Burning Man in the Multiverse

Across the many folds of the Multiverse, the idea of Black Rock City persists outside time and space, a virtual metropolis waiting for us to come Home. Nothing can replace Black Rock City, our wild and magical desert Home. Instead, you’re encouraged to think of the Multiverse as multiple parallel realities, splintered off by the hammer of circumstance. After all, as much as the Burning Man community loves its playa Home, Burning Man was never as much about the place as it was about the humans who bring it to life.

During a time when many are unable to gather in person, something truly wondrous has emerged — dozens of imaginative Universe creators built an ever-expanding virtual Burning Man Multiverse comprising eight Universes, a virtual Temple, and a globally distributed Man Burn. All will be alive and ready for intrepid adventurers during Burn Week, August 30 to September 6, 2020.

The Universes

Ready to go Multiversal, have wild virtual adventures and meet fellow explorers throughout Burn Week? Burning Man Project is collaborating with eight (count em’!) Recognized Universes of the Burning Man Universe — each a fully interactive Burning Man experience complete with irreverent theme camp events, deep playa DJ sets, monumental (albeit virtual) art installations, and of course random but oddly synchronous encounters with some very interesting humans.

Each Universe was created by an independent team of multi-talented folks who are committed to the 10 Principles. Some Universes are 2D, some are full-on VR, all are accessible via a smartphone or computer, and some can be experienced with a VR headset.

The Ethereal Empyrean Experience Virtual Temple

In late 2019, Burning Man Project selected “Empyrean” by Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Lisse to be the official Black Rock City Temple for 2020.

Fast forward to Spring 2020. When it became clear the community would not be building Black Rock City, the Empyrean team pivoted, and co-created the Ethereal Empyrean Experience, an inclusive, healing virtual Temple space where visitors can share, express, process, grieve, and heal.

From August 7 to August 29 — before the Temple opens to visitors — all are welcome to create an offering on the Virtual Offerings website by choosing from a variety of “venerated objects” in which to encapsulate personal text, image, and audio messages.

When the Ethereal Empyrean Temple opens on August 30, 2020, all are invited to explore this awe-inspiring digital space. Participants will be able to visit their offerings, and view others’ offerings not designated as private.

Burn Night: Live From Home

You heard it here first! This piece of the Multiverse is still under construction. Links to participate are coming!

After spending Burn Week exploring the marvels of the Multiverse, join us on September 5, 2020 for Burn Night: Live From Home. Wherever you live and however you choose to burn, you’re invited to connect with the global Burning Man community for a worldwide, around-the-clock Burn Night extravaganza!

Create your burnable Mini Man effigy using our blueprint, or build something from your own imagination. Then host a small Burn wherever you are, within your local COVID-safe limits, ignited time zone by time zone worldwide on Burning Man’s traditional Burn Night. You can also share your Burn via the 24-hour live stream, and of course, tune in to connect around the fire for a full day and night of Burns around the globe.