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2018 Archive


UFO – home of Ur a Fabulous Organism spa day!

URL: Hometown: Oakland

Uli Baba & the Horny Thieves

O illustrious merchants of the flesh and pillagers of the wealth of man. Our glorious master, Uli Baba, he who is magnificent and just, commands your presence at his Slave Auctions and other debauched and glorious events.

URL: Hometown: San Diego

Ultimate Celebration

The end is nigh! Come bounce while you can upon the upholstered luxury of our Bungee Couch Garden (yep, exactly what it sounds like), sip the ambrosia of perpetual motion (champagne and 5­-hour energy, the official libation of our Ultimate Celebration, available 4-­6pm weekdays), and/or forget your impending doom as you puzzle over a painstakingly haphazard LED sculpture (8-9pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). In short, if your vision of the apocalypse is as lazy and carefree as ours, we’ve got you covered!

Hometown: San Francisco and Brooklyn

Unfolding Humanity Art Support

Unfolding Humanity Art Support Camp provides a space for the creators and builders of our art installation to live, relax, and rejuvenate. Stop by for a drink of ice cold water, get to know us, and find out more about the inception of our art project and what it took to build it!

URL: Hometown: San Diego


The Unicorner is a haven for creativity, light-hearted fun, sharing, and gallivanting about! The Unicorner is created by a crew of hearty shenaniganists who have several goals on the playa: having lots of FUN, spreading lots of LOVE, and championing the 10 Principles of Burning Man in the most positive and supportive manner possible.

URL: Hometown: Dixon

United Camps of Black Rock

Come Climb inside Wall-Eeee!!!

Hometown: Park City

Unnecessarily High Five

Failure is the goal! 4 out of 5 dentists agree that the Unnecessarily High Five is the MOST DANGEROUS interactive art on the playa!

URL: Hometown: Alameda, CA and Puerto Rico