Center Camp Café

Ever wonder how something as huge and magnificent as the Center Camp Café becomes a reality? Is it the caffeine? Well, yes, but the true answer lies in the teamwork of nearly 500 dedicated volunteers. From pre-playa décor planning and prop-making to on-site construction and coffee shop operation, the heart of the Center Camp Café is its volunteer community.

Volunteering at the Café is a satisfying way to participate at Burning Man and an incredible opportunity to see how it all happens. As a Café volunteer, you’ll have an instant avenue for interaction with the rest of Black Rock City, including fellow artists, creators, performers, and coffee slingers. Whether you’re a behind-the-scenes contributor or an extroverted social butterfly, the Café has a place for you.

Coffee Shop: When it comes to rejuvenating the masses, coffee reigns supreme. Help caffeinate, hydrate, and illuminate the playa. We need hot baristas, cool cashiers, nimble-footed runners and stockers, big-voiced criers to conduct the chaos, as well as other support staff throughout the event.

Construction: At 38,000 square feet, the Café offers .65 of an acre or 2/3 of a football field worth of shade in the blistering sun. The structure is held up by two concentric wooden rings and secured to the earth by high-tension cable, capable of withstanding 120-mph winds and drastic temperature and weather changes. We need plenty of help to put this sucker up.

Art, Décor, and Lighting: Calling all sculptors, seamstresses, furniture builders, painters, artists, designers, and multi-talented can-do creative people. We’re on the lookout for artistic visionaries to help us bring the Café to life. No experience required – just a willingness to work hard and have fun. You’ll work side-by-side with our energetic team of artists, sculptors, lighting designers and coordinators to create, arrange, and decorate this amazing space. For specific questions about décor, contact

Performance: Our manipulators of perception invite you to fill the Café with your magical art and performance pieces, both planned and spontaneous. Musicians, spoken word artists, and other performers, please visit the performance page to learn more about Café performances.

To learn more about the Café in action, visit the Café on the playa. If you have specific questions concerning your Burning Man experience as a Café volunteer, please contact

If any of these opportunities interest you, sign up from the Volunteer Questionnaire.