2024 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

2024 Art Search for "nebula"

Black Rock Observatory

by: Black Rock Observatory
from: Portland, OR
year: 2024

Black Rock Observatory serves as a gateway to the wonders of the cosmos. The Observatory brings together thousands of participants to experience views of planets, galaxies, and nebulae, meteorites, and talks on a multitude of scientific topics. A beautiful wooden observatory dome houses an eight-foot tall Dobsonian reflector telescope, and several other smaller telescopes that participants can use to view the night sky. And there’s a solar telescope in the afternoon!

Nebula Rider, Goldie and Minnie

by: Adrian Landon
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Adrian Landon returns with some new vibes and energies through mechanical marvel and sculpture, with kinetic horses and Pegasi of various scales.

Nebula Shroom Grove

by: Understory Collective
from: Bogotá, Colombia and London, United Kingdom
year: 2024

Nebula Shroom Grove is a creative art installation that tackles the theme of loneliness despite our hyper-connected world. Drawing inspiration from the solitary, yet interconnected life of mushrooms, Nebula uses modular parametric structures to mimic these natural networks. Each module serves as a mini-shelter, complete with a cozy resting area on top, inviting visitors to relax and connect.

Through its design, Nebula cultivates a sense of community, encouraging social interactions, and sparking discussions around the crucial role of our personal networks and the sense of community offered by Burning Man. This installation not only highlights the contrast between isolation and connection but also celebrates the strength found in our communal bonds.