2021 Event FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s happening?

Burning Man Project geared up to put all their energy into Black Rock City 2022.

Why is this happening?

Building Black Rock City requires the concerted effort of thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create many unresolvable challenges that put us into a position of creating something that isn’t really Black Rock City. We don’t do anything ½ assed. There are simply too many points of uncertainty for us to move forward with confidence right now.

Will Black Rock City happen in 2022?

We are setting our sights on Black Rock City 2022 (August 28-September 5, 2022) and moving full steam ahead on planning. It’s what we’re working on when we roll out of bed tomorrow morning.

How will Burning Man Project manage financially without ticket revenue from Black Rock City?

Those of us who’ve been on this journey for decades have saved Black Rock City from the brink of oblivion more times than we care to admit. Yes, 2021 poses a new and formidable challenge. But we have faith that together we will survive this year, thanks to the support of our generous global community, the ingenuity of our teams, and our ability to cut costs and be more efficient. We are, as always, accepting contributions of any amount, large, small, or crypto. We are confident in our survival.

If other large-scale events are happening this year, why can’t we build Black Rock City?

Black Rock City is radically different from other events. We’re building a city, not a stage. This is a community, which means money doesn’t build this; personal intention and dedication do. Our community is the event. We’ve heard from many who don’t feel ready to come to Black Rock City. While we’re confident in our ability to get a permit and to safeguard public health, we know that co-creating Black Rock City in 2021 would put tremendous strain on our community while we are still ironing out uncertainty. We enjoy building together with gusto. What would it look like with the loss of spontaneity and an increase in social uncertainty? Not Black Rock City. Our surest path forward is a full-on, all-systems-go Black Rock City in 2022. Additionally, all large events in Nevada go through the same process to submit a health plan, depending on the date this plan is submitted to the governor’s office or the local jurisdiction. This could change if pandemic conditions change in the state.

So, can I go to the Black Rock Desert?

Whoa there, horses. Yes, AND. The stunningly beautiful Black Rock Desert is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management — yes, you can go, and there are requirements and guidelines and information about COVID to know before you do. Our beloved Black Rock Desert is part of a National Conservation Area, which means a special level of stewardship is needed to protect it. When you choose to visit the Black Rock Desert, you have an important responsibility — to understand your impact and Leave No Trace. We encourage you to visit at times over the summer that don’t land on the traditional Burn Week to spread out the tourism and reduce the potential impacts of that time period.

We encourage you to safely and responsibly visit and support the local communities and businesses in Northern Nevada that rely on income from Black Rock City and its citizens. We have a handy dandy “How To Do It Right” guide useful for year-round visits to our Northern Nevada home.

Why are we encouraging or allowing people in the Black Rock Desert? Aren’t they going to ruin it for us in 2022?

Our values and principles can hold community together whether there is an organizational infrastructure or not. We are counting on the individuals enjoying the desert to do so in a way that takes into consideration the big picture and our return in 2022. 

We need more art! What about the art?!

As we recently announced, 2021 Honoraria art is being funded through contributions from generous donors who have enabled us to support these artists even without Black Rock City. 2021 Honoraria artists’ remarkable creations will soon come to life all over the world. The Black Rock City Honoraria grant program will open again this fall for the 2022 event, so start planning! Find the art near you and help bring it to your community and then Black Rock City in 2022!

Is there going to be a Virtual Burning Man in 2021?

We’re happy you asked! Virtual Burning Man will be bringing the global community together for two entire weeks — August 21 to September 5, 2021. Six radically inclusive Virtual Burning Man Experiences are inviting you, now, to contribute your Burner magic. Learn about all the ways you can get involved!

How can I stay plugged into what’s going on with Burning Man Project and the global community?

There are so many things happening in the Burner-verse, starting with all the good work we’re doing at Burning Man Project — the nonprofit organization and hub of the global Burning Man community. We collaborate with thousands of Burners just like you to bring Burning Man ethos and Principles to life year round. Consider the door OPEN for you to dive in and get involved. Here are some specific ways you can jump in right now.

I bought an Invitation to the Future. What now?

Our gratitude goes out to those who purchased Invitations to the Future. Your Invitation to the Future will be valid for Black Rock City 2022 and 2023. We can’t wait to see you there.

What’s going on with tickets?

We have not sold any tickets to Black Rock City 2021. (Note that the Invitation to the Future is not a ticket; it enables people to reserve access to purchase tickets for the next two Black Rock City events.)