JRS Volume #6; Issue #27a

JRS/6:27a/07.11.02 EVENTS

Here, folks, are those events we promised you… for those who burn all year long.

Regional events, fundraisers for theme camps and art, film screenings… y’all are some busy people out there! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to keep the fire alive and create an inspired reality for those days that we’re NOT in Black Rock City, geo-temporally speaking.

Below you’ll hear about the upcoming FLAMBÉ LOUNGE… get more info about Chicken John’s ROCK THE BOAT in SF… a DESERT ART PREVIEW, too! Some Regional news as one event is POSTPONED IN UTAH, and another MIDWESTERN BURN SUCCESS STORY tells how one group overcame the obstacles that would have seen their flame doused. Plus, upcoming EVENTS IN SOUTH SF BAY, PORTLAND, BERKELEY, SAN FRANCISCO, RENO, and FILM SCREENINGS in SF, GEORGIA, and LA!

Read up, go out, get involved and burn on!


“BURNING SILICON” A south bay Burning Man event!



Burning Man Flambé Lounge Presents:
A full day of PARKticipation & Floating World art and community!
Sunday, July 21st
2pm-6pm Esprit Park: Free and all ages!
6pm-2am Club Cocomo: $10 seaworthy attire; $15 street wear, 21+


Esprit Park — Mariposa & 20th

FREE to All Ages! Please carpool/bike/take mass transit.

Celebrate the fourth anniversary San Francisco mayorial proclamation of NO SPECTATORS DAY by taking over Esprit park and engaging in radical PARKticipation!!! (OK, so the actual NO SPECTATORS DAY anniversary date is July 31st. We couldn’t wait and we are celebrating early!)

Enter the mysterious “Green Rectangle” and create interactive art and roving performance! Come as your aquatic imagination dictates and share your art!! Join the pre-playa treasure hunt and create interactive and radically inclusive games of your own! BYO Picnic: bring grillables; DPW provides grill. A NO VENDING, LEAVE NO TRACE event. E- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com if bringing large art or using stakes. (EVERYONE TO LEAVE PARK BY 7PM!)



Cocomo, 650 Indiana St (between Mariposa & 19th)

$10 seaworthy attire; $15 street clothes. Coatcheck avail. Happy hour 6-8pm, 21+ over

Gather one last time before we ship off to the playa!

Floating World interactive art and theme camps! Sea-inspired performers, musicians, stilters, dancers, art cars & aerialists!! A Ship-to-Shore Fashion Show! Dance with nautical minstrels and some of the Bay’s best DJs! BE the art! Use the day to plan for the PLAYA!! We’re almost there!!!

To volunteer, organize an interactive group game, perform, bring your art, theme camp, or playa imagery, e- mail flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com. More info: 415-TO-FLAME or http://www.burningman.com.

Burning Man tickets on sale at this event.

Visit http://bmpublishing.wpengine.com/blackrockcity_yearround/special-events/flambe/ for information. (If it’s not there yet, please check back tomorrow — the change to the page is underway!)

See the invite at: http://home.earthlink.net/~eggchairsteve/launchparty.html

Flambé Lounge is a gathering of like-minded artists, eccentrics and other PARTICIPANTS. It is one way Burning Man creates COMMUNITY year round; a venue to showcase new ideas for Burning Man 2002, to learn what others are working on, and to volunteer in areas that interest YOU! Begin planning your theme camp, art installation, performance, ritual, or other means of PERSONAL EXPRESSION — whether your plans are for the playa or your own backyard!


July 18th
San Francisco
Art Fundraiser

Reminder and new info…

San Francisco! You won’t want to miss this exciting fundraiser to raise money for Chicken John’s playa art project. Chicken John, about whom we at the JRS just can’t say enough good things, have you noticed that?)

From the far seas of the Outer Mission, beyond the edge of civilization and basic cable, comes the S.S. Odeon, a ship so packed full of entertainment, it’lows and revel in the stupidity and sheer madness of it all.

Yes, it’s

……………………. Thursday July 18th — 9pm Kelly’s Mission Rock 817 China Basin (take Mariposa just past 3rd St) on the water — duh 415.626.5355 ……………………

This just in: tickets are $20, or $15 if you have a really BAD tattoo or a really GOOD scar!

A cavalcade of entertainment performed entirely on boats!!! You watch safely from 2 stories of dry decks, floating in yer vodka tonic. Unique? Oh yes. Stupid, um yeah!

ATTABOY & BURKE (solo duo formation)

a special appearance by:

your host for the evening:

All brought to you by Chicken John and Dammit, LTD

For the dog
by the dog
because the dog is unlikely


Tuesday, July 30th @ 7 PM
Fort Mason, San Francisco
Burning Man art preview

Preview this year’s desert art theme, “The Floating World”. Bay Area representative artists will offer a sneak preview of their work as site specific and interactive installations expressive of navigating the seas of life.

Artists will use fire, water, light, sound, and metal as creative mediums in discussing their works. Speakers include:

Tim Black (SHIP TO SHIP/light sculpture)
Radiant Atmospheres
Mark Jones and Minx (THE LEVIATHAN/light sculpture)
Jenne Giles
Paul Cezewski (THE WATER LILY/metal sculpture)
Deirdre de Franceaux (THE SIRENS/sound and figurative sculpture)
Jeremy Lutes (THE LILY POND/interactive light sculpture)

Sponsored by Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burning Man. All ages welcome, onsite parking available. Doors at 6:30.

Call (415) 345-7575 for ticket and direction information


Utah on the mic:

“I am very sorry to report the Synorgy Utah Burn has been indefinitely postponed. Due to fire restrictions currenly in place at our proposed location, we have been forced to cancel the event for the time being. Please see the website for more details.


Thank you.”


From the Midwestern burners, we hear a tale that turned out well in the end:

“SynchroniCity has come and gone and disappeared. And while the event was blindsided by some rather serious hindrances at the last minute, the participants of SynchroniCity did what could only have been expected from such wonderful people — they looked inside themselves and their community and found the resources available to continue amongst great opposition. What could be more like a crew of burners than to turn a potentially dire circumstance into a steppingstone for great perpetuation, pleasure, joy and creativity?

For those of you who are not aware of the circumstances, we were ordered shut down by the Walworth County Sheriff. A temporary restraining order was granted to stop our campout because our host at Dancing Shadows did not have the proper permits required for our campout — we were not informed of this in advance. While this was not done intentionally by Dancing Shadows, it was still enough to give the County Sheriff the technical grounds he was seeking to remove our opportunity to hold the campout.

All of this information came to light beginning around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning and the final motion to over turn the injunction was denied around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. We presented every bit of evidence we could come up with to illustrate to Walworth County that we were not a threat to the community, that we do not intend to do anything illegal, and that we are here to better the community and strengthen relationships while making new friends. (We made many new friends along the way, including the neighbors of Dancing Shadows with whom we are now on first-name basis. We owe them quite dearly for the many hours of work helping us to prepare for the event).

We offered to ban amplified music during the event, we offered to allow Law Enforcement to come walk through our event as they wished, any time they wished, and assured them they would be greeted in a respectful and friendly manner. We offered to purchase the permits and change our parking structure — in short, do anything we could to comply with the needs of the county just so we could have our campout; the county was not interested in compromise.

It is our belief that the action was taken by the sheriff at such a late moment to force us to give up all hope of having our event and possibly damage our group financially enough to keep us from having another event.

We are extremely proud to say that, as burners, opposition is something we are quite adept at dealing with and overcoming. After shaking the dust off our shoulders, some very dedicated committee members stood back up and began the search for a new site to hold SynchroniCity.

Bong State Recreation Center was about 20 miles south of us. We decided to offer to pay for people camping there in order to keep the group and the many friends and relatives who traveled from all over the United States to be with us together. We acquired 8 camp sites in the same area of the campground and continued our event as it was initially planned, placing our SynchroniCity signs, our “Leave No Trace” signs, and our ranger and theme camp signs. We continued, as we initially planned the event, a celebration with friends, families, Art, music, great conversation and quite a bit of Joy. We even managed to make new friends as we made efforts to meet the neighbors around us, explain to them what we are about and ultimately invite them to join us in our activities.

While there were some long faces at the start of the day Thursday, by Thursday night as we crowded around a campsite to watch slides from Burning Man 2001 all spirits were raised appropriately and hardly anyone could recall that this wasn’t precisely where we were supposed to be all along. Perhaps it was.

While Bong was a great spot for camping and building theme camps it was quite obvious that it would not be ideal to use for burning our effigy at the end of the week. Once again creative solutions were employed and one of the local committee members came up with a site for us to burn the Bird that was not only legal, but it was permitted correctly and the folks who owned the place were eager to have us and loved the event. We set the 17′ Piasa Bird — made of 2x4s, plywood, carpet tubes, grass, paper mache and neon — on top of a 4′ tall cable spool, secured it, guy lined it, and as the sun dropped we turned on the neon and let the festivities take hold.

The evening was a huge success, all together we had 75 people, some of whom had never heard of this kind of thing before but were ready to join us for our next gathering by the time we parted ways. The Piasa Bird was burned around 11 p.m. and was gorgeous: it burned hot and fast and the catharsis of watching all our efforts disappear and leave only the positive energy we created together was overwhelming.

We continued to play well into the night and ran shuttles back to the campground as participants grew ready for bed. The event was a complete success, perhaps more so than had it been allowed to remain at its original location. We were challenged, our integrity was questioned and our intentions were misrepresented. Instead of giving up or giving in to reactionary conduct, we stood firm, maintained our dignity and kept our event moving forward all the while finding strength in the belief that what we are doing is truly right, truly good, and so desperately needed in this world that while we may be temporarily slowed we will never be stopped.

The flames have been lit in the Midwest, the smiles have been found, and the community remains, assured, proud of their actions, and excited to remain burning.

Much Love, Creativity and More Burns!

The SynchroniCity Participants”

***“BURNING SILICON” A south bay Burning Man event!***

July 19th
South SF Bay
Regional Precompression Party

Friday, July 19th 2002 9:00pm-2:00am
Kleidon’s Lounge
152 Post St, San Jose, CA
(corner of Post St & North San Pedro)

From your South Bay Regional Contacts:

“Festivities in two rooms include: Screening of Paynie’s 2001 documentary “Burn Baby Burn”/ Screening of Renea Roberts documentary “Gifting It”/ Performance by Cat5 /Trance-induced DJs, fire performance, art cars and more!

Come meet experienced south bay burners, as well as people who are attending Burning Man for the first time. Swap stories and new ideas for the playa, hear about what others are planning… network! Find potential collaborators, a camp to join, and get geeked for the playa! Meet friends and plan your camp, performance, art installation, etc.

Floating World attire strongly encouraged!

Tickets $10 IN ADVANCE; we expect great attendance and, with limited space, advance ticket purchases are THE way to go. Check http://www.burningsilicon.com for tickets and info! There is limited room for additional art submissions/performers. Contact skid maquino(at)ihot(dot)com.

Write to the new regional contacts at southbay@burningman.com for more info about getting plugged in to the South Bay Burning Man community!”

**PORTLAND RECOMPRESSION PARTY 2002 – A Hedonistic Potluck**

Saturday, July 28
Portland, Oregon
Regional precompression party

“A fellow burner has offered us all a very special opportunity.

She owns an estate that she runs her catering business out of, and has offered for us to use this property for a Recompression Party Sunday July 28th.

This will be a Bring Your Own Drinks, Bring Your Own Food event. Potluck style.

The property is large enough to hold several hundred burners, it has a swimming pool, gardens and plenty of space for drummers, poi-spinners and other fun. Grills will be provided for us to cook up whatever we bring. A huge kitchen space to keep our food cool. A bar area to make our drinks. This property is totally private with parking space for about 150 cars.

This place is already set up for events, so there is electrical supplies for DJs and tables to set equipment up on. Truly an amazing space.

Sounds great doesn’t it? I know Sunday is not always the best day of the weekend for some folks, but she does have a business and Sunday is the only day that will work. The plan is to start it at around 2:00pm and go until it ends. Whenever that is.

You must contact: laurabrannan1(at)attbi(dot)com for directions (this is a private home and the owner would like to not have her address posted on the web)

Most importantly, please go to: http://www.mattdunphy.com/recomp to sign up to bring food, entertainment, whatever. This site has all the information that you will need for this event… and it gets updated very often so please visit it more than once.”


1404 4th Street, Berkeley
(Because we all love fire)

Eccentric Design presents THE FIRE GARDEN This two day event presents an incredible performance and exhibit of twenty fire and illuminated light sculptures with DJs and bay area performance artists. Experience the ultimate theatrical feast!

Date: July 19th and 20th (Friday and Saturday) {Press Preview Thursday July 18}
Time: 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
Location: Golden Pacific Brewery 1404 4th Street in Berkley
Admission: $10 – 15 {sliding scale} All ages welcome. Children under 12 free
For Information Call (510) 601-6269

Eccentric Design Group will transform the 20,000 sqft parking lot of Golden Pacific Brewery into a feast for the senses. Wander this landscape with a local microbrew in hand, while feasting on a wide range of visual and aural entertainment as Therm prepares to blow your mind with a series of choreographed fire and lightning performances.

Experience an amazing performance of light, color and sound flowing from a multitude of fire sculptures. See the delicately woven light forms in motion created by Light Fantastic. Wonder at the solar powered botanical sculpture by the SunBrothers. Enjoy the illuminated fashion show of “fetish insect” designs presented by local designers. See an array of avant-garde films projected on towering brew tanks by the CinePimps. Dance to some of the Bay’s best house music as the Space Cowboys broadcast from a converted WW2 transport vehicle and experience flaming performances by Ultra Gypsy: fire & belly dance ensemble (7/20) & Lapsus Performance Group (7/19), live music by The Reverend Screaming Fingers, plus Cool Neon presents its trademark electro-illuminessent technology and more…

And best of all: be prepared for a heart pounding performance of Therm’s “Fire Garden” featuring remote controlled fire sculptures cracking, thumping and flashing in every color of the rainbow beneath 15 foot lightning bolts while performers in medieval armor display swordsmanship under a shower of electricity. This is an event not to be missed.

Eccentric Design is a collective of artists and performers working together to create interactive sculpture, performance and environments. More information about Eccentric Design can be found at http://www.eccentricdesign.org or call (510) 848-9400. You can email us at eccentric(at)pacbell(dot)net.



GET ME NOT WRONG, THOU, the most-wicked of events dost brew. In support of the vile Ms. Pac-Camp, these CIRKUS performers, this massive SLIDE SHOW, and some DEADLY HIP-HOP shall dominate the darkest night. But trust us (of whom you shouldn’t trust) there will be some major HIP_HOPPING going on with the riffing DJs TREAT-U-NICE and SOLOMAN, and hosted by MC BUU(UUUUUUU!). So come out to dance and see some things that might light up your eyes.

Where: Shattuck Down Low Lounge 2284 Shattuck Ave. at Bancroft Ave.
Berkeley, Ca. (510)548-1159
When: 9pm- 2am Thursday, July 25th 2002
Who: East Bay Creative Labs, in an attempt to raise funds for ms. Pac-Camp 2002 at Burning Man.
Contact Natalie: boxofstars(at)hotmail(dot)com
Why: Because your blood will lite like gasoline and your feet will electrocute the nite.
How: $7 at the door. 21 and Up and You won’t be disappointed.


Sat July 27th
Kelly’s Mission Rock, 817 China Basin, SF
Theme Camp fundraiser

The heat surrounds you, envelops you, penetrates you. From ahead, the steady beat of sound system beckons. The music grows stronger, and as you move towards it, you realize that the rhythm you hear is actually coming from separate sources; you make out the individual beats from the tapestry of sound and realize you must choose where you will dance. You’re dazzled by the whirling flames of a dancer’s baton and as you are passed by other dancers in lavish costumes, you realize you’ve been transported…

No, you’re not on the playa yet (though it’s not far off). You’re at Radiance: Burning Sol. Like all Radiance events, Burning Sol is a coming together of different communities in intentional celebration. In addition to stoking the fires of those who are playa-bound (and those who aren’t), Burning Sol will raise money for the participating groups to help with whatever delights they’re cooking up for Black Rock City this year.

Participating Communities: Infinite Kaos, Blyss Abyss, Opel Productions, and The Community

Details: Kelly’s Mission Rock, 817 China Basin, SF – 10pm to 5am – Saturday July 27th

Tickets: (21+ only, must have valid ID)
Now until July 14th, $15 presale only at http://www.acteva.com/go/rtf Souvenir tickets will be mailed out starting July 14th. After July 14th, tickets will be $20, for sale on-line and at the following record stores:

Primal Records (2420 Parker Street, Berkeley)
(1pm-8pm Sun-Wed, 1pm-9pm Thu-Sat)

Clear Records (147 Valencia nr. Market, San Francisco)
(12pm-8pm Mon-Sat, 12pm-7pm Sun)
Ceiba (463 Haight Street, San Francisco)



Surfing Man—Surf Party Benefit
Surf’s up @ the Odeon Friday July 12th 9 PM
Mission & Valencia SF CA
$5 Just Add Water
Hang ten with Video Installations, Surf Bunnies
Contact markmc3us(at)yahoo(dot)com

Surfing Man, by Mark McGothigan Constructed of tubular carpet tubes and a paper mache head, Surfing Man will be mounted on a sailboard. At night he will surf the playa, brilliantly lit for all denizens of the deep to see. He will burn in a fiery wipeout.


July 13th
Reno, Nevada
Theme Camp Fundraiser

“I would like to cordially invite you all to our fundraising event “Ignition” Saturday, July 13th from 4pm-8am. We are igniting the energy and spirit of Burning Man in July and hopefully August to raise funds towards this year’s camp – Basswave Marina – of which CommunityTrance will be a part. Your support and attendence will be greatly appreciated, and certainly worth the trip over the hill.

Information, maps, DJ Lists, and many details are available at www.renodj.com. Click on the “Ignition” link.

Five acres, outdoors, fully permitted, Wave II sound, outdoor laser show, robotic lighting, fire conclave “Control Burn” fire-art performance @ midnight… about 20 DJs.

Ask about playa margarita coupons at the gate.

Shmoe Nameless
Basswave Marina BM02″

***GIFTING IT Screenings***

(See below for dates)
Georgia and San Francisco
Film Screening

Go to www.giftingit.com for info on this new documentary and more completed details on screenings.

7/18 & 7/20 – Gainesville, Georgia
6:00 p.m.
Part of the Downstream Film Festival
Bobbit Theatre @ John S. Burd Center of Performing Arts at Brenau University
429 Academy Street
See www.downstreamfest.com for ticket info ($5.00)

7/19 – San Jose 7 p.m. SHARP @ Kleidon’s Lounge ($5.00 suggested donation)
7/11 – San Francisco 9 & 11 p.m. @ CELLspace ($5.00 suggested donation)

****BURNBABYBURN screening***

Film Screening

Redbrick Cinema, 1617 East 7th Street. Studio 7., Los Angeles, CA 90021

Donations of $5 would be appreciated, but no one will be turned away. A percentage will got to Black Rock City Arts Foundation.

There will be a musical performance by the fabulous Jenn Beast. (www.jenbeast.com) And pictures on display by Marie Sasaki. Please bring a pillow to sit on if we run out of chairs.

Doors open – 3pm
Jenn Beast – 4pm
Screening – 5pm

More information and clips at www.paynie.com

Next week: we do it all again.

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