JRS Volume #6; Issue #13


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Yes, one more JRS hopping at you in a week filled with so much info, we can’t stop typing. (Please stay on the line. The newsletter isn’t usually *quite* this frequent – it’s just been an exciting week!)

This one, though, is one many of you have been waiting, asking, and searching for…the Announcement of the Art Theme for Burning Man 2002!!

I’ll get right to it, since I know you’re as busy as we are. After you peruse and dream about “THE FLOATING WORLD”, there’s more exciting news: the THEME CAMPS AND ART INSTALLATIONS QUESTIONNAIRE is now online… FLAMBÉ LOUNGE invites you to become a part of the fun…the WEB TEAM CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS that someone (ahem) forgot to include in the second-to-last JRS…PLAYA CHICKEN’S BURNING MAN SCHOLARSHIP is now accepting applications, too. Plus, TALES FROM THE PLAYA reminds you to check back for updates to this participant section of the website. And, more REGIONAL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS, and a little apology from us for a mistake in the AFTERBURN SURVEY.

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We are most pleased to announce the unveiling of this year’s art theme: “THE FLOATING WORLD”.

“Reality is so big that we must protect ourselves from it. We make rooms, then hang pictures on the walls and think that what’s outside must surely be a picture too. But the rising tide of reality overspreads our boundaries. Our little worlds, in truth, are ships that float upon this sea. In the year 2002, we’ll cast off from the shore. The Black Rock Desert will become an ocean, a deep and perilous span, forever filled with the unexpected. Our theme is about how we find our through the world and what we seek in it. Prepare yourself for a voyage of discovery. ”

Visit the full text.

A word on themes:

Designed to inspire a basis for a collective creative thread for each year, the theme has been the creative contribution of our director, Larry Harvey, each year since 1996. Larry wrote in the Afterburn Report, ” I think (a theme) creates a sense of commonality, forming a sort of meta-story or myth that can be shared by large numbers of people… I try to craft the presentation of the theme in a way that leaves any ultimate interpretation completely open-ended.”

Art works in the Theme area of the playa will draw their inspiration from “The Floating World”; camps, artists, and participants are invited to explore it with their own imaginations as well. The possibilities are endless.

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The 2002 Theme Camp Questionnaire is now up! When you are ready to register this year’s camp, please go to http://www.burningman.com/themecamps/. Please have your plans solidified before completing the questionnaire — It is not first-come, first-served, except in the Large Scale Sound Art area. Please make sure that whomever completes your questionnaire is an experienced camp leader, and is ready to take on the role of official camp contact.

Art installation registry is also underway. Everything your artist self will need to know – and let us know – about bringing your creative vision into playa reality is right here.

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Burning Man Presents:

FLAMBE ISLAND: A Pirate, A Sailor, A Seafarer’s Folly!

Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana (between Mariposa and 19th), SF SUNDAY, April 7th 4pm-2am Happy Hour 4-6; Island Punch Specials all night 21 and over $10 in costume or with leis/gifts of your making; $15 not. (Please create unusual leis or other gifts and sail beyond your wardrobe imagination!)

Join us for Daylight Savings and a night on the fabled shores of Flambé Island! We shall be tying our boats together to create a flotilla of art in a floating world inhabited by mysterious natives, visiting ambassadors, pirates, sailors, sirens, mermaids, sea monsters and other creatures that live by the sea. YOU are an islander, a visiting emissary, or some other fanciful creature with a mission all your own. Come prepared to exchange art and information, give gifts, and educate one another in fanciful traditions of your creation. Navigate your way around the island and create a night of lively adventure. Along the way visit the Volcano Lounge, Quicksand Box, Sea Monster’s Grotto and Rainforest Peak. Lounge to island favorites, unusual art and seaworthy performers; engage in local customs like hula hooping, coconut bowling and the treasured hunt. But beware of culture pirates, artist cannibals, naughty boa dodos, barter zombies, and the Midnight Volcanic ARTruption that could save or destroy us all!

To volunteer, perform an island-themed act, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. By all means e-mail us with your island ideas and help make this an artfully fun and interactive night for all. We are especially looking for art in keeping with this year’s Burning Man theme.

See the Flambé Lounge section at www.burningman.com for invite and further info.

Burning Man tickets will be on sale at this event.

NEXT FLAMBE LOUNGE: The next Flambé Lounge will be THE BLUE BALL at the Glass Palace in the Presidio, SF. That focus of that Flambe Lounge will be all things undersea-and especially blue!

Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other PARTICIPANTS. It is one way Burning Man creates COMMUNITY year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest YOU! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of PERSONAL EXPRESSION-whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!

Join us and make it even better!

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(which I forgot to actually INSERT into my last JRS – sorry all)

Web team seeks:

Image Gallery Website Lead

The Image Gallery Website Lead is responsible for placing submitted photos throughout the Burning Man website to reinforce the text on a page and bring Burning Man alive visually. You will be responsible for selecting appropriate images from the Image Gallery, tweaking them with Photoshop (color correction, cropping, sizing, etc.), and then linking them to the page (preferably using Dreamweaver). New images need to be placed as new pages are added to the site, pages are updated, special projected are added (e.g., the Afterburn Report), and to keep the site fresh. Images are currently used on the homepage, throughout the mastheads on each page and eventually in the body of the pages. You will work with the HTML and content section leads to coordinate placement
HTML editing — Experience with Dreamweaver preferred.
Need to be local to the Bay Area to make every other Wednesday Web Team meetings at BM HQ in SF.

If you’re interesting in undertaking this challenge, please email GG — gg(at)burningman(dot)com — the web team coordinator, with a brief background and for more information.

And as always, you can volunteer your web or any other skills by filling out the volunteer questionnaire.

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PlayaChicken.com is trying to find a good home for a Burning Man 2002 ticket. The ticket does not take up much space, doesn’t shed much, eats next to nothing, and will provide its owner with one unforgettable week in late August. Best of all, this ticket is FREE to the right person.

We would like for this ticket to go to someone who truly feels they cannot afford to buy their own ticket, yet they’ll make a positive impact on the event if they are able to attend. Does this describe you? If so, check out the PlayaChicken.com Scholarship Award at http://playachicken.com/burn/burn02/ . But hurry, because entries are due by April 30.

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Don’t forget to check back often for updates to TALES FROM THE PLAYA, the participant-created section of burningman.com dedicated to reflections from Burning Man. This gleefully nostalgic new feature of the website is updated regularly with new stories always rolling in, so bookmark the page at http://www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/
and keep checking back!

And if you’ve got some memories of your own to share, send them to reflections(at)burningman(dot)com.

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PLAYA DEL FUEGO: May 24 – 27th, Delaware

5/24/02 – 5/27/02

This eleventh gathering of the East Coast Burning Man community offers “feasting, burning art, burning company, and general craziness.”


“Join us for an extended four day weekend on private land in central Delaware. Our last event at the site was a great success! Our community continues to grow in new directions and we welcome both newcomers and old timers.”

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SYNCHRONICITY: Midwest Burn Event

From our Chicago Regional Contact:

“SynchroniCity: Burn the Midwest will be held July 4,5,6,7 at what looks to be a beautiful spot just about 1 hour north of Wisconsin.

We’ve got a fundraiser planned for Friday March 29th at the Gallery Cabaret which is located on 2020 N. Oakley in Chicago. We’ll be showing Burning Man films from 7 – 10p and then slinging cocktails and dancing from 10p-2a. A $5 donation is asked to help fund the event in July. Should be a great opportunity to hook up with some Chicago burners, ask any questions, and have a bit of the joy.”

Subscribe to their announce list at chicago-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com, or reach their regional contact at chicago(at)burningman(dot)com. Watch for full details about the July 4th event!

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Don’t forget the Reno Recompression coming up March 23 at Skoosh Ink. It’s spring, and Reno Burners are ready to play! See the JRS volume 11 from 03.10.02 for the full description.

Sign up for their announcement list: reno-announce-subscribe@burningman. com Or write reno(at)burningman(dot)com.

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OKLAHOMA BURN: THE BURNING OF THE BUNNY (the JRS opts to not take offense! 😉 )

March 30, 2002 – Join Oklahoma and other midwestern Burners at yet another regional burn…


Write oklahoma(at)burningman(dot)com or sign up for their announce list: oklahoma-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com.

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For any of you that wanted to see the film “Burn Baby Burn” and missed the bay area showing, the Sacramento area burner’s are hosting a showing…

What: A movie, “Burn Baby Burn” and a slice of Playa

Where: 2325 Lexington Drive, Sacramento, CA (between Business 80 and Del Paso Blvd)

When: Friday March 22, 2002

What Time: 8:00 PM, a reception, art viewing and social after the film until ?

Suggested Donation at the door: Costumed $5, street attire $10 or as much as you would like to donate. A percentage of the donations will go to the ” Fire Fighters Burn Institute”. (Ed note: Paynie also continues to make donations to the Black Rock Arts Foundation from these screenings.)

PLAYA RULES APPLY- Bring your own folding chair, blanket, sunscreen and best playa attitude. If you want munchies, then bring some andssome to share with those camped around you. Some refreshments will be available but bringing your own favorite ones is suggested.

What we want…
To have a small slice of the playa recreated in Sacratomato. This event is open to the public and will be announced in the Sacramento Bee and News and Review. Come show our fellow Sacramenten’s why we do what we do each labor day.

Artists that want to show off their playa pieces… Performance artists that want to show the community your best stick… Fire performers… It is an Burner event!!! Costumes… To brighten or frighten or scandalize… Theme Camps… Come set up and show off your best, recruit new campers. Volunteers: Greeters, Help setting up the art exhibits, refreshments, Door attendants etc…

What can you do? Participate! Help make this the best burner event to have happened in Sacramento. Bring your friends that have given you lame excuses about not going to the playa, get them involved. And of course, we will leave no trace! So pack it in, pack it out! And just come have a really fun night.

For further information or to volunteer, please contact us at Sacramento(at)Burningman(dot)com

Get on the Sacramento announce list: sacramento-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com

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Open message to our burning friends between the ages of 51-60:

Yes, we know you’re out there. We love that you are a part of our community. Heck, a few in this office are this same age range. Some of my favorite humans are in their fifties. That’s the decade when the “good stuff” happens, right?

Point is, we didn’t mean to exclude you when we posed the “Age” question on the Afterburn Survey at http://afterburn.burningman.com/survey.php. It was, regrettably, a mistake during the survey’s construction. Which means that many of you who “declined to state” might have really meant “You forgot about me, squirt.”

We do apologize for this error.

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SO, that’s it from our camp. Have a great weekend!


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