2023 Theme Camp Listing

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2023 Theme Camps

!BRC Ski Resort!

At BRC Ski Resort we believe that with great powder comes great responsibility. Come for the chill, stay for the shot-skis! Our EXTRA terrestrial hosts are excited to welcome the second group of earthlings to our new and improved resort. Here you’ll find all the comforts of home such as an adjusted climate and 80’s inspired attire (earthlings like that, right?) All humans and monsters are welcome. Just be careful of the penguins…they bite.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/brcskiresort Hometown: Los Angeles


We are a camp of makers, fire spinners, and good time havers. !Zoom! provides unique events, on & off playa, that promote fire, friendship, & fun.

URL: http://campzoom.org Hometown: Oakland

" ING "

We are a group of friends from all over the world who rendezvous once a year in the desert to live, work, learn, play and party hard while Participating in the pure awesome of all that is Burning Man.
Happy Hour events daily, we have arial and yoga, or pancakes and whisky, come by !

URL: https://burning.camp/ Hometown: South Lake Tahoe

"Axolotl: A Spirit Guide"

“Axolotl: A Spirit Guide” is a massive, luminescent sculpture that will bring the colors and mythology of Mexico to Black Rock City. Our small camp of six artists come from Belgium, Mexico, and the U.S. Feel free to stop by to say hello and share a moment with our crew!

A bit more about the sculpture: In the day, an enormous aluminum structure measuring over 20 feet long stretches out across the playa, giving the impression that this Mexican creature is crawling across the desert earth. Then at night, external gills made of fiber optic cable light up along the neck and tail of the axolotl, dazzling spectators as the colorful lights ebb and flow.

Hometown: Brussels

##Eternal morning

Hometown: Moscow


A really happy place with the best little bar in BRC. Geraldine’s Lounge and Wine Bar has tasty drinks, yummy snacks, shade, fun games, amazing people, thought provoking conversations, and music with words.

Hometown: Seattle


Hometown: Moscow


fearless felines, feeling frantic? feel free to fervently flutter up our fantastically fanciful yet firm fabrication (please climb on our blinkydome). comatose cats, come crawl climb or clamber into cool and comfortable cushioned cradles for a cathartic catnap (we have hammocks, please sleep in them).

Hometown: bay area

1001 Nights

At 1001 Nights, we believe in togetherness and generosity, and our core values revolve around sociability and creating strong connections with each others.

Our purpose is to create a haven for nomadic burners under our Dome who reprensents our Sanctuary. Such in a tales, each year our camp comes alive by magic. During one week, the time of a story we invite everyone to be a part of this enchanting experience by joining us and partaking in the traditional offerings we provide under our Dome, creating a space where all come together to celebrate life and create unforgettable memories.

Our stories represent the memories of our Community and are written each year by all the Nighters at our camp, reflecting the constant evolution of our Community.

URL: https://1001-nights.org Hometown: Hometown : Dubaï. Residence : Lausanne and Los Angeles

17 Virgins

17 Virgins invites you to the transdimensional portal. Come explore our 250′ long tunnel to another universe! Who knows you may find a hidden doorway to the party of your dreams.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/17VirginsBlackRockCity/ Hometown: Toronto

1st Bank of BRC

We are the bank for all to thrive in the gifting economy, and we have what you need! Visit the bank each day during business hours, or visit one of our 24 hr ATMs to make a deposit or withdrawal. We offer all kinds of services that you could’ve never imagined. Deposit your gift at the bank, we will find a good giftee and take their gratitude in exchange. You can come back later to withdraw the gratitude left by the recipient of your gift. If you’re looking for a challenge, then dare to break into our high security vault. Excellent customer service is sometimes guaranteed.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/BankBRC/ Hometown: San Francisco

2 Fast 2 Curios

2 Fast 2 Curios (aka the Curios) are a delightful band of weirdos camping with the Alight Market Village. We’re a tight knit, year round community of seasoned Burners who love to gift interactive experiences that put smiles on the faces of others. We strive to be the highlight of someone’s evening by offering strange and delightful experiences that are exactly what you didn’t know you needed. Our offerings include: Playa Shoe Shine, Costume Kintsugi, Heck, a Tattoo Parlor and of course, the Curios Shoppe.

Hometown: Oakland


Welcome to 3907! The beauty of Black Rock City is we are all on equal ground – in fact we are 3907 feet above sea level, and so are you! Come to our Visitor Center, and begin your exploration of the Playa with our 10′ interactive 3D map with icons supplied by you! We will gladly supply you with (mis) Information, while you browse our Boutique, enjoy a drink at our bar, alter your ideas on our Mood Swing, and find out what Smokey Bear has to say for the day! Jump into our Pit-O-Chickens, and join us in making your own Rope Man or for a yoga playshop. We are 3907: we are here to Elevate your Experience!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp3907 Hometown: Bishop, California

3rd Alternative: Jail of Hedone

Come be theatrically judged by the Court of Hedone and escape the heat and dust by being sentenced to the Jail of Hedone, and relax under cooling area misters, with cool drinks, cold beer, snacks, the occasional foot wash and other hedonistic pleasures. Even Absinthe. M-F noon to 5pm.

Hometown: San Diego

3SP (Third Space Place)

3SP (Third Space Place) is your dusty, comfy front porch/living room combo serving as a Black Rock City “third space” — a relaxing, community spot offering a real sense of welcome and belonging beyond one’s dwelling (“first space”) and one’s workplace (“second space”). As with any true third space, guests can stop by, relax, ask for directions, chat, or PARTICIPATE in one of 3SP’s events focusing on all kinds of issues: being introverted on Playa; navigating the world as a stutterer/stammerer; identifying unconscious biases; Native-American appreciation versus appropriation; identifying your Archetype; and more. We’ve been around since 2015 and we’ve got campers from DC, NYC, Minneapolis, Portland, LA, and beyond. Come on by!

URL: https://www.thirdspaceplace.com/ Hometown: Washington DC

404: Village Not Found

404: Village Not Found-Come here to get lost.
A visually rich and unique village with a long history, 404 is home to Death Before Decaf, Dye With Dignity, M*A*S*H 4207th, Pottie Project, and Horseshoes and Handgrenades. A diverse and welcoming environment, you can find something fun 24 hours a day here. Watch a movie, play some games, grab a coffee, dye a scarf, eat a snow cone, drink the best martini on the playa, eat some pancakes, run a security checkpoint, learn about grey water evaporation or the importance of toilet access worldwide, or just find a place you didn’t realize you really needed to be until you got there.

Hometown: Salem

7 Sins Lounge

Come Embrace the Heat as the Playa’s “Friendliest Little Slice of Hell” returns for the 20th straight year!

Daytime brings what Sinners need – shade, chill music, friendly conversation and slushy drinks.

But NIGHT brings what Sinners WANT – Flaming Libations and the ever popular WHEEL of SINS! Spin this brightly painted carnival wheel to expose your Sins again and again! (will it be Greed? or LUST?)

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff will happily deliver absolution & encouragement with a FIRM hand, sending you dancing forth to SIN ANEW!

So come earn your “Get Out of HELL Free” card and remember:
Start your SINS at 7!

Hometown: Sacramento

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemia where merrymaking, mermaid lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!

URL: http://www.7sirenscove.com Hometown: Bay Area

706 Tribe

A pioneer, convener, and incubator exploring unlimited possibilities of personal, spiritual, and social transformation. In the long term we aim to incubate various of communities experimenting with authentic relating, psychological support, and co-living space with its members. We will explore & incubate sustainable living powered by technologies, and experiments future lifestyles. We eagerly participate in building a more compassionate, inclusive, connected, and sustainable world.

Hometown: San Francisco

8-bit Bunny

We run a steam bath every day. Stop by and get clean, or spin the wheel at our bar for a drink. Rabbit ears encouraged but not required.

URL: https://burn.8bitbunny.com/ Hometown: Oakland


12+ year DC based camp with Denizens from all over the world. We gift, we groove, we work, we chill. We eat, we cavort, we explore, we connect.

Hometown: DC

[The Camp With No Name]

A diverse, international camp featuring a bar and lounge open 24 hours a day. We host DJs, theme parties and play fun bar games.

URL: http://thecampwithno.name Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come ride Señor Snail von Slidesmouth, a 40′ foot long giant tube slide dressed up like a monstrous rainbow snail! Sure to make you squeal like a kid again, this ride is open at all times for all peoples, large and small alike. von Slidesmouth is eager and ready to take you on a ride and swallow you down into his dark and thrilling underbelly. This ain’t your school playground’s slide. Just don’t be embarrassed when the 5 year old in front of you is less scared than you are 🙂

URL: http://www.playasos.com/ Hometown: San Francisco