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General Delivery Questions

Q: I need to have a delivery made on playa. What are my options?

A: Please review the options above.

Q: I only need one delivery. Does the driver need to have a ticket in order to make the delivery inside the event?

A: Yes

, everyone passing through the Gate needs to have their own ticket or credential. You may also want to consider meeting the driver at the Gate and bringing in your delivery yourself. (Remember not to exit the event before checking with the Gate Staff.)


Q: I'm only receiving one delivery and my driver has a ticket. I need to receive my delivery before the event begins. Does the driver need an early arrival pass?

A: Yes! Anyone entering the event site prior to the opening of the event needs to have an early arrival pass. We cannot provide these passes for you; you will need to secure them directly through your theme camp or art project.

Q: If I just bought a regular ticket, will I be allowed to leave and come back?

A: Yes, but you will be required to stop at the Gate on your way out and purchase an in/out pass for $20 (cash only).This is necessary for EACH human and EACH time you exit the city if you intend to return.

Q: If I am receiving a delivery, will I still need to go to the Gate to escort it into BRC?

A: Yes. You or another responsible party must be on-site to greet any delivery.

Q: My buddy is driving a truck up from Reno to drop off our tent but he’s not staying, does he have to buy a ticket just to drop off the tent?

A: Maybe. Not if you meet them at the Gate and transfer the delivery, but otherwise yes . It is up to participants to facilitate this process — Burning Man organizers cannot help coordinate this for you. When participants arrive at the Gate (with their ticket stubs), they should let the Gate staff know they are there to meet a delivery. Be aware that at busy times, this may take a while (and Gate staff may be occupied with other issues).

Q: I need to make a delivery on playa before the event opens. How do I get a Work Access Pass?

A: If you are making a delivery on playa before the event opens you need a Work Access Pass. Work Access Passes are part of the Outside Services Program. If you are making deliveries outside of that program you will need to secure an Work Access Pass directly from the project you are making a delivery to.

Q: Are delivery drivers also subject to the ticket terms and conditions?

A: Yes. Whether you have a ticket or a credential, by entering Black Rock City you are agreeing to the terms posted here:

(note: in addition, Outside Service Providers are also subject to the terms of their contract.)

Changes to Outside Services Program for 2019

What is the Outside Services program? Why was it started and what purpose does it serve?

We started the OSS program in 2012 to help groups receive access to and share resources, and be able to build in a timely fashion. Without a program and service gate in place, Outside Service providers had difficulty making deliveries and operating on site (such as installing, maintaining, and servicing power grids, for example). Burning Man personnel were also being pulled away from their intended roles to manage deliveries or troubleshoot service provider arrivals and direct them to their clients.

Why were such big changes made to the program in 2019?

While many camps were using the program as intended, for some it had become the backbone of their production, with camps being fully serviced by vendors. Over the years, we’ve seen huge growth in RV and trailer vending, and a corresponding increase in environmental compliance issues. We’ve also seen vendors expand their offerings from RVs, trailers and generators to convenience items like e-bikes, Segways and mutant vehicle rentals. This was not the intent of the OSS program and we started taking steps to ensure the program is in alignment with Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Participation and Radical Self-reliance, four of the 10 Principles that are the cornerstone of our community and culture.

How many camps use OSS? Is it just big camps or plug and play camps?

More than 200 placed and unplaced camps used the OSS program in 2018. They ranged from very large camps to very small camps and included theme camps, mutant vehicle camps, and artist support camps.

What are the types of equipment and services provided by OSS to camps?

Some of the types of equipment and services provided by OSS-approved vendors include:

  • RVs and trailers
  • Domes and yurts
  • Electrical generators
  • Fuel delivery
  • Heavy equipment
  • Portable kitchens
  • Portable showers
  • Portable buildings
  • Porta-potties
  • Water delivery
  • Septic pumping
  • Storage delivery (pieces for art, theme camps)

What were the major changes made to the OSS program in 2018?:

  1. No new Service Providers. It was a time for us to halt any growth and re-evaluate the goals of the program.
  2. Per our usual policy, Service Providers who ended the season not in good standing were not allowed to participate in the following OSS program year.
  3. We limited (put a cap on) what each Service Provider could bring out so there was no increase in assets on playa in 2018.
  4. We contacted each Service Provider and let them know of the changes and why we made them. It was important to reiterate the 10 Principles and give context.
  5. We changed the way we approve vs. “pre-approve” Service Providers for 2019 and beyond. The updated list of pre-approved Providers is posted on our website.
  6. We addressed Price Gouging. Service Providers’ pricing should not significantly increase as a result of these OSS program changes. Outside Services will investigate complaints about service providers who have imposed large price hikes. Those vendors found to have done so risk being excluded from participating in the OSS program in future years.

What are camps supposed to do if they can’t get the equipment they need via the OSS program?

Consider rethinking your camp operations, doing more with less and getting back to basics. Bigger is not necessarily better and we encourage participants to “celebrate the small” and explore BRC’s back streets. We also encourage all theme camp organizers and leads to take part in the annual Theme Camp Symposium — either in person or via the live stream. It is an excellent opportunity to learn best practices and connect with other camp leads. The Theme Camp Symposium dates are announced every year via thePlacement Newsletter.

We want to encourage camps to identify opportunities to share resources with their neighbors. If you’re filling out a camp questionnaire for placement, you can indicate whether you’re willing to share contact information with neighbors to share resources. We’ve seen wonderful examples of neighborliness and communal effort from camps sharing resources like heavy equipment and power. If you aren’t coming to Burning Man this year, there are many peer-to-peer platforms and networks where you can share infrastructure, RVs, and other equipment for use by our community.

How will we know that the vendors we’re working with are part of the OSS program?

Burning Man has published a list of previously approved providers on the Burning Man website.

Outside Services Program Questions

Q: What are the benefits of the Outside Services Program?

A: There are numerous benefits to our Outside Services Program, and its features have been put together with operational ease and our community’s 10 Principles in mind. The include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Early arrival privilege (approved dates, before main gate opens to public): Prevents delivery bottleneck during peak times and allows deliveries to be in place prior to the start of the event;
  • Access to separate delivery gate: eliminates getting caught in congestion at the front Gate, no waiting in the Exodus line at the end of the event. Allows for expedited entry and exit from the event site;
  • Delivery access identification: Delivery vehicles get clearly tagged & can be quickly identified and registered crew are given easy to identify wristbands, facilitating entry and exit from the delivery Gate.
  • In/out privileges for registered vehicles: Alleviates need to purchase an in/out pass each time you need to exit;
  • Contract: Provides a clear understanding of the scope of benefits, associated costs, and expectations of behavior with regard to both physical presence on playa as well as online conduct with respect to representing any affiliation with Burning Man or BRC.

Q: How do I buy an Outside Services Delivery Credential for a provider I have already contracted with to make a delivery to me on playa?

A: You don’t — an Outside Services Delivery Credential is not sold to individuals; it is only for bonafide year-round businesses that provide to the playa the same equipment or services that they provide for their normal operations in the default world. Your provider will need to contact us directly to apply for the program, prior to the OSS application deadline, and will also need to obtain a special recreation permit (SRP) from BLM no later than 180 before the event. Frequently, OSS providers serve numerous projects on playa and are able to distribute the cost of the total program fees accordingly

Q: What should I know about the agreement/contract required to participate in the Outside Services Program?

A:The Outside Services program is not for everyone and the application period is CLOSED for 2019. Please read through this list of requirements and restrictions:

  • License and insurance: You will be required to provide proof of your business license and insurance. If you do not have either of these things you do not qualify for this program.
  • BLM permit: You must obtain a special recreation permit directly from the BLM’s Winnemucca District Office and provide us with proof that this permit has been secured in advance of our accepting your application.
  • Legally binding: The contract you sign is a legally binding agreement we have with you. This website is for general information only and does not represent or replace the agreement.
  • Restrictions on commercial activity:Consistent with Burning Man’s principles of Decommodification and Radical Self-Reliance, an OSS provider’s services must be limited to transportation, equipment and infrastructure support. Providers may not sell outfitting or travel package services for the event. While a provider may lease, install and maintain equipment for a customer’s camp, providers are prohibited from selling catering, cleanup, turn-key accommodations or other varieties of concierge services to customers.
  • Burning Man Logos & Trademarks: OSS providers may not exploit or otherwise associate themselves with the name “Burning Man” or any of Burning Man’s logos, trademarks, images or other intellectual property except as explicitly provided in the agreement. Providers may not claim that they are “approved Burning Man vendors” or use  Burning Man’s logo, event images or other intellectual property.
  • No advertising: Providers may not display their logos or brands at the event. No on-site advertisement of any kind is permitted.

No on-site sales: Providers may not proactively sell any goods or services inside the event perimeter.

Q: How can I apply to participate as an Outside Services Program Provider?

A: In order to be considered for the Outside Services Program, you must have already participated in the program or have applied for a special recreation permit with the BLM 180 prior to the Burning Man Event. NO OSS PROVIDERS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME; the application period is closed.

Q: What is the deadline for applying for the Outside Services program?

A: The 2019 application is currently closed to new and returning providers.  Returning Providers are always still be required to re-apply every year.

Q: If I am accepted into the Outside Services Program, during which hours can I deliver goods through the delivery gate?

A: Outside Service deliveries may be made through the delivery gate between 6am – 6pm.

Q: I need more workers, not extra trucks, do I have options to add additional credentials?

A: NO. You’ll need to indicate the total number of working crew in the initial application. If we sense that you are requesting extra crew credentials as a means of providing entry to non-workers your application may be denied.

Q: If I have an Outside Services Vehicle Credential, does that mean I can drive during the event?

A: No. Black Rock City is designed for pedestrians and bicycles, and as such vehicular passage is strictly limited to specific streets, purposes, and maximum speeds. Black Rock City’s driving rules are strictly enforced, even for Outside Services Providers. If you have a service call during the event, you may respond in your properly credentialed service truck but you may not drive on the Esplanade or other pedestrian-only areas. If you violate these driving rules your driving privileges may be revoked.

Q: Can I set up a booth or otherwise advertise my or my company's services or wares?

A: No. This is directly at odds with Burning Man’s principle of Decommodification. While in Black Rock City you must conduct yourself and your business in a manner that is in alignment with Burning Man’s 10 Principles. You may not display your company logo or solicit business once inside Black Rock City. If your company truck or trailer is already branded with your company logo, we don’t expect you to permanently remove it but rather to explore ways it can be temporarily covered or obscured. Be advised that flagrant advertisement or violation the terms of the Outside Services contract (which requires business to operate within the parameters of our Decommodification principle) may result in expulsion from the event or revocation of privileges.

Q: Do I need a Permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)?

A: YES! All Outside Services providers applying for the program must first obtain a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) directly from the BLM’s Winnemucca District Office. You are responsible for obtaining any required permits directly with the BLM – Burning Man cannot facilitate this for you.

Q: I have more questions that aren't answered in this FAQ or feedback on the process. Who can I contact?

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