City Plaza Art

“Temple of UV Enlightenment” by Debi Cable and Dave Taylor at 3:00+B Plaza

Do you love public art in cities? We do too!

Black Rock City has 9 inner-city plazas that were designed for public art and community building. Each year, we place art at the center of these plazas as places to stop, gather, and as neighborhood landmarks with public art.

The art can be created by individual artists or artist collectives, or also be a project of a theme camp. It’s a fun, interesting project for an experienced camp with great builders and an opportunity to give a creative gift to the whole neighborhood!

“Pulse” by Flaming Lotus Girls

How can my art be placed in a plaza?

Interested groups must submit their ideas via the Art Installation Questionnaire (AIQ) which can be accessed through Burner Profiles. In the AIQ, you can request that your art be placed in a plaza (including specifying which plaza location if you have a preference), and the Art Department will collaborate with Placement on the plaza location for the art. The artist’s camp placement will also be within the proximity of the plaza. 

The Black Rock Observatory at 4:30+G Plaza

Although the AIQ is open until late May, we highly recommend submitting your plaza art AIQ by the end of April. Remember also to complete a Placed Camp Questionnaire for the associated camp before the last Thursday of April.

What makes good plaza art?

  • Interactivity
  • Offers a gathering place; some successful past installations have included structures with a platform or a gazebo with seating
  • Includes effective lighting for night (power may be provided in some cases)
  • Plazas are 200’ in diameter so the art in the plaza should be large enough to have some presence in the space, and will be bound to a maximum diameter of 75’.
  • Flame effects are welcome, but OF1 (complete burning) is better on the open playa
“Perhaps” by Rob Buchholz at 9:00+B plaza

Where are plazas located?

  • B + 3:00, 4:30, 7:30, and 9:00
  • G +  3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30, and 9:00
“Rearing Horse” by Barry Crawford at 3:00 + B Plaza

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