2022 Art Installations

2022 Art Search for "astrofeng"


from: chatsworth, CA
year: 2022

Astrofengiá, named after the Greek word for starlight, is a creative meditation on cosmologic circularity. Best experienced under the Playa’s blazing daytime sun, this light-refractive art installation is a home-spun cathedral designed to embellish the beauty of our solar system’s resident star. Lovingly made from upcycled and reclaimed materials, Astrofengiá’s frame and walls provide respite from desert heat. Semi-transparent shade and reflective surfaces glistening in sunlight create an enclosed space that houses a lattice-like floor-to-ceiling central chandelier. Comfortable seating may be augmented with headphones with which participants enjoy soundscapes crafted from NASA archives and custom designed sound. Philosophically, Astrofengiá contemplate starlight’s circuitous call luring Earth’s human life forms back to outer space.