What to Expect if You Receive a BRC Honorarium Art Grant

Significant Dates for 2017 Honoraria Artists

  • March 2: 2017 Honoraria selected and notified
  • Early March: Honoraria artists fill out Art Installation Questionnaire via custom link
  • Mid-March: Kickoff Meetings start (weekdays during business hours, one hour time commitment)
  • April: Contract Meeting (only required for first-time honoraria recipients; one call, one hour time commitment)
  • June 1: Honoraria resource request form complete
  • July 1: Crew members finalized, names for tickets and early arrivals submitted
  • Sunday, August 27, Sunrise:  All honoraria art projects are fully installed
  • Sunday, August 27, 6pm: Burning Man begins
  • Monday, September 4: Burning Man ends, clean up begins
  • October 1: Final report and high-resolution images due
  • November 15: Performance Deposit checks mailed

Burning Man makes several on-playa resources available for purchase by Honoraria projects. These items are requested pre-event, confirmed by Art Support Services, and delivered at the event. All on-playa resources will be subtracted from the project’s performance deposit. A detailed tracking of on-playa resources will be shared post-event.

Questionnaires and Contract

  • Artists selected to receive funding from Burning Man must also submit a standard Art Installation Questionnaire (available in late February) and coordinate and comply with all ARTery requirements for on-playa art. Burning Man Arts and its appointees will be the governing agency for placement, production, and coordination of support services, and the ARTery and its appointees will serve as the point of contact for project leads regarding all issues of safety and playa art management.
  • Participating groups will be required to sign a written agreement (i.e., a contract) with Burning Man agreeing on the management and execution of the project from conception through installation, deinstallation and clean up. The contract also outlines the support services and coordination that will (and will not) be provided by Burning Man. Note that Burning Man must report Honorarium payments to the IRS with form 1099-misc. Artists receiving an honorarium, particularly for larger projects, may wish to consider the tax and other financial implications of receiving this grant money. Some projects choose to form an LLC or other organization. Burning Man cannot give specific legal or tax advice, but encourages artists to seek professional counsel.
  • Groups not planning on being part of a Theme Camp but wishing to camp closer to the Esplanade than G street will be required to fill out a Theme Camp Questionnaire. The questionnaire should be filled out as an Art Support Camp to reserve pre-event camp placement. This affiliation does not require artists to have an interactive theme camp, but notifies Burning Man’s Placement Team that a team will be on playa before the gates open, and will want their camp(s) to be placed. The Placement Questionnaire closes in late April.


Being a Black Rock City Honoraria artist requires a significant time investment, including several mandatory meetings. Below is a list of the mandatory meetings, team members that should be involved, and the estimated time requirement. Please note there may be additional meetings required.

Meeting Purpose Role(s) Attending Estimated Time
Kickoff Call (March/April) Review of submitted info team size, arrival dates, materials, etc. Project Lead(s), Fire Safety Lead (if applicable) 1 hour
Contract Meeting (April) Review contract before signing. Required for first-time funded artists. Project Lead(s), Fire Safety Lead (if applicable) 1 hour
Fire Safety Meeting (if applicable) (June) Fire-specific information review Fire Safety Lead, Perimeter Manager 30 – 45 minutes

Other Expectations

  • Early Arrival: As a funded project, you are required to have your installation completed by sunrise on the Sunday that the event begins. Your build crew must be available to arrive on-playa during the week prior to the event (or earlier, if your project is very large/complicated). In our Kickoff meeting, we will pin down an exact date and number of early arrivals for your project.
  • Timeliness and Deadlines: Our deadlines are firm; we do not operate on “playa time.” We will be requesting things throughout the season (i.e. response to emails, signing up for meeting dates, crew lists for tickets/early arrivals) and we ask that you respect our deadlines and be as prompt as possible in responding to our requests. We know that some deadlines can seem early in your installation’s development, but these deliverables affect other teams and other timelines as well. We will make sure to communicate clearly the deadlines for each deliverable. If you cannot make a deadline let us know as quickly as possible; we will see if we can negotiate a slightly different date.
  • Significant Changes: If you want to make any significant changes to your art project from what we have agreed to fund, you must contact us in writing and receive our approval in writing prior to June 1st (preferably ASAP). We know there are changes and evolutions to installations as they move from concept to reality, and we want to make sure we are in the loop about your requested changes. The worst thing is for us not to be informed. This can impact your deposit, and could even result in our asking for return of the honorarium funds.

Required Reading

As you begin planning for your art project, we ask that you read the information found here: