2012 Burning Man Arts Report


The Black Rock Arts Foundation seeks to sustain the momentum of building support and growth, and to develop lasting partnerships. Our recent addition of eight new Board Members has further invigorated this momentum, and exciting new initiatives are underway. Our new Board Members are Dave Aiazzi, Amber Marie Bently, Breanna DeGeere, Tracy Ericson, Christina Pettigrew, Jeremy Sugerman, and Warren Trezevant

Our continuing BRAF Board Members are Alix Rosenthal, Crimson Rose, Freddy Hahne, Harley K. Dubois, John Mueller, Larry Harvey, Mark Sinclair, Nick Morgan, Rachel Carpenter, Terry Gross, and Will Roger Peterson.

Thus far, BRAF’s impressive catalog of projects has been managed by BRAF’s three full time staff members. BRAF also has a very active and engaged Advisory Board and crew of volunteers who contribute to the direction and execution of our projects.

financial pie

BRAF is a financially sound, growing non-profit that has increased its net assets steadily for the last six years. BRAF is currently operating at a surplus and is responsibly managed – over 70% of expenses are directly program related. BRAF has no long-term liabilities and substantial cash reserves. The Foundation received its first audit in the spring of 2012.

Revenue Pie Chart


In our eleventh year, BRAF enjoys recognition for our unique contributions to communities. As our visibility and esteem increases, numerous opportunities for new projects and ventures present themselves. Our potential for growth is tremendous, but can only be met with sufficient resources.

Our goal is to sustain the momentum of building support, growth, and collaboration we’ve enjoyed, and to build lasting partnerships in communities. We seek to replicate our successful models of programming in other areas of the country, and to set a standard of community collaboration in public art.

In 2013, we will support even more public more public art projects in other urban and rural cities. Through our Grants to Artists program, we will encourage community transformation and personal empowerment by supporting projects that connect people in new and meaningful ways.

BRAF supports artists who are breaking the mold of the current expectations of public art, pushing perceived boundaries in form as well as cultural function. We endeavor to establish a new standard that can be shared around the world – an expectation of community collaboration in public art – and to empower individuals to manifest art in their own communities.