Perhaps you’ve envisioned creating a large sculpture, but you have nowhere to build it. Perhaps you’d like to engage with a group of people to create a large-scale installation, but don’t know where to find them. Perhaps you’ve never made an art object but would love to try. Burning Man provides an opportunity for all of these pursuits, offering the space, the community and the audience for all types of art-making. Our special interest is in interactive, community-based art installations which support the civic nature of our event. We welcome all levels of skill and experience.

About this photo...This year we experienced more artistic participation than ever before, with a 50% increase in art installations, and a general improvement in the quality of the installations. Each year the bar is raised, as participants learn from and inspire each other. From the gigantic chandelier to the “playa wisdom dispenser” gumball machine, Burning Man 2003 art was interesting and original. It was so ambitious, in fact, that some of the large-scale projects weren’t completed on time. We hope to remedy this situation by moving the grants deadline up by six weeks, so that artists can start their projects earlier.

The art theft that we experienced in 2002 decreased markedly, after an aggressive public education campaign. Thanks to the efforts of our community, there was very little art damage or theft.

The Black Rock City Art Department had a busy and productive year registering projects, answering questions, and talking over ideas. On site, the Artery staff helped with placement, logistics and general assistance and support in a very challenging environment.

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