2024 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.


"Nyurmók" (2024)

by: Nathaniel Hale Garnon
from: Girard, PA
year: 2024

Nyurmok is a shrine to microtonality. Maximalist art. Impressionable and inspirational. Whatever an individual ponders and takes from it. Metallic and carved wooden build. The limits only are confined by earthly practicality.


by: Misha Libertee
from: Yerevan, Armenia and Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

A colossal inflatable baby unicorn stands majestically at Burning Man.

#Kokon embodies purity and simplicity, mirroring the direct and focused way children with autism interact with their surroundings. The unicorn, a symbol of grace and uniqueness, celebrates the beauty of seeing the world differently, inviting a deeper appreciation for diverse perspectives.

1 Duality

by: Nele Cools and Juan Solis
from: Bocas Del Toro, Panama
year: 2024

Matter starts from one, then there is two. Life is a constant duality, yet everything is one. Everything is connected. We need this constant trigger to evolve.

1 Duality shows two spirals in Fibonacci frequency, the existence of a universe. A cube in the middle calls for party, glamour. But when climbing inside, cosiness reveals. A place to rest and seek shelter. This art piece welcomes all to contemplate about the dualities encountered in life and to remember that one cannot exist without the other.


by: Josh Tobey and Rebecca Littleton
from: Pacific Northwest
year: 2024

A receiving tower built from a mysterious diagram found in 1986 to receive a pirate message from the future about the future of civilization and humanity.

1:44 Tri-Sky Portal

by: TransPortals
from: Taos, NM
year: 2024

The 1:44 Tri-Sky Portal provides a space that transports you from the Playa and BRC, making you feel like you’re floating in the sky while listening to live or prerecorded sound baths. You can meet and interact with other participants and engage in creative activities with them.

A Basic Bench

by: Daniel Paster
from: Boulder, CO
year: 2024

A Basic Bench is constructed out of 4″ curved steel I-beam tunnel ribs repurposed from the construction of tunnels, rough-cut wooden timbers, waxed canvas tarps, and memory foam futons. The tunnel ribs are stacked and connected in a manner creating a three-story curved structure comprised of three partial circles. The curved nature of the form lends to a feeling of fluidity, while its sheer weight presents a feeling of solidity in space.

A Capsule of Curiosity

by: GryphonArt Collective
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

The Creativity Capsule, a collaborative endeavor by the GryphonArt Collective, stands as a testament to innovation and unity. This inflatable marvel, accompanied by student-created Creativity Capsules, serves as both art, sanctuary, and place to contemplate curiosity. Its memorizing presence in Black Rock City invites wanderers to explore its depths, igniting curiosity and sparking connections. Crafted by students, teachers, and parents, it symbolizes the boundless possibilities when art class transcends the classroom.

A Game of Strip

by: Anna Silivonchik and Maria Tarletskaya
from: Minsk, Belarus
year: 2024

“‘Tut, tut, child!’ said the Duchess, ‘Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.’ And she squeezed herself up closer to Alice’s side as she spoke.” – Lewis Carroll

An art object serves as a metaphor for a liberated attitude towards oneself, the world, and the people around us. It embodies a concept of acceptance, love, and the absence of judgment. Such an individual lives by their own laws and rules, while also respecting the boundaries and freedom of others.

The composition is made of steel. It is a comfortable photo zone for everyone. There are also rotating parts with mirrored surfaces and colored surfaces. The composition is equipped with a large screen, a projector with thematic author’s video art on the theme of irrational and the absurd, puzzles without answers.

A Message to the Parents We Should Have Had

by: James Beach
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

The purpose of this sculpture is to give our deepest, youngest selves the chance to communicate whatever we desire. It aims to acknowledge, clear, and honor our deepest, oldest, most authentic hopes, joys, fears, and dreams.

The sculpture itself is constructed of metal bars in the shape of wing, with wires wrapped with lights, surrounding a wooden sculpture of abstracted silhouettes of caring parents.

A Moment in an Aeon

by: Iyvone Khoo and Miguel Guzman
from: Singapore; Mexico City, MX; Joshua Tree, CA
year: 2024

A lotus shaped portal covered in ancient motifs. Does it connect Asian and Meso-American cultures through their beliefs or does it allow for a dialogue with the forces of creation and being?

A Seat on the Throne

by: Chelsea Odufu, Tech Afrique
from: Newark, NJ
year: 2024

A Seat at the Throne harmoniously merges tradition with futurism through an installation crafted from weather-resistant aluminum and steel. Symbolizing resilience and grandeur, the throne features large geometric shapes, seamlessly blending past with future aesthetics. Its towering backrest evokes ancestral connection and celestial grace, while its warm golden hue adds a regal touch to the piece’s allure. As an interactive work, it prompts contemplation on traditional societal power dynamics. It challenges us to examine who is entitled to occupy positions of power, which typically excludes individuals from marginalized communities. This throne represents a reclaiming of that power, disrupting the notion of eligibility when considering access, and status. This sculpture invites individuals from all walks of life to take a seat on the throne with the goal of contributing to a regenerative future of inclusivity and empowerment.

Acorn Village

by: Scott Swiggett Miller
from: Topanga, CA
year: 2024

The project includes four 14ft round structures resembling acorns and one scaled-up 18ft version. Each ‘acorn’ will be outfitted with different elements to create its own wonderful vibe, while maintaining a continual whimsical faire/forest theme throughout the entire piece. In addition to the acorn structures, there will be a variety of ‘garden paraphernalia,’ including benches, decks, and rock-lined trails.

Ad Mare

by: lefty OUT there
from: Chicago, IL
year: 2024

Lefty Out There’s installation, Mare, aims to spark urgency about environmental stewardship and the importance of living in harmony with nature. His installation is a composition of three reef structures crafted from repurposed wood, recycled materials, and playa MOOP to evoke an underwater ambiance. With a modular design and hints of Lefty’s signature pattern, Mare symbolizes the vibrancy of natural growth and advocates for reef preservation.

Agaric Argileh

by: Becca Lortscher and Lampe
from: San Francisco, CA and Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2024

Fungi have the ability to act as a connecting point for a diverse variety of species found within their environment. Through the mycorrhizal network, fungal mycelia are able to connect to roots of nearby plants, exchanging water, nutrients, and messenger chemicals. Throughout much of the world, hookah (aka argileh) lounges also act as a connecting point for people to come together, slow down, relax, and socialize.

Agaric argileh is a very curious fungal hookah oasis. Pull up a toadstool and extend some figmental mycelial filaments out and form some deeper connections with those around you. If your timing is just right, you might just discover how this particular mushroom got its Latin name.

Alice's Magic Mushroom

by: Pablo Robertson
from: Santa Fe, NM
year: 2024

Alice’s Magic Mushroom is a 20-foot tall conceptual steel tree from an alternate reality, featuring brilliant multi-hued spinning leaves and brightly colored geometric patterns. This climbable, interactive piece is an oasis for relaxation and reflection, offering a colorful counterpoint to the harsh desert environment.

Always Another Sunrise

by: Chelsey Hathman
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

Always Another Sunrise is a love letter to BRC and new beginnings. This art piece commemorates the euphoric feelings of self-discovery, gratitude, and freedom of expression that the Playa provides through the form of a deconstructed music box.

The music box is a 16′ cylinder that slowly rotates, creating an enclosed secluded space where people can duck up into; inside they’ll hear the sweet sounds of a custom music comb striking, transforming the entire room into a resonance box. In concert with the melody, this rotating disk will mechanically engage eight zoetropes through a geared system. Each zoetrope will feature an animation, evoking the magic of inspiration and gratitude for this shared experience together.

Am I Better Yet?

by: Bex and Sasha Shinn, Bat Haus
from: Vallejo, CA
year: 2024

A sculpture that embodies the physical manifestation of shame of not being well, fear of never getting better, and hope that in sharing the experience with others we won’t have to sit in the experience alone.

Items that were commodified, and upon being emptied, become landfill fodder, with a goal to repurpose them into art that is beautiful, thought-provoking, and poignant.

Born of a need to express frustration over chronic medical issues. Being unwell/disabled can be a never ending battle we fight alone.

The question persists: Am I better yet? Do all these pills make me better? Is the problem a solvable one?

Anthropomorphic Objects

by: Thomas Vass & Morphers
from: Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, NY
year: 2024

Step into a quirky, seemingly abandoned living room, where furniture and household items engage in unexpected dialogue. Meet the existentialist vacuum cleaner, a wise-cracking grandfather clock, and a schizophrenic old radio….

Anti-Gravitational Chamber

by: Intergalactic Confederation
from: Grass Valley, CA
year: 2024

An intergalactic technology has landed at the playa to demonstrate that impossibility is merely a matter of perspective.

Apex of Azure

by: Anna Gribovsky
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Apex of Azure is a futuristic stained-glass pyramid that incorporates structural design, interactive lighting, blue flame effects, and a fire poofer to immerse people in a 3D painting of water and sky. Forty-five unique plexiglass panels, hand-painted with epoxy resin and inks, depict organic patterns that invoke liquid, air, and light.

Art 20 - Years

by: Denny Smith "Dragnet"
from: Manhattan Beach, CA
year: 2024

Twenty years on the playa for BlinkingManCamp97. This year’s project is #13 on the deep playa trash fence. Art 20 – Years will have about 70 tennis rackets with unique, repurposed and recycled folk art pieces attached to them. Many will have art from contributors ranging in ages from 6 to 80’s. Each piece windgineered to produce no MOOP! Your ride along the fence will be more fun than a barrel of playa chickens. More fun than Eggs Bar – well a close second. But you will definitely be smiling and enjoy the efforts of many different artists. And of course the usual yard sale and thrift store gems given a new life in the sun wind and dust (maybe a bit of rain too). Art 20 at the trash fence – It’s not just for breakfast any more!

Art in Motion

by: Mike Collins "Hubcap"
from: Laguna Woods, CA
year: 2024

Art in Motion is meant to be a surprise garden of delights for the adventurous soul. Various mirror like petals provide a sense of whimsy, as we see the chimerical surroundings reflected in an even more fantastical manner.

Atlas & Axiom

by: Zael Johnson and Frogma Art Collective
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2024

An abandoned sign making workshop, decorated with curious relics and flame effects, invites participants to enter and discover mysteries of the inventions and endeavors once conducted here.

Within, one finds a robot wielding a blowtorch, requesting input from participants to complete its function to make ‘signs’ by searing wooden panels with fire. Our robot, Atlas, no longer knows what signs are, what they are for, and is looking for input to make things that are meaningful and beautiful once again.

Participants see aspects of their own nature in the robot and the quintessential purpose of sign making (to which they are invited to contribute), including the search for direction, safety, belonging, understanding, and meaning.


by: Dave Walker
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

A calming oasis of light, spatial music, and 3D ambient sound, designed to intrigue and inspire. Wander through an orchestra, lie in the middle of a breaking wave, or surround yourself with swirling piano notes and singing birds.


by: Collyns Stenzel, Jeremy Moreland, James Baxter, Shawn Silverman
from: Black Rock City, NV
year: 2024

Awake is an installation featuring a colossal Eye, 100 feet wide and 60 feet tall, pulsating with video art. It stands in the open playa, gazing towards the effigy, aligning with the theme ‘Curiouser & Curiouser.’ The Eye, vibrant and intricate, unravels new mysteries daily, symbolizing awakening and interconnectedness. It serves as a metaphor for the portal to higher understanding, reflecting a collective journey towards love and enlightenment. Amidst the desert, it is a sanctuary for self-reflection, challenging viewers to contemplate their inner selves and the collective consciousness. The project merges art and philosophy, beckoning silent introspection about the role of love in transcending the ego and achieving unity.

Awkward Silence

by: Kathy D'Onofrio
from: Truckee, CA
year: 2024

Hidden amongst the mangled mess of her mom’s last big art project, Tabitha cowers beside a faux granite monolith. She has a secret she must keep from the others. She can hear them frolicking and carousing outside. Suddenly Bastet, Cinders and Ohlone burst in sideways with their eyes aglow. There is an awkward silence…

Baby Without Name

by: Reya and Ana
from: Playa Venao, Panama
year: 2024

The project, Baby Without a Name, is a structure resembling a life-sized dollhouse, featuring six areas across three levels. It includes elements like swings, nets, and windows offering colorful views, stimulating the senses and promoting discovery. With the help of the sun and lights, the structure changes personalities throughout the day, from a cozy, magical morning to a vibrant, captivating evening, and a sexy night, reflecting the different moods and energies of human experiences.

This is a space for the kid that lives inside all of us.

Back to the Future: Dystopia about the Space Dogs

by: Firecup and Victory of the Surreal
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

The installation, Back to the Future: Dystopia about the Space Dogs, brings us back to the golden age of sci-fi when faith in the omnipotent human mind and spirit was boundless. The design of the art object uses the works of different artists from science fiction novels. The heroes of their works include conquerors of outer space, extraterrestrial landscapes, as well as intelligent and faithful-to-mankind robots.

The installation is composed of the 5 fire pit orbs, which tell you the cosmic legend and are located around the magnificent fire pit flower.

Bad Hatter

by: Neil Mendoza and Winslow Porter
from: Albuquerque, NM and New York, NY
year: 2024

A shocking, musical, LED-powered Mad Hatter’s hat that generates music composed of robotic instruments and participant’s yelps.

Banana for Scale

by: Caroline Kamm
from: Brussels, Belgium
year: 2024

The banana is used online as a universal measuring stick, to provide a concept of scale when photographing objects. Banana for Scale plays with the disorienting size and contrasting visual cues of Black Rock Desert, by placing a massive inflatable banana on the playa. This enormous banana offers little to no real visual information, and that’s the point!

Banana for Scale celebrates the importance of silliness in our lives and work as artists. It also highlights one of the unique challenges of making art for Burning Man: everything looks small in the expanse of the desert. This piece intentionally pokes fun at the conundrum of perspective on the playa, as well as the seemingly arbitrary choice of using a banana to demonstrate scale.

Bats in the Belfry

by: Philip DePoala, EDGE Neuroscience and Art
from: Saugerties, NY; Berlin, Germany; and San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

A shrine for the chthonic enigma terrestrially named Aeshtah. The idol in which Aesthah temporally resides is crowned with three faces in the midst of rhythmic fractal transformation. A human-powered Ferris wheel directly illuminates the cauldrons of bats fueling the brain and dreams of Aesthah.


by: David Oliver
from: Ventura, CA
year: 2024

A pillar reaching into the sky twenty-four feet. Dressed with three illuminated stained-glass Tiffany style “Collection Pan” lamps up high, and topped with a highly reflective steel alloy “Beacon Ball” that measures two feet in diameter. Shadowed light runs vertically below the lamps on the main body tucked neatly inside the applied steel tubing called, “Transfer Pipes”. Four louvered panel “Exhaust Fins” are also internally illuminated, emit smoke (fog), and act as feet to support this towering structure. All steel components of project Beacon are to be of a metallic finish ranging from aluminum to copper.

Black Rock City Chicken Ranch

by: Followers of Floyd
from: Cordova, AK
year: 2024

The Chicken Ranch is a brothel of absurdity, where senses are bombarded and reality is fractured. Inside, participants can pummel, squeeze, drown, and pulverize rubber chickens, their cacophony of ‘caws’ will loop and compound upon anyone who dares to approach. Crawling into the egg hole, citizens fall into the rubber chicken pit of squawks where bliss and chaos meet. Swimming or crawling, one finds their way out to emerge back into the desert feeling the disappointment of returning to the mortal world.

Black Rock Observatory

by: Black Rock Observatory
from: Portland, OR
year: 2024

Black Rock Observatory serves as a gateway to the wonders of the cosmos. The Observatory brings together thousands of participants to experience views of planets, galaxies, and nebulae, meteorites, and talks on a multitude of scientific topics. A beautiful wooden observatory dome houses an eight-foot tall Dobsonian reflector telescope, and several other smaller telescopes that participants can use to view the night sky. And there’s a solar telescope in the afternoon!

Black! Asé 2.0

by: Erin Douglas
from: Baltimore, MD
year: 2024

Black! Asé 2.0 comes back in new form with Visibility and photography at the forefront but this year Erin’s mission is to create an internal experience that takes the audience on a journey of sound and light. This close to 30 foot high scaffold cube has photographic portraits that adorn the outside walls while inside you’ll find elements that touch most of the senses: imagery on the mesh-lined walls, audio playing recorded stories of burners of color and music that takes you on a journey from African beats to sounds of black culture today, and colorful lights that illuminates this internal space at night. This allows for a magical gathering space for connection with self and others.

Blue Shackles

by: Xiaowen Xu, Sijia Li
from: North China region, China
year: 2024

Blue Shackles is a poignant installation featuring a series of blue lines and reflective spheres that weave through the air, capturing the complexities of liberation. The structure, supported by blue steel frames, holds within its embrace both entangled and free-floating spheres, representing the nuanced experiences of minority women from sexual minority groups. This visual metaphor speaks to the journey from the constraints of societal norms to the discovery of physical and spiritual joy. The reflective orbs shimmer with the promise of enlightenment, standing as silent yet powerful testimonies to the resilience and defiance inherent in the quest for self-identity and fulfillment.

Bo*b Squad

by: Bob Noxious
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

This art project is made up of replicas of the first a-bombs dropped on humans in WWII.
Constructed of steel with hollow cavity for burning wood and grilling meat, they invite us to delve into the profound depths of human existence and ponder its paradoxical nature. They serve as a poignant reminder of our inherent potential for creation and destruction, while questioning the choices that have led us astray from our loftiest aspirations.

Broken Portal

by: Artem Skiy
from: Tokyo, Japan
year: 2024

Broken Portal mirrors the dimensions of a traditional phone booth, yet introduces a variation with its three-cornered design. From afar, this installation presents the illusion of a familiar doorway. It is distinguished by LED lights that emit a radiant glow, as if light is leaking from all sides of the door, suggesting an intensely bright presence behind it. When occupied, the portal comes alive in a different way; the visitor inside becomes part of the art as the light casts ever-changing shadows and illumination angles, creating a dynamic, shifting image of the visitor’s form from the outside.

Burner Evolution

by: Ray Taylor and Greg Matsey
from: Guilford, IN
year: 2024

A fifty-five gallon drum of Playa-doh with two foot by four foot straight razor blades in background with adjacent signs describing the art.

BYTE: Chip and Terra

by: Jason Blanda and Andrew Lazorchak
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2024

Chip and Tera are big cuddle bugs with bulbous mirrored eyeballs that emit dancing beams of light at night.

Chip’s underbelly gives life to a hanging wisteria garden where adventurous humans may find hidden gifts hanging among the flowered vines or wedged in the graffitied rafters, alongside beautiful messages of appreciation and art from past BRC citizens. You may even find a serene chill space with a giant hammock and big fluffy pillows for some “me” time!

Tera piggybacks Chip creating another snuggly hideout, enveloped in fur, for escaping the harsh elements and meeting new fuzzy friends.


by: Wilhelmusvlug
from: Volendam, the Netherlands
year: 2024

The first gathering of people was probably around a fire, and Camp-Fire is a recreation of this first sense of togetherness. Camp-Fire looks like an enlarged version of an archetypical scout fire, like the ones you see in comic books. Sitting around this artificial fire and staring into the flames, it’s easy to let go of the uneasiness people get nowadays when they are around strangers, without a phone to distract them. When it gets dark, the flames light up with warm, bright colors, which react to the people moving around them. The firewood is made from a circle of large tree logs, on which you can sit.

Carried by the Wind

by: Cameron Anne Mason, Dusty Nation
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2024

Carried by yhe Wind provides a place for Burners to pause, reflect, grieve, and connect. A field of colorful, hand-dyed banners surrounds a shelter. Inside is a phone connected only to the wind, where you can talk to someone who can no longer hear you. We pay homage to the original Wind Phone in Japan that allowed survivors of the 2011 tsunami a place to say goodbye to missing loved ones.

The banners are dyed using melting ice and gravity blending the colors and creating beauty out of loss. This process is a reminder of the melting glaciers and sea ice caused by climate change. This loss, in turn, is tied to the Wind Phone, the intangible connection to our missed loved ones, and our global grieving for environmental loss.

Catalyst of Wonder: A Childhood Odyssey

by: Ceci Flores, Childhood Odyssey
from: Fairfax, CA and Salta, Argentina
year: 2024

The art installation embodies the belief that the unfiltered vulnerability of childhood carries a universal language, one that connects us all. The art seeks to evoke a sense of unity and shared humanity by inviting viewers to witness the collective imagination of children as they explore their own unique personal journeys.

Celestial Syzygy Garden

by: Shane and Toby Robinson and Family
from: Dolan Springs, AZ
year: 2024

You spot two large Saguaro cacti and an apparatus rising up from the landscape. Approaching, you find stunning, beautifully realistic Saguaro, Ocotillo, Organ Pipe, Joshua Tree, Prickly Pear, and Barrel cacti in a circle around a massive swinging platform. Swings, benches, and posts make an octagon shape with light “stars” hanging above. Surfaces of the swings, benches, and posts have sun, moon, star, and deity cut-outs with lights inside. You rest and interact with other Burners; at first sitting by yourself on the benches revitalizing your soul, then lounging on the swings intermingling with all. Laying on the large swing with Burners, all the stars above and lights shining through the metal cut-outs is magical and you feel at peace!

Cheshire Cat Bench

by: Kaleid-Escape Experience
from: St. George, UT
year: 2024

The Cheshire Cat is a creature of change. It can appear, disappear, and change form at will. As with life, change is inevitable. This bench is placed to allow you to relax and take in the sights. If you are bold, you can be PART of the artwork!

Take a moment to rest and reflect on the world around you and what life is to you. Sit, ponder, and recover!

Chime Stool

by: Jim Williams and Bernhard T. Manning
from: Alta, UT
year: 2024

Early renditions of this device trace back to Ancient Egypt, where priests used chimes to induce altered states of consciousness and promote healing. Later, the monks developed a similar scenario with the fabled 108 worries and chimes to recognize them. The curious human mounts up on the seat, allowing things to become increasingly shaded. The user does not hear sound only through their ears, instead, through every pore of the body, nostrils, eyes, each ear drum becomes permeated, intruded, the audible being experiences sound through their entire being. The chakra of a sound’s particular influence on the user, one either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation. The awakening of the senses increases lung capacity, soothing the nerves… May the Chime Stool awaken your experience and direct your destiny. Presto…. Sound Cleanse O’matic…


by: Logan Gonzales
from: Austin, TX
year: 2024

ChromaCove stands as a geometric beacon on the Playa, its form a towering assemblage of mosaic-like shards that shimmer with an array of serene, changing lights. The piece embodies a visual symphony of unity, its constant luminescence a silent testament to cohesion amid diversity. It serves as a mirror to the onlooker’s psyche, each color transition reflecting the ever-evolving dance of thoughts and emotions that define the human experience. Through its tranquil presence, ChromaCove communicates a narrative of introspection and the inherent connectivity of all beings in the vast canvas of the night.


by: Rebecca Rashkin
from: Tucson, AZ
year: 2024

ColorClock stands as a minimalist lean-to shade structure, housing a 2.5 ft diameter light display at its core. Within, a low bench encourages participants to rest just above the playa. The light display, crafted with concentric circles, marks the current time, providing nuanced granularity such as the hour and minute. A user-controllable central light introduces an element of interactivity. With an intuitive control panel, the participant can manage cycle time and spectrum hues, enhancing the understanding of the piece. ColorClock, in its simplicity and interactivity, prompts contemplation of the temporal interplay of light against the expansive backdrop of the playa landscape.


by: Jim Cortez, Electric Gerbil Arts
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Biking in the deep playa, participants are drawn to a series of lights set in patterns that aim to attract from a distance. They find a beautiful dining table has already been set, with others welcoming them for a meal that will never arrive. The ambiance changes as they interact with fellow diners.

The piece itself is primarily a custom-built table for 8 with inlaid LED’s, a spherical centerpiece, and place settings affixed. Encapsulating the piece are 8 legs custom fabricated from metal tubing, primarily supporting shade cloth, a chandelier, and a beacon. LEDs will coat the beacon and chandelier, as well as run along the poles. LED Animations synchronize with patterns or sequences that aim to delight and inspire conversation.

Coney McConeface: The Life and Death of a Traffic Cone

by: Chris "Kiwi" Hankins, ConeCophony Collective
from: Dargaville, New Zealand and Reno, NV
year: 2024

Coney McConeface is a larger than life traffic cone. At 60 feet tall he will tower over the playa. He is painted in bright safety orange and reflective silver bands. He has steam rising around and through him. This steam is coming from a crack in the playa caused from geothermal activity deep below the surface.

Coney has been built on top of this geothermal activity to project the citizens of Black Rock City from falling into the cavity and and being injured or burnt. Coney is a symbol of safety and protection, an image we all very familiar with in our day to day lives…traffic cones are everywhere…


by: Constanza Castaño
from: Santiago, Chile
year: 2024

CONFLUIR is the result of different suggestions of contrasts: interior and exterior, appear and camouflage, rigid and malleable, reflect and veil, environment and detail.

Its distorted reflections embody the contexts that surround it, including the spectators who inhabit it. By concentrating on its outer and concave side, the protagonist of your mirror is an image more similar to the real one, slightly deforming any information that surrounds it. On their interior and convex faces, the prisms produce an abstract result, fragmenting everything we observe into small parts.

Cookie Critter Carousel

by: The Chicken Run Committee
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2024


by: NiNo
from: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
year: 2024

COQUÍ, a symbol of artist NiNo’s homeland, Puerto Rico, is a charming arboreal frog who sings amid the sounds of the rainforest where he lives. This project will invite our community to explore Coquí’s many attributes, taking a trip inside his enlarged throat, and being fully immersed in his world as he sings.

Crystal Cairn

by: Robert G. Burch
from: Carbondale, CO
year: 2024

Cairns are a way-finding symbol across the world. This piece is meant to be a beacon between the city and deep playa or a place to fit and feel centered.

Curiosity Scenic Overlook

by: Weldon Else
from: Juneau, AK
year: 2024

Whether you are tired of pedaling, or amplifying feelings about the ultimate destination, this scenic viewpoint gives you another perspective to consider.

Curious Floral Display

by: Jeff Tangen
from: Port Townsend, ME
year: 2024

A Curious Bouquet is an assemblage of fanciful flowers and foliage constructed out of several different materials, including parts from disassembled machines and recycled materials. The goal is to create fun and interesting objects that make people happy and spark their sense of wonder.

Dancing Balloon Robot

by: Sep Ghas
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

The project focuses on building large-scale bipedal robots that dance among people.
To ensure safety, the robots are lightweight and use buoyancy to assist balance.
The true artistic aspect of the project comes to light when the robots dynamically move, walk, and dance, conveying emotion through motion.

Desert Pop

by: Lance Dehné
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

From a distance, it might remind one of a multi-layered sundial or colored sails. If it were fixed in place, it could be a sundial but, since it is made to rotate with the wind, time would stand still. Therefore, colored sails would be a better description. Even though the sails don’t capture air and blow in the wind, should the conditions be right, when the desert floor radiates heat and the shimmering illusion of water presents itself as a mirage, it becomes “schooner” like. As one gets closer, the distinctive shapes and colors reduce the proverbial “what is it?” to “it is merely a piece of art”. Standing alone, for itself only, not attempting to cloak into any other reality. An art “tower” protruding from the flat, white desert.


by: Marshmallow
from: International
year: 2024


An invitation to consider rules and regulations, a sense of judgement, self control, and blindly obeying restrictions.

Experience the enigmatic allure of this installation. Lit against the playa’s canvas, a wooden structure stands, beckoning with gentle illumination. As visitors draw near, a cautionary message echoes. Anchored firmly, it embodies a captivating juxtaposition of desire and restraint. Encounter this thought-provoking creation, where each step is an ethical conundrum.

Down the Rabbit Hole

by: Darrell Ansted and Katie D'Arcangelo
from: Boulder, CO
year: 2024

Down the Rabbit Hole is a 10′ tunnel of steel rings, each 8 feet in diameter, aglow with LED lights leading to a 10-foot tall, polygon-faceted rabbit of reflective stainless steel on a
LED interactive floor, dancing to the rhythm of sounds. The installation is a beacon of invitation, reflection, and chromatic bursts. The metaphorical “Down the Rabbit Hole” invites a journey into the unknown, igniting curiosity and discovery, urging them to shed the constraints of time and societal norms to embrace the joy, play, and wonder of exploration. It’s a celebration of art’s transformative power, uniting people in wonder and play.

Dream Slide

by: William Nemitoff
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2024

A glowing unicorn, larger than life.
A journey into dreams and out the other side.
White facets by day, a luminescent aurora by night.
A slide runs down the glowing mane.
Dream Slide embodies childhood wonder and fantastic visions, responding to our bodies as our dreams respond to our minds.

Echoes of the Heart

by: Art By 3.6.9.
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

Echoes of the Heart is a biomorphic anatomical human heart containing a “neural network” of nearly 100 acoustic LED fibers that carry light and sound throughout the structure. It collects and plays back hundreds of heartfelt audio recordings from participants, symbolic of the memories of pain, grief, trauma, and love that our hearts carry throughout our lives.

What’s the most beautiful, hurtful, or moving thing anyone has ever said to you? Can you still remember the way you felt when you heard it? What is something you’ve always wanted to say to someone but never could? What words has your heart carried for a lifetime?

El Diabla

by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA and Reno, NV
year: 2024

On the first Monday of the event Crimson Rose extracts a flame from the sun to light a fire in El Diabla, a special cauldron located in Center Camp. For the flame to continue burning it must be stoked, disturbed, and kept alive throughout the entire week. We encourage all those that encounter El Diabla to help keep this flame alive.

Electric Dandelions

by: Abram Santa Cruz
from: Long Beach, CA
year: 2024

The Electric Dandelions are 24 ft tall dandelion sculptures that double as fireworks at night. The dandelion bulbs come to life at night as the LED animations take hold and mesmerize you with their bright and intense light show. Sit down and enjoy the lights or dance and see the beautifully geometrically designed metal and acrylic sculptures.

Equinox of Curiosity

by: KiKi Stewart and Rob Beckwith
from: Asheville, NC
year: 2024

Equinox of Curiosity explores the transformative power of paradox through the theme of curiouser and curiouser. With its glowing googly eyes and playful appearance, it beckons viewers into an introspective journey. Standing at 9 feet tall, the dual-headed horse serves as a profound metaphor, prompting contemplation on embracing uncertainty and navigating fears. This sculpture symbolizes resilience and personal growth, urging observers to discover new perspectives and embrace the joy found in the unexplored.

Existential Group Therapy

by: Kendal and the Existentialists
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

Existential Group Therapy is not for the faint of heart. Come explore your deepest thoughts with others while also finding comedic relief in the absurdity of the universe. Pull up a chair with a stranger or with familiar faces during the day or in the darkest of night to begin the process. Thoughts of dread, confusion, and curiosity are all welcomed.

Eye Beamer

by: Adam Frey
from: La Ventana, Mexico and Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2024

Eye Beamer is a wind-driven, spinning mirrored helix, a scaled-up follow-up to last year’s Face Grinder.

Fable Bound

by: Build to Strike
from: Denver, CO
year: 2024

Viking (v): to go on a sea voyage.

Fable Bound is a 20-foot iconic Viking longship and immersive experience created to honor the importance of our individual and collective storytelling. The ship itself is created out of reclaimed materials and sways as if sailing on the ocean. Through the lens of history and Norse mythology, Fable Bound explores the power in the stories we all tell and create. Whether you find yourself riding in the calm seas or Thor’s stormy weather, it is an opportunity for voyagers to answer the call to adventure. Embarking on a hero’s journey transcends time and space. What one may discover along the way, either by sea or within themselves, only the Gods know!

Field of Dreams

by: Chris
from: Los Angeles, CA and Stuttgart, Germany
year: 2024

As Burners navigate a field of five sculptures, they become active participants in its ever-shifting tapestry, their interactions shaping the contours of this ephemeral realm.
The Field of Dreams symbolizes the boundless potential of human connection. Its dynamic spatial forms, composed of luminous structures and mesmerizing soundscapes, evolve throughout the event, mirroring the ever-changing nature of our relationships.

Finding the Light

by: Kevin Necessary
from: Bend, OR
year: 2024

The art installation “Finding the Light” consists of 3 large steel and stained-glass monoliths. They are strategically placed on playa with exact distances from each other and perfectly aligned with the sun. As the sun heads to the west, the shadows and colors of the stained glass begin to elongate and interact with the playa surface. The monoliths alone are abstract geometric forms which can be explored and interacted with throughout the day.

Twice a day, sunrise and set, the long shadows from the monoliths and colors from the stained glass will form a beautiful church on the playa surface.

An 8′ high observation deck with a preacher’s podium, perfectly placed for the sunset shadow, will be placed on playa as well.

Fintastic School of Art

by: Dan Barnes, The Tinkers Knot
from: St. George, UT
year: 2024

The oceans and the winds are a large part of the world around us. A school of fish swimming in the ocean are never still, always shifting, always moving, always swimming. This school of playa land fish rely on the wind to give them motion. As long as the wind blows and shifts, they are forever changing direction and moving as a school.


by: Gus and Marie, WayLate
from: Marseille, France
year: 2024

FlyTrap is an interactive LED star ready to dance with you all night long. Kids love it as it reacts as they interact with it.

Forest of Confusion

by: Forest of Confusion
from: Denver, CO
year: 2024

A grove of Colorado Blue Spruce trees, with a central clearing, where participants can wander between the trees. Twenty-five trees make up the grove, and they will be spaced out in a way that obstructs the central clearing from outside sight.

During the night, the networked trees will light up together to display solid colors. The trees will be touch-sensitive, and participants will have to interact with each tree to unlock new color patterns. After a set amount of time, the tree color patterns will time out and revert to a solid color. If participants activate every tree before the time runs out on any of them, they will unlock the full forest grove of patterns.

Gaia Weeps

by: Mike Malecki, "Festie" and Dmitriy Yastrebov, "Yastronaut"
from: Grass Valley, CA and Bowling Green, KY
year: 2024

Gaia Weeps is a slightly larger-than-life copper sculpture of goddess Gaia, holding in her hands a world that is aflame with destruction. Gaia is crying tears of sadness which fall from her face sizzling upon the globe on impact. The front of the base has a monitor showing a looped video clip showing the current destruction happening in our world on a daily basis. Gaia is looking out on a group of stumps left over from a forest being clear cut, created out of Hempcrete; the tree stumps give those watching the clip a place to sit and reflect. The art piece will use recycled materials whenever possible and will generate its own power supply using solar and wind turbine energy. Materials include steel, copper, brass, bronze, and gold as elements of the earth.


by: Iron Monkeys
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2024

Glimmer is a grand crown made of steel vines, vibrant resin and steel flowers, and colorful gems. Inside the crown a fire pit and benches invite people to pause, observe, and consider the reality around them. At night gems will glow and points of the crown will ignite, creating a spectacle of light and heat.

Goa Gil Farewell Darshan

by: Gateeko
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

We are excited to bring Baba Goa Gil’s psychedelic aesthetic presence and energy to Black Rock City. The intention of this project is to honor his legacy and offer a glimpse into the dark psy dance floors decorated with psychedelic intent.
Goa Gil
October 11, 1951- October 26, 2023

Gravity Organ

by: David Gomez
from: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2024

The gravity organ is an 8ft tall organ tube powered by gravity and love.


by: Michael Spraker and Marco Minaya, Night Visions Studio.
from: Capistrano Beach, CA
year: 2024

Greed is a twenty first century, larger-than-life winged gargoyle, perched on top of the earth and lording over humanity. Greed depicts the ageless crisis of individuals, institutions, and countries striving for power and control at the expense of humanity and our environment. As the viewer stands in front of this frightening monster, we are faced with multiple mirrors on its chest that reflect, in part, both the problem and the solution to the crisis—us. Our goal is to generate anger at what is happening in our world today, such as oppression, exploitation, predatory violence, institutional greediness, and environmental degradation. Next, to spark introspection and self-reflection about how we contribute to the problem through insatiable consumerism.


by: McKenzie Genin and The Green Bucket Lab
from: Woodside, CA
year: 2024

HEARTH is an expression of ambivalence and symbolism, the individual and interconnectedness, with a strong emphasis on the duality of human and planetary experiences. Exploring themes of healing and destruction, liberation and confinement, and the complex interplay between these elements. HEARTH encourages a shift in perspective from the individual human experience to a broader, collective and planetary viewpoint. In essence, the philosophy of HEARTH is to use ART as a vehicle to explore the nature of individual and collective human existence and its intricate relationship with the planet, acknowledging the ambiguity and tensions that arise as we grapple with these complex emotions and challenges.


by: Peyton Scott Russell, Solid Metal Arts, Pyramid Lake Museum
from: Minneapolis, MN
year: 2024

HABA: Paiute term for shadow. HABA is intended to honor generations of the Paiute Nation at Burning Man and to encourage community members to engage in the history of the people and land upon which Black Rock City exists.

Shadows resulting from the sculpture represent a people’s spirit and the history embedded in the land. HABA may also initiate an understanding of the history of the playa and why/how “Playa Magic” happens, as a spiritual aura occupied this space for centuries. People lived, died, prayed, gave ceremonies, and were murdered on playa. This piece begins to unveil the story of this land and the Paiute as the original stewards of the land.

Hakuna Matata: Ephemeral Shadows

by: Aleksey Bogdanovskiy
from: Zhodino, Belarus
year: 2024

Our installation explores themes of ephemerality, perception, and the quest for deeper understanding. By navigating the labyrinth, participants encounter a series of paintings that challenge their grasp of reality, preparing them for the introspective climax. The central art object, illuminated to cast enduring shadows, symbolizes the transient yet impactful nature of existence. These shadows, living multiple lifetimes during the festival, embody wisdom and maturity, contrasting sharply with the fleeting nature of our daily experiences.


by: TheWiz Trammell
from: Portland, OR
year: 2024

Chaos and Resonance. Cycles and Epicycles. Movement evokes sound. Forms are implied. An unexpected order arises. Harmonia is a highly interactive spherical sculpture with spokes animated by light in harmonically related motion. Be the artist.


by: Kowboy
from: Bend, OR
year: 2024

Hearth is a heartwarming place to sit, contemplate, and let your curiosity flow.

Heartless Dino

by: Arturo Gonzalez and Maria Izaguirre
from: Saltillo, México
year: 2024

Heartless Dino is a sculptural replica of Acantholipan Gonzalezi, a new species from 72 million years ago, created using metal sourced from dismantled parts of confiscated weapons. It is surrounded by light bulbs, with a structure and netting that allude to a portal, blurring the boundaries not only in space and time, but also between science, art, reality, and fantasy. Above, there lies the heart of the dino, crafted from natural fabrics.

The Heartless Dino serves as an opportunity to transmute, through art, the atrocities implicit in environments of violence, while prompting reflection on the importance of intention and collective action in transforming reality. This collective action stems from a limitless imagination, celebrating fantasy, love, wonder, and curiosity.


by: Chad Wing and Nate Turley
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2024

HELIOS is harmonic wave phenomena incarnated in a massive, highly interactive kinetic LED sculpture. Suspended more than 18ft above you and spanning nearly 60ft long, this immersive tension structure visualizes the essence of a soundwave, dynamically responding to the movements of those who engage with it. HELIOS beckons the audience to become the conductors of this multi-sensory instrument of color and light. Enveloping you in a warm embrace, it dances gracefully, suspended in air, filling your field of view with its undulating tendrils punctuated on each end with a bright LED petal.

Hortus Lux

by: Eric Sagotsky
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

Inspired by succulents in the arid desert, Hortus Lux is a restful oasis by day and an invitation to play by night. Each of the five woven hammock leaves accommodates two.

How Much is Life?

by: Yaroslav Korets
from: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2024

Reflecting on the Kurenivka Mudslide tragedy and the horrors at Babyn Yar, How Much Is Life contrasts the stark monetary valuation of lives against their intrinsic worth. This installation mirrors the unforeseen rain on last year’s playa, serving as a metaphor for the tears shed for those lost in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and past injustices. It’s an interactive canvas that invites Black Rock City citizens to contemplate and discuss the true value of a life, beyond the dehumanizing toll of war and historical catastrophes. Our hope is to inspire a deeper collective awareness of life’s immeasurable value in a world too often preoccupied with quantifying the invaluable.

Hug Cabana

by: Anthony Koenn
from: Nevada City, CA
year: 2024

Hug Cabana is a hugging booth.


by: Mark Rivera aka Kidnetick
from: Santurce, Puerto Rico
year: 2024

A habitat is where an organism lives. The goal of Hábitat is to show the beauty of coexistence and community through a sculpture thats feels like it is a living organism, breathing and thriving when whatever is living inside can live together in peace.

I Ching O-Matic

by: Runester
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

A wooden spinner stands aside a record-keeping console that illustrates graphically the results of each of the 6 spins of an I Ching reading. The console contains wooden slats that correspond to the 8 symbolic trigrams of Chinese culture. The wooden pieces placed on the console help provide a clear view of the divination process. There are informational signs that help the querent formulate questions, which lead to comprehensible answers and the nature of change in their lives. The new version of the I Ching O’Matic now has 64 wooden tablets that provide a simple synopsis on one side, and on the other, extraordinary details revealing great complexity within each hexagram for those who wish to learn more.

I'm Fine

by: Oleksiy Sai
from: Kyiv, Ukraine
year: 2024

I’m Fine refers to the situation known to every person in the world when we answer, “I’m fine” to the question “How are you?” Everything can be absolutely not fine in truth. We think the artwork, I’m Fine, strikes a chord not just for ourselves, as Ukrainians, who are trying to keep going despite everyday challenges for each of us and for the country. This is the story known to every person on Earth. Each of us has participated in such a dialogue at least once in this life. This artwork emphasizes the importance of being honest and admitting the need for help and support, on the one hand, and to be considerate towards the people around us.


by: Ross Butler and Coneheads Local 208
from: Boise, Idaho
year: 2024

Illumicone is light art driven by participation and interaction. A softly glowing presence draws participants inside where they encounter strange mechanical widgets. As they play with the widgets, patterns of light move in response, surrounding the participants with a dazzling color spectacle of their own creation.

Illumicone is 19 feet tall at its center and 38 feet across at its base. Cables descending from the top of the cone carry 4800 individually controlled LEDs. Inside the cone are interactive, mechanical widgets. Participants manipulate the widgets, causing patterns of light to dance across the LEDs. Some widgets drive colored lines and rings while others create sparkles or showers of color droplets.


by: Anil Mantri
from: Sacramento, CA
year: 2024

Here lies the Kraken from the deep! Infinipus is brilliant – and is able to mimic it’s surroundings. During the day, the mirrors will assist it in camouflaging with the dusty environment. At night, Infinipus is alive with color-changing infinity mirrors.

Inner Interface

by: Jeff Pernell
from: Missoula, MT
year: 2024

The Inner Interface is an interactive art sculpture that delves into human consciousness and the intricate link between self-reflection, meditation, and perception. At its center sits the pyramid, symbolizing self, stability, and enlightenment. Within it resides the essence of the individual.

Floating within and beyond the pyramid are spheres, representing the myriad thoughts and perspectives in our minds. Initially contained within, these spheres extend outward, illustrating the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds. This underscores the artwork’s core message: by exploring our inner selves through practices like meditation, we refine perceptions and influence the world.


by: Josh Zubkoff and Srikanth Guttikonda, Looking Up Arts
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Interlace is a family of three hyperboloids. When in motion, hyperboloids seem to curve and bend, yet are only composed of rigid, straight lines. As participants rotate the outer ring, these strange creatures twist; transforming from a linear body into an elegant hourglass figure and back again.

Invoke The Fiery

by: Héloïse Roueau
from: Paris, France
year: 2024

A ritual 15-foot metal portal adorned with spiderweb patterns awaits. Enhanced by a circle of lotus lace patterns, it guides participants on a transformative journey. At its heart, a suspended bell resonates with each passage under the arch. Illuminated by red light at night, it draws inspiration from Hindu Kali mythology. Participants get to shed their burdens and embrace renewal. Along the path, several metal bowls beckon. Participants can inscribe their burdens on stones before passing under the arch, accompanied by ritual sounds. A fire ritual, burning offerings on sheets, enriches the experience. Through these symbolic acts and immersive engagement, Invoke The Fiery becomes an invocation to change, urging passage and liberation from burden.

Island of Lost Buoys

by: Lillian Heyward
from: Bluffton, SC
year: 2024

The Island is an oasis on the playa. It is a place to recline on our soft shores, swing in the hammock. Climb to the crow’s nest and peer out into the dust for approaching pirates. The Island is made of things we humans have cast off, transformed into a creative place of play. It is also a reminder of what we can create when we reuse and repurpose; and in doing so, save the places we love that are being inundated with our waste, overconsumption, and pollution. At Burning Man it’s a place of rest, to meet, make friends, and be children again.

iSMS - inter Species Message Service

by: Blue and Felice
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

A young messenger takes flight upon a giant hummingbird in order to
deliver messages from the human species to the animal kingdom.
If communication as humans know it could be translated and shared with animals,
what would we say? How might our relationship change with the creatures of earth if we could communicate with them in a verbal way?

It's All Salt

by: Amy Romanello and Zach Dunton, Nothing Two Serious
from: Berlin, Germany and Reno, NV
year: 2024

It’s All Salt is a wooden, brain-shaped sculpture crafted from digital MRI brain scans shared by burners and friends. Each slice is built from the brain of a different person. It transforms neuroimaging data into a sculpture that can be explored by interacting with the brains and stories of others.

Playing on the perspective that brain function – and all that the brain underlies – requires a balance of “salty” ions, It’s All Salt is a unified representation of a deeply personal, often isolating event: imaging of the brain in an attempt to understand a symptom, behavior, or experience of unknown origin. It’s All Salt highlights the absurdity and beauty of the brain, a complex system that can be both incredibly sensitive and resilient.


by: Joya
from: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Punta del Este, Uruguay; San Francisco, CA; and Portland, WA
year: 2024

Joya is a black metallic structure that has the shape of an upside-down diamond formed by six columns, 6 levels of removable static platforms. It has six sides. The columns are structural irons and the platforms are folded metal plates.

The art piece has a deep meaning in our Argentine culture. “Estoy Joya”, means when people are having a good time, all they say is “I’m Joya!” An English translation would mean that you’re in a jewel, splendid place. Or state, frame of mind.

Joya is surrounded by 6 structural totems, making the area for dancing and enjoyment bigger, enhancing the idea of inclusion while boosting the lights show. The gathering, the sharing, the root and fundamental of having a great time, while connecting with other beings.

Kaleidoscope Hole

by: Michaela Hares
from: Eugene, OR
year: 2024

Taking from the theme of this year’s Burning Man, Kaleidoscope Hole (as its name suggests) brings up thoughts of curiosity, infinity, psychedelia, creativity, and mischief. Kaleidoscope Hole is a conceptual, life-size kaleidoscope created by three painted standalone wooden rings, spaced apart and descending in size, and lit by LEDs at night to create a kaleidoscope-like view. It is an endless void of changing colors and patterns, where participants can lose themselves for the time that they choose to live within its world. Or they can partake in the creation of colors and movement by touching and spinning the Kaleidoscope Hole rings.


by: Sharyl McGrew and the Woodbutchers' Collective
from: Sebastopol, CA
year: 2024

Kalos is a walk-through kaleidoscope, abstracting beauty into dynamic, moving fractals, reflecting and reinterpreting life on the playa. The piece welcomes burners to walk through its forty-foot triangular space, and experience changing reflections that encourage new thoughts around space, time, and existence. Enter Kalos, the Greek word for beauty, and participate in the creation of beauty, both visually and physically.

The interior will be a mirrored triangle. The piece will be constructed in a series of 4′ wide sections, with 1′ between each section, so light and movement from outside will contribute to the images that people see inside. The exterior will be a moving metal and glass sculpture, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of the playa.

Library Of Emotions

by: Jordan Stewart
from: Oakdale, CA
year: 2024

Life is sewn together from a galaxy of emotions, ebbing and flowing like a nonstop body of water. Every day, you walk through life transitioning from one emotional state to another – some simple and pleasant, others powerful and wild. The Library of Emotion is a space containing a tangible multi-sensory display of these emotions, and just like in life, you will have the chance to walk through these clouds of feelings. Each area of this space will represent one of Paul Ekman’s five basic emotions used in the atlas of emotions (anger, disgust, fear, enjoyment, sadness), overlapping with each other to create a geometric organization that the participant can wander through and experience these familiar emotions, and find interesting spaces in-between.

Library of Light

by: Quentin Helgren
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

The Library of Light is an interactive wall display of light. Crafted from steel and 2000 warm white LED light bulbs, this 15×30 ft installation is a blank canvas of light. Each individual bulb has a switch, and participants are encouraged to express themselves by creating shapes, writing messages or making patterns, opening up endless possibilities to shape the environment with light. Half the display is accessible from ground level and the top half is accessible from the two rolling library ladders on either side of the piece. The Library of Light is a sustainable project powered by 20 solar panels and salvaged EV batteries, keeping the magic going all night long.

Life is a Puzzle

by: Victor Spinelli
from: Ibiza, Spain
year: 2024

At its core, this artwork is a colossal, multi-colored puzzle symbolizing life. However, its true significance lies in its portrayal of people coming together to support one another.

Light Curve

by: Sam Cooler, Art for Open Spaces
from: San Francisco Bay Area
year: 2024

Light Curve is a rogue star ball of fire, mounted on a swinging arm, which is moved by participant interaction. Twenty independent flame heads, in synchrony with LEDs, react to participants with exciting dynamics.

Live Dangerously, Carefully

by: Jamie Joyce and friends around the world
from: Berkeley, CA and Houston, TX
year: 2024

In the night it twinkles and glistens, in the day it blazes and shines! What is it? It’s a pile of treasures from around the world! There are layers of intricate detail and tons of tiny discoveries to find. There are many wondrous treasures of the human spirit to unearth – all of which can be yours if you decide to live dangerously, carefully.

Lost in Thought

by: Matthew Schultz
from: Somewhere sunny with a workshop and some water
year: 2024

Lost in Thought is a life-sized sculpture of a person meditating, with the layers of self splitting away like the leaves of a lotus flower to reveal a skeleton in repose. Lost in Thought is a simple project inspired by the challenging conditions from Burning Man 2022 and Burning Man 2023 and the feelings that I struggled with while trying to find joy in suffering. Lost in Thought is made of blown playa dust sculpted onto a simple recycled metal frame and is meant to decay into just the skeletal frame underneath as the week goes by.

Love Shines Down

by: Aaron Cronshey
from: San Leandro, CA
year: 2024

The Love Shines Down molecule will be a beautifully crafted playground of wood joinery and delightful lighting elements, both simple and complex. The piece will be approximately 18 ft long, composed of one pentagon followed by three hexagons supported by a matrix of charred timber framing work representing the carbon molecular structure. Love Shines Down is playful and approachable but provides a deeper look at a journey of discovery and new perspectives, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusion and tolerance. We hope this molecule brings smiles to faces and curiosity to minds. All interpretations are welcome, as embracing different perspectives encourages richer dialogue and connection to the piece and within the community.

Lucid Beacon

by: Hannah Warner, Hannah Warner Media
from: Birmingham, AL
year: 2024

Lucid Beacons is an interactive art installation, where three intertwined metal diamonds come to life with LED lights as dusk turns to night. By day, these structures gently frame their environment. When the moon ascends, they awaken, bathing the space in ethereal light and inviting engagement. Participants can step up to a mystical podium equipped with arcade-style controls, changing the lights to their liking, weaving their own luminary spell. Encircled by hammocks and chairs, this sanctuary in the moonlight becomes a cradle for tranquility, conversation, and connection.

Lyre '72

by: Diana Merkel
from: Denver, CO
year: 2024

Lyre – an instrument as old as ancient Greece. Symbol of harmony, union of cosmic forces, love, and devotion. ’72: the year the artist was born into a house filled with mid-century modern design. Lyre ’72 explores how our worlds are intricately woven together; that no matter the era, we can find commonality.

Lyre ’72 is a series of seven wooden orbs that are each woven with thousands of feet of paracord. It was created as a memorial to the artist’s mother, who recently passed from dementia and Alzheimer’s. As is so often the case with these diseases, one begins to remember more about the past than to understand the present; so the artist wanted her memorial to focus on the idea of nostalgia but in a modern context.


by: Sharon DeMattia
from: Fairfax, CA
year: 2024

Madrigal is a renaissance harmony of rich texture and many voices. It is a physical, visual, and audio experience through which humans merge with nature.

The Bird-headed Earth Spirits stand over a human-sized nest. A sonic landscape translates the sound signature of a redwood tree into a somatic experience of oneness. Participants climb into a vibrating fur-lined nest while the Earth Spirits sing.

Nature is the sound healer.

Mani Padme

by: Christopher Schardt
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

Mani Padme is a 9-foot tall, 5-foot diameter cylinder with 32 vertical bars of full-color, computer-controlled LEDs around its circumference. The cylinder spins on a vertical axis, but there is no motor. It only spins when someone spins the cylinder by hand. As it spins a rotary encoder lets the computer know, 360 times per second, what angle the cylinder is. The computer choose the colors of the LEDs using this information to display a solid cylinder of light, making use of the eye’s persistence-of-vision characteristic.


by: Christopher Schardt
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

Mariposa is a 26′ wide aluminum butterfly, hovering 15′ overhead, with 39,000 LEDs. The tower that holds it aloft has an 8′ wide porch swing. When visitors swing on it, the motion makes the wings flap, making Mariposa uniquely interactive and immersive. The animated patterns displayed on the LEDs are chosen to choreograph pieces of classical music, played by four speakers disguised as flower pots.

Matter Out Of Time

by: MJ and Colin, Glass House Arts
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2024

Time machines? They sound like theremins. That’s the rule.

Matter Out of Time (MOOT) appears as a giant, shiny, spiky ball, partially embedded in the playa. The aluminum tubes span some 25 feet, but are surprisingly easy to climb. Inside the ball you find a captains’ station, controls, and screens, but nothing seems to be working. You activate the initiation sequence, and the machine, with a thump and a flash, comes alive! A video appears on the screen in front of you, and the controls are flashing, so you reach forward, and < eeeeeooooouuuuuuummmmmm>

Is all of this a step towards a real time machine? Well, there’s definitely been a clear progression through time…

Memory Decay

by: Sa Misiura
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Memory Decay will stand as a monument that can be scaled in several ways. The initial idea can be a rugged, abandoned bus stop overtaken by plants, including an overhang with seating surrounded by an abandoned pile of luggage with vines and flowers growing out of it. The overhang design is a mixture of Soviet-era bus stop designs whose walls will have a floral mural painted on them. The foliage will give the bus stop an ambient but enticing glow.
The luggage is to look worn and its contents to appear as if they are the last vestiges of meaningful substance to the people who had to abandon them. The way the plants have overtaken this seemingly abandoned space is meant to symbolize how life finds a way no matter what.


by: Michael Emery
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2024

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river”, or a bicycle on a dry lakebed, laughing and playing as you cantor around the Black Rock Playa.
Look over there! Something shiny!
Approach it!
We dare you.
As you get closer you will notice the shiny thing gets very intricate, a steel onion dome shape with a fractal pattern cut into it, creating a 3-dimensional steel doily.
Come in closer, it’s talking to you. What is it saying? Where is it leading you?
“Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.”

Mir or

by: Stanislav and Irina Shminke
from: Yekaterinburg, Russia
year: 2024

This piece reminds us that even the darkest tools of destruction can be transformed into objects of contemplation and art. It urges us to consider the consequences of our actions and choices, emphasizing the importance of striving for peace and preserving our cultural and natural heritage for future generations.

Mokosh Temple

by: Hania Abramowicz
from: Warsaw, Poland
year: 2024

In Mokosh’s realm, we seek to find,
A union of hearts, of like-minded kind.
The goddess of life, of earth and of care,
Guides our journey, with love to share.

In her sacred womb, a temple stands tall,
With an empowering center, defying all.
A symbol of freedom, of strength and of grace,
Inviting expression in this hallowed space.

Here, hearts beat in a rhythmic dance,
In a spectacle of light, we’re lost in trance.
Each pulse, a note in a symphony grand,
Uniting us all, hand in hand.

As day turns to night, the temple glows,
In the heart of Mokosh, our collective heart shows.
The beats of life, the soul’s gentle call,
In this magical space, we are one and all.

In the heart of Mokosh, our spirits soar free,
In this temple of wonder, our unity we see.

Mona Mushroom

by: Mona Miao He and Li Quan Sheng
from: Hangzhou, China
year: 2024

Mona is an eight-meter-tall, pink metal sculpture of a mushroom that evokes a soft, organic feeling, even though it is very strong, being constructed from stainless steel. The ancient fungus, which has been living within the mycelial network beneath the playa for over a billion years, has decided to emerge from the ground this year. Through a wormhole in its stem, citizens can enter inside of the mushroom, which is made of a metal that is polished to act as a mirror, allowing participants to explore the weirdness and depth of their inner worlds. Whimsical artistic lights dancing within the mushroom and lasers outside of it transform its surrounding into a magical world. Follow the rabbit to join us in exploring this wonderful mushroom world.


by: Harley Bergsma
from: Truth or Consequences, NM
year: 2024

Monoceros in Greek means “one horn.” This visually striking temple boat explores what having one horn means by exploring various unicorn appearances through time and from around the world. On the outside, a tall wooden temple resides on top of a wooden ship floating on the playa. The piece combines elements from the artist’s Dutch ancestry of wood ship building along with Chinese ancestry of floating meditation temples. Inside, a museum of exhibits will entertain and illuminate the best of unicorn virtues and lore. Through this experience, people can discover their own unique unicorn magic and bring them forth to the world. Ultimately, we are all of one horn, we are Monoceros.


by: Aezon and Dastan
from: New York, NY
year: 2024

They drank from a bottle called DRINK ME
And she grew so tall,
A House from the playa with NO MOOP
And not too big or small.
Down the hole it goes,
And Moop discarded by the folks
Who never BOOFED nothin’ at all.

Mount Playa Alpine Resort

by: Mount Playa Ski Association
from: Sterling, MA
year: 2024

FINALLY, alpine skiing and snowboarding come to the Black Rock Desert and Burning Man. Mount Playa Alpine Resort provides 2,170* feet of vertical and over 3,000** square feet of expertly-groomed terrain for skiers and riders of all abilities***. Enjoy gourmet on-mountain dining or a quick bite from the cafeteria near the high-speed gondola****. Oh, you need a lesson and equipment rental? Dude, we’ve got you covered!
*slight exaggeration
**another slight exaggeration
***experts only
****it’s a discontinuous Poma lift

Naga and The Captainess

by: Cjay Roughgarden, Stephanie Shipman, and Jackie Scott
from: Oakland and San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Deep in the Black Rock Ocean, treasure and cargo are streaming out of the broken hull of a ship – the Aldrovanda. The ship belongs to an adventuress, who travels the world in search of knowledge, treasure, and botanical curiosities. She ferries cargo to distant ports to fund her travels. But something has gone wrong! The ship is sinking, and looming above is a giant sea serpent, looking intently for someone or something. His name is Naga, a treasure-protecting serpent, sworn to guard something that was on the ship. Did he sink it? Or is he there to help? What will we learn about the enigmatic captain from her quarters? What stories will be told around the fires? What will we discover in the treasure chests, floating into the waves?

Napahe Tunaid (Paiute for Six Fires)

by: Burnin' Dave King
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Follow the fire to Center Camp Plaza.

Nebula Rider, Goldie and Minnie

by: Adrian Landon
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Adrian Landon returns with some new vibes and energies through mechanical marvel and sculpture, with kinetic horses and Pegasi of various scales.

Nebula Shroom Grove

by: Understory Collective
from: Bogotá, Colombia and London, United Kingdom
year: 2024

Nebula Shroom Grove is a creative art installation that tackles the theme of loneliness despite our hyper-connected world. Drawing inspiration from the solitary, yet interconnected life of mushrooms, Nebula uses modular parametric structures to mimic these natural networks. Each module serves as a mini-shelter, complete with a cozy resting area on top, inviting visitors to relax and connect.

Through its design, Nebula cultivates a sense of community, encouraging social interactions, and sparking discussions around the crucial role of our personal networks and the sense of community offered by Burning Man. This installation not only highlights the contrast between isolation and connection but also celebrates the strength found in our communal bonds.

Non-standard Model

by: Evgenii Iavorovich
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2024

D-shaped cylindrical objects support each other in an attempt to conquer the standard model.

Nothing Fits

by: Meghan "Juniper the Magic Bunny" Rimelspach and Mike "Regular Mike" Bliss
from: Baltimore, MD
year: 2024

Giant pants, guaranteed not to fit. Really, really big pants, twelve times the scale of normal apparel with giant things in the pockets. This piece is meant to be a tactile playground of fun, with participants deciding how they want to interact with the clothing. We hope to answer the age-old question of, what would the man wear?


by: Vasilisa Lipatova, CANVAS
from: Irvine, CA
year: 2024

The surreal and captivating “cloud” that came down from the sky and is kept within this moment by our thoughts. Intentions and actions.

We live in the NOW, and there is nothing outside of this very moment. The reality is created constantly, it is non-linear and agile.

The installation is a unique experience. It invites the audience to interact with it, to ground, and to achieve unity.

The integrated space allows spectators to lie down, relax, feel cozy, and re-charged.

Now and Then

by: Stuart Cheshire
from: Los Gatos, CA
year: 2024

Burning Man in the year 2000.


by: Chad Rice
from: Fernley, NV
year: 2024

Obverse is a forced perspective installation exploring the relationship between the seen and unseen sides of individual people. The artwork encourages viewers to locate one of two predetermined viewpoints. From the specified locations, edges of the columns visually align to reveal a single image across all five pillars.

Ocean of Tears

by: Lukas Mark
from: Würzburg, Germany
year: 2024

Our first installation, in 2023, was the Tear Drop – an interactive, kinetic art piece. The tear drop in the middle, drops and creates waves; one single tear in a vast ocean of choices and repercussions.

Which leads us to the 2024 installation, Ocean of Tears. As the ripples become waves in a vast ocean, we can sometimes find ourselves on tumultuous waters.

As the metal crank turns the illuminated plexiglass waves, mounted on a wood frame, we discover how the motions will impact the wave going back and forth through eternity. Regardless of the direction and path we choose, it will always create cause and effect.

By night, the ocean will be illuminated by colorful LEDs, in turn illuminating the surroundings and the impactful waves of our decisions.

Ogoh Ogoh The Karmic Questioner

by: I Wayan Sunarinta and The Karma Collective
from: Bali, Indonesia
year: 2024

“The Ogoh Ogoh embodies the essence of karmic belief, serving as a tangible reminder of the power of compassion and empathy. It symbolizes the inner struggles faced when confronted with doing what’s right, even when it seems daunting. Amidst life’s chaos, it serves as a beacon of light, urging the embrace of both light and shadows. The Ogoh Ogoh, rooted in Balinese tradition, takes on a sacred role in cleansing the soul of negativity. It’s a profound reminder that by doing good deeds and embracing self-awareness, one can navigate life’s complexities with curiosity and grace.

Organic Study No. 4

by: Luis Varela-Rico
from: Las Vegas, NV and Guadalajara, Mexico
year: 2024

Organic Study No. 4 is a large-scale steel sculpture that is a clear celebration of Mexican culture. It draws inspiration from Dia de Los Muertos, the Catholic church, and colonialism. It includes an upside down cross in the archway. It acknowledges the history of colonization and its negative impact on the global community. OS No. 4 challenges the status quo and makes an argument that we don’t need to subscribe to dogmatic belief systems to accept each other. The piece uses historical and cultural references to remind people how beautiful we can be if we base our behavior from a place of love instead of greed or fear.

Outside Voice

by: CAT Camp
from: Houston, TX
year: 2024

In Deep Playa, there’s a station where, if you are lucky, there might be a bus that takes you somewhere special. At least that’s what the old Burners say – but they seem a bit mad. Sit and wait. There are ads; you already like to ‘eat bacon,’ silly advertisers! There seems to be someone listening to you – the station is not hostile but seems vaguely amused. Use your Outside Voice. Curiouser and curiouser…

P.O.D.S. (Plants of Dimensional Spatiality)

by: Tyler FuQua Creations
from: Eagle Creek, OR
year: 2024

PODS is a group of plant-like seating pods which are covered in colorful blossoms. Connecting the three pods is a series of stems that join together in the middle to form one stem, on which sits a colossal flower. Each POD will feature a beautiful circular wooden bench that is made from reclaimed wood. PODS is designed to create a space for people to chill and hang with friends new and old.


by: ArtBuilds Collective
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2024

Penumbra is a striking geometric presence in the desert landscape. During daylight, it stands as a wooden monolith, its skeletal form inviting exploration. As the sun sets, it undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. The central light within the tower becomes a beacon, casting dynamic shadows upon the desert floor, creating a poetic dance of light and dark. Participants can control the height of the light, making it an ever-evolving spectacle that beckons all to engage, climb, sit, and converse. When not under participant control, the light moves of its own accord as if by magic.

Perpetual Motion

by: David Boyer
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Perpetual Motion is a wind-driven kinetic sculpture. Three sets of colorful wind-driven paddle wheels are mounted on a tall curving steel armature. As the paddle wheels spin, they intermesh in a chaotic kaleidoscope of light and shadow.

This sculpture is designed to be fun and visually interesting. The unusual shape and movement of the motive elements stretch the envelope of what a wind sculpture can be. Perpetual Motion is a good fit with this year’s theme, as it encourages curiosity, contemplation, and thinking.


by: Franco Beverati
from: Punta del Este, Uruguay
year: 2024

PINIA symbolizes the pinecone, characteristic of the forests of Punta del Este, Uruguay. In rural tradition, the bedroom of married couples was adorned with PINIAS to wish for the formation of a large family. PINIA has multiple meanings in Spanish, like “hit” or “blow” associated with big changes.
PINIA consists of 17 hard wood octagons, each measuring 2×4 inches, of varying sizes from larger to smaller. These octagons will be installed vertically and spaced 8 inches apart from each other. Each rib has been planed and cut on one side at the desired angle to accommodate future petals. The petals will be made of birch plywood and will be attached one per side of the octagon. They also vary in size according to the rib where they are located.


by: Smash and the Swingers
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Five pairs of swings, arranged as a pentagonal swing set, will play sets of overhead organ pipes. The painted structure is primarily wood with metal structural and decorative elements, crowned with metal organ pipes. Focus is on the swings, bellows, and pipes.

At least one swing will be for children with some safety features and there will be additional adult and child swings with accessibility enhancements. One will be a horse-style glider swing for people who may not be able to sit in a regular swing.

Planetary Playground

by: Rainbow Girl
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

You feel a gravitational tug drawing you in – Planetary Playground has trapped you in its orbit! Swirling in closer, you glide past the starry gateway. With stars fading behind you, a massive representation of the Jovian (Jupiter) system looms above. Coming in for landing! You find yourself seated on one of many free-floating glowing moons, bouncing your way around the gas giant and its four satellites.

During your exploration, illuminated signage conveys the fascinating story of the worlds that surround you. But Planetary Playground is not merely a metaphor – with scheduled telescope viewings, a pinpoint of light overhead is revealed to be the actual Jupiter and moons system!

Play 4 Two: Contact

by: Bill Barclay, Writer; Alex Wyndham, Designer; Peter Bayne, Composer
from: Santa Barbara, CA
year: 2024

Play 4 Two is a piece of audio theatre on a shaded stage built for just the two of you. Put on the headphones, press the red button, and be guided through a short theatrical experience like no other with your partner. This year’s play is called CONTACT.

Playa Art Park

by: Friends of the Playa Art Park
from: Various
year: 2024

The Playa Art Park is a semi-enclosed sculpture garden in a park-like setting. It encompasses a random collection of smaller art pieces created by many different artists. This arrangement allows for 20 or more artworks to be experienced together as a group. Each art piece stands alone on open playa in a designated area, avoiding the challenges a small project might have if it were isolated. Decorative park lamps and ground lighting makes it easy to find the entire ensemble at night. Visitors are invited to spend some quality time with several pieces at once while having a seat on a park bench. The open layout of the park allows artists to present subtle themes that could be overlooked when compared to the larger art nearby.

Playa Portrait Pallet

by: Mocking Man Collective
from: Vail, CO
year: 2024

A pallet, representing the pedestal on which the burner or burners stand, will be placed on the playa across from an art frame. Those on the pallet will then become the art itself by simply posing for fellow burners to commemorate via photo while looking through the art frame opposite the pallet.


by: In Theory Art Collective
from: Huntsville, UT
year: 2024

Polychroma is an iridescent LED rainbow with interactive cloud pillars and relaxing benches. Citizens of BRC can lay awash in the beauty of the full-color spectra here and belly flop into the concept of ‘polychromatism,’ which is an expansive, subversive, heterogeneous way of thinking, being, understanding, and relating to others that cultivates beauty, diversity, strength, fulfillment, justice, and planetary health. It is set in contrast to ‘monochromatism,’ a limiting, black-and-white, homogenous, conventional way of thinking, being, understanding, and relating to others that leads to domination, weakness, boredom, injustice, and social, personal, and ecological disease.

Portal Oasis: An Inquiry into the Liminal

by: Rahel Campbell
from: Inglewood, CA
year: 2024

Portal Oasis is a tribute to the ethereal, designed to connect participants with higher thought concepts. It embodies both metaphor and physicality, showcasing a mirrored archway and ascending stairs symbolizing a threshold between realities—the liminal space. The art creates a space for participants to embrace life’s liminal moments as sacred, inviting them to activate and reflect on the new realities they are catalyzing within their personal and collective consciousness.

Portal Potty Project II

by: Baer
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

This art project is meant to bring more art into the streets of Black Rock City. It’s an eight ft high, eight ft long wall featuring murals by Bay Area artists.


by: Danny Palacios
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Portals are two gateways that anyone on foot or bike can pass through and be transported, or better yet, be transformed from one version of oneself to another. The portals invite everyone that passes through to reconsider their perspective for a more inclusive world – a world where everyone is included as equals and with love. ALL ARE WELCOME!!

Prismatic Perspectives

by: Alyssa Oliveira, Alpine Artists Collective
from: Alpine Meadows, CA
year: 2024

A view of Prismatic Perspectives from the outside will appear to be a little house entirely made of doors and windows…but not just any doors. These doors have stories to tell. Inside, from sunrise to sunset, the installation allows onlookers to experience the magic that always surrounds them. By harnessing the power to create rainbows like never before, a not-so-fleeting rainbow covers anything in its path, creating an unforgettable moment that stays with the person long after they leave the art installation. At night black lights create a captivating kaleidoscope effect through the same prismatic windows. The artist hopes to evoke feelings of child-like curiosity and playfulness to all.

Profundity Of Surrender (POS)

by: Jonathan Lim
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2024

The Profundity Of Surrender (POS) is a life-sized melting face emoji – a totem questioning the rigidity of ego – a monument to futility and surrender. The magic of BRC happens when one melts and becomes a part of the whole.

When we melt, we surrender – is it defeat or is it release? Who are we when we lose human form and are reduced to a puddle? Do we still exist in puddle form – does it even matter?

How can something so trite as a meme trigger such pointed questions of the ego? Can profundity exist in conjunction with prosaic icons of contemporary zeitgeist?

The POS might truly be the “Live, Laugh, Love” of our digital yet dystopian world.

Programmed For Pleasure

by: Marjan Torabi
from: Washington, DC
year: 2024

Humans are biologically wired to seek pleasure and enjoyment in life and can manifest in various ways such as pursuing activities to bring happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment and avoid pain or discomfort.

Project Flashlight

by: Neal Strickberger
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Project flashlight embodies the joy of light on a grand scale.

Pure, incredibly bright white beams, like fingers of god in the dust, contrast with the night sky, shining across the open playa. The interplay of beams is light in motion.

Military/NASA billion-candlepower searchlights are reanimated for art and controlled by you!

Rabbit of Curiosities

by: Daisy Mae
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

A point of convergence, a temporary portal, has opened amid other dimensions where otherworldly incarnations appear in anthropomorphic form―a gender and species non-confirming Deer GODdess of the forest realms and a 5th dimensional disco being―to meet and greet humanity, give blessings, offer enchantments and bestow magical tidings. Written instruments will be provided for those who wish to put their thoughts to paper, placed into a lockbox and transported to the temple for ritual burning.

Radial Sonic Runway

by: The Runway Crew
from: Berkeley, CA
year: 2024

The Runway Crew is back!

The Radial Sonic Runway visualizes sound waves rippling across the desert. Twenty-five gates with LED spokes form a corridor stretching out into the open playa, through which participants can walk or bike. A microphone at one end triggers patterns of light that ripple out at the speed of sound.

The original Sonic Runway, in 2003, was one-dimensional – a streak of strobe lights triggered by each bass thump. In 2016, we added another dimension – each gate was illuminated with a string of LEDs, allowing for complex patterns representing different frequencies.

With this new piece, audio waves can truly reshape the space itself. As it picks up sound and music, the Radial Sonic Runway twists, pulses, and ripples to life!

Rainbow Desert Waters

by: Aurora Ash
from: Tulum, Mexico and Paris, France
year: 2024

Rainbow Desert Waters, materializes as a floating mirage. The crystalline structures, dynamically hued, mimic desert strength and fragility; reflecting back to utilize those qualities within ourselves. The installation radiates a kaleidoscopic glow, symbolizing hope and resilience with interchanging colors. Beyond aesthetics, it resonates as a plea for water conservation, prompting reflection on responsible usage. Interactive sound and light pieces inspire a collective journey toward environmental mindfulness. Rainbow Desert Waters invites exploration, with its interplay of colors, echoing the call for conservation within the fragile beauty of the desert landscape.


by: Ryan Longo
from: Toronto, Canada
year: 2024

Reactor symbolizes freedom and the expansion of the mind. The branches unraveling and reaching towards the sky offer the viewer a way to break down their own internal barriers and grind a new way of existing. Reactor contrasting the soft organic form with industrial material portrays our relationship to society as humans trying to exist in the ever changing, hyper-technical world.

Reclamation of a Stolen Heart

by: Bronze Holbein and Strength in Numbers Collective
from: Martinez, CA
year: 2024

Reclamation of a Stolen Heart will act as a beacon to those who seek peace for their hearts, offering them a place to congregate and inviting them to reflect on their heart’s path toward healing.

The 10′ tall heart sculpture will be adorned with various kinds of reclaimed scrap metal that will incorporate different interactive and kinetic features to capture the curiosity of its viewers. A heart-shaped bench will spread out from the sculpture’s base and surround a heart-shaped bonfire pit, allowing guests of the installation to take a moment to rest their weary legs and warm up before venturing off on their next adventure.

Various colored LEDs will light the sculpture at night.

ReHatchosaurus Recyclosaurus III (aka R3)

by: Reno Core Project
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Our project will feature the dinosaur from 2023, Stella. Her eggs from last year hatched, and the baby dinos want to play with Burning Man participants. There will be five different interactive playground dinosaurs. Stella will still have her flaming tail, which will blast for various reasons.


by: Dana Albany
from: San Francisco Bay Area
year: 2024

Release is a contemplative sculpture that seamlessly intertwines the female figure with the delicate symbolism of butterflies. She will be 33′ tall and emerge from an abstract chrysalis base. Crafted meticulously from a diverse array of butterfly species, this sculpture tells a profound story of liberation, metamorphosis, and the boundless potential inherent in all. Interspersed subtly in the bottom portion of the sculpture will be various mixed-metal treasures. The dynamic interplay between the female figure and the butterflies illustrates the symbiotic relationship between personal growth, transformation, and the liberation of one’s spirit. It serves as a reminder of the power gained by letting go, as the butterflies are released above.

Relevé Ladies

by: Rebekah Waites
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

Relevé Ladies is an interactive art installation that celebrates the power of feminine expression. What began as sculptural studies for Rebekah Waites’s 2022 installation Relevé, these dancing sculptures have transformed over the last two years into an awe-inspiring series.

Created with the help of volunteers who will decorate them, they are also inspired by flowing dresses, dust devils, as well as the bronze era archeological site, “The Nine Ladies Stone Circle” which is located on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire, UK. Relevé Ladies consists of nine hand-carved manzanita trees that are embellished with various materials and other hidden surprises. Arranged in a large circle, each lady invites participants to enter their sacred space and rise up.


by: Barry Crawford
from: Silver Springs, NV
year: 2024

A mechanically-styled rhinoceros made from found objects and new steel. It has multiple manual parts for participants to enjoy.

Rotations of Time

by: Hillarie Isackson
from: Gig Harbor, WA
year: 2024

Rotations of Time is a series of three pinwheel clocks that move in measurement of the ways we perceive our greatest measurement of life.
Is time an illusion? How is it relevant? What would you request of it? Father Time stands on the pinwheel clock with a commanding presence. Its pillar adorned with watch faces in tribute of those loved ones whose time has come to pass.
The tall clock moves us fast as the wind blows, spinning the colorful pinwheel as it changes time with each rotation. Slowing us down, and then stopping time when in a place of peace.
The “real time” clock ticks, and turns, as it marches to time that is steadfast. Carrying us through life so we can connect in “real time.”
Then there is flying time, blurring its’ colors and blinding us to the present moment as we become lost in our pursuit to slow it down.
As a tribute to those who have gone before us, what’s to determine a life well lived or lost too soon? By the time lived, or by the amount of life lived?
Rotations of time will travel around the west coast with the support of volunteers, honorably ending near the Temple.

*If you, or someone you know, would like to include a watch face of a loved one who has passed, send this artist an email for a mailing address before 8/15/24 or leave it on the structure and it will be respectfully included.


by: Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson Art
from: Alameda, CA
year: 2024

Here are North America’s top animal predators presented in poses similar to the Mount Rushmore carvings of four famed United States presidents. For our animal carvings, we will employ using coins in concrete to create the color and dimension of fur. The effect has the charm of being tactile and durable for many to enjoy.

When the participant first sees this project they likely will see the Mount Rushmore comparison. Mount Rushmore’s reputation is an impressive tribute to the U.S. presidents who formed this nation; and in being that they are cut from stone, only makes their legacy seem indelible. Our substitution with predators should also create that legacy impression.


by: Kerry Veenstra
from: Santa Cruz, CA
year: 2024

Saccadia promotes an unfamiliar visual perspective and prods people to help those around them to see it. As an unmonitored public canvas, Saccadia simultaneously inspires both collective creativity and individual anarchy—its images documenting a war between refinement and ruin.


by: Clayton Blake
from: Queensland, Australia
year: 2024

Sanctum – A sacred place, a place of privacy and inviolability. An immersive, interactive experience, inviting participants to engage in a dialogue between self and surroundings.
Inhabiting the expansive desert landscape of Black Rock City, Sanctum stands as a beacon of serenity, drawing individuals into its embrace. Its form, inspired by sacred Egyptian geometry, exudes an aura of harmony and balance.

Sands of Time

by: Isabel Paget
from: London, United Kingdom
year: 2024

Sands of Time holds an opportunity for individuals to collectively reflect on their perception of the passage of time as they encounter each other at the sphere. Taking time into one’s own hands, turning the globe to observe the sands of time dissipate in multiple directions through 6 intersecting hourglasses, demonstrating the fluidity and interconnectedness of the temporal dimension.

‘Kairos’ time refers to ‘Deep Time’ whereby measurement is not dependent on the quantitative passing of time; but rather qualitative presence in which time appears to stop entirely; just like watching the sunrise over ‘Deep Playa’, a smile from a stranger, or the moment our eyes first met.

Scared Sacred

by: Dust and Beau
from: Victoria, Canada
year: 2024

Scared Sacred is a play on the balance between light and darkness. The lower half features a trunk that is entwined with serpent creatures and tentacles. The upper branches are adorned with backlit crystals and crystal chandeliers that emit a warm glow, creating a striking contrast with the darkness below. The intentional interplay between the trunk and the canopy emphasizes the balance between light and dark.

Serendipity Dispenser

by: Alicia St Rose and Van Granaroli
from: Santa Barbara, CA
year: 2024

The Serendipity Dispenser encourages gift giving experiences by providing three components: the experience, the person to gift, and the time window in which to do it. The Playa becomes a setting for a delightful scavenger hunt to find that person who will receive your gift.

Shade Of Pink

by: Gary Gunderson
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2024

Shade Of Pink is a shaded place where you can sit while contemplating all that is around you.

Shakti Chakra Shrine

by: Perry Outallnight
from: Black Rock City, NV
year: 2024

The Shakti Chakra Shrine is a puzzle of healing sounds that can be unlocked by several participants working together with the 7 pyramid-headed figures placed in an arc around a central altar.


by: Colin Bowring "Wizard"
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

Shell is a sculpture about scale and how usually when we find a shell on the beach we can pick it up to inspect it and look at its unique shape. When we find this giant shell, the exploration of the shape means walking around outside and inside the surface. The object crosses the boundary between object and environmental space. The structure is built from stainless tubes and flat stainless sheets that conform to the curved surface.


by: Laurence Renzo Verbeck
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Between sheltering pillars, valleys with their flowing, ever-changing streams create endless shadows and textures, weaving together the fabric of a sheltering experience.

Sky Gazing

by: Patrick Shearn, Poetic Kinetics Studio
from: Colorado Springs, CO
year: 2024

Sky Gazing is an aerial canopy of ribbons of colorful fabric moving dramatically with the wind, creating an illusion of a floating, dancing kaleidoscopic cloud hovering magically in the sky. Underneath, the murmuration of vibrant colors is immersive overhead, and breathtaking as it ascends to full height. Unexpectedly, the sound is gentle, like a rushing river. 


by: Circular Design MA students of Estonian Academy of Art, Ravens Landing, V2GI
from: Tallinn, Estonia and Clearlake Oaks, CA
year: 2024

When we are in a hurry, we tend to make poor decisions for ourselves, for nature.

But if we slow down, are we making better ones?

To test this idea and get a fair answer, we have decided to slow down through the help of handmade embroidery and also learn from our ancestors: by doing handicrafts while meeting with each other.

SLOW contains 24 flags, crafted in communities around the world, 24 flagpoles, and six burnt “Sysimetsä” trees to hold the space and remind us of the need to slow down from nature’s perspective. It also includes benches for contemplation and a maker station: a custom-built frame where new flags will be stitched by the citizens of BRC.

The maker station will be placed on a 256 sq ft platform that is the first phase structure for Ravens Temple (being envisioned and built for Burning Man 2025).

Sock-o-tron 4200

by: Socks from Sockdrawer
from: Behind the Couch
year: 2024

We have all pondered what it would be like inside of a dryer at some point in our life. Why is it that many washers/dryers have windows built into them? It’s something that we as a species have been unexplainably fascinated with. Perhaps there is something to gathering around and watching a tumbling dryer that pulls on our primal instincts in the same way a camp fire would. Maybe there is something more to this seemingly mundane machine.

Did you know: there has been documentation recently uncovered depicting what could be “dryers with windows” in ancient societies? Where did they come from? Was it an invention “ahead of its time” or was it…a gift from the gods?


by: David Molencupp
from: Sebastopol, CA
year: 2024

The project is a large-scale wood glue up of a head and shoulder. The shoulder is designed to stand on and whisper into the ear of the giant head. The piece is a manifesting giant.

Spiral of Secrets

by: Oz Wilcox
from: Richland, WA
year: 2024

SOS consists of four spiraling hallways that converge into a central atrium. The atrium holds a large cocoon, which houses a small kiosk where new secrets may be submitted. The piece will present old secrets via diorama peepholes, printed booklets, and sound collages. Old secret cards will be presented as paper mache attachments flanking the atrium and the entrances. The cocoon also hides a steel helix-shaped sculpture that will be revealed during our OF1 burn. The walls will be painted in abstract swirling spiral-galaxy style, at the direction of muralist CaroCaro. The layout of the piece is designed to create a giant fire vortex when burned, using the passageways as air channels.

Spirals in the Dust

by: Rob Colbert
from: Fort Collins, CO
year: 2024

Human beings and the designs we create are not special because they all stay the same, but paradoxically these things are special because they change through time as we become more of who we are as a human collective. Spirals give form to fractals, and fractals collapse into spirals, the simple makeup of who humans are as mammals, collapses into the never-ending spiral of inheritance from those who came before. This interactive playa art, the ever-changing spirals in the dust, brings the immediacy of participation and the importance of not leaving a trace as humans today. Tugging at our sense of nostalgia, enthralled in curiosity for spirograph art is made possible only by community participation.

Spun Cycle

by: Elena Neuhaus
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

The Spun Cycle is a captivating art installation that reimagines a washer and dryer, affectionately named Bubbles and Tumble, as portals to a miniature world within.

As participants approach, they are greeted by the sight of Bubbles and Tumble, standing side by side like old friends, their doors slightly ajar, as if beckoning visitors to peer inside. Upon closer inspection, viewers are treated to a mesmerizing sight: within the drums of the washer and dryer lies a pocket world teeming with life.


by: Love Growing
from: San Jose, CA
year: 2024

In this installation, individuals are depicted as sparks within swirling tornadoes of light, each following the unpredictable paths of life. These sparks meet and part within their luminous tempests, creating a dance of connection and separation. From afar, this chaotic dance merges into a stunning vista, reflecting the beauty in life’s transience and the ephemeral nature of human connections. It is a visual ode to the delicate balance between chaos and harmony, inviting contemplation on the fleeting moments that unite us all.


by: Andrey Sledkov
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2024

“Starfall” captivates with its celestial allure. The installation features five ruby stars, in a captivating descent, each meticulously crafted with a metal frame, a structure of crimson stretch fabric, and adorned with decorative wooden overlays. The stars reach up to 11 feet, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony. The installation draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. As each star delicately descends, time seems to slow, inviting visitors into a whimsical realm of magic. Ensuring structural resilience, the metal frame and wooden embellishments withstand external forces, while a robust foundation stabilizes the installation in the desert landscape.

Styx and Stones

by: Cody Steele
from: Riverton, NJ
year: 2024

The ancient flames of an eternal river erupt from the ground — a giant fountain of fire bursts from the playa and a pulsing footbridge made of magma offers a path across. The roar of flames and flickers of light are convincingly real but this river gives off no heat. It plays with the senses and makes even the bravest second guess their steps across. Styx and Stones is a sculpture that embodies the fires that ferry the dead and a living bridge made of magma. It gives everyone the chance to remember the big story and practice the fateful crossing. It is both a reminder of, and the way across to, another side.


by: Alex Silver and Michael Conn
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2024

A beautifully spinning, captivating swirl of color on soft boogie boards illuminated with EL wire around each blade of the ‘fan’.

Symbiotic Harmony

by: Dan Zahn and Camp Babe
from: Central California
year: 2024

Symbiotic Harmony uses tensegrity to create two mirrored structures that seemingly defy gravity. The upper ‘float’ piece sparks curiosity from afar, while a closer look unveils an intricate network of cables maintaining balance between the two structures. This equilibrium transcends physicality, highlighting the significance of connections and bonds in achieving harmony between seemingly opposing forces. The piece embodies the delicate balance necessary for unity among diverse perspectives, emphasizing that only together can they establish a captivating and balanced whole.

Tall Tails

by: Clinton Lesh
from: Bozeman, MT
year: 2024

This Jackalope, standing at 10 feet tall, is your imagination come to life. Tall Tails is made from many individual hairs of stainless steel, heat treated to color the hare in iridescent golds, blues and purples and sculpted in a running position to add dynamics and movement. Artist Clinton Lesh is thrilled to share this mythical project paired with the western flair that is inspired by his childhood and upbringing in rural Montana.

Te Amo Perro Gordo

by: Shmush Schwartz
from: Miami, FL
year: 2024

Te Amo Perro Gordo means “I love you fat dog” in Spanish. This is my ode to all the loved dogs that us humans treasure, and this shrine is something I hope encapsulates the love, playfulness, and healing nature of canines. Please come by and write a prayer, a song, a eulogy, a thank-you note for your puppy, whether living or in another sphere. The love you create never disappears.


by: Timofei Pivnik
from: Miami Beach, FL
year: 2024

Tepee invites participants to undergo a transformative experience, both individually and collectively. By providing a space for contemplation, self-expression, and dialogue, it encourages introspection and reflection on personal and societal values, fostering personal growth and cultural exchange. The philosophy is grounded in the principles of cultural reverence, inclusivity, environmental stewardship, interactive engagement, and transformational experience. It seeks to inspire participants to connect with one another, with nature, and with themselves, while celebrating the diversity and creativity of the human spirit.


by: Kevin Dow
from: High Springs, FL
year: 2024

It is a tesseract cube resting on a point. The inner cube will be a reflective material reflecting everything outside. The outer cube will be a one-way reflective material which will reflect the outside playa during the day and the inner cube at night. The cube will be lighted internally with LEDs.

The cube will stand approximately 9 feet high at its point. The base of the cube rests on a tripod.

Three posts will be planted equidistant around the central artwork to mark the boundary.

The (Im)possible Dialogue

by: Jean Collin-Satre, Ben Pitzer, FAFA Camp
from: Poissy, France and Oakland, CA
year: 2024

The installation is a circle of big heads, reminiscent of a blend between Stonehenge and Easter Island. Each head is fixed on an axis and turns 360 degrees. They are likely to be facing different directions, hence having an impossible dialogue.

When someone approaches a head, they hear some gibberish or white noise. When the head is turned on its axis, the sound changes, like when you are searching for a certain frequency on a radio tuner. As you turn the heads toward the center of the circle, the sound becomes a clear note. Similarly, the color of the light inside the head changes and becomes brighter.

Once the heads are all facing each other, a burst of light arises, as well as a magnificent chord composed by the respective notes of each head.

The (Middle Path) Bridge (Between Heaven and Earth)

by: See See Kwan and the Dream Team
from: East Bay, CA
year: 2024

To think about death is to think about life. The (Middle Path) Bridge (Between Heaven and Earth) is a celebration of transformation, representing the in-between transient space between Yin and Yang. It is a bridge elevated between Heaven and Earth, forever working towards balance, harmony, equanimity. It is a creative and inspiring space to practice ritual, hang out and spend time to reflect upon (pun intended). The Bridge between Heaven and Earth project gives opportunity to experience a reinterpretation of an ancient ritual practice of communication and interaction between two worlds. And to realize that life and death cannot be one without the other, that maybe death is not the end, but maybe just another beginning.

The (Re)Salvaged Spoon

by: Taylor Ann Simpson and Jason Kuster
from: Seattle, WA
year: 2024

The (Re)Salvaged Spoon is an eclectic space for Burners to socialize, explore, or rest. Colorful found objects in the walls draw observers into a rabbit hole of delight. A patchwork shade structure above holds aloft additional objects, string lights, an LED chandelier, and an exterior rotating sign. Outside, lampposts invite passers-by in on their journey across the playa, while benches welcome them to sit and watch the world go by.

The space may elicit nostalgia. The artists were inspired to create the piece out of unique salvaged materials and objects, aiming to show that something beautiful and useful can be made of items that may otherwise be overlooked, or worse, go to the landfill.

The Archeon

by: Greg Holmes
from: Nevada City, CA
year: 2024

The Archeon is an interactive light and sound sculpture that asks participants to consider how social isolation has impacted their lives and challenges them to invest in “Rebuilding True Connections.”

The Archeon is an alien, bio-metallic spore; an antenna and signaling device planted here to find sentient, cooperative life. Upon detection, it opens and broadcasts a message of hope to distant celestial objects.

The sculpture brings two participants together and engages them in a tonal call-and-response, guiding them towards singing notes in harmony. They face each other, hear each other’s voices and vocalize notes together. The sculpture responds by opening its heart, targeting a celestial object, and beaming a message of hope.

The Cosmic Messenger

by: Miki Masuhara-Page "WholeLavaLuv" and all of my amazing friends I call family
from: Portland, OR
year: 2024

The Cosmic Messenger, also known as Ms. Peggy, is an interactive piece that allows others to express themselves. The steel is painted with chalkboard paint so that people can interact with it and write messages to the cosmos. Peggy is a life size Pegacorn, made of steel with mosaic glass representing her chakras. There are lights both on the inside and outside of her so that she lights up the night. The color changing LEDs create a beautiful rippling rainbow light effect that almost makes the piece seem as if she is breathing with rainbows. Peggy embodies the manifestation of finding the light through the darkness. Symbolizing true self-expression, by embracing one’s identity and true self-acceptance. LOVE is the answer and Peggy provides.

The Crown

by: Ross Asselstine
from: San Anselmo, CA
year: 2024

The Crown of barbed wire cannot be worn.

Its meaning is precisely what you think it means to you.

The Dispezery

by: Misty Hunt
from: Spring Creek, NV
year: 2024

This artist shack is filled with art based on a popular candy dispenser that has been around for over 100 years. The art expressed on this building is by the fans of these items and their passion for them. The pieces you see were originally made for one class of people, but today reach a wide-scale audience, young and old, demonstrating what true inclusivity means.

The Doors of Mysteré

by: Eric Miranda
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

Welcome to ‘The Doors of Mystère,’ a captivating art installation standing proudly amidst the vibrant energy of Burning Man’s playa. With its towering 20-foot height and majestic 16-foot doors, this installation serves as a conduit to a world of mystery and wonder.

‘The Doors’ serve as a portal to a realm where the mundane is left behind, and the sacred essence of creativity reigns supreme. It is a sanctuary for those who dare to delve deeper, to unlock the mysteries of the universe and embrace the infinite possibilities. Be your own creator.

The Dreamy Derelict Dory

by: Teri Bevelacqua in collaboration with Karen Boulton and Chess St. Clair
from: Olympia, WA
year: 2024

This is a whimsical painted wooden rowboat that is designed to look as if it’s been marooned in the playa for a long time. The exterior will be painted with colorful encaustic, incorporating collaged images leaning into the history of encaustic art and this year’s BM theme. The oars will appear sunk into the playa as if it is still floating along. There will be metal grasses (lit at night) around, colorful ceramic barnacles (with lights in them) attached to it, and a figurehead. Curiously there will be a light pole the boat is tied off to, and a lost creature sign attached to it. There will be a rotation of gifts hanging from the sign. The boat will have seats for sitting.

The End of Time

by: Andrea Greenlees and Andy Tibbetts
from: London, UK and Reno, NV
year: 2024

The End of Time is a dying clock, in fact it is a murdered clock. As a consequence, Time has stopped and now it will forever be Teatime. This artwork illustrates the death of one clock, which results in the death of all clocks and therefore Time itself. It does so in a whimsical manner designed to disturb but entertain at the same time. This 22-foot tall, climbable, surreal, collapsing clock has been pierced by a gigantic sword, its mechanism is broken and exposed, its numerals and hands distorted, and it has a giant Teacup and Saucer perched precariously at the top. The Teacup can accommodate 6 people at a time sitting on a circular bench in a surprisingly intimate setting. A huge, mysterious key hangs inside the clock but what is it for?

The Fault Line Meditation

by: Everette Solomon, JEVPIC
from: Palm Springs, CA
year: 2024

Meet the Fault Line Meditation, an introspective path in the shape of an earthquake fault. The installation illuminates at night and is adorned by two signs reading “Not Yours” and “Not Mine.” It’s a reminder that the fault was here before us and it’ll be here after us; just because we stumbled upon it doesn’t mean that others couldn’t have. It’s not about passing the buck, but owning, accepting, growing, and moving on from it. It’s easy to cling to something unhelpful, creating an inability to grow, feeling paralyzed on the fault, shaming and blaming. Hopefully, TFLM reminds us to forgive with empathy and understanding, helping us all realize the faults do not define us, but how we handle them does, and that we can grow from them.

The King

by: David Posner
from: Charlottesville, VA
year: 2024

The King is a geometrically shaped, octagonal King Chess Piece of monumental scale. The King is designed to express the shortcomings and follies of contemporary power dynamics and gender roles. We want the citizens of BRC to first be inspired by the scale and construction of the piece. Then, as they explore and inhabit the spaces, we hope to invoke thought and discussion around the roles we play and the ways we participate in contemporary patriarchy. We believe that these roles are damaging to all people, and we aim to create an approachable platform for that idea to be shared.

The Leiermann and Resisting the Pull into Madness

by: Steve Coupland
from: Nelson, BC, Canada
year: 2024

The installation is one man’s story of a successful life becoming undone for no apparent reason. The story is not narrated but told through photographs and quotes.

The exhibit goes through four stages of his coping with his descent through psychotherapy, alcohol, working harder, sex, drugs, sports, getting outside. His efforts fail, ultimately he loses his tenuous hold on reality, and the story ends in despair and separation from society and the world.

The photos have quotes from literature thematically, but not directly related to the corresponding photo. His descent is witnessed by the hurdy gurdy man (the Leiermann), who symbolizes aloneness, social marginalization, and madness. The musical instrument will be available to try.

The Love Portal

by: Brigid Campbell
from: Crested Butte, CO
year: 2024

An iridescent and illuminated tunnel or “portal” of love, this piece communicates the power of love to take individuals on a journey capable of transforming humanity and the natural world at its core. From a distance, the piece serves as a beacon of love and light, while up close, it becomes a portal, and inside, the individual may experience being held by love.

When love is used as a tool, a catalyst for change, and a core value in the way people move through the world, it is powerful, to say the least. Spread love.

The Moroccan ParTea

by: Hind Baghdadi
from: Kenitra, MOrocco
year: 2024

The Moroccan Partea oasis back on playa to nourish the soul and body with its infinite unbandance.

The Purple Unicorn

by: Smilee Barnacle
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

Only the pure of heart can approach the fearsome unicorn. The mythical beast is rearing up on its back legs as if it is in moment of passion, pausing to give us a tempting glimpse, knowing that we can never catch them. It is an apparition of love, a beautiful hallucination, a good luck oasis. The unicorn’s horn possesses magical powers of healing and the ability to neutralize poisons and heal sickness.

Rearing up on its hind legs, paint shimmering in the sun, the Purple Unicorn is here to bless the citizens of Black Rock City with Sweet Unicorn Magic.

The Reckoning

by: Julia Jerome
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

A deer skull sweeps its antlers into a ring to encircle those who stand upon a platform to look into its eyes, enrapturing them in a thrumming soundscape. The sculpture is placed in alignment with the setting sun, armatured with rusting steel and clad in clear-resin soaked leather, glowing from within. The Reckoning invites us to grapple with the inescapable nature of our own mortality—to find solace and beauty in the culminating experience that binds us in our shared humanity. It serves as a sanctuary, and a space to confront the fears and sorrows that global and personal crises have laid bare.

The Silence of TENGRI

by: STuro
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

The Silence of TENGRI is an articulated shiny metal sculpture of a large winged wolf. The metal symbolizes strength and the ability to withstand the test of time and the elements. Howling upwards towards the sky, TENGRI stands on top of a mirrored pedestal base, evoking the feeling of a sacred cliff. The sculpture exhibits colorful lights, reflecting off the many angles of the shiny metal surfaces. The Silence of TENGRI is a mythical manifestation of silent inner peace, and harmony of the ancient, sacred, and secret universe. It radiates light with movement purifying the inside of a person, bringing enlightenment. Its howling sound invites and awakens humanity to the path of connection and unity.

The Solar Library Phase 3, The Solaria

by: Joey Ficklin
from: Austin, TX
year: 2024

The Solar Library is sculptural charging infrastructure supporting battery-powered art. Artists apply for a library card securing enough capacity to charge their batteries each day replacing the noise, fumes & fuel spill of generators with battery power and preventing panel proliferation from affecting the aesthetics of art.

In 2022 & 2023, we removed tons of direct and indirect fumes and gallons of spilled fuel working with 18 art projects. Our goals are to grow until we can serve 200 small art projects and provide attractive and safe solar charging.

The Teetering Trail of Tooter

by: Robert and Penny Cox
from: Kalama, WA
year: 2024

The Teetering Trail of Tooter is a musical trail the the desert bringing fun and joy to all who enter. Lining the trail are a series of handmade cedar lamp posts and a row of wooden organ pipes atop a wall of art and curiosities. The pipes bring music and delight to all who walk on the teetering trail.

The Tempest

by: Sergey Gornushkin
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2024

The philosophy of The Tempest has its roots in a Shakespearian play that is based on these three principles: freedom, empathy and forgiveness, and nature versus nurture. The classical sculptural representation of Zeus/Neptune atop a storm cloud is mixed with contemporary elements such as aluminum lightning bolts combined with an interactive sound and visual system designed to give the viewer a full immersive experience of a thunderstorm. As in our childhood, a coming thunderstorm evokes a sense of wonder, power, and fear – not the kind of fear that is malicious, but the kind that is natural with its righteous place in our lives and hearts.

The Temple of Together

by: Caroline Ghosn
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

The Temple of Together is about the light that emerges when we come together with all parts of ourselves and with the oneness we share with every other living being. In this time of global challenge and conflict, she invites each of us to unfurl under her protection and be seen, loved, and inspired.

The Tree Of Intention

by: Knight Rider
from: San Diego, CA
year: 2024

A low-poly-style tree made of dimensional lumber, where fruit hangs, taking intentions both bright and dark. Some trees give. This one takes the burdens of others and bears their weight on its branches.

The Whirl of art

by: ARTful Minds Collective
from: Houston and Austin, TX
year: 2024

The Whirl is an 11-foot-diameter merry-go-round built to evoke pure, childlike joy in participants of all ages who get to ride this recreation from times long gone. The center is a colorful abstract representation of the “whirl of art” concept, submerging colors to create a still visual representation of movement through a smooth blending. The outer edges display a phenakistoscope design: a series of pictures showing sequential phases of the animation, creating a fluent optical illusion of motion. The Whirl will foster a sense of whimsy and wonderment among those who engage with it.

The World Reimagined

by: Project Aikido x The World Reimagined
from: London, UK
year: 2024

Eight globes measuring at 1.68m tall and 1.4m in diameter. Each globe has been individually curated by a different artist and embody The World Reimagined themes of: Mother Africa; The Reality of Being Enslaved; Stolen Legacy: The Rebirth of a Nation; Abolition & Emancipation; A Complex Triangle; Echoes in the Present; Still We Rise; Expanding Soul; Reimagine the Future; Community.
The World Reimagined is built on the belief in the transformative power of art: to inspire, to move and to open our imagination to new possibilities. Project Aikido was created to showcase all aspects of African culture, creativity and technical skills of the underrepresented both on the continent and the Diaspora.

Together For-never

by: Simon Bellamy
from: Bristol, United Kingdom
year: 2024

Together For-never invites reflection on the impermanence of relationships. It provides a space to let go, acknowledging the pain that often accompanies the ending of relationships. Memories linger, but like the piece itself, participants are encouraged to release. Ultimately, it conveys the joy in moving forward.

Toilet Murals aka Portal Potty Project

by: TBD
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

The Portal Potty Project aims to beautify the playa by bringing street art/murals to the toilet blocks at Burning Man.

Tree Circle

by: Eira Mooney and Alquem
from: Växjö, Sweden and Bogota, Colombia
year: 2024

The sudden realization that you are intrinsically and ultimately connected to everything. That you are insignificantly small in the context of infinity, yet you are infinite. In those moments, we are home.

The Tree Circle reminds us of those who were here long before our grandparents were born, and who will stand tall long beyond the passing of our children. Roots anchored deep into the ground and branches reaching tall. Nature’s majesty in co-creation with human hands.

Natural bamboo form seven tree trunks, hollow as if burnt from the inside. Like fractals, each trunk creates a circular space within themselves, and together, a circular open space, all bathing in a soundscape of deep primal frequencies promoting collective coherence.

Tree of Exhaustion

by: Bob Noxious
from: Reno, NV
year: 2024

A curious piece resembling a tree, but not quite.
A place for the exhausted to warm-up and chill-out.


by: Taylor Dean Harrison
from: Penngrove, CA
year: 2024

Typha is a series, or grove, of sculptures rising from the ground that reflect the environment around them during the day with their mirrored surfaces. At night, they shine light and cast shadows onto the ground, creating an immersive landscape of color mixing and pattern interference.


by: Neil Spencer
from: Scottsdale, AZ
year: 2024

In a realm where the ethereal meets the tangible, Asmita Samadhi and her cyborg superheroine AI Guardian Angels embark on a quest to find their humans and protect them during their journey of self-discovery and care amid the neon desert landscape.

Asmita Samadhi’s AI Guardian Angels stand at the precipice of transformation, their very existence a defiance of the ordinary. Together with their Burner, they navigate this kaleidoscopic world where magic and technology coexist.

Asmita Samadhi and her AI Guardian Angels are a symphony of pastels and paradoxes ready to protect the multiverse. For they know that true power lies not in uniformity, but in embracing the beauty of diversity.

Unpopular Music (or UNPOP)

by: Evidence, Stephan Moore, and Scott Smallwood
from: Chicago, IL and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
year: 2024

UNPOP, or Unpopular Music, is an intimate listening environment in deepest playa. It features exquisite, detailed sound-works, including field recordings, abstract electroacoustic music, ambient textures, and other (mostly) non-beat-oriented sonic experiences, composed by many artists from around the world. Encompassing a circular space, the piece is built around eight custom-built Hemisphere loudspeakers, which enclose a listening area complete with comfortable seating.


by: Justin Sawyer
from: Somerset, CA
year: 2024

Veraison, the onset of grape ripening, is a mesmerizing spectacle where grapes transition from vibrant green to rich hues. This natural phenomenon symbolizes the essence of our art project, celebrating the beauty of transformation. Just as grapes evolve into luscious ripeness, our project aims to embody the spirit of growth and change, inviting patrons to witness the allure of nature manifested in a unique artistic endeavor. The project itself will be a giant cluster of grapes composed of spheres made of barrel bands.

Vessel (The Solar Barque)

by: Stephen Thomas Gallagher
from: London, United Kingdom
year: 2024

Vessel (The Solar Barque) is a sculptural installation and temporary landmark. A twenty-metre-long cross leans on its side, consructed from 4 sea containers temporarily removed from the global supply chain. Like some future relic, its dents, knocks and scratches, combined with thousands of miles of sea spray, register as battle scars that tell a very human story.

The piece suggests the awe and might of global capitalism while also highlighting its pitfalls. It suggests a troubling mix of the deeply impressive and the highly unsatisfactory, and questions where we as a society place our faith.

The work comes to life as the sun sets, when it is transformed through projection mapping, lighting, sound design, and haze.

Where Lies the Strangling Fruit that Came from the Hand of the Sinner?

by: David Allin Reese and Cameron Hill, Woo Woo Studio
from: San Francisco, CA
year: 2024

Where Lies the Strangling Fruit that Came from the Hand of the Sinner? is a sculptural mystery composed of handmade, interactive ceramic tiles that ignite with light and resonate with sound, transforming the object into a living mosaic of communal discovery and mysterious beauty.

Whispers of a Distant Storm

by: Catsle
from: Salt Lake City, UT
year: 2024

Whispers of a Distant Storm invites Burners to experience the wonders of nature through the unexpected. Using a Very Low Frequency (VLF) receiver, participants can listen to the crackles and pops of lightning strikes from around the globe, sparking a sense of awe at the unseen electrical activity of our planet. The installation features a VLF receiver, speaker system, headphones, informational panels explaining the science, a shade structure, and seating; all set within the vastness of the open playa to optimize reception. This artistic exploration stems from the artists’ fascination with the natural world and their desire to share this wonder with others, fostering a deeper appreciation for the unseen forces that connect us all.


by: Valerie Mallory
from: Oakland, CA
year: 2024

The Womantree is a curiosity of nature, changing the idea of a singular art object to a symbol of communal experience. The tree reflects process of our human growth. We are all born from this tree of life. The asymmetric, organic growth of the tree parallels the irregular growth of generations through time. One connects to the piece in a visceral way because we’re all part of it, and provides a natural stage for people to gather, dance, reflect, and wonder.


by: Walker Babington
from: New Orleans, LA
year: 2024

Built for the 1924 World’s Fair, Zozobot has tracked a beacon of nonsense to Black Rock City to examine the tiny beings at its source.

¡¡¡¡Big Spinning Wheels!!!!

by: PDA
from: Roxbury, NY
year: 2024

Prepare to embark on a journey of contemplation and creativity with Big Spinning Wheels. More than mere sculptures, BSW stands as a beacon of meditative art, meticulously crafted to ignite inspiration and evoke introspection.

Nestled at the bounds of BRC and the limits of reality, BSW offers a sanctuary for thought and reflection amidst the cacophony of the desert. Here, at the edge of the known and the unknown, BSW invites participants to explore the depths of their imagination and the vast expanse of their inner landscape.

But what exactly is BSW, you ask? Well, that’s the beauty of it—open to interpretation, these magnificent creations defy categorization. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Patience is a virtue.