2023 Theme Camp Listing

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2023 Theme Camps

Objectification Station

Objectification Station
Open from 1pm to 3pm. Conquer your fear of being on center stage. Step right up and receive compliments be berated or objectified by our panel. You get the control by choosing your style and length of attention. We will then reward you with a cool sweet non-alcoholic elixir to quench your thirst. Stay for a while and watch the show.
Each day is a different event so come back and check us out daily.

Hometown: Oakland

Ocean Beach

Drop anchor at one of the playa’s exquisite beachfront properties and nurture body and soul with our beach yoga, beach games, and beach bar (M-F, 9a-6p). Come try our signature lobster pizza on Wednesday or sing/eat along with ‘cheeseburger in paradise’ on Thursday. We are a group of beach lovers operating a 100% green camp. If this all sounds like you, let us know. We accept newbies and are willing to help them adjust to the playa.

URL: https://www.oceanbeach.camp Hometown: Sunnyvale

Oceyolotl Sanctuary

Jaguar Temple welcomes burners for evening healing ceremonies with traditional Mexican live music, out of this world singing and legends telling. Enjoy our special cacao/herbal drinks, relaxing rituals and magical atmosphere.

Hometown: Tepoztlan

Octopus Garden

Octopus Garden is a psychedelic underwater lounge and game room with late-night music and vibrant, funky vibes.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/octopusgardenforever/ Hometown: san francisco

Official Business

It is official. You have won burning man. Your award and validation is waiting for you here. The official burning man award.

Hometown: California


Good ramen, a great playa moment! Serving the ramen experience on the playa the last 12 years. Doodle or dance to deep house or minimal techno while you wait, noodlessly polaroid yourself or connect with 100s of fellow burners either noodling around or slurping an irresistible bowl of happiness (we have got you covered vegetarians!). Ofosho memorable!

Hometown: San Francisco

Oh No You Didn't!

Be our guest and get it off your chest at our playa confessional lounge, featuring libelous libations and scornful judgment by our panel of experts. Commiserate with the best as we help keep your shame in perspective.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/camp.oh.no.you.didnt/ Hometown: Santa Rosa


Home of Ohm Kar and other Mutants. Phat beats, Mutant Vehicles and good times.

Hometown: Laguna Beach


OKNOTOK! A theme camp that’s been bringing folks together for over 10 years on the playa. Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted structure features a majestic 16-foot tower, complete with comfy leather recliners and a bona fide land-line phone that lets you ring up folks strolling the dusty streets. OKNOTOK’s got a little something for everyone – workshops, performances, and all kinds of happenings that embrace the diverse spirits of our community.

URL: https://oknotok.com Hometown: Los Angeles


VIEWING TOWER, SHADE STRUCTURE, BAR, and a lot of shenanigans going on.
Come sit cool off have a refreshment and you will be asked to play some stupid game.

Hometown: Truckee Ca

Old Gregg's Place

Are you in need of the touch of a scaly manfish’s sweet hand? Need a sip of refreshingly cool Bailey’s while dancing to some of the sickest funk on playa? Come visit Old Gregg’s Place — we’ll deal with it.

Hometown: Oakland

Om Skillet

Om Skillet is back for its 11th year in a row, and we are grateful to be returning with our Gourmet Grilled Cheese Restaurant to serve the citizens of BRC lunches from Monday through Thursday! Stay on Tuesday for Tutu Tuesday Dance Party starting at 2:22pm!

Hometown: San Francisco

Once Upon A Teatime

Once Upon a Teatime will transport you to a world of wonder and enchantment as you step inside our fairytale lounge. We will be serving cold plant based matcha lattes to cool you off and energize your playa adventures.

Hometown: Oakland

One Love

From coffee to night art tours, we have something for everyone. All are welcome and encouraged to join us at camp or our on our ONE LOVE bus any time!

Hometown: Reno

One-Eyed Monster Art Car Camp

The One-Eyed Monster Art Car is home to the Puzzle Quest Camp and Sgt Pepper’s Pendants Lectures and Display. Stop by to learn about pendant designing and manufacturing. Or if you want a challenge, participate in the Puzzle Quest!

Hometown: Inland Empire

Oontz Pouch

Hometown: San Francisco


A group of humans brought together by our love for emergent culture & a sense of responsibility towards our spaceship Earth

Hometown: New York City

Opulent Chill

Opulent Chill, a sanctuary for chill music, shade, connection and conversation.

URL: http://opulentchill.org Hometown: San Francisco

Organic Fruit & Veggie Camp

Organic fruit and veggie bar, open daily. Come refresh and recharge with us, snacking on some of the wests finest locally grown produce.

URL: http://www.organic-brc.com

Orgy Bus Camp

Orgy Bus Camp provides a safe and clean space for poly play parties on the playa. All of our parties have an opening ceremony where we practice consent and boundaries, as well as a fun opportunity to meet other guests. Our parties are at 3 PM and 10 PM daily.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Orphan Asylum

A group of longtime burners who came together and formed a chill camp. We have a shaded dome to cool off in, and good vibes. We will be hosting some family friendly events for burners of all ages! Will also have nightly music playing in our dome for all to enjoy.

URL: http://www.orphanasylum.com Hometown: Mostly West coast USA, some from europe

Orphan Endorphin

Orphan Endorphin is the camp for the burgin looking to learn how to burn. The camp is filled with burners from around the world and we travel to regionals just to be together.

URL: http://www.orphanendorphin.com Hometown: Denver


Our Crew, composed of Designers, Engineers, Victorian Restoration Specialists, Scientists and Artists will lead hour long discussions with titles Such as “Ask and Engineer” that are set daily at 3pm followed by Tea or Libations at 4pm that culminate in a tour of the Decks of the SQ with a Q&A with the Ship’s Chief Engineer Topics such as the SQ Anti-Mater Space Time Propulsion System, Navigation System will be discussed. Captain Langhorne may be on hand to field Questions about the old boiler unit, and spin yarns of keel hauling shenanigans of the SQ’s Glory Days.

Hometown: San Francisco