BMIR Camp Promos

Promote your theme camp and events with a promo on BMIR!

BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio), the Voice of the Man, can be found at 94.5FM in Black Rock City and streaming from the event at

BMIR is YOUR community resource and the best outlet to deposit information directly into the grey matter of the citizens of BRC.  Now that camp placement has gone out, it is the perfect time to create a promo telling everyone all about your camp shenanigans, art installation(s), unicorn parade, flaming tetherball court, and/or other events.  We would LOVE to have yours in hand before we leave for the playa!

If someone in your camp is an audio whiz, they can send us your promos at anytime. Not sure how to record something ahead of time? No worries! Kanizzle, BMIR’s Operations Manager, has put together this handy tutorial that shows you how to download and configure Audacity, a free audio recording program. The tutorial then takes you through the basics of creating your very own announcement.

The tutorial can be found at :

Please ignore the email at the end of the tutorial, it was recorded eons ago.  Once you have something recorded or if you have any questions, please email before Sunday, August 18th to :

Remember to let people know the basics : 

  • What, where and when. 
  • As Burning Man has grown, we ask that you please keep announcements to under :45 seconds and send them to us in .mp3 format. 
  • Please record at 44.1/16bit
  • Please save as 320kbps MP3’s.
  • Please DO NOT send .wav, .aif, mp4, m4a  or ANY other format other than the one we previously stated (.mp3 format)  
  • Please don’t send us 10 announcements for all of your individual events, we will not run them all.  Most camps send 1 announcement, two max.

Can’t make the August 18th deadline? You can also put your announcements on a thumb drive and hand deliver them to BMIR on the playa. BMIR is located in Center Camp, 5:45 and Esplanade, right between Ranger HQ and Earth Guardians.  You cannot miss us.

Now if you just cannot pull this off, we have got you covered. The BMIR Production Studio will be open every day from 12N to 4PM, Monday through Friday, during the event. Join us and our fabulous production crew will help you record an announcement right on the playa.

You can also tune in to BMIR when you are during your drive into the dusty northern Nevada wastelands and you’ll be able to stream us through your smartphones via the IHeartRadio app.  We will, if everything goes smoothly, be live from Burning Man sometime on Thursday 8/22. You will want to check in with us to find out about what’s happening on the playa, how the city is coming together, and to get any late breaking news you need to know (like traffic, travel, weather alert, conditions at the gate).

To find out more about BMIR and find out how to listen to BMIR on your Mac, PC or mobile device click here :

Don’t forget to bring an FM radio!

Burn bright,

Jex  – Operations Manager – BMIR 94.5 –