2018 Art Installations

2018 Art Search for "sky"

Balloon Chain

by: Michael Cha
from: River Edge, NJ
year: 2018

Balloon Chain is a long string of colorful balloons that dances in the sky. At night time, each balloon is lit with LED lights. We tow the line using the cat art car. Follow the 1/2 mile long line to the end. Come and say hi.

Burning Sky Night Dive with Pyro

by: Michael Robinson
from: Davis, CA
year: 2018

Burning Sky will perform aerial pyro jumps just after sunset on Thursday or Friday depending on weather. We will not jump in high winds or dust.

Chapel of the H:R Boundary Event

by: Glenn Richardson
from: Woodstock, VA
year: 2018

The Chapel of the Human:Robot Boundary Event is designated in the same way as in the K:T boundary event is marked as a layer of iridium in the soil that indicates when an asteroid ended the era of dinosaurs.
It’s an anodized aluminum structure that holds fossils of humans against the sky. These fossils were collected by robots as a tribute to the species that gave rise to artificial intelligence. All cultures have their origin stories. This is part of how AI came to be.
Let us marvel in hushed silence at how this species with no fangs, fur or claws rapidly dominated the planet and abdicated their position.

Disco in the Sky

by: Alex Kremer & Andrew Glover
from: Boulder, CO
year: 2018

Disco in the Sky is a controllable and sound responsive floating disco ball. Building on a concept the team brought to Burning Man in 2017, the disco ball is a human-mounted 7 foot diameter helium balloon with thousands of sound-sensitive LEDs that can project patterns depending on its environment.


by: Mamou-Mani
from: London
year: 2018

Galaxia celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams. A superior form of Gaia in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, Galaxia is the ultimate network, the fabric of the universe connecting living beings into one entity.

Galaxia is shaped of 20 timber trusses converging as a spiral towards one point in the sky. The triangular trusses form different paths towards a central space holding a giant 3D printed mandala, the heart of Galaxia. The timber modules start large enough to hold small alcoves in which people can write in peace. As participants walk through the path, the timber modules lift up and become thinner and thinner towards the sky as people reach the central mandala.


by: MobiChi
from: Bellingham, WA
year: 2018

IFly is a moving piece of art that bridges earth and sky. IFly allows a personal movement experience cradled by the beauty of one of the natural and spirit world’s potentially most critical symbols. IFly is a way for guests to temporarily leave the playa as they spin themselves into a whirling expression of freedom and flight by their own hand.


by: Red Deer
from: Orange, CA
year: 2018

As the name suggests Lûz (Spanish for light) is dedicated to the celebration of light.

From a distance, it is an ethereal acrylic structure blurring the lines between horizon and sky. Inside it is an intricate composition of clear triangular patterns. The structural geometry is echoed on each face combining to form one harmonious singularity.

Participants interact with the structure from the moment they enter Lûz as their re ections are incorporated into the acrylic and then refracted amongst the members.
Lûz distorts those refections further by changing the light spectrum revealing new geometric landscapes. This makes the viewer part of a dynamic experience, taking them on a journey owing seamlessly from one composition into the next.

Odonata Robotica

by: Richerd Chan & Elya Le
from: Bremerton, WA
year: 2018

Odonata Robotica is a giant psychedelic dragonfly that rests upon a leaf and will light up up the night sky with and attract onlookers with its rainbow LED wings.

Odonata Robotica’s ever color changing wings and eyes will mesmerize and amaze those that pass by. For those who wish to fly though the sky, feel free to climb on top and sit on the back of Odonata Robotica and feel what it’s like to fly though a rainbow of colors.

Project Flashlight

by: Neal Strickberger
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2018

Project flashlight is the joy of light at grand scale.

Pure, incredibly bright white beams like fingers of god in the dust, contrasts with the night sky, scale across the open playa, interplay of beams, light in motion.

Military and NASA billion-candlepower searchlights, reanimated for art! Interactively controlled by smartphones, tablets and light-saber toys.


by: Douglas Ruuska & Divide By Zero Labs
from: Brighton, MA
year: 2018

At night, a glowing, pulsing light moves across the night sky. Approaching it resolves itself into a giant creature swimming through the night sky. From beneath, the stars shine overhead, occasionally blotted out by an enormous, illuminated Manta Ray swimming through the ocean of air against the darkness of the night sky. This denizen of the playa reacts both to the presence of participants and also to any illumination that they carry along with them to light their way.

Sky Bound

by: Dusty Nation: Lead Artist Cameron Anne Mason
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2018

Two concentric circles of silk banners, dyed in shades from the lightest blue of a summer morning to the inky violet of the horizon at sunset, are animated by playa winds. Enter this field of moving silk, where overlapping geometric designs are created using bound-resist Shibori techniques, to find the respite of welcoming benches.

Sky Bound brings both a physical and spiritual resting spot. Bound to the ground and bound for the sky, we can feel the opposing pulls of Earth and Spirit on our journeys around the Sun.

Sky Mandala International

by: Home Camp 2018
from: Oakland, San Francisco, London, Paonia
year: 2018

Sky Mandala is a social art making concept of interactive and participatory sculpture. It is a place to congregate expressively and playfully under, to wonder at the sky though, and for making friends around. Sky Mandala is a “social-sculpture” i.e. a community generating venue to be located in the (9&B plaza?). The weaving of mandalas is a metaphor that realizes that which it symbolizes: the making of new friendships through collaborative art-making, which weaves a web of creatively empowered community. The artifact that the participants create is a molecular looking framework of wood, string mandalas, and at night, lighting. This artifact will offer a venue of expression and gather for neighborhood culture throughout the week. The camps in the neighborhood will network to offer open-invitation happenings and performances using this sculpture as a venue. The sculpture will grow as our neighborhood community grows through mandala making and erecting workshops that will allow the larger community to help expand the initial sculpture — for many it will be their first chance at doing hands-on burning man sculptural art!

It’s meaning and intended result is the web of relationships that arise from participation, networking, openness, inclusion, bonding, and commitment to community and to celebratory art culture. If you would like to donate or participate on the build team, please email us. If you have an idea for fantastic performance art, fine oration, mind-bending experience, silly social game, or absurd etc. for the center of the plaza please reach out and we will connect you with the neighborhood planning conversation being facilitated by placement and the art department.

This Too Shall Pass - Moondancer

by: Lekha Washington
from: Mumbai, India
year: 2018

High up in the night sky, a giant glowing sphere, half lit, half black, uneven surfaced, can be seen from far across the playa- except that it is a shape-shifting, dancing form that feels like a moving planet – an eclipse in motion.
It is lit from the inside and suspended with a very specific internal tying technique that pivots it, allowing it to sometimes disappear, sometimes be all there, and everything in between, all through the flow of the wind.
Hypnotic in its movement, reflecting the weather around it, appearing and disappearing in different parts of the playa, messing with all sense of orientation, the Moondancer by Lekha Washington.

Tusky the MISTIcal Elephant!

by: L.A. Sugai
from: Reno, NV
year: 2018

Tusky is a highly decorated royal elephant under a higly decorated gazebo which is beatiful by night and can dispense mist from a hand operated pump from its trunk during the day


by: Zintaglio Arts
from: Newton, MA
year: 2018

What do computers, human genes, and the sky have in common? They’re full of viruses! Virascope is an optical instrument that turns patches of sky into 3D visualizations of virus capsids.