JRS Volume #6; Issue #9


On the eve of 02.02.02, the JRS comes to you covered in cotton candy. HEY, those of you who’ve been receiving the JRS truncated, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m sending this one via a different SMTP server. Should help the situation and those still not in possession of complete JRS newsletters can visit the archive. This URL is not publicly available on the web site, so bookmark it.

Thanks for all the feedback about the “penny” piece. I passed your messages onto the author. And, thumbs up to all the tips we received on office space. We’ve found some gems, but still haven’t determined if we can afford the move. Unlike the hysteria 3 years-ago when we found our current space, as potential tenants post dot-bomb we’re in the driver’s seat.

Info fed to you in the JRS includes: TICKET status, NCA comment deadline upon us, BRAF volunteers needed, and opportunity to see: “Burn Baby Burn” and “Straight outta Hunter’s Point” films.


From Jamie Burton, who did those big silk-screen prints you might have seen around the playa.

“As an artist I’ve been pounding my head against the wall, trying to share personal vision with the public but sometimes I feel like no one can really see anything at all. They jut see pretty colors, they have a hard time reading the information that’s in front of them and most of my work just wouldn’t match their couch. At burning man I’ve met so many people that speak my language and understand what goes into my hard work and can truly appreciate my art. Not everyone mind you but a few precious souls who see what I see and are creating their own vision too. I can’t describe how inspired I get from just a few conversations with a few very special people. I feel like I’ve found my audience and I’m not alone in my quest to create art that heals and inspires. When I go out to the playa I actually feel like my work is important and not just some madman’s ideas. I may not be a successful artist, I surely don’t make much money and that can be a shot to the ego sometimes, but feel that my path is heading in the right direction. My playa brothers and sisters confirm my highest hopes and diminish all of my insecurities and self doubt.”



From the Offfice of Ticketology:

Hello to all burners far and wide!

Tickets tickets tickets! A brief update on how things are going:

The first level $135 tickets are SOLD OUT!

Please do not send in any more requests for tickets at this level. Please don’t fret if you just sent yours in. If you need to do anything or send in more money we promise that we will get in touch with you soon.

The going rate for tickets is now $165, $175, $185 and $200. The $165 tickets are going fast so get your request in the mail or visit http://tickets.burningman.com before they are all gone.

Tickets have NOT yet been mailed out. We must wait until the mail from points around the world has finally settled into our box. Additionally, however, this year the tickets have been custom designed by members of the Burning Man community and embody this year’s theme: The Floating World. They are printed on 100% mixed hemp & post-consumer recycled wood fiber, with soy ink. We are excited about the design and hope you will be too. They are, however, still at the printer’s, which is also contributing to the delay in delivering them to you. Please be patient. We expect to begin sending them out beginning around Feb 8.

Nevada walk-in outlets do not yet have tickets, they will receive them in the very near future. Stay tuned for more info.


Currently, the online ticket purchase process dictates that tickets must be mailed to the same address as your billing address for your credit card. This is to prevent credit card holders from fraud, and is a standard internet protocol for online purchases. Since express delivery carriers will not deliver to PO Boxes, this presents and unfortunate problem for those with P.O. boxes who wish to pay by credit card and have tickets delivered.

Your options in this situation are to pay by Money Order/Cashier’s Check via mail order, or pick up your tickets at the gates of Black Rock City at Will Call. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for anxious participants.

For further ticket information, please visit and carefully read: tickets.burningman.com

Questions? Partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com

Burning Man
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

Swimming in a sea of tickets


NCA comment deadline Feb. 4, 2002


From the Office of Government Monitoring:

You’ve seen the previous JRS calling for your comments on the NCA management plan. The rabbit has sat through meetings in Reno recently on this subject. The BLM is receiving public comment from a variety of sources. Spend a moment, visit the web site, give your input. The NCA should NOT limit our numbers, limit our location, or limit the amount of time we use the desert. We have helped create a clean up standard by which all other SRP (Special Recreation Permit) users are judged. As long as we can abide by that standard they should not impose arbitrary and capricious restrictions.

Here’s the comment form: http://www.BlackRockHighRock.org/commentForm.asp

Here’s the rest of the web site you should explore: http://www.blackrockhighrock.org

The NCA does not currently threaten the viability of the event, however, should restrictions indicated above be placed on Black Rock City we will find it hard to hold the event far into the future. Some of the other users of the desert support our event, others don’t.

Submit your comments, voice your thoughts, let them know we’re here and we’re informed. See your tax dollars hard at work as they collate comments from Burning Man participants around the world. (sorry BLM, just had to say that)

THANKS this IS important and only takes a moment of your time.

JRS Office of Human Error


We here at the JRS Office of Human Error offer our apologies to the Burning Beach folks, whose lovely website, www.burningbeach.com, we incorrectly referenced as a .org in a previous email. We would actually regret this error if the webmaster hadn’t stolen 2 fat juicy shrimp from a rabbit’s dinner plate recently, though we would not have noticed had the tails not been delicately arranged as a reminder. So, in light of this incident I thoroughly discourage you from even visiting http://www.burningbeach.com.

Don’t check out their site. There is NO information about various regional events, fascinating artist profiles or any other nice reading, but it is updated obsessively often.

Black Rock Arts Foundation ­ Volunteers for Gala Event


The non-profit Black Rock Arts Foundation needs volunteers to help with the 3-hour gala, fundraising event on the evening of April 6th. There is a meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 at 3450 Third St. #3A. We have the basis of a nice crew for this event, and could use some additional help. If you’ re interested please email us volunteers(at)blackrockarts(dot)org. There is a fine chance that email might not function immediately, so please email: harley(at)burningman(dot)com, nurse(at)burningman(dot)com and mvp(at)infoasis(dot)com.

REGIONAL: Flipside Town Hall Meeting, Austin, TX


Flipside Town Hall Meeting
February 2nd, 2002
2:30pm – 5pm
Elysium, 705 Red River, Austin Texas
Doors open at 1:30pm

It’s only 128 days until Flipside! Do you have an idea for this year’s theme? Do you have an art piece waiting to be made, a song to play, a performance to perform, an idea to contribute? Do you miss meeting new people and seeing old friends, the fire of creativity, and the afterglow of community? Do you still have the Yearn to Burn?

Join the Flipside community for an open town hall meeting. We will:

  • Introduce the organizers
  • Pick this year’s theme
  • Talk about opportunities to help out
  • Launch ticket sales
  • Have community input (3 minute limit, and you’ll need to sign up if you want to speak)

Bring your creative passion, constructive criticism, and burning vision to help create your ultimate Flipside experience.

The meeting will be held at Elysium, a club at 705 Red River in Austin. While the bar will be open during the meeting, we ask that you respect the speakers and avoid side conversations, loud libations, or new sensations during the meeting. The outdoor area is available for smokers and random conversations. Doors will open at 1:30pm and the meeting will start promptly at 2:30pm. We need to wrap up by 5pm. Instead of a private after-party, why not join the biggest party in Austin Sat. night at Carnaval, where burners will fit right in with the frivolity.

At the Town Hall meeting, you will be able to advance purchase the very first Flipside tickets available. We hope to see you Feb. 2nd and look forward to another fun and exciting build up to Flipside!

— Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’d like to stay connected to the Austin Burners subscribe to their email discussion list: austin-list-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com

Questions can be sent to: austin@burningman.com, though George is a busy guy and may not reply immediately.

You can also find info about their event and wacky community at: http://www.burnaustin.org

Payne’s “Burn Baby Burn”


Coming soon to a space near you. Payne is criss-crossing the U.S. showing his film. Email him and I’ll bet he’ll stop by. I was in Reno when he showed it in the packed basement of a funky clothing store called Venus Envy. Here are the next showings:

2nd February – The Crucible, 1035 Murray St. Berkeley, CA 94710 – 7:30pm & 9:30pm – $5 in playa gear ($10 without) http://www.thecrucible.org/ The CRUCIBLE an Educational Collaboration of Arts ­ Industry ­ Community.

10th February – New York – Sutton 1 & 2, 205 East 57th Street. 8:00pm sharp. Call 1-866-468-7619 for Txts. (As part of the NYIIFV Festival)

15th, 16th and 17th February. The Blinding Light Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada. http://escape.to/burningman The WebAlias Network presents: Escape to Burning Man: Burning Man Movie Night: Featuring: “Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man” and “Burn Baby Burn”.

EDITOR’s NOTE: “Juicy Danger” is a sweet story from 1997, and one of the Bman staff favorites. We used to sell this video, but have recently run out. Watch it!

19th February – Faultline, 4216 Melrose Blvd. (cross street – Virgil) Hollywood.

22nd February – Los Angeles – LIGHTSOURCE – 7600 Melrose Ave ( X Curson ) – 8pm

Please see http://www.paynie.com/ for more info and special thanks to all the burners who have attended so far. And look out for the Tour of America this summer.

A portion of all door proceeds are donated to the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

Rabbit Run o’ the Week: “Straight outta Hunter’s Point” Feb 6 & 7, 2002


Kevin Epps film profiles a neighborhood few San Franciscans will ever have an opportunity to enter. A first-time Burner at this year’s event, Kevin was initially a reluctant participant, but came away very effected by the connectivity he encountered on the playa. See his film at San Francisco’s Red Vic theater, February 6 and 7. The shows will possibly sell out, so arrive early.

His web site which includes a film clip and more info about the history of the film: http://www.mastamind.com

Info on the showings: http://www.redvicmoviehouse.com/february02/02_06_02.html

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Next week, the launch of the After Burn Report, and I promise I’ll finish compiling the Grab Bag issue.



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