat is reflected in the randomness of the sculpture’s movement.

Critonium Clock

by: Alena Starostina
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

This project examines the subject of time with a purpose to challenge our perception of the accuracy of clocks. Time, in this piece, is a paradox and an illusion as it combines the future and the past, simultaneously presenting a quantitative measuring system with a qualitative one.

The concept illustrates how motion and time change according to our perceptions. It represents the evolution of time management and our obsession with the passage of time. It suggests to the observer that all matter may shrink into a tiny dot again, which will end the concept of time as we know it. This sculpture is to discover ways to distort time, exaggerate perceptions or to embellish the estimation of time, all within the shifting sands of playa time.

Desert WAVE

by: Squidsoup
from: Yanworth, Gloucestershire, UK
year: 2019

Desert Wave consists of some 650 points of light and sound frozen in time.

From afar, it resembles a breaking wave deep in the desert – a reminder of the playa’s origins. From within, it transforms into a highly immersive shared audiovisual experience.

Expansion Pavilion

by: Shrine
from: Pasadena, CA
year: 2019

Fan Coral

by: Bryson Allen
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2019

The Fan Coral silently busies itself building its complex networked structure – patiently awaiting drifters-by to bring it to life with vibrant colors of flame.


by: Joseph Culpepper, C:Lab and CRITAC
from: Montreal, QC, Canada
year: 2019

“Fascination” is defined by the OED as either the “casting of a spell; sorcery, enchantment,” or “the state of being under a spell.” Magic and optical illusions require interaction from spectators to exist. Fascination gives wanderers of the playa the opportunity to engage with it passively (by watching its magic effect from afar) or actively (by using their own muscles to power the illusion for others). Some may choose to try out both of these modes of engagement thereby switching between the roles of the magician (the illusion-maker or fascinator) and the spectator (the perceiver or the one fascinated).

Flow Nexus

by: Nick Heyming
from: Emerald Village, CA
year: 2019

The Flow Nexus is a place for burners to gather and get out of their heads and into their bodies. This multi-tiered exploration zone allows for participants to learn and flow using hundreds of publicly available fire and movement arts tools and balancing equipment. By day, the shade and the flooring provide respite from the sun for impromptu workshops, by night the play zones will be lit with the glow and fire of dancers of all skill levels and backgrounds. The goal is for ultimate accessibility and fun – anyone can play and try whatever way of moving strikes their fancy.

Fragments, 2019

by: Marc Ippon de Ronda
from: Paris, France
year: 2019

“Fragments” by French artist Marc Ippon de Ronda has been designed for Burning Man 2019. Where the artist turns an old Black Rock Desert legend into reality.

The installation plays with the illusion of appearances and our ever-changing perception of self and surroundings, a recurring theme in de Ronda’s work. During the day Burners see their reflections evolve inside the fragmented mirrors as they move through the sand winds and find shelter in its corners and covers. At sunrise and sunset the installation invites for meditation. Burners ascend and descend the central staircase experiencing a golden hue of warmth from the sun. At night, “Fragments” shifts again into abstract LED surfaces creating a magical apparition in the desert darkness.

Fucking Useless

by: Amy Lamboley and Don't Trust Wizards
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

What sort of fucking wankers drag a fucking useless pile of shite out to the arse end of nowhere to take the piss out of some manky hippies and their muppet friends.

Why don’t you just sod off and find something else to play with?

Giant Pinball Machine

by: Benjamin Newman
from: Sacramento, CA
year: 2019

The Giant Pinball Machine stands sixteen feet long, six feet wide, and ten feet tall. Other than its size, the machine resembles its smaller cousin, but with some important differences. Rather than resting on legs, the sides extend all the way to the ground, creating a useful storage and service area underneath. The plywood skin is coated in hand painted graphics, reflecting an earlier era in pinball history with a steampunk flare. In keeping with the steampunk theme, the lights glow in green and yellow tones illuminating brass and copper components beneath a clear polycarbonate surface. Rolling between the bumpers and flippers, a three inch chrome ball puts points on the board where winners are born.


by: Dan Mountain
from: Portola Valley, CA
year: 2019

A 27 foot forearm and hand, fabricated from engineered steel, recycled and repurposed scrap metal meant to engage participants in various visual, physical, and emotional ways. Housing an internal armature of chains, gears, sprockets, and springs, the involvement of participants allows the fingers and parts of the hand to bring the sculpture to its full realization.

The intention of ILY is to encourage communication, collaboration, and eagerness to work together.

Internal Exposure

by: Jessica Levine
from: South Lake Tahoe, CA
year: 2019

Slithering vines of steel birth a human head from an abstract flower, whose petals can dance as people interact. A single light bulb hangs from inside emanating light from within the mind and distorting perception for those who decide to peer through her teleidoscope eyes. This sculpture represents the concept of a “planted seed” in the mind–germinating, and blossoming into a full fledged idea. It correlates with the blossoming of the self, into a full fledged “human.” We all started out as ideas, and then we are born and have ideas implanted into our minds, which create our perceptions. By weeding through these preconceived notions and creating our own ideas, we can (re)construct our whole selves, exposing who we actually are.

La Métamorphose des Animaux Extraordinaires

by: Esmeralda Nadeau-Jasso
from: Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada
year: 2019

It’s a giant pop-up book!

When a reader opens the wooden book, it springs to life. Each turn of the page reveals a new pop-up telling the metamorphosis story of 4 different extraordinary creatures with their own soundscapes and lighting.

-Moth (Hyalophora Gloveri)
-Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii)
-Frog (Pseudacris Maculata)
-Human (Homo Sapien)

The reader will feel as if they are exploring an antique 19th century biology textbook that has magically come to life. The static, hand painted lithographic colour plates replaced by the flying, morphing and dissecting parts of each creature and it’s natural environment. The text becoming moving voice, sound, music and lights.


by: Chris Carnabuci
from: Cold Spring, NY
year: 2019

Mariposita, meaning “little butterfly”, represents rebirth – of coming out of a shell, escaping confinement, and breaking through to a more meaningful and enlightening existence or experience. The act of emerging, however, is usually not so simple, and the complexity experienced both within the individual viewer and expressed externally as a communal experience, will become the atmosphere surrounding this piece. A rebirth requires power, curiosity, determination, and support, all characteristics that lead to revival and restoration. Mariposita is meant to inspire awakenings and reawakenings, growth and regrowth, beginnings and ends.

Mega Mega

by: Kevin Bourque
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

Mega Mega is a MAGICAL FUNDERLAND. It’s a fantastical environment filled with possibility. Expect the Unexpected! Discover its secrets!


by: Taylor Trinket
from: South Lake Tahoe, CA
year: 2019

METAMORPHATOAD is a giant toad. Its bones are made from steel bar that have been welded together geometrically. Then it was sculpted together by a combination of foam board and polyurethane foam. A game of sanding and reapplication was played. Fiber glass resin was applied, until the toad felt ready to be painted (dressed). Finally being covered with a shiny lacquer finish.
Metamorphatoad has hole running through it so that dusty visitors may connect to the experience of portaling through the frog, cleansing, or metamorphizing.
I really want to capture the essence of ‘toad medicine’ in the painting of this piece. Expect psychedelic undertones expressed in a mysterious way.

Night Light Tree

by: Kat Smith and Tickle Me Happy
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

The Night Light Tree shines brightly during the day, reflecting the sun’s rays across the playa. The tree is composed of bronze wires that twist up and out of the gemstone base. Each branch holds several different gemstones. The gemstone base towers at 7 feet tall. In the day the sides of the base are reflective, but at night the base turns into 7 infinity boxes containing lights, gemstones, and tree roots. The tree’s branches will dance with light as well.


by: Peter Hazel
from: Reno, NV
year: 2019

Niloticus is a 40 foot long mosaic crocodile that invites visitors to climb on top of him. His eyes, teeth, and osteoderms will light up in the night.


by: Michael Emery
from: Felton / Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2019

Nirmanakaya is a 7′ tall rectangular monolith. The monolith is covered in ceramic tile. The tile are sculpted and carved and stamped to create a hieroglyphic storyline. The monolith appears to be in a state of transformation as it becomes engulfed with vines. The monolith has a window in it. The monolith is flanked by two smaller cubes. Each cube as well as the window in the central monolith contain a human head in a state of metamorphosis. Two microphones fitted with voice synthesizers are placed below the window on either side of the monolith. The voice synthesizers guide speakers through a continual process of vocal transformation. There are two seats placed on either side of the monolith. There is a “metamorphic” audio montage.

No Place Like Home

by: Trey Watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker, Karen Cusolito, Andrew Howell, Meena Sandhu and Frogma
from: SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London & Zurich
year: 2019

A tornado of fire has hurled a small Kansas farmhouse to a world of magic and wonder. As participants are drawn in by the torrent of flame they will discover a curious story woven into the details of the broken house. A road of yellow brick weaves away through a peaceful trail of giant flaming poppies.

Propane, Steel, Methanol, Wood, Brick, Iron, & Rubber are assembled to create a magical journey

No Place Like Home draws from the mythology of the Wizard of Oz, a tale that embodies the themes of personal transformation and discovery. The quest for the metamorphoses you think you need, may reveal the strengths you already have.

O NOME DA ROSA - Solar ignition fire & mechanical energy generator

by: Nuno Paulino & Artelier? - TNR studios
from: Loures, Lisboa, Portugal
year: 2019

The Rose is Life: She is not precise. She guides the nomads in the desert but never points the “correct” or single North.

If With a Fresnel lens and a Sunbeam we can burn The Rose, then, we testify an amazing source of energy. After all, the “oil god”, charging all he offers, can be replaced by an older, benevolent god, the Sun.

It is urgent to be “freaky”, yes, and fear not the ignorance or darkness we live today. The Compass Rose illuminates Love, and only empathy Shines against fear and defeats walls or borders.

The Burner, pedaling the Rose, generates new forces, destroying the dogma of a single and polluting North. Ridding the rose we dream about alternatives. We gently believe that in Art, there will never be aesthetic without an ethic.


by: Christopher Schardt
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2019

Paraluna is a giant, spinning disc of LEDs. Classical music plays from speakers on the ground while complementary animated patterns are displayed on the disc above. The disc is held up by a boom lift, allowing the disc to be raised, lowered, and tilted, to dramatic effect.

Penguin Colony

by: Quill Hyde & Acavallo
from: Tonasket, WA
year: 2019

An installation to cause people to stop, to chill, to engage with each other – the penguin colony!

Metal fire-pit penguins (faceted steel, a bit cartoonish in their pot-bellied awkward way, but gracefully finished in clean geometry), arrayed around a small wooden shack. Haphazardly arranged to form pockets of warmth, with benches provided for the participants to arrange as they desire.

The intent is to encourage interaction between the participants at Burning Man, to invite a pause in the rush between here and there: to stop, warm up, and engage with the colony. Sit around with penguins, build connections, figure out the future. We’re all in it together.

Phoenix Rising

by: Lisa DragonMistress Nigro - Scott Gasparian / DrakaArts
from: San Antonio, TX
year: 2019

Phoenix Rising is an interactive sculpture, a steel hybrid between rooster and peacock. Her interactivity includes the placement of a pulse sensor on the finger of the festival participant which remotely triggers a signal to the sculpture’s flame effects system and causes the Fire of the Phoenix to pulse in unison with the beat of the participant’s heart. It will be exciting to see citizens of Black Rock City experience the rush (and heat!) of one’s own heartbeat pulsing through and with the Fire of the Phoenix! Because humans feel the need to destroy that which is old to reemerge anew through the Mythos of the Phoenix, it is dedicated to the many souls who no longer walk among us.


by: Kelly Schott
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2019

“With arms outstretched and swirling in the sea of stars, we watch her as she dances gracefully through the dust… carrying lanterns of light to lead our way.” This beautifully ornate octopus will create an ethereal essence of submersion underwater into the deep depths of the sea by bringing the ocean floor to BRC. Made of stainless steel, copper, and brass textured metals – the body form will feature delicate seaweed filigree accents, LED lit suckers, and stained glass mosaics. An assortment of colors, textures, shape, line, and movement will be used to create contrasting visual effects and accentuate certain detailed decorative aspects of the body. “Pieuvre” will hold fire lanterns to light up the night and heat us with her warmth.

Plaza of Introspectus

by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2019

The Plaza of Introspectus is a 60′ wide gathering space laid out in the shape of a compass. A flaming steel armillary on an 8′ pedestal will be the centerpiece of the Plaza. Metal benches and fire zen gardens fill the space offering rest and reflection.


by: David Oliver and the Art City Monsters
from: Ventura, CA
year: 2019

A Portal possible of transformation… not to that which is coming, but to things here. With a ring 12′ in diameter made from 4,608 stained glass tiles with a total of 24 colors, graduating the color wheel in a flowing mosaic that is two sided. Two 7-thousand-pound basalt stone columns stand guard from the left and from the right. Portal will also be lit with an increasing laser light show controlled on a theremin device, with sound effects that go off when one enters.


The color in harmony attracts vitality through beauty, like a flower does a bee. The bee gets food in exchange for spreading pollen. In the same manner one attracts to Portal. Coming out with powerful frequencies, to bounce off their friends, their family, the animals, EARTH, and even so called… “enemies.”

Purr Pods

by: Paige Tashner/Laser Eyes of Love
from: Point Richmond, CA
year: 2019

Experience the healing power of the purr.
Feline forms gaze with Laser Eyes of Love and envelop participants in sonic vibrations. Snuggle down into the cozy bellies of the Purr Pods and be revived.

Puzzles and Prayers- Reinventing the Prayer Wheel

by: Gwen Darling with Gwen and Josh Art
from: Santa Cruz, CA & Reno, NV
year: 2019

“Puzzles and Prayers” is a large scale interactive mixed media sculpture serving as a shaded gathering space for participants to explore, discover, to pray and play. Prayer wheels are typically seen as individual wheels aligned in long rows, but the “Puzzles and Prayers” wheel components will be arranged in a grid. Each ceramic wheel will be a puzzle piece. When spun into alignment with the rest, the wheels will compose a beautiful mural. It will give the participant a unique opportunity to interact with this spiritual tradition as well as discovering the hidden image of the contemporary mural.

Quality of Life

by: The Quality of Life Crew and Joshua Vaile
from: Reno, NV
year: 2019

Quality of Life will resemble a flock of migrating birds balancing on each other heads. The sculpture will incorporate large wood birds made from reclaimed wood beams salvaged from a demolished commercial building. We will resurface the beams down to a restored finish. Large custom bearing plates will be incorporated at each balance point of the birds that will rotate independently allowing the sculpture to slide in the wind. The axis of the piece will stretch ascending linearly in orientation to the Man. A large steel metal feather will sit at the forward apex of the sculpture symbolizing the fragility of the balance. The kinetic sculpture will honor the migration and the collaborative movement of nature and its processes.

Reared In Steel's Fire Kethedral

by: Reared In Steel
from: Petaluma, CA
year: 2019

The Fire Kethedral will resemble a cathedral organ as a colossal fire instrument – a shrine to fire. The structure will be fabricated from steel tubing and CNC cut sheet metal standing forty feet tall and fifty feet long. The Fire Kethedral will be an ornate and powerful instrument capable of choreographing fire as music through a full keyboard as an instrumentalist plays sitting on an ornately decorated piano bench. Pipes mounted into the structure will shoot fire up into the air coordinated with every keystroke. The Kethedral will be adorned with stained glass lighted by flame rail pilots creating a tabernacle of fire and light. LED lighting will amplify the visual effect of the fire and sound.


by: Neophyte Nexus
from: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
year: 2019

A nexus where Burning Man participants contemplate the experiences they have engaged in, help to inspire and guide the participants to bring the beauty and power of their BRC selves to rest of the world. Sabbatical is visual representation of the relationship of BRC, Participant and inspiration. The purpose of the the sculpture is to inspire effort, engagement, empathy and expression. The message of the Sabbatical is to come to BRC, learn, experiment, be open, invite new experience, contemplate, then take positive action in the default world. The sculpture will hopefully inspire people to drive their own interactive and participatory actions in the future, both in the committees they reside and Burning Man.

Sagrada Perihelia

by: Brandon Harvey
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

A radial arrangement of weather balloons — a compass rose. An eight-legged kraken straining to drift in the sea of the sky. The billowing skeleton of a circus tent: a remnant of celebrations, spectacles and revels that lie in the past; a pencil sketch of togetherness to come.


by: Flaming Lotus Girls
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

Serenity is an immersive fire sculpture. A large broken jar supports three beautiful giant fireflies, featuring interactive fire and LED elements at night, and providing an interesting destination during the day.
As you approach, points of glowing light in the air and on the ground reveal themselves to be LED-illuminated fireflies, gathered around parts of a enormous broken jar with three giant fireflies each perched on top. The giant fireflies are made of steel, and have transformed to truly become _fire_flies. Was it magic? Radioactive bugs? Ancient cursed jar?
There are up to 24 buttons to be pushed to produce a variety of flame effects, and FLG’s signature liquid shooter will be sending 50′ colored flames in the sky.

Skywhale: The Not ShyWhale

by: Blake Marcus, Chris Welch, Seven
from: Amherst, MA
year: 2019

The SkyWhale is a life sized flying technicolor whale and she will kindle the flames of imagination and wonder within all who see, touch, and listen to the piece as she arrives into the dusty desert. She strives to open the possibility of using the sky as a 3-dimensional medium for art. In nature, water creatures live in a place physically below that of terrestrial humans, and they have been downstream of many harmful human activities. SkyWhale aims to show that there can be progress and she can help heal and transform the human relationship with Nature. In recognition of the metamorphosis theme, the SkyWhale will embody the transformation of a sea creature to dream that takes to the air.

Sputnik Theremin

by: Linda Ljungahl (queen of blinky lights)
from: Oxelösund, Sweden
year: 2019

In these times of technical progress and renewed interest in space exploration, let the first human-made object in space guide you through a musical metamorphosis into unknown territories of what the future has to give us.

Stone 27

by: Benjamin Langholz
from: California & Berlin, Germany
year: 2019

Confront nature and yourself as you journey along 27 stones floating above the Playa. Step into an alternate reality where destructive energy has been harmonized with nature to create moments of physical and mental elevation. Stone 27 finds great inspiration in simplicity, minimalism, and math to create clearness and consciousness in a material world, inviting you to a moment of complete presence.


by: Taylor Dean Harrison
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2019

Syzygy is a viewer-responsive sculptural installation that reveals a drawing made from light as the sun fades. The shadows and light on the ground move around as the sculptures respond to viewers walking amongst them. When the work’s center point is occupied, the various colors of the massive drawing move to their true alignment.

Taking Flight

by: Nicki Adani
from: Mill Valley, CA
year: 2019

Nicki Adani’s “Taking Flight” emboldens visitors to be who they truly are, inspiring them to leave behind what is holding them back. A 10-foot tall feminine bird-like figure, welded from raw steel rods and tubes, her wings spread wide, takes flight from her perch upon a 10-foot tall spoked wheel, representing the circle of life. Viewers interact by making colorful ropes and weaving them into the wheel as a metaphor of releasing one’s past. Experiences already lived through can’t be erased, but they can speak their truths, and be let go. In the process, individuals can connect to their inner strength allowing them to spread their wings to fly free.

The Bard's Branch

by: Pam Ward
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

I would like to bring my childhood joy of books and climbing trees to the playa by building a tree library. A comfy armchair will be in the nest at the top for folks to read in, shaded with branches. It will look like an old organic library with bookshelves, staircases and books stacked all over it. Recessed shelves will be hidden in the trunk and books will have light up letters, inspiring words and pop-up images inside. There is a playful childlike energy to the piece. The Bard’s Branch will bring joy & stir the imagination.

The Beat Box

by: Frankie Myers
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2019

The Beat Box is a vintage wooden crate emblazoned with images of delicious red beets. As you approach, you hear the sounds of beatboxers who’ve come before you. You push one of the five pulsing arcade-style buttons on top of the crate and lean into a microphone: “Bah dum dum kah! Dum da dum kah!”. You let go of the button and your fresh beat continues on loop. Your friends each take a turn and together you make a joyous cacophony of silliness!

Burning Man shifts the paradigm of art from a commodified object of consumption to an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression. Everyone loves music, but many people have never experienced the joy of making music. This piece illustrates how easy and fun that process can be.

The Dollhouse

by: House of Strange Rituals
from: Eugene, OR
year: 2019

The Dollhouse is a life-size dollhouse replica, modeled after a turn of the century Victorian home, where participants are encouraged to discover haunted elements by interacting with objects that trigger lights and sound. The back side of the home has the illusion of being completely exposed to open playa, but is enclosed with clear acrylic paneling. This allows citizens of Black Rock City to see the illuminated structure, and the people inside, from afar. Each room has a unique interactive sound installation, which plays off the concept of a seance gone wrong. The Dollhouse transports participants to an ethereal world on playa, captivating and enticing all to play and discover more secrets within.

The Flybrary

by: Christina Sporrong
from: Taos, NM
year: 2019

The Flybrary is an extraordinary library within an enormous human head, partially cut open at the top allowing a flock of illuminated birds to emerge. Within the head are several levels of catwalks to climb and nooks and crannies to sit in and enjoy the selection of books. The eyes and mouth are portholes to the outside world. Up above, the open ceiling holds a large chandelier radiating soft light within. It’s a dreamy, transformative space providing an intimate and surreal refuge for contemplation, written wisdom and freedom of thought.

The Folly

by: Dave Keane & The Folly Builders
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

The Folly represents an imaginary shantytown of funky climbable towers and old western storefronts, cobbled together from salvaged and reclaimed lumber from original San Francisco Victorians to be reborn in the desert, affording shelter, entertainment and perspective to the community.

The Heads

by: Jeremy Suurkivi
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

The Intersection X

by: Invisible Pink Unicorns
from: Moscow, Russia
year: 2019

Nothing stays the same. We are changing all the time and the world around us is changing as well. In the place of last year intersection the new one appeared. It is the same, but absolutely different. Metamorphose took its toll.

The Man's Army

by: Michael Ciulla & The Rave Knights (Alexandra Friedman, Nick Harris, John Jones) with support from Sin Cohen, Steven Platt, Lizzy Layne, Ryan Geist Bozajian & Ciulla Associates
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

The Man’s Army is 100 androgynous life-sized human figures standing in a 10×10 grid. Each figure has skin of white wax and a unique 3D printed face created by a point-cloud scan of real people. At night an internal LED creates a glow emanating from within. The body and face create a blank canvas for expression. Throughout the week the figures are customized, culminating in a transformative burn. The piece is a visual metaphor contemplating conformity through shared non-conformity. People, from a distance may appear homogeneous but once among them you see their individuality. Through shared experience burners are altered and stretched by the thoughts and intentions of one another and then transformed through an expression of impermanence.

The Monumental Mammoth

by: Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient Tahoe Mack, Mentor and Protector of Tule Springs Representative Sherri Grotheer, and artists Luis Varela-Rico and Dana Albany
from: Las Vegas, NV
year: 2019

The Monumental Mammoth project will depict a life-sized steel Colombian mammoth skeleton collaged with metal found objects to tell the story of Tule Spring National Monument’s past, present, and future. The sheer size and struggle of the mammoth’s stance is a representation of the universal call to protect what the earth has given humanity. As a community, we are called together to protect the fossils of our past and the education of our future. Dana Albany and Luis Varela-Rico are pulling together the sleek elements of the interior steel structure and the intricate weavings to represents the distinctive community that is Las Vegas.It also tells the story of a rising feminine power, and shows all women of any age that anything is possible!

The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance

by: tyson ayers and Resonant Arts
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2019

The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance is a sanctuary dedicated to letting participants experience the phenomena of sympathetic resonance. All the walls of this epic structure are made of piano harps, surrounding the participant with 20,000 musical strings that echo back every sound they make. All the strings are tuned to pentatonic scales based on the Schumann Resonance, the earth’s fundamental frequency, so that anything played on the strings sounds musical. Five intimate, pentagonal chambers let participants deeply immerse themselves in the experience, while the open-air center space allows for larger gatherings. A 39′ tower rises up from the center’s intricately designed dias while detailed artworks adorn the space.

The Temple of Direction

by: Geordie Van Der Bosch
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2019

The Temple of Direction is organized linearly. It recreates a restricted passage which expands in the center into a large hall. This is a response to the openness of the playa; it creates a space traveled end to end; versus wandering an open plan; this temple provides direction and focus. Linearity also reflects the passage of life; all lives have a beginning, a middle and an end which metaphorically is included in this temple’s form. Following this metaphor a variety of spaces are created; narrow spaces and wide spaces, dark spaces and bright spaces. Tunnels create intimate experiences with shade.. A large central hall expands in width and height providing a bright area suitable for gatherings.

The Towers of Crete

by: The Towers of Crete Crew
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2019

The Towers of Crete stand upon the playa as a monument, connecting the dirt to the stars, the ancient to the modern, and the abstract world of forms to the our world of the three dimensional. At nightfall the crowns of the towers alight with flame, each tower taking turns in a dialogue with its visitors.

The Wheels of Zoroaster Resurrection

by: Anton Viditz-Ward & Deep Creek Experimental
from: Telluride, CO
year: 2019

Two large wheels hung on two axles driven independently by two drive shafts with hand-cranks. The wheels are cages that will contain firewood that is set on fire and spun by the hand-cranked drive shafts.


by: Coup De Foudre
from: San Francisco, Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Laniakea Supercluster
year: 2019

Theophany is a spinning tornado of fire and lightning, meant to inspire awe and wonder. It sits on an elevated base, from which rises a glass and metal sheath that encases and drives the whirlwind. There is an oblong perimeter of ground lanterns, which guides those approaching to the front of the pedestal. Here, they find an ornate metal wheel that controls the intensity of the tornado.

The pillar of fire in the desert is an ancient symbol of knowledge and immediacy. Theophany evokes this meme while adding the power of lightning, to both dazzle and amaze. In addition, it gifts control of this power into human hands, allowing a blurring of roles between mortal and divine.

Toxic Unicorn

by: Madeleine Hamann and the Unicorn Liberation Front
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2019

Toxic Unicorn is a rainbow-colored, LED-covered, life-sized sculpture of a unicorn who simply begs for attention. But beware… those drawn in by a shiny facade are in for a shocking surprise! This piece is packed with interactive features that you may find less than pleasant.

On one level, TU points to a social trend where an emphasis on outward appearances leads to superficial relationships and isolation rather than real, deep interpersonal connection.

On another level, TU is made of and begs consideration of humanity’s favorite toxic unicorn material — plastic. Although it has enabled innovation and permeated human culture around the world, the consequences of using this seemingly magical material without due diligence are becoming clear.


by: Arturo Gonzalez
from: Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico
year: 2019

Is extinction forever? This work seeks to generate a reflection on the increasingly possible cloning of extinct species. Since the origin of life, evolution has never returned to a vanished species. However, human science is about to break this rule. Is it ethical and moral to play gods? Through scientific reproductions of a neanderthal and a saber-toothed tiger that emerge from the earth (extinction) to cross a DNA helix and reach our present with a paleo-reconstruction where the visitor can interact and then go through a series of circles that forms the geometry of life arrive at a mythical alebrije that represents the transmutation of our matter.

Welcome Home

by: Joey Howell and Brian Dean of SALT MIND
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2019

Burners call the playa home. Home not because of the location, but because of the people we share it with; friends, family, lovers, strangers. Welcome Home creates an absurdly normal setting by taking a space associated with default homes and bringing it to our true home. This fully decorated parlour in the sky invites wanderers to climb, explore, and enjoy the view.


by: Ange Sarno
from: Boston, MA
year: 2019

Windchest is an interactive landscape, a sculpture reminiscent of a pipe organ, integrating light with its music.

Collaboratively participants activate Windchest by jumping on nearby LED-lit pads that compress like bellows.

Windchest aims to combat cultural isolation through group curated play, fostering singular creativity through group expression, encouraging large scale participant play and interactivity among strangers.

From afar, Windchest is a series of softly lit monolithic columns rising and falling out of the desert, reminiscent of ancient architecture and evocative. The heart of the sculpture is immersive, making it feel like architecture.

Wings of Glory

by: Adrian Landon and the Dusty Sparks
from: New York City, NY
year: 2019

Wings of Glory is a giant mechanical metal Pegasus sculpture, flying in the air. It is the expression and embodiment of pure, epic, beautiful and awesome creativity of New York based artist, Adrian Landon, and the forefront of his legacy of metal and kinetic art.