JRS Volume #6; Issue #19


Jack Rabbit Speaks, saying, “Criminy! 102 days until the playa!!”

It’s not hard to smile… we have been so much more connected and happy since we got unpacked into our new digs, and it’s been fun to observe how it affects our work. As we hit full-blown busy time, we’re seeing more and more friendly faces at the office, and everyone who has visited for a meeting has left a little remnant of their enthusiasm in the new space, to stay behind and brighten the corners. We can’t help but be affected, warmed, and inspired all the more.

Plus, this weekend was another moment of success… a beautiful Sunday arrived, and with it, the BLM 2001 Site Inspection. At 9 AM, Will Roger met the BLM (led by NCA Manager Dave Cooper), along with several Earth Guardians, some friends of the Black Rock Desert, BLM Volunteers, DPW Managers, Flynn and Maid Marian to execute three transects on the 2001 BM event site. No significant burn scars were visible, and the sweeps of the transects proved to be well above the set standards — we are happy to report that as expected, we passed with flying colors! Huzzah for BRC!! 2001 is the best cleanup effort yet, and the DPW extends its huge thanks to the entire Burning Man Community, and especially to the Clean Up Crew.

This JRS is all about events; two of significant note are the Flambé Lounge: Blue Ball and a Center Camp Café Creative and Crafty Party… see more information below!

And speaking of this here JRS thang: the JRS will now appear on a regular-ish schedule… by popular request, and practical demand, now the JRS will appear once a week, instead of just “when-we-get-enough-info-and-find-a-second-to-write.” This ought to make them a little shorter, a little easier to peruse… and we’ll always continue to try harder to make the information easy-to-read, fun, and informative. Black Rock City’s most important info, community events, camp fundraisers, tips from other Burners, volunteer searches… the JRS is the source for the up-to-the-minute Burning Man scoop, now every Wednesday!

And there’s more! Our thanks goes out this week to new JRS Bunny Numero Tres: Cabe Franklin, who is helping to watch and insure that your posts to us don’t get misplaced. Big rabbit hugs to Cabe for stepping up to the plate!! Continue to send your post requests to jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com for consideration.

CONTENTS dis week:

The Blue Ball — Only Three Days Left!!!

  • San Francisco
  • Saturday May 18th
  • (Burning Man gathering)

This just in!! Tickets now will be available at the door on the 18th!!! They are $18 and exact change will be greatly appreciated. They are also available in advanceonline at http://tickets.burningman.com/evinfo.php?sid=3D&eventid=3D988and in person at Cafe Proust (1801 McAllister at Baker) from 6-9 pm on Thursday May 16th. (If buying tix at Cafe Proust, join $teven, Crimson, Frog or Camera Girl in the lounge for a coffee/cocktail and stay for one of Ms. P’s amazing dinner specials.)

What’s going to happen at the Blue Ball, you ask?? Here’s the announcement… (cue music!)

The ancient and benevolent sea gods Nereus and Doris cordially invite you to their mystical undersea palace for the gala Blue Ball. Sea creatures of every inconceivable kind shall converge, bringing with them treasures of the imagination and inspired tributes to the fifty Nereids and the royal courtesans of the sea.

Partake in: Floating World art by Kiki, Starboy and Cary, Paul dePlumber’s Lily, Mark McGothigan, Amy Van Every, Liquid Lights, Scott (Sparky) Bartlett, Howard Cohen, Julia Ann Ellingson, Furtographer Randal Alan Smith, Okeanos/Visual Immersions, Cool Neon, Louie Lights and many more… A sampling of theme camps and plans for Burning Man 2002…

  • The undersea tiki-carving musical exotica of APE!
  • Holy fins and gills, it’s… The Mermen!
  • Dance and aerial theater variety show by trout
  • The operatic splendor of “Scuba diva“ Marisa Lenhardt
  • The antics of Aquaman & The League of Super Heros
  • Wishing Well performances by Waterboy & the Bucketheads
  • Sea creatures by Puppets & Pie
  • The haunting strings of Danny Hienz
  • Mermaid Stilting and Performances by Future Tribe
  • A Grand Procession of Undersea Wonders!
  • Periodic Waltzing with the Academy of Ancient Dorsal Wonders
  • Compete in The Sea Creature Interpretive Ballroom Dance Competition!
  • Undersea electro-luminescent parade
  • The 20,000 League Debutante Fashion Promenade
  • Performances by members of the Fire Conclave
  • Humungoidal Bubbuli by the Amazing Bubble Gique
  • Simran’s Blue Alien Experience
  • Bagpipery by The Mad Piper
  • Sonic aquatica by: Laird, D6, Zach Darling, Dr. Friendly, El Gato, DJ Tempura, Steve23+
  • Many and much much more, including undersea royalty, like y-o-u!

The Blue Ball is a two-parter!

2-6pm: Leave No Trace Family picnic on the grass (Bring picnic, blanket, sea creature kite and your grillables; DPW provides the grill)

4pm-Midnight: The Blue Ball. 21+. Formal undersea attire requested. Blue encouraged. Coatcheck avail.

  • The Glass Palace, Building 924 Mason St.
  • Crissy Field, at Crissy Field Avenue, in the Presidio, SF

To volunteer, perform, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. More info: 415-TO-FLAME or www.burningman.com. Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

Get Creative With The Center Camp Café Crew

  • San Francisco
  • Sat. May 25th
  • (Burning Man volunteer gathering)

Center Café Creative Crafts Party Sat.
May 25, 12 noon til 5:30
1900 3rd St @ 16th St SF, 2nd Floor (The New Burning Man Offices!)
Food and Beverages provided! Park in our lot!

Calling any and all volunteers to the first Café Crafts Party for 2002. We’ll be brainstorming ideas for the “Cafe Island” theme, and playing with some fun projects already in the works. Depending on turn-out, we’ll be cutting/sewing/painting fabric and lanterns — bring ideas and any fabric that’s fishy, tribal, or tropical (solid colors are fine, too). Come by and meet the Café Decor team and eat some treats (not pizza!) Questions? Email marcia(at)burningman(dot)com.

Directions to the offices are at http://www.burningman.com/officedirections/. We have 20 parking spaces on the North half of the lot (next to Sno Drift). The entrance to the building is on 3rd St. There is a doorbell button marked Black Rock City. Ring and you will be buzzed in.

Playa Del Fuego: East Coast Community!

  • Delaware
  • Friday May 24th – Monday May 27th
  • (regional gathering)

Playa Del Fuego: announced in the March 15th JRS, but coming up fast!

The eleventh gathering of the East Coast Burning Man community offers “feasting, burning art, burning company, and general craziness!” Advance tickets sales are done, but tickets will be available at the entrance of PDF on Friday, May 24 at noon when PDF starts. $35 bucks covers four days of playa vibe — a bargain!

Playa del Fuego is burners camping and a way to spend your long full Memorial Day weekend, on land operated by folks who have served this country. Burners and Veterans mingle around the fire. Specifics, pictures, directions, exhortations, and celebrations are available from the pages within http://www.playadelfuego.org.

P A R T I C I P A T E !

Visit the regionals section to find your local community.

Synchronicity: Burn The Midwest Fundraiser!

  • Chicago
  • Friday, May 17th
  • (Regional event fundraiser)

Tickets for SynchroniCity: Burn the Midwest are now on sale at http://www.synchroni-city.org/. There’s only going to be 300 tickets sold so buy them while you can. Tickets can be paid for with a credit card on line or by cashiers check or money order. All tickets are $30, all sales final, all souls sold direct by phone. See you there!

Come sleep your way to the top at SynchroniCity’s Corporate Porn Art Show
Friday May 17th, 2002 from 7p – ????
This Multi-Room space is located at the South East corner of Chicago and Ashland (enter on Ashland) Chicago, IL

Tired of your go nowhere job? Hungry for excitement? Too ugly to get any legitimate partners on your own? Come submit yourselves to the upwardly mobile depravity of working for the world’s largest porn conglomerate where even the measly temp workers will have a chance to get a leg (or two) up in the world. There will be plenty of pornography on hand to help inspire you on your new career path. There will be art by some of Chicago’s finest painters, photographers, and sculptors. There will be music, and a CEO with a bad attitude and a very excitable flogging fist. This event is BYOB and is a fund raiser for SynchroniCity: Burn the Midwest!! We’re asking for a $5 donation if you’re in costume or bring us an empty film canister or $8 if you can’t muster any kind of preperation skills at all (and yes that will reflect poorly on your skills assessment!).

There will be raffles and give aways and we will be selling tickets for SynchroniCity all night. Tickets are $30 and are on sale NOW at http://www.synchroni-city.org/. This is a not to be missed event for the Chicago land area. We’ve got multiple rooms, fantastic music, and all sorts of desk jobs, shit jobs, cush jobs, and the kind of jobs that will make sure you’ll never be able to look your friends in the eyes again! Git your resume together and git your Ass on over to Play!!!! Any questions? chicago(at)burningman(dot)com.

Visit the regionals section to find your local community.

Magic Glasses Benefit: San Francisco

  • San Francisco
  • Sunday May 26th
  • (camp fundraiser)

Magicglasses Benefit Party

For the fourth year running, magicglasses reveal that things on the playa are exactly as interesting as you think they are. Ever-lengthening tunnel increases the diffracted light fantastic while hand-crafted metal dome reverberates to late-night psy-trance DJnauts. Bring both eyes and ears for short-term eye doctor surgery with myriad long term benefits. Blink and you’ll miss it. So don’t.

  • when: sunday 26th may, memorial day weekend, 9.00pm to late
  • where: studio z, 314 11th street, san francisco ca
  • tickets: $15 in advance, $20 on the door (presale at Ceiba Records, Haight Street or from Brilliance members Jeff, Sequoia, Lee-Anne, Tiffany & Elena)

Until we meet again (next week, of course),

{soundtrack to this JRS V6-19: just this tune my singing teacher plays, stuck in my head since my lesson on Sunday…}

Don’t forget to bring spare keys to the playa!
—BRC Playa Info Lock Out Team


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