2024 Camp Listings

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*Listing represents camps that have applied for placement; it does not indicate that a camp has been selected for placement.

2024 Theme Camps

!* I Taste Purple *!

Imagine if Willy Wonka and the Cheshire Cat had a baby—now look for our kaleidoscope of purple colors with our iconic lips and tongue logo. Our camp offers advice, crafting, contests, parties, a “triathlon,” yoga, and more. We let our creativity run wild and each year try new things along with our annual favorites. Stop by anytime to join in on our playa family time conversations or come to one of our scheduled activities to smile and make memories. Join us for multiple purple tastings

Hometown: Reno

!Knot! A Bondage Camp!

We’re an adult-themed camp with members hailing from up and down the West coast of the U.S. Come by for instruction in bondage safety techniques (including negotiation and consent). We might treat you to an ice water flogging, let you play on our dungeon furniture, or invite you to climb one of our raised platforms for the view. We’re also offering suspension bondage rides and Tarot card readings. Because at !Knot! A Bondage Camp!…your future hangs in the balance, and is never all for naught.

Hometown: Seattle


Immerse yourself in Camp !Zoom!, an aquatic playground oasis celebrating decades on the playa. Our camp offers a whimsical mix of adult-sized “sea-monkey” bars, swings, and a wobbly walk to rekindle your playful spirit. As dusk falls, be captivated by our LED seascape and thrilling fire spinning shows. Experience the joy of aerial acrobatics on our Lyra, participate in fire spinning sessions, or unwind in our serene lounge. Embracing R.I.D.E., we welcome all to share in our legacy of creativity, community, and unforgettable moments. Dive into a sea of adventure and come !ZOOM! with us!

URL: http://campzoom.org Hometown: Oakland

" ING "

Welcome to Camp ING, an ephemeral sanctuary conjured into existence annually by a passionate group of friends from all corners of the globe for the last decade… vibrant camp day and night we embrace the ethos of the playa, build-ing, sweat-ing, laugh-ing, play-ing, and bask-ing in the wonder around us. Here we seek those moments that leave us breathless. Camp ING is not just a place but an experience— where radical participation is key. No sherpas. No spectat-ING! come create some dusty memories

Parties and events posted outside daily: Bar, Slide, Aerial Rig, Shade!

URL: https://burning.camp/ Hometown: South Lake Tahoe


Need a respite from the heat of the playa? Camp “&” invites you to come enjoy our family-friendly face painting, shaved ice, spam musubi and more at our tiki themed afternoon events. And more? Yes, and more – come with your curious and curiouser spirit and you shall be rewarded with an even chillier treat.

Hometown: San Francisco


*cats is all about the immersive digital art experience – we gift a high-fidelity LED live visualscape, where we host a roster of visual and sound artists, with a bias towards experimental art forms. For the last few years *cats has been part of the BRC skyline on Esplanade.

URL: https://star.cats.camp Hometown: San Francisco


Welcome to *D*R*E*A*M* Immerse yourself in a cloud-like oasis of creativity and serenity. Our camp is a haven for dreamers, artists, and visionaries from around the world. Join us in a space where radical inclusion and artistic expression flourish. Experience immersive art, wellness offerings in our dream cloud. Be part of a community dedicated to personal and planetary growth, embracing the beauty of simplicity. Explore new dimensions with us at Burning Man 2024

Hometown: Tulum

1001 Nights

1001 Nights is a desert sanctuary where anyone who enters our dome is immediately welcomed, acknowledge and heard. We offer Makateeb where you can enjoy an Arabic coffee/tea while writing out your story for our treasure chest. Once done, you can reach in and read a story left behind. In our main dome we will have DJs, musical acts, spoken word nights, movies under the stars, etc. The dome is decked out with foam flooring, mattresses, cushions, pillows, blankets and low top tables. So one minute it can be our dancefloor and the next minute our lounge. Whatever the offering, we want people to feel like 1001 nights gives rest to weary souls desperate to recharge. It should feel like you would want to stay with us for at least 1001 actual nights.

URL: https://1001-nights.org Hometown: Dubaï

17 Virgins

17 Virgins invites you to the transdimensional portal. Come explore our 250′ long tunnel to another universe! Who knows you may find a hidden doorway to the party of your dreams.

URL: https://www.17virgins.bm Hometown: Toronto

3rd Alternative: Jail of Hedone

A large Old Western wooden-fronted enclosed space with air conditioning & cooling misters. This JAIL evokes Hedone, the Goddess of Sensual Pleasure and so, is stocked with cots, giant pillows and couches; snacks, water, cold beer & drinks (including our signature Absinthe-Whiskey craft cocktail) along with a stripper pole, whips & ticklers, great music, the occasional foot bath, along with sporty fun on the side, such as the Soccer Goalie of Death, Topless Soccer, BM Foosball and more! Come be judged and whipped and relax in A/C, and kick a few balls around!

URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1208442877228491 Hometown: San Diego, CA

3SP (Third Space Place)

3SP (Third Space Place) is your dusty, comfy front porch/living room combo serving as a Black Rock City “third space” — a relaxing, community spot offering a real sense of welcome and belonging beyond one’s dwelling (“first space”) and one’s workplace (“second space”). As with any true third space, guests can stop by, relax, ask for directions, chat, or PARTICIPATE in one of 3SP’s events focusing on all kinds of issues: being introverted on Playa; navigating the world as a stutterer/stammerer; identifying unconscious biases; Native-American appreciation versus appropriation; relaxing with essential oils or a camera obscura mediation; and more. We’ve been around since 2015 and we’ve got campers from DC, NYC, Minneapolis, Philly, Portland, LA, and beyond. Come on by!

URL: https://www.thirdspaceplace.com/ Hometown: Washington DC

42 Ramen

We know the answer to the ultimate question. If you know it, come and tell us to claim your yummy prize.

Hometown: Salt Lake City

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemia since 2011 where merrymaking, mermaid lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware, it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call!

URL: http://www.7sirenscove.com Hometown: Bay Area

706 Tribe

A pioneer, convener, and incubator exploring unlimited possibilities of personal, spiritual, and social transformation. In the long term we aim to incubate various of communities experimenting with authentic relating, psychological support, and co-living space with its members. We will explore & incubate sustainable living powered by technologies, and experiments future lifestyles. We eagerly participate in building a more compassionate, inclusive, connected, and sustainable world.

Hometown: San Francisco

8-bit Bunny

Join us in our steam sauna daily. Sweet out the dust and refresh yourself for another adventure on that playa, or spin the wheel at our bar for a drink. Rabbit ears encouraged but not required.

URL: https://burn.8bitbunny.com/ Hometown: Oakland

[The Camp With No Name]

An international camp hosting DJs, daily theme parties, a bar for the thirsty, cozy lounging, bar games and flogging/kink dungeon. Specializing in dubious advice and questionable antics.

URL: http://thecampwithno.name Hometown: Santa Cruz


Come ride Señor Snail von Slidesmouth, a 40′ foot long giant tube slide dressed up like a monstrous rainbow snail! Sure to make you squeal like a kid again, this ride is open at all times for all peoples, large and small alike. von Slidesmouth is eager and ready to take you on a ride and swallow you down into his dark and thrilling underbelly. This ain’t your school playground’s slide. Just don’t be embarrassed when the 5 year old in front of you is less scared than you are 🙂

URL: http://www.playasos.com/ Hometown: San Francisco