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Make a Financial Contribution

While you can make a donation to Burning Man Project to support our year-round efforts to spread Burning Man culture worldwide, you can also make a donation directly to a project spearheaded by Burners like you — just select one from the list below. See our submission guidelines to get your fundraiser listed here.

Apply Your Skills

If you'd like to apply your skills, resources or another kind of contribution to a project, browse the Spark system, which facilitates collaborative connections. Also, watch the Jackrabbit Speaks Email Newsletter and/or your local Regional announce list for requests from artists for assistance, take a look in the Art and Performance discussion area of the ePlaya, browse Burning Man's Facebook Page, or seek out specific projects in our list of Art Installations. Finally, once you're at Burning Man, visit the ARTery to see which artists are seeking volunteer help on the playa.

Mobility Camp

For the past 20 years, Mobility Camp has been serving the needs of Alternatively-Abled Burners. We do this with hard work by volunteers and the occasional financial support from the public, people like you! We are seeking $5,800 to purchase a flatbed trailer and a suitable tow vehicle. With this, we can continue to give the mobility challenged full access to all of Black Rock City for years to come.

Passage Home

Passage Home hopes to evoke a symbolic home-coming of Larry Harvey's spirit back to the Black Rock Desert. Five white pentagonal doorways recede in space to the horizon in alignment with the sunrise. The patterns filling each pentagon are the radial streets of Black Rock City, with a keyhole-shaped opening to walk through that changes with each doorway passed.

Artifactual Intelligence

A roving art installation made up of some dozen massive carved works, all sculpted with fire, or committed to "Fire Inside". They burn from the inside-out in all night ritual. Fragile char textures are later hardened to become weatherable and durable. These cultural artifacts go on to grace communities via Decompression Events and long-term showings in public places.


A cute, friendly, 35 feet tall silver robot named BEBOT, which invites Burners to climb into its interior. It is an immensely strong climbing frame made of tubular steel, with squat fat legs that provide a ladder to the inside of the round body and from there up into the head where Burners can sit inside the openings for the eyes, ears and mouth on horizontal circular planes.

Unfolding Humanity

A massive 10' tall and 40' wide interactive metal sculpture that calls attention to the connection and contrast between humanity and technology. Its underlying design alludes to two wonders in mathematics and cosmology: (1) Albrecht Dürer's 500-year-old unsolved problem on unfolding convex polyhedra, and (2) the shape of our universe based on recent cosmic microwave background radiation data.

The American Riad

Detroit is often portrayed as blighted, and Islam as a religion to be feared. But a group of North End Detroiters are working with artists and architects from Syria, Indonesia, and Morocco to turn that notion on its head. We will create a series of art and architectural installations using tenets of Islamic design meant to combat social isolation.

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Ocean Tunnel

In this structure, participants walk beneath a painted canvas and among hanging sculptures that create an underwater experience of the open ocean. The artwork reflects changing ocean conditions: a pure blue ocean filled with schools of big fish transitions to a green, gelatinous soup.

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