JRS Volume #6; Issue #17


The Jackrabbit Speaks: When the cat (lady) is away, AG gets to… well, talk to you guys!

Here we are in our new office, surrounded by boxes, grinning all day long as we unpack unpack unpack and answer the door and the constantly-ringing phones and trying to keep in step the normal April gearings-up, while simultaneously searching for that one box that had all the paperclips in it… all while our bosses are schmoozing it up burner-style in NYC in preparation for tomorrow night’s big event at Cooper Union.

Meanwhile, the Nevada report: we just had a very successful work weekend as the DPW hit the playa to pick up stray stuff that surfaced over the winter. This necessary activity is part of our compliance with our permit. We expect to have our “spring check out” next week… and yes, we do expect to pass with flying colors, thanks to everyone’s efforts!

This JRS brings you info about the week in NYC, so East Coasters can get the skinny — including info about Greeter Training and a Show-Me Salon For Fire Artists; some ticket info (next level sold out!); presale information for the next Flambé Lounge; a special Leave No Trace Training coming up in May; a Scholarship Opportunity for artists who’d like to add light to their creations; volunteer opportunities in the Center Camp Café; info on a Tupperware Party for the EL-inspired; and finally, Illuminaughty Benefit in SF you just might enjoy!

So read on, you!


Don’t forget, this Thursday is the pivotal night of Burning Man week in New York City, as members of our staff descend upon NYC for an action-packed visit with the city’s very active community of burners. The highlight of the week is Larry Harvey’s appearance at historic Cooper Union, where he will deliver a speech titled “Viva Las X-mas: On Consumerism, Commercialism, Commodification, Culture, and the Burning Man Project.” This event has received publicity in TimeOut (critic’s pick), New Yorker, and NY Post!

Tickets are still available for this event, as well as for the other exciting activities planned for this week as Larry, Maid Marian, Crimson Rose, Harley Dubois, and Ladybee come to see how the East Coast brings home Burning Man and keeps the fire burning year-round. Visit: http://www.sealspace.org/ for full details on the week’s events.


Hey You,

Want to be a Greeter?

Do you have what it takes? Are you ****HAPPY****, funnnnnnn luvvvvvving, interested in helping others and Welcoming them home? Wanna find a perfect way to give the gift of wonderful, sparkling, friendly you to Black Rock City?

Then you are born to be a Greeter! Come to the first East Coast Greeter Training!!

Saturday, April 27th
1 – 2 PM
Brooklyn, NY

This training is being conducted at the “Day on the Playa” event in New York (see: http://www.evite.com/info@sealspace.org/dayontheplaya).

Your presenter is Burning Man LLC member, Community Service Director and Greeter founder, Harley K. DuBois.

This is our first push of this information, and it’s just half a week away. However, in order to have an effective training worth having, we’d like to get at least fifteen greeters-to-be at the event. So — if you’d like to be trained, please RSVP to actiongrl@burningman.com by Thursday and indicate your interest.

This way, we know how to plan. If there is little interest in this training, it may be cancelled, so send your message to actiongrl@burningman.com with “I WANT TO GREET!” in the subject, and we’ll make further announcement on Thursday.

To RSVP for “Day On The Playa,” and find out the location details, check out this URL: http://www.evite.com/info@sealspace.org/dayontheplaya.


Are you interested in discovering more about other types of volunteering for Burning Man? How about Playa Information Services, Recycling, Earth Guardians, Lamplighters? (What do you want to contribute to our community on the playa?) Ask Harley how you can get involved! She can put you to work. She will be wearing a big, beautiful beige Stetson, so you can find her.


Fire performers: here is your chance to try out for the Fire Conclave — with Burning Man’s own Fire Goddess, Crimson Rose, during her visit to New York!

Show up early to sign up (performers will be taken in sign-up order). Bring your own materials and fuels. You will get five minutes to “Show Me” your stuff!

Show Me Salon with Crimson Rose
4/27 Saturday
8:00 PM

Location: Lunatarium, 10 Jay Street
Dumbo Brooklyn, NY



Greetings from the Ticket Sea!

The $175 Tickets are SOLD OUT! There are a limited number available through our Walk In Outlets. Get yours today before they are all gone!

Nevada Outlets:

Reno: The Melting Pot, 888 S Virginia
Winnemucca: Red Cat Records, 1051 W 4th St.

We are happy to announce and welcome our new Sacramento Outlet, Cheap Thrills. As of 4/24 they will have tickets on sale. Stop by the funky purple house and get your ticket, meet Nate and his family, and find a groovy costume or outfit!

Cheap Thrills: 1217 21st St in Sacramento

All outlets accept cash or Money Order ONLY!

The going rate for tickets is now $185. They are available as long as supplies last or until June 30th. They are available for purchase via outlet, online, visit our website www.burningman.com, and by mail.

Send mail order requests to:

Burning Man PO Box 884688 San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

Burning Man no longer accepts Personal or Business checks. Please make payment in the form of Money Order or Cashier’s Check.

Questions? Email us at: partiserv(at)burningman(dot)com

Questions about online orders? Email In House Tickets at: support(at)burningman(dot)com

~adrift on the ticket sea~


Burning Man Presents: The Blue Ball

The Glass Palace
Building 924 Mason St. on Crissy Field
at Crissy Field Avenue
in the Presidio, SF
Saturday, May 18th

• 2-6pm: Family picnic on the grass (Bring picnic, blanket and your grillables; DPW provides the grill)

• 4pm-Midnight: The Blue Ball, 21+

Formal undersea attire requested. Blue highly encouraged. Coatcheck available.

$15 until May 12th
$18 after

All tickets sold in advance at: http://tickets.burningman.com/evinfo.php?sid=&eventid=988

Venue requires pre-sale tickets, so commit now!

Please carpool, bike or take mass transit (Muni bus 29 to Crissy Field Avenue and Mason; also bus 28 or 43, but not as close).

Main Parking Lot and Shuttle Bus: Lombard Street to Lombard Gate of Presidio. Right on Presidio Blvd. Go straight until you reach Main Post parking lot. Park and ride the Green Tortoise or Sea Shuttle to the Glass Palace.

The ancient and benevolent sea gods Nereus and Doris cordially invite you to their mystical undersea palace for the gala Blue Ball. Sea creatures of every inconceivable kind shall converge, bringing with them treasures of the imagination and inspired tributes to the fifty Nereids and the royal courtesans of the sea.

Partake in:

  • Floating World interactive art
  • A sampling of theme camps and plans for Burning Man 2002
  • Unusual performers of the sea and distant shores
  • Undersea waltzes with the Royal Order of Ancient Dorsal Wonders
  • An undersea electro-luminescent parade
  • The 20,000 League Debutante Fashion Show
  • Nautical minstrels and DJs specializing in sonic aquatica
  • Plan for the playa, as well as for your own palace and Bay!

To volunteer, perform, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. More info: 415-TO-FLAME or www.burningman.com. Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other participants. It is one way Burning Man creates comminuty year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest you! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of personal-expression — whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!

LNT Train the Trainer BackPacking Trip – May 25/26

On May 25/26 we have our annual Leave No trace (LNT) backpacking trip. If you think that you already understand LNT and haven’t been on this trip, think again. This is a great way to become a certified LNT trainer and have fun at the same time. The LNT Trainer Course will be held during a 2-day backpacking trip held in one of the wilderness areas around Black Rock Desert/High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. There is no charge for this training — it is sponsored by Burning Man.

Note — that you will need to be prepared to hike, carry your tent, sleeping bag and supplies (especially food and water) for the weekend and do some homework before the backpacking trip. Please sign up for the course only when you are sure that you will attend. On completion of this class you will receive a certificate as a LNT trainer. Your mission, upon completion, will be to teach Leave No Trace to your fellow residents of Black Rock City. There will be a limited number of attendees. Registration will close on May 10th, but the trip may be full sooner. If you’re interested, send email to karina(at)burningman(dot)com ASAP.


<from a generous burner>

I’m a two time burner, and have had a great and life changing experience each time. I am an ex-dot.com guy, who had been ignoring his creative side — I went to art school, and ended up in technology — go figure.

Last year, I undertook many project from building a bar and dome, to helping my friends and camp mates build lighting systems for their costumes, tents and bikes. It was more creative output in a few months than I had experienced in over 10 years.

Since I have been unemployed this year, my neighbor and I have begun building and selling LED-based light fixtures — these things are bright, but give off a moonlight cast and are truly amazing for the playa.

The lights can be seen here: http://www.berkeleypoint.com/products/light_fixtures/index.html

Here are some of the Burning Man related images (at the bottom of the page): http://www.berkeleypoint.com/applications/lighting/art.html

Well, we want to give back. We would like to do a scholarship of sorts, by asking for proposals for projects that use the lights, and we’re thinking we’d donate up to 25 of the light fixtures, wire and some technical expertise to realize the project.

Mainly, we love the lights and love how they work in the desert. And I’d like to share the wealth so to speak.

Here’s the info for the “scholarship”: http://www.berkeleypoint.com/burn.html

T. Jay Fowler

<end transmission>

Center Camp Café:

Time is accelerating and things are heating up at the Café. Look below for lots of specific information concerning volunteering, art, performance, and documentation. Check out http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/infrastructure/cafe.html for more information about everything Café.

Center Camp Café Coffee Shop:

Carpe Diem. Get in early and pick times you would like to volunteer at the Center Camp Café. Contact cafe-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com for information, stories, parties and information about our expanding Café Community. The Cafe offers Barristas, Cashiers and Support teams 4 hour shifts at 7, 11 and 3 PM and AM 24 hours a day for the entire event. Volunteering at the Café makes you more beautiful. For more information check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_coffee_shop.html.

Art, Décor and Lighting

We’re delighted to announce that the Main Portal for this yearés Center Camp Cafe will be created by Finley Fryer. Mr. Fryer is well known around the playa for his many large-scale contributions to the playa art scene: the beloved Plastic Chapel (aka the Taj Mahal or Chapel of the Burning Book) in 1998 and 2001; the large figurative sculpture of a deep sea diver called “Stan” in 1999, and the fusible glass female figure Coalita in 2000. By being selected as this year’s Main Portal artist, Finley Fryer joins the company of Mausoleum artist David Best, who created the Main Portal in 2000, and metal artist Royce Carlson from Prescott, Arizona, who was responsible for last year’s design.

Artists are still needed for the Side Portals, and to contribute fabulous works both under the shade canopy of Café Island and around our perimeter in Center Camp. Contact cafe-decor(at)burningman(dot)com for more information, or see the information on our web page at http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_art_submission.html.

The Art, Décor and Lighting Team is in search of pre-event volunteers to assist for the week of setup. If you have not yet come out early and been a part of actually building Black Rock City this is a great way to experience the Magik. We are looking for people from Thursday 8/19 to Saturday 8/25. We especially need help from Friday 8/23 through the weekend. We welcome all people, as there is lots of stuff to do that does not require any specific skills. Lots of love for those with creative minds and those with artistic, painting, sewing, simple carpentry or basic electrical skills. Make it happen and then bask in the glow of the fabulous Café while enjoying several of our volunteer thank you parties. For more info check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_art_decor_lighting.html.


The Café Performance Team is seeking acts that can contribute to the Café ambiance with performances from Monday, August 26th through Monday, September 2nd between 7am and 3am. If you are a Café-style performer and are interested in playing on the music stage, please email cafe-performance(at)burningman(dot)com or check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/cafe_performance.html. The Performance Team is also on the hunt for experienced stage managers to bridge the gap between performer and technician. If you are interested in helping the Café stage run smoothly, please contact cafe-sound(at)burningman(dot)com.

Camp Arctica:

Does the idea of working in and around freezing ice trucks in 110-degree heat appeal to your inner Eskimo If so, youéll be at home volunteering at Camp Arctica—where nearly 200 people come together to build and run the chillest spot on the Black Rock Desert. Check out http://www.burningman.com/participate/ice.html for more info. We’re looking for Volunteers to work three-hour shifts at: 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm throughout the entire event. You’ll keep the life force flowing to hot and dusty Black Rock citizens while helping a range of local Gerlach-area charities and community groups. Contact ice-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com for questions or more information.

Arctica Arts:

This year, in addition to improving and increasing the size of the Arctica structure, we’re also turning down the thermostat on the aesthetic and auditory ambiance of the igloos. Camp Arctica’s chill zone will remain open in the evenings featuring icy art, chilling music, and a frosty lighting design. Please contact ice-arts(at)burningman(dot)com for questions or more information.



LIGHT ’N WIRE PRODUCTIONS, an art-technology resource center presents an introduction to electro-luminescent wire for use with illuminated fashions, fun or folly. Get connected to the wire by attending our free Tupperwire Party at Cafe du Nord, Monday, April 22nd at 6:00 PM (du Nord is located at 2170 Market Street near Noe) We will discuss how to apply it as decorative night lights for costume evening wear, props, toys, bicycle lighting and for whatever else turns you on.

QUESTIONS: Louie Lights @ (415) 664-0694
e-mail: lightnwire(at)hotmail(dot)com OR drglowire(at)lightnwire(dot)com


BM 2000 from the playa dust they rose and you first met them. BM 2001 the Chakra Tower was a beacon and the legend grew.

Now as BM 2002 approaches discover…

**The Lure of the Illuminaughty**
A Fundraiser for our camp at Burning Man
May 11, 2002
Doors close at 10:00. No ins-and-outs.

Order tickets now: http://www.acteva.com/GO/Illuminaughty/

For more information see http://www.illuminaughty.org/burningman/2002/lure/

Tickets will be $20. We will also be accepting additional donations at the door, bring extra for t-shirts and limited edition 2002 Illumi-schwag! For tickets go to: http://www.acteva.com/go/illuminaughty/ or please send a check and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Shana Naegle
915 Burnett, #3
San Francisco, CA 94131

Who are they???? http://www.illuminaughty.org/

That’s all for now. Enjoy these first days of Spring. See ya!


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