Art Installations Archive

No art installation listings are available for the 2020 archive. If you have anything to contribute though, let us know! Get in touch and select Web Content. In the meantime check out the Burning Man Timeline.


by: David Oliver
from: Ventura, Ca.
year: 2020

A Petaled Portal that has an entrance 12′ in diameter, lined with thousands of stained glass tiles arranged as a flowing color wheel. Every 3′ back from the entrance a ring erects and increases in size 10% from that from the one before it. Each ring will be petaled, starting with the first one at 6′ in length. Each petal will also increase in size 10%. There are 9 petals that radiate from the center ring entrance, and double in size with an overall footprint of 27′. The petals are also lined with thousands of stained glass tiles. From a distance it looks like a conical shaped flower with enlarging petals. From an exact viewing point that is located 27′ in front of the entrance, all petals will align to the same scale.

1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal

by: Harlan Emil Gruber - TransPortals, Maraya - Blueprint Encodings
from: Taos, NM | Joshua Tree, Ca | Capetown, South Africa | Las Vegas, NV
year: 2020

The 1:44 Inter-dimensional Space Time Portal provides an access point to the higher dimensional timelines and the ever expanding Now moment within which all of consciousness exists. A 48′ circular ring has two 24′ high arches crossing at 90º. In the center is a 12 stepped pyramid 27′ square 16′ high with space inside for people to hear the Codes of Creation and for connecting to Self within the Divine Blueprint of Creation. The East/West arch is Completion and Beginnings, the 1st and 2nd dimensions on which all other follow. The North/South arch is future and past. The Horizontal ring is the inter-dimensional presence. Following the Law of ‘As Above, so Below’, the arches imply circles and create our earth symbol, the cross in the circle.


by: Weld Queen
from: Moscow, Russia
year: 2020

“Airfield 2.0 Tower” is the enhancement of our art object “Airfield for walking in the clouds”, created at Burning Man 2019.
This year “Airfield” will be upgraded with “The flight control Tower in the clouds”. It breaks fresh ground and symbolizes inexhaustible pursuit of our dreams and powerful energy of reaching them.
There are exits to the wings in the Tower, thereby enabling to enjoy widespread views of the”Burn Universe”. Wings are also equipped with rope swings or “space shuttles”.There is “fiery color tail” that is a tent and facilitates shelter from the sun including tea and chill space.
“Airfield Tower” is going to be the link between the Earth and all the distant parts of the Galaxy.

Black Rock Station

by: Black Rock Transportation Company
from: Black Rock City, Nevada
year: 2020

Black Rock Station is a classic rural train station built in the mid-1930s to serve Black Rock City and the communities scattered throughout the vast Black Rock Desert. The station has come unstuck in time, unstable and oscillating through various moments over the last 150 years and beyond, with ghost trains heard but not seen, an ever-shifting interior life, and a subtle narrative that cuts against conventional historical themes.


by: Steven Brummond
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2020

Carillon is contained in a 36′ tall wood structure covered in slat wood panels. It has a 12′ square base and participants can enter the structure at the ground level. There they encounter levers, ropes, and a spinning pole. All of these devices control one or a series of bells each ringing a special note. The main tower is pyramidal in shape, but has a two pronged spire at the top. The panels that make up the exterior are made from recycled plywood slats arrayed to make an ornate pattern. This pattern filters light to make tower glow from the inside out. All of the wood will receive a medium toast with a roofing torch. This will make the wood appear dark and aged.

Chapel of Babel

by: Michael Garlington/Natalia Bertotti
from: Petaluma, CA
year: 2020

The Chapel of Babel is a place of many dreams, in many tongues. Viewers will discover secrets among the walls and within the passageways of this never-ending church of thought. Babel can be viewed from across the desert, a city surrounds and climbs the tower, rising 60 feet above the playa. As you approach you become a giant within the city of Babel. What will you see when you peek in the windows? Burning of the church will commence at midnight Saturday after the man burns. Michael Garlington and Natalia Bertotti are the creators. See more artwork at and/or contact us at


by: Lawrence Grown, Embrio LLC
from: Berkeley
year: 2020

Chilopod travels the multiverse encouraging intelligent life forms to enjoy and sustain their ecosystems. For human life to continue we must repair our relationship to Earth.

Chilopod grew from an intergalactic pod into a living being, ready to interact with the people of Black Rock City. Her trunk rises from the ground and curls over like the midrib of a leaf. This central spine is also a ladder, platform, and a slide! She has 26 legs and a pair of antennae.

Chilopod responds to stimuli with expressions of light and sound, in moods from restful to ecstatic. She replies to human voice with Chilopod speech, and human touch with patterns of color. Her lights pulsate to the beat of music. Underneath, her breathing and heartbeat are visible.


by: Ryan Mathern and the Charnel Lords crew.
from: Atlanta
year: 2020

The Citipati, the Funeral Lords, enact the eternal dance of death within an arching fire of perfect awareness.


by: William Nemitoff with Curious Form
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2020

Two entwined metal orchids thrive in the barren desert with glowing petals, leaves for sitting, and an ambient soundscape. A symbol of love, beauty, and fertility, the orchid contrasts the rigid science of physics. A dialogue between nature on a macro and micro scale, Coalescence is an analogy for the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. As with entangled quantum particles, the lights in the petals of each stem react to input on the leaves of the other. As with quantum superposition, the soundtrack is unknown until the orchid senses people, coming alive and growing in substance. With more interaction and density of people, the lighting and audio increase in vibrancy and complexity. Through our actions and interactions we create reality.


by: Jen Lewin
from: Brookyn
year: 2020

Cosmos is a new large-scale interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light.
Cosmos will shifts in color and reflection, giving daytime viewers the illusion of
swimming in the clouds and nighttime viewers a feeling of the universe’s expansiveness. Like all of Lewin’s work, Cosmos allows for an unprecedented level of interactivity, transforming the way we interact with art and each other. Spanning ver 15,000 square feet, Cosmos will be Lewin’s largest traveling work to date.

Council of Animals (What to do about the monkeys)

by: Quill Hyde
from: Tonasket WA
year: 2020

The Council of Animals is an invitation to contemplate our shared future, with the other members of the animal kingdom, on this planet. There are three judges – a polar bear, an elephant, and a rhino, in faceted steel, seated in a council. Coyote is there, too, standing with a flaming globe talking stick, representing the two-leggeds, who are seated behind him.

Some animals have benefited from us being so successful, others, not so much. If they could, would the big animals go back in time and step on a few key ancestors? Or will we all figure it out together?

Crotalus AKA "Freddie" the Mohave Green Rattlesnake

by: Peter Hazel Art
from: Reno, Nevada
year: 2020

The name of the piece is Crotalus, aka “Freddie.” Freddie will be a 25-foot tall rattlesnake made of thousands of glass and ceramic mosaic scales. Peter will be adding a spectacular light show alongside the back diamond glass patterns made of reclaimed whiskey, vodka, and some tequila bottles.

Freddie’s ribs will be exposed, facilitating an interactive experience where explorers can climb outside, inside, and all the way up the ribs and into his open mouth. Once there, they can relax with a view overlooking the Playa while an exhilarating fire escapes from Freddie’s nostrils.

Freddie’s design pays homage to the local Great Basin Rattlesnake, eclipsing the Citizens of Black Rock City as he stakes his claim as the Playa’s rightful inhabitant.


by: Shminke Stanislav, Shminke Irina
from: Yekaterinburg, Russia
year: 2020

DIPTOWN is a sprawling landscape installation of a town buried in sand where only building roofs stick out of the ground.

Diptown was once a simply a local tourist trap situated in a dip. Something covered the town up to the roofline, and the dip was transformed into flat desert. What’s happend? Here we leave space for interpretation. Everyone can invent their own legend. We only present an image, and we invite people to give it meaning and stories.

Most of Diptown is hidden beneath the surface, in both the physical and metaphorical senses. Like an iceberg, it projects only a few feet above the surface. It will be up to imagine what else exists below the surface. It will up to viewers to fill in the rest of the details.


by: Kirsten Berg
from: Berkeley, California
year: 2020

Drishti” (Sanskrit): ‘the focused gaze’, vision… is a sculptural expression of a philosophical phrase, “Drishti, Srishti”, meaning: “As is your vision, thus is your universe”, a locus, and reflective symbol of focusing and elevating energies into positive directions in unity, as co-creators of our individual/collective vision and reality. Drishti’s multi-mirrored pyramidal angles sweep our gaze upward along its steel form to a 18′ taper, pointing to the stars. Drishti’s repeating patterns of rounded mirrors shimmer like an array of little suns, drawing us in to meet our gaze in the ‘eyes’ of the lens-like mirrors. Stepping back, our image merges with everyone else’, framed in a mosaic of shared reflection, literally and symbolically.

Emerging Grace

by: South Bay Art Collective
from: Santa Clara, CA
year: 2020

Emerging Grace is a wooden effigy of an “Ugly Duckling” that contains a metal sculpture of a swan, which is revealed following the burning of the outside wooden structure.

Swans have featured globally in myths of metamorphoses: Leda & the Swan, the white swan Odette of Swan Lake, the Children of Lir. In each story the swan represents the consequence of a kind of magical spell. But in the story of the Ugly Duckling, the transformation into a Swan is the fulfillment of one’s true nature and acceptance that what makes us different also makes us beautiful.


by: Laurence "Renzo" Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Lisse
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2020

Empyrean represents the region just beyond our physical dimension; a realm of pure light that is believed to be the birthplace of fire. To the Burning Man community Empyrean temple offers the healing properties of its central flame: reflection, resolution, release and renewal.

Empyrean is an eight-pointed star. An ancient symbol that represents hope, transformation, justice and a balance of dualities. The eight star blades, or canopies, make up the mass of Empyrean’s architecture. Dressed in tessellation pattern lattice work, the canopies disgorge their energy skyward as they rise from a zero point base to 20′ wide and 40′ height at the central hub. A 70′ flickering “flame” rises from the center hub and serves as Empyrean’s lodestar.

Evolution Field

by: Matt McConnell
from: Raleigh, NC
year: 2020

Evolution Field is a 15ft tall x 50 ft long triple layer moire wall that blends color and light in visual waves reminiscent of galaxy forms. The slightest change in perspective creates an evolution in form, which will be seen from great distances, especially at night. The three layers create valleys that participants can walk through, shifting focus from layers to an internal landscape. Motion senors set at the ends, and in other locations, will act as gateways, activating waves of complimentary colors through the more stable slow evolution of color in fiber optic systems lining every vertical element. The work is meant to reflect on the complexity of layering energy and relationships, which shifts with only the slightest change.


by: Zoe Fry and The Introverts Collective
from: Mill Valley, Ca
year: 2020

The FIRE Installation is a grove of manzanita trees killed in the Napa fire of 2017. The intention of the piece is to create an opportunity for a immersive and physical relationship to the element of Fire, to experience oneself as part of a community, a grove, and also to highlight the unique individual entity of each tree as a natural work of art.
A book of fire stories, 2D art, and scientific fact related to the fire element will be on a stand next to the grove. We will be collecting submissions for this book through September 2020.

Fractal Droid

by: Jenna Marie
from: Austin
year: 2020

Fractal Droid will be a 12 ft wide, 15 ft tall biomechanical head extruding from the earth, cracked open like an egg. The face is shielded by a high-tech portal headpiece designed to encase a curved ultra-wide screen displaying HD content by our Visual Artists. Along with a place to rest within the chin, as well as a swing set to play on. The steel framework is hand–welded with PVC polyester overlaying and creating the skin of the entity. The exterior aesthetic is created out of laser cut birch and CNC cut plywood painted with high gloss finishes. Covered in programmed LED strips, spot lights, and ambient speakers, the sculpture is a high functioning plays cape of social connection experiences integrating technology.


by: Mr and Mrs Ferguson
from: Alameda, California
year: 2020

Scared of snakes? Maybe not if you get close to this western diamondback rattler. As you are drawn in, you’ll see that its scales are actually gilded flowers and leaves. Delightful to admire and touch. A deceitful serpent from the Garden of Eden or a creature of natures’s beauty? You choose.


by: Roy (TheWiz) Trammell
from: Portland, OR
year: 2020

Chaos and Resonance. Cycles and Epicycles. Movement evokes sound. Forms are implied. Unexpected order arises. Harmonia is a highly interactive light sculpture with spokes animated by light in harmonically related motion.

I Heart Mom

by: Ryan Stevens
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2020

Finally a picture to send home to Mom from the Burn. Dedicating an art piece to celebrate where we come from and who we are, to Moms and those who raised us. The 20 foot tall traditional tattoo style sculpture will have the script ‘Mom’ on a scroll across the front. The other side will remain blank to celebrate others that also have a part in creating who we are.

Illumina Radiata

by: Eric Zann
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2020

Inspired by Pacific Northwest totem poles, as well as architectural styles of spires, steeples, and minarets and the culturally diverse motifs they contain, Illumina Radiata is an interactive lighted sculpture standing over 30 feet tall. Six decorative buttresses support the center pole, from which radiate nine winglike panels. Controllable LED lights will allow participants to create infinitely varying patterns at night. The effect will be like looking up at a totem pole of stained glass windows, but with motion and fluctuation of the lights dancing from within. Thin, light and airy, the sculpture will appear simultaneously grounded yet untethered. Flames at the very top of the sculpture will define the edge where the earth and sky meet.

Infinite Stare

by: Kelly Smith Cassidy
from: So Lake Tahoe
year: 2020

“Infinite Stare” is a monumental sculpture of a faceless head. From the distance, the head will look familiar; as if a forgotten culture had left it a millenia ago. Framing the face are lines of steady LED lights.

Where the face should be is an open area. A lit-up ladder or stairs lead up to the hallowed-out head where people can sit. Drawn inside the shell of the head are all kinds of mindful ideas with pictograms and such depicting thoughts and ideas. LED lights are within to further enhance the interior “thought”.

In a way, this piece will reflect the same feeling and aesthetic the artists burnbot effigy, “Creu Hudol” made for the Man Pavilion 2018. As if the head came from the same time and culture.

Kukulkan's Portal

by: Both: Abram Santa Cruz / Liquid PXL
from: Long Beach, CA
year: 2020

Kukulkan’s Portal is composed of two geometric shapes, an acrylic merkaba (stellated octahedron) enclosed in an aluminum cube. The sculpture is 18ft cubed and contains 10,000 individually programmable LED’s that make the merkabah glow like a giant marble crystal and the cube glow like a futuristic mayan space portal.

Abram Santa Cruz chose to depict Kukulkan on the cube because the serpent god is known to be the portal between the physical and spiritual world. Also, the Merkabah is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.


by: Aromatic Designs Unit
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2020

Loop is an analog human~powered rhythm generator manufacturing melodious moods.
Routine becomes revolution as the musical flywheel is spun by the spirited; motion generating emotion.
After dusk, the beats trigger lights.
Each evening a new arrangement is programmed into the mechanism; each day a new mood to be experienced.

Loop is an analogy:
The wheel, a symbol of possibility;
Traveling weaves a story, makes a melody;
Always changing, yet the same for eternity.

Lost Frequencies

by: Shelby Dukeminier "Mama Burn"
from: Cortez, Colorado
year: 2020

Lost Frequencies is a 18ft anatomical human heart that emits a pulsating light to simulate the “heart beat” and emits a healing high frequency vibration.

Lost Frequencies was inspired by the human right of passage of a broken heart. Be it by love, friendship, or death we all eventually feel that lost connection that lost frequency.

A deep emotional trauma can cause the heart strings (tendons) inside the heart to break causing the heart to lose form and unable to pump efficiently. Creating the possibility to die from a broken heart. Everything in life vibrates at a frequency. Listening and feeling a 432Hz frequency resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages, expands our consciousness and generates healing.

Lux Lepus

by: Jen Law
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2020

Three clusters of three jackrabbits; each triad consisting of mirror image transparent cut-outs, casting shadow images during the day and luminous by night. The hares invite awareness of the other beings that are part of the web of nature surrounding us at all times, and with it a consideration of how our actions impact them as we move through the world.

The hare has many roles in world mythology and lore. The mirror images and shadows of the hares represent parallel realities and mythological/symbolic meanings: The hare as messenger of the Great Goddess/Lunar Goddess, moving by moonlight between heaven, earth, and the underworld. The hare as a monitor of shamanic journeys, it’s keen senses guiding it through the darkness.

M- Theory Mechanica

by: Matthew Parkhurst artist and owner of MJP Fabrication
from: Truckee CA
year: 2020

M-Theory Mechanica Is a 15 foot tall kinetic sculpture powered by participants.
M-theory represents the unification of all consistent versions of string theory. M-theory Mechanica the sculpture also represents the unification of participation on Playa by bringing people together to interact with the art piece. When all three stations are operated together the outcome is visually stimulating and magical unifying the participants.

ManiCrank the Jackalope

by: Sandra Bérubé
from: Vancouver, Canada
year: 2020

A manic jackalope perilously balances while juggling its guts, its head is spinning.

Did you know jackalopes, like deer, shed their antlers? They then are often mistaken as the common jackrabbit. They appear vulnerable, fragile and scared. But their antlers always grow back, stronger and bigger than the previous ones. Don’t let their ever changing nature trick you. They are always a jackalope on the inside.

We all have a jackalope within.


by: Leeroy New
from: Manila, Philippines
year: 2020

A creative imagination of a “multi-verse,” Mebuyan stitches together several bubble structures that allow people to move throughout the structure’s different universes.
Mebuyan will create an interactive space that permits a variety of engagement in tune with the freedom and needs of Black Rock City citizens. The structure will be a kind of “performative space” allowing citizens to merge with the sculpture; anything from a collective meeting space or as an individual site of meditation, prayer, or contemplation. Being both an environment and an architecture, the level of interactivity is flexible and nearly infinite, adaptive to the spontaneous needs of burners.


by: UA: Universe Achievers
from: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2020

The art-piece is a minimalistic wooden sculpture of a half-visible swimmer. There are only his back, head and an arm “outside” of the playa surface. It is huge and massive and suggests a lot of questions regarding humans in the modern world. These questions are not easy, often incomprehensible and always different for an individual, groups of people and, perhaps, for humanity in general.
What is your question? And do you know the answer yet?
Materials: wood, metal.


by: Roger Carr - Bumpety Bump Art Machines
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2020

The best way to experience a MultiVerse is to compose your own multiple verses, right? Burners come to the installation, type in a verse of song or poem, watch it appear on an old fashioned French railway style mechanical display, and enjoy the clackety-clack racket the display makes. The goal is an artwork that is fundamentally interactive and engaging, so that the viewer becomes a composer. The display is amusing its own right and entertaining just to watch. The display will be mounted billboard-style about 50 feet from a shade shelter where people can congregate while composing their verses.


by: Ron Rodrigues
from: Mill Valley, California
year: 2020

From a distance, a glowing low wall with a rainbow bridge arching out from its 50′ square space. Upon entering the double gates of the dog park, sculptures of different dogs will come into view. From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, some in playa gear some glowing from within, all dogs will be enjoying their very own playa dog park. Some dogs may speak/bark back to you as you pass, some will be playing on the agility course. Puppies will be hanging out inside Snotty’s dog house. Three physically challenged dogs will be looking for a Best in Show award. Here, in this dog park, we hope everyone can make a connection to human kinds best friend.

Now We Are Five

by: uckiood - Missy Douglas & Kim Rask
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2020

Now We Are Five is a sculpture installation comprising five iconic characters from children’s literature. Reimagined with playful charm, Dot (Dorothy), Pants (Peter), Chip (Christopher Robin), Mads (Alice) and Lolly (Lucy) are launched from the imagined worlds of their creators into the darkness of deep playa.

As well as symbolizing the infinite possibilities and unknown pathways that lie ahead of all of us as children, the group’s collective arrival in Black Rock City marks the end of a journey through five levels of perceived reality: the vision of their original creators, the literary spaces which they inhabit, the fantastical worlds they tumble into, the artists’ reimagining of their characters and their physical creation/installation.


by: Hayden Harrison
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2020

Orbit is a sphere that emits orbits of light and sound. Participants can control these orbits at one of three control podiums. They can seek out harmonious relationships between pitch, orbit, and pulse frequencies… or revel in chaotic relationships of sound and light.

Parallel Self Embraced

by: Matthew Pagoaga
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2020

We live in tumultuous and divided times. Our relationship to each other today is often one of disagreement, strife, and tribal mentality. Parallel Self Embraced presents an alternative coming together interpersonally. The piece forms a sort of abstract mirror. Within an infinite number of universes, in an infinite number of timelines, all events are possible, and in infinity, within some space and some time, you are me and I am you. Parallel Self Embraced thus functions as a looking glass through which to see a partner, a friend, even just a stranger, as a reflection of the self that could be, and the beauty inherent to the person traveling in a world parallel to yourself.

PeepShow: Land of Lost Encounters

by: Ashley Stracke
from: Los Angeles
year: 2020

Built in the spirit of the once ubiquitous nickelodeons and vaudeville theaters of the early 20th century, PeepShow entices Burners with bright theatrical marquees that lead them to a chance to explore lands of lost encounters and what it means to be an “audience member” or “performer.”

Pendulum of Fire

by: Pyrokinetics, Danya Parkinson and Joseph Bard
from: Sebastopol, CA
year: 2020

The Pendulum of Fire is an exploration of motion, gravity, inertia, and fire. The Pendulum of Fire was born to reclaiming the forces held captive by static, mounted flame effects, and to release that power into mesmerizing, exciting art. The Pendulum of Fire finds a satisfying harmony in the juxtaposition between the serene, meditative orbital procession of a swinging pendulum and rambunctious, percussive, and unconstrained and flame effects.
Pyrokinetics debuted the Pendulum of Fire in 2004 at Burning Man, and is thrilled to return the Pendulum of Fire back home to Back Rock City in 2020.

Play With Your Food

by: P. canadensis
from: Edmonton
year: 2020

Play With Your Food encourages participants to break the rules. To imagine a world where things don’t smell, sound, or feel quuuuite right. To touch the art. To re-discover a cup of coffee, a birthday cake, a watermelon slice—in a more joyful, more meaningful way!

These oversized food items come from a different multiverse. At first ordinary looking, this installation transforms—upon closer inspection—into an immersive, multi-sensory playground with a slide, merry-go-round, & teeter-totter. Play on it, in groups or alone—an relive the joy of childhood play and discovery.

Post-Apokalipsa Dimensioj (P.A.D.)

by: Emily Nicolosi and The Pink Spot
from: Salt Lake City, Utah
year: 2020

Post-Apokalypsa Dimensioj = “Post-Apocalyptic Dimensions” in Esperanto, (“one who hopes”), a universal language created in the 1880s to foster international peace and cooperation. A multi-dimensional portal (a zome spinning with the stars and flostam of humanity) opens into a multiverse of potential climate futures. Spinning outward, the portal is encircled by three different domiciles, from best to worst case scenario climate-impacted earths.

Quantum Multiverse Bifurcator

by: bonkerfield
from: Daly City, CA
year: 2020

A quantum physics apparatus on the Playa, tearing a whole in Black Rock City’s spacetime continuum, splitting the Multiverse on every decision and sending its operators spiralling down separate parallel realities. The world suffocates us with the fear of missing out–that each momentary decision will leave us isolated from some other, better thing. With the Bifurcator all possible realities become equally real. The Bifurcator reveals the connection between one’s own imagined futures and the realities beyond the one we will experience directly, opening the door to see the world as a churning web of interconnected probabilities instead of isolated opportunities.


by: Barry Crawford
from: Elko, NV
year: 2020

Ratchetfish is a mechanical deep sea fish that swims inside it’s perimeter fence when the cranks are turned by participants.

Schrödinger's Rat

by: Department of Precision and Soul (DPS)
from: San Francisco, CA and Vienna, Austria
year: 2020

A triangular room with a humongous cat on top. It is Schrödinger’s cat and – in a reversal of the original thought experiment – we are Schrödinger’s rat. We enter the room into a world of uncertainty. We experience a confusingly distorted visual reality: fragmented objects scattered randomly throughout space warp our sense of orientation. We fail to make sense of it all. However, a radically different experience awaits us outside. Through optical illusions, the broken reality inside is pieced together coherently for the observer. Three spyholes offer us three different meaningful perspectives on the inside world. The first two perspectives overlap into a third perspective, the cat’s view.

Secretly Abandoned Spaces

by: Valerie Mallory
from: Oakland, California
year: 2020

Every abandoned space retains a feeling of what it once. When stripped away of all the added things, we see a different kind of beauty, one that is forsaken and left adrift. It is the loveliness of both the unborn and unwanted. This piece is about the beauty of loss and decay of a space, a community, a loved one. The world takes back its own. Elegance emerges from loss and tells the story of predicted and necessary change.The house becomes a church of collected ideas long passed. These souls live in the walls of haunted spaces. The space will be ornate as a structure of antiquity. People tell the old stories over and over in their lives. Secretly Abandoned Spaces is an ephemeral museum, a piece that tells the story times lost in antiquity.

Small Hadron Collider (SHC)

by: Everything Good Studio
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2020

Small Hadron Collider is an interactive LED light art installation that lets people launch “particles” of light along a long 50-foot LED strip that comes up off the ground into a loop 10 feet in the air. Two people on either side can launch particles at each other by jumping up and down, and watch them collide in a colorful light-show.

Spacecats2020: Mothership Landing

by: Ayda Keshtkar & The Adenium Collective
from: Chicago, IL
year: 2020

The year: 2020. A purrfect time to complete a cat-tastic cycle. The curious Spacecats board the mothership and head back to Black Rock City for one final mission. Find the clouder of Spacecats deep in the playa unified in their matching uniforms as the mothership towers over all in its glorious, categon shape with its tongue slide. Climb inside the Rocket to find a retro, atomic-inspired interior with human sized cat toys to live as cats do. These Spacecats evolved from stardust and the crew of Catstronauts travels far and wide. This whimsical tableau serves as a memorial to our departed furry friends and provides the opportunity to step into a different reality.

Square Root of Growth

by: Shane Evans
from: Denver Colorado
year: 2020

“Square Root of Growth” is a 15-foot tall steel and stainless steel abstract tree sculpture built completely with straight lines and 90-degree angles. The trunk of the tree will have a wood burning fire cauldron up the center trunk and the tree canopy will have three large propane fire ceilings within its branches. This project will take on a very organic nature, only using straight lines. All square stock will be various sized square tubing layered on top of one another, creating depth and texture. Angles will be stacked upon one another to give a sense of high branches and leaves. The steel will be rusted and the stainless will be polished. This tree will have one single swing off one of its larger branches.

Temple of Masks

by: Jason Gronlund
from: Guadalajara, Mexico
year: 2020

The Temple of Masks is a curving structure covered from top to bottom with unique masks of different sizes made of steel. The pointed spire at the top connects the three leaf-like legs and supports a poofing flame halo at its highest point. Inside the temple are three removable masks that can be worn by the participants. Each mask has a different expression, shape, and detail that sets it apart from all the rest. The masks will explore different themes, expressions, and ideas meant to resonate with the viewers ideas of what a mask is both literally and metaphorically. The act of putting on one of the masks on the inside of the temple will put a physical act to something that we usually do mentally as we face others in our lives.

The Autumn Spire

by: Eric Coolidge
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2020

The piece is inspired by the natural balance of organic and geometric properties in nature. The title refers to a red maple tree, a symbol of endurance and the passing of time. The tower combines gothic architecture and modern technology; new methods being used to resurrect an old style. The passage of time is important to me, and whether it is my perspective or an objective truth, society as a whole feels to be entering into a new season. It feels like something is ending, but as we pass from autumn into winter, so follows spring.

The Buddha at the Trash Fence

by: Ali Agus & Digital Dalang Project
from: Jakarta, Indonesia - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - CA.TX.NV, USA
year: 2020

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reincarnate! That’s the mantra of Buddha at the Trash Fence, a giant sized puppet of Buddha, with movable arms & head. Seated atop a wooden lotus, in front of The Wheel of Dharma, the Buddha will be constructed from 695 plastic bottles (the amount the U.S. throws away per second). W/materials supplied by RenoBikeProject, The Wheel & puppet mech is made from 3000 bike parts (the number of bikes left on Playa in 2017). The stage will get its repurposed wood from HabitatForHumanity. Steel will be reincarnated from DigitalDalangProject, whose LEDs will be reused & run on solar. The project is a reminder that if we apply the Buddhist practices of Mindfulness and Intention to recycling, we can end the suffering of Earth.

The Dreaming Goddess

by: David Q. Bell
from: Phoenix, Az
year: 2020

We envision an alternative world in which the worship of the Goddess Diana by animals and humans is still vibrant. It is a worship of and in the mountains, the deserts, and the woods.

We want to have people experience a spirituality of the wild spaces, both in nature and in the human soul. A spirituality that emphasizes the wild nature of humans and the human nature of animals. A spirituality that mirrors the moon with change, death, and rebirth. A spirituality that reveres the sacred feminine rather than suppressing it.

the Importance of Small Things

by: Ela Lamblin and Lelavision
from: Vashon Island, Washington
year: 2020

A 40-foot, stainless steel and aluminum Plecoptera (stonefly nymph) dances upright on the horizon. Her life-like motions and glittering metallic colors attract passersby like a Siren. On one side she is a smiling six-limbed goddess with compound eyes, occipital ridge, delicate antennae, and silky metal leg fringe, anal gills, and cercus. On the other, her mandibles, maxillary pulp, and armored sternum evoke a warrior insect from another dimension. Plecoptera raises awareness about the importance of the stonefly and other highly sensitive small things in our environment and in our society. So often we ignore the small things or groups and and do not recognize how important they are to larger more complex entities and systems.

The Lost Troll

by: Thomas Dambo
from: Copenhagen
year: 2020

The Lost Troll is a large recycled wooden troll sculpture. When you crawl up in the hands of a giant 20 feet off the ground, it puts everything into perspective.

The Midnight Museum of That One Time at Burning Man

by: Jerry Snyder
from: Reno
year: 2020

The Midnight Museum is a love letter to the visual culture of Burning Man, it is an argument that the art tradition of Burning should be taken seriously and it is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that sometimes Burners take their culture a little too seriously. The Midnight Museum consists of 25 faux stained-glass lanterns depicting artworks, events, and people of significant interest within Burning Man culture — works that have dazzled, provoked, and boggled the mind at previous burns.

The Möbius Harp

by: Adam Ericksen and the Möbius Harp Crew
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2020

The Möbius Harp is a fourteen foot tall musical instrument in the form of a Möbius strip, constructed from steel pipe. Linear steel members arranged along a circle with uniform variation in their orientation connect to the smooth curve on the boundary of the strip. This manifestation of the Möbius strip is meant to reveal its structure as a parameter space for sounds and to highlight symmetries that help to visualize to some of its deeper fascinating mathematical properties.

The Restaurant at the End of the Multiverse

by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2020

The Restaurant at the End of the Multiverse (REM) is a fiery communal space in a parallel universe.

Around the space will be hanging lamps casting pools of light onto the ground to give the restaurant some ambiance. Three portals, one with a maitre’d station, connect REM to the outside world.

The center of REM will be a steel armillary, piped for propane flame effects. Filling in the space between the armillary and the perimeter will be three big tables and three fire zen gardens.

The three tables are the soul of REM, the tables will have stools and benches inviting participants to have a seat with friends or strangers. The center of the tables will be lit with a bed of fire. Emerging from the fire will be flaming steel candelabras.

The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg.

by: Usha Seejarim: Project Aikido
from: Johannesburg, South Africa
year: 2020

The wooden clothes peg features prominently in my own work and has come to signify the female. A domestic object, rudimentary in nature. In its amplified form it speaks of the pedestrian functions of our lives and in particular the lives of women. The function of the peg is to hold together, to support, to secure. But “The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg” is not a full peg. It is half a peg. It is incomplete yet familiar and recognisable. It is stripped of its utilitarian purpose and magnified. The sculpture constructed from negative shapes and the form is a result of the collective. Its strength lies in its collective despite is perceived fragility and incompleteness. An innate power that women around he world are beginning to discover.

The Self Help Yourself Bookshelf

by: Brie'Ana Breeze
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2020

The Help Yourself Library is a dusty little library featuring a unique collection of punny self help books. A little gathering place anyone can find the self help in the ways that they were not expecting with a few surprises in store.

The Solar Shrine

by: Antwane Lee and The Solar Shrine Collaborative
from: Chicago, IL
year: 2020

The Solar Shrine is Afrofuturistic and inspired by Ancient Egyptian and Nubian cosmology. They believed that the Sun was a deity, Ra, who had metaphysical powers as creator of the universe and the giver of life on Earth. Shrines were focal points between different worlds or spheres; between heaven and Earth, divine and human, order and chaos. The Gateway is a portal and its pillars mirror the form of the horizon, on which the Sun rose every day, and the main axis replicates the course the Sun takes across the sky. The height of the art installation elements, starting with the tall Gateway, symbolizes the power of the Sun as it rises in the east with gradually decreasing sized structures in the west representing the waning of its power.

The Traveling Sound Museum Presents: The Anomaly

by: Christian Cerrito and Mike Rosenthal
from: Emeryville
year: 2020

This year, for the first time, the Burning Man trash fence will be positioned only a few hundred yards from a mysterious energy vortex known locally as the Anomaly. This gives us a unique opportunity to shed some light on this previously unexplained phenomenon. As such, we are building a set of binocular podiums to let participants take a look and attempt to explain for themselves just what exactly is going on deep in the desert.

Through The Mind's Eye

by: Launa Eddy
from: new york
year: 2020

Through The Minds Eye is a large scale surrealist sculpture made of painted steel representing the beauty and struggle of creativity, and the challenge of making ones dreams come true. An abstracted and colorful face is held up and leveraged by a paint-like stream that drips down into a colorful pool at its base. The stream flows through the eye, up into a dark cloud and transforms into a series of colorful, abstracted animals – the realization of the creative process. People will be invited to climb up the stream, into the eye, and view the the world around them from a new heightened perspective.


by: Doug Taphouse
from: Silver Spring, MD
year: 2020

As you meander out to deep playa, you are immersed in vibrant color and sound. In the distance you spy a large field of tall glowing tubes. Suspended in air, they sway slightly in the breeze, glowing with waves of color. You approach and walk beneath the field. You see someone reach up and lightly tap the bottom of a tube. It flashes! And the flash becomes a ripple of light that travels swiftly across the huge field. Others reach up to do the same, and suddenly colored ripples are coming from every direction, some fast, others slow; some moving as wide glowing swaths, others as narrow, intense, repeating rings. As the wind picks up all of the tubes glow more brightly, their rippling colors indicating the direction of the varying breezes.

Unbound: A Library in the Multiverse

by: Julia Nelson-Gal
from: Palo Alto, CA
year: 2020

In the multiverse, havoc has created the Unbound library, a 3-room Beaux Art building with walls that are void of book shelves and clad in deconstructed book pages and covers. Ascending the stairs there are three arched doors, each of which introduces a different human path: the mind, the body or the soul. The doors look through the building to the rising sun, while shadows are woven across the building from the criss-crossing open roof. The space is a visual, physical and conceptual backdrop for spoken words that emanate from the walls–words, poems, writings–that have been contributed by people around the world.

Unpopular Music (or UNPOP)

by: Evidence (Stephan Moore + Scott Smallwood)
from: Chicago, IL and Edmonton, AB
year: 2020

UNPOP, or “Unpopular Music,” is an intimate, 8-channel listening environment. It features exquisite, detailed sound works, including field recordings, abstract electroacoustic music, ambient textures, and other non-beat-oriented sonic experiences, presented in a comfortable, minimalist setting. Encompassing a space 40 feet in diameter, the piece is built around a circle of eight custom-built Hemisphere speakers, which enclose a listening area with soft couches. Each night’s 12+ hour dust-til-dawn program is unique, drawing upon a library of multi-channel audio works by over 60 composers and sound artists.


by: Michael Emery
from: Felton
year: 2020

VIMOKSHA is two curved panels of mosaicked mirror creating the impression of a window looking into a fractal world where everything is multiplied and rearranged into a holographic reflection of this so called “real world”. Perhaps the curious burner will question their perceptions.

What to Expect When Expecting

by: Julia Bonnheim // Future Problems
from: Portland, OR
year: 2020

What to Expect When Expecting is an opportunity to step inside of another’s body and explore what could have been and what might be. It’s a 6-sided, wooden platform with a body cast of a different pregnant belly and chest at five of the sides. Mirrors stand waiting to reflect whatever thoughtfulness participants bring to this new image of themselves. Together we face the dichotomy of bringing forth life and dreams in a world that is experiencing climate destruction.