2019 Art Installations

2019 Art Search for "wave"

Art Car Bus Stops

by: Art car bus Stops
from: Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO
year: 2019

Art car bus stops are a spontaneous autonomous municipal service. We are a community made open effort providing several artisnal benches.
“The Disco Stop” bench and shade with 20″ disco ball and mood lighting.
“Janus geometric stop” sit 5 across either side providing shade all day.
“The Time Machine Stop” a bench with a visible depository of items from past, present, & possible futures.
“The G Spot” nested Gs form a 3D G with vibration.
“The Light Gets Through” a single person. isolation stop contrasting darkness and hope.
“Mustaba/Mustaba” House of the dead shade and playa stone bench.
“Metamorphosis Wave” playa hexagons emerge and transform into shimmering shade.
“Hell Stop” in the deepest deep apocalyptic remains form this bench at the edge.

Desert WAVE

by: Squidsoup
from: Yanworth, Gloucestershire, UK
year: 2019

Desert Wave consists of some 650 points of light and sound frozen in time.

From afar, it resembles a breaking wave deep in the desert – a reminder of the playa’s origins. From within, it transforms into a highly immersive shared audiovisual experience.

Giant Harmonic Pendulum

by: Gyuszi Suto
from: Hillsboro, OR
year: 2019

Harmonic Pendulum of 12 RGB LED illuminated transparent bowling balls.

The installation will about 10′ tall.

A set of electromagnets releases the pendulums simultaneously. The starter person lights a fast burning cannon fuse that slithers through the dust of the playa, then runs up the frame and triggers an electronic release signal. Each pendulum will have a slightly different swinging period. They will all start together and then slowly deviate and exhibit sine-wave patterns of various shapes and eventually coming back into synchronization 3-4 minutes later. Each translucent ball is illuminated from the inside with color LEDs in various light patterns, as well as the entire structure will also have its own LED show.


by: Rypplzz
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

Interlife is an exploration of behavior modification through geospatial based data directives and its impact on social interaction. Using our antennas (2), we are able to deliver data commands (think color commands for LED wall, AR commands for AR cameras) to any cube of air we want to in 3D with 6x6x6 inch precision. We want to use our two antennas to create two interactive experiences of discovery that foster an understanding of how technology and our physical space is rapidly altering how we move about and why. The art installation named Interlife is a seed entrance to a new spatial/wave:particle world. Out of the cave and into the sunlight at night. Interlife is the true world that will showcase the two experiences listed for burners to touch the seed.

Mind Murmur

by: Dina Fisher
from: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2019

Beneath a glowing pyramid, a seasoned meditator sits peacefully in lotus position, wearing an EEG (brainwave) headset. As their meditation deepens, the pyramid pulses and responds.

Huge fractal-art blooms, controlled by the meditator’s brainwaves, are projected onto the pyramid walls. A glittering EEG chandelier cascades color and light from the pyramid’s pinnacle down toward the meditator, whose brainwaves control a lush soundscape sampled from animal voices, sacred tunes, synths and murmuring Burner voices.

Mind Murmur shares the power and beauty of meditation, focusing on interconnection, collective experience, and non‐locality of consciousness. It’s sublime to experience while meditating, and while wandering the playa.

The Blanket

by: Sasha Shtanuk
from: Moscow, Russia
year: 2019

This huge reflective installation will bring the waves of the ancient Lake Lahontan back to ‘laya. The Blanket will be constantly changing its silhouette by the power of wind, taking different surreal forms: waves, mountains, or some giant, fantastic sculpture.