Eyes on Art Program

The Eyes on Art (EoA) team surveys art installations across the open playa and identifies potential safety issues  with art projects, unlit construction sites and exposed rebar. Eyes on Art maintains a real-time, radio-dispatched response team that spends each night of the event until 4AM checking different areas and installations for problems.

Mission Statement

As a safety team within the Art Department, EoA’s mission is to patrol the playa starting build week and throughout the event looking for dark, dangerous, damanged and/or unregistered art.

We focus our efforts on educating and reinforcing the guidelines for creating art on playa. We strive to keep art and the people experiencing the art safe, in particular, sharing best practices for lighting your art installation safely.

With a wide-ranging of skills and resources our team aims to serve Black Rock City as a whole. Eyes on Art works to make the playa safe at all hours. Through education and accountability we work with artists to create and maintain safe art installations on-playa.

EoA coordinates its work with many of Black Rock City’s departments including (but not limited to) the ARTery (Art Support Services (ASS), Fire Art Safety Team(FAST)), Black Rock Rangers, Department of Public Works (DPW), and Heavy Equipment and Transport (HEaT).