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2018 Archive

X Joy!

Did you forget to bring _____? (ie: lube, sunscreen, sunglasses, vinegar)
The PLAYa Mart at XJoy! May have just the item you need. We all plan on radical self reliance and life happens; AND isn’t it magic and confirmation when you need something, and the Playa provides!! XJoy! Stands for x-traordinary, x-static, x-cessive, x-cellent and x-treme to name a few! We LOVE sharing the love through appreciations, hugs, games and fun. We are living life FULL and want to experience this with you. Drop on by.

Hometown: Chico


Xpander practices the principles of mind body and soul expansion. Come by for an afternoon craft beer tasting, stay for the yoga/bodywork and excellent music in our Xpander Dome.

Hometown: LA/OC/SD

Xpat Alien

Xpat Alien – The Crop Circle Cantina serves up intergalactic beats in our well traveled landing craft.

Hometown: Denver