2024 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

2024 Art Search for "Coney McConeface"

Coney McConeface: The Life and Death of a Traffic Cone

by: Chris "Kiwi" Hankins, ConeCophony Collective
from: Dargaville, New Zealand and Reno, NV
year: 2024

Coney McConeface is a larger than life traffic cone. At 60 feet tall he will tower over the playa. He is painted in bright safety orange and reflective silver bands. He has steam rising around and through him. This steam is coming from a crack in the playa caused from geothermal activity deep below the surface.

Coney has been built on top of this geothermal activity to project the citizens of Black Rock City from falling into the cavity and and being injured or burnt. Coney is a symbol of safety and protection, an image we all very familiar with in our day to day lives…traffic cones are everywhere…