JRS Volume #6; Issue #33


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Howdy! Since I’ve been preoccupied this week with things like reading the owner’s manual of my van on how to remove the middle seat to make more space for three weeks’ worth of stuff, I’m turning the mic over to Jack Rabbit #3, our New York correspondent Cabe Franklin. Cabe will ably bring you the burning news of the day, and our next JRS will come to you from Gerlach, Nevada!

Take it away, Cabe!


Thanks Andie!

This JRS comes to you from New York City – from whence a full container of bikes, costumes, glitter, rebar, sleeping bags, energy bars, and pink wigs – but NO BOAS – is already on its way to the playa. Of course, many hearts and minds are already halfway there as well; not just from here, but from all over the globe. Who among us hasn’t gone gathering playa supplies at least once already, only to find their thoughts drifting to that moment when we turn off the asphalt and onto the playa surface…now you’re driving (slowly!) past the Burma Shave-slash-Zen koan traffic signs welcoming you to the playa. Maybe in your daydream you stop to pick up your ticket from Will Call…or maybe you roll all the way along to the Greeters, to be welcomed warmly back to Black Rock City. Then you putter (again, ever so slowly) over to your camp, anchor your vehicle, and begin to explore the Floating World…

Can you wait? Do you have enough water?

Only 11 days ’til Burning Man!

In this issue of the JRS: the necessary TICKET UPDATE, followed by a word on DRIVING: THE NEW GUNFIRE. Anyone looking to send word back to family and friends that they’ll to be a little late getting home will be thrilled to hear about the new BLACK ROCK CITY POSTMARK for off-playa mail delivery, and anyone looking to make it back to their own camp in time for supper will be glad they took two seconds to read about NAVIGATION on the playa using a compass. (You’ll make it back to camp faster on your new BIKE from the Re-Cyclery Thrift Shop.) If you’re into helping travellers from around the world make that last hop from Reno to the playa, you’ll want to help out with RIDESHARES FROM RENO, and if you want to get down and deep with the theme, you ought to explore FLOATING WORLDS PLURAL.

We’ve finally made the switch from having more PARTICIPATION to talk about on-playa than off. There’s more than one kind of HIDDEN TREASURE on the playa, especially if you’re looking for places to shake your BELLY. Burning Sky / Sky People will be organizing a TWO-THOUSAND-PERSON MAN for an aerial photo on Saturday, so fortify yourself by visiting eVille to make your own WHEATGRASS SHOTS. You can tell BRC what you think of the whole affair on ANYTHING GOES PLAYA RADIO, or, indeed, any of the 40 FM STATIONS that will be broadcasting from the playa, for the playa. If real-life talk is your thing, check out THE HEAT OF THE DAY in Center Camp, and make yourself visible in the crowd by flashing your new kicks from LIQUID LIGHT.

Wrapping things up pre-playa, we have word of the SIRENS ART FUNDRAISER and the season’s last COOL NEON SOLDERING PARTY, both in the SF Bay Area.

Let’s get started!
– Cabe

“Once, twice… thrice, remember to bring spare keys to the playa!” -BRC Playa Info Lock Out Team





( . ) (. ) ( .) ( . )







Even though we are right on the edge of the event we are still trying to get tickets in hands BEFORE the playa if possible. To that end, we welcome our newest ticket outlet – Berkeley Hat Company!

They are now fully operational, Burning-Man-wise, and are quite excited about selling our tickets. You can find them in Berkeley at 2510 Telegraph Avenue (at Dwight Way), Berkeley, CA 94704. Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am – 6pm; Sunday 12pm – 5pm. Contacts: Ed & Carol Doherty

REMINDER: Tickets will be $250 or more at the gate (the price will increase each day). NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER 11 pm on THURSDAY NIGHT. So get yours in advance! For more information on tickets, visit http://tickets.burningman.com/

We remind you once again to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets out there. This year’s tickets have an embossed foil Burning Man stamped upon them which should be darn near impossible to duplicate effectively. If you’re buying tickets from an unknown source, it’s strongly advised that you meet the person and take a gander at the tickets themselves – and if you can, get a look beforehand at a friend’s tickets so you know what the foil looks like. Counterfeits at the gate are a heartbreaking way to start your adventure.


Old-timers speak fondly of the days when fire on the playa wasn’t so tightly regulated; older timers remember the days when it seemed like a good idea to be constantly shooting at stuff. Because – hey – it’s the desert, right?

It’s our goal this year to make people realize that DRIVING is just as dangerous. Think about it – how distracted do you get while just walking or biking around? How many times have you crashed into someone because a blinky light or a twenty-foot-tall polar bear or a passel of lamplighters caught your eye? It’s clumsy and funny and even a way to make friends if you’re just walking…a little more annoying if you’re on a bike…and downright antisocial if you’re throwing a two thousand pound vehicle at your fellow participants without being all there.

We don’t enjoy enforcing rules…but we need to make you aware that law enforcement will be enforcing all driving regulations that apply in the state of Nevada. We’re not talking speed limits here, people. The ONLY time a car should be moving across the playa is if you are your on your way into 🙂 or out of 🙁 the event. The Burning Man Organization is determined to lead the way on this, and has tightened up all of our driving policies for staff members and vendors in support of this MAJOR push to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Please join us in keeping the playa safe for wandering!


It’s a little known secret that your favorite postal theme camp, the Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO), has been doing off-playa mail delivery informally for a few years now. This year, they are proud to contribute an official “Black Rock City, Nevada” postmark to our community. The postmark is an official USPS postmark, and any mail sent through the BRCPO will now be stamped “Black Rock City, Nevada” instead of Gerlach, Nevada on its way out to the rest of the world. If you would like to send a letter or package off-playa bearing this postmark, BRCPO will be operating 24 hours a day at its center camp location.

REMEMBER: Any mail sent through the United States Postal Service system must use a REAL stamp. BRCPO will NOT be vending stamps, so if you wish to send a letter/postcard/package home postmarked Black Rock City, make sure that you BRING STAMPS to the playa.

If you are interested in learning about how BRCPO applied for its postmark permit, or seeing the original artwork of our own Postman of the Playa, Penfold, please inquire during the night shift (2 a.m.-8 a.m.).

[CF here – it was hard not to asterisk and cap the heck out of this posting because the whole thing seems so cool to me. One question though – isn’t 2 a.m. – 8 a.m. the *day* shift on the playa?]


For those without a GPS, here’s a handy visual cheat sheet that explains how to determine your bearing in degrees in Black Rock City 2002. If you’re between streets or out on the playa, you’ll still have an idea where you are. Remember, this is for compasses with a moveable bezel (the ring w/ the numbers on it). Finally, don’t do this near an automobile, unless you are looking for the engine block.



Just now realizing that your rollerblades aren’t going to cut it in the desert? Here’s another resource for bicycles and parts: these folks have all kinds of complete bikes (new and old), heaps of parts, and scrap material just eager for another life. Better yet, it’s a non-profit benefitting local youth.

Re-Cyclery Thrift Shop
610 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA
tel: 415 458-2986



Please read on…

Greetings from Hageymon, aka Fred, of the Black Rock Motel/Bed and Breakfast and BRAND-NEW International Burner Hostel. I have several posts in the Getting There-Ride Share section on the e-playa under “INTERNATIONAL BURNER HOSTEL…” and the response has indicated a GREAT NEED for a local Travel Coordinator. So, I have volunteered to take this bull by the horns.

If you need transport or can help with same, please let me know at fhagemeister(at)prodigy(dot)net, so I can pair up those in need with friends, indeed.

Please be aware that the number of Burners from foreign countries is increasing by leaps and bounds and this is your chance to extend some GOOD OLE’ AMERICAN HOSPITALITY.

I will be using my home in Sparks as the staging area, which is only minutes away from the Albertson’s store that has gained much favor with Burners, and very easy to find off Interstate 80 on the way to the Burn.

If enough help surfaces, a shuttle service from the airport/bus station to the staging area would be mega fantastic, too.

A local volunteer with a Suburban or similar multiple-passenger vehicle who wouldn’t mind one or more shuttle runs to the playa would be a gift from Heaven.

Getting from the playa BACK to Reno doesn’t seem to present as much of a problem for most folks as getting there in the first place, as people tend to make new friends real fast once they get there, but help getting back will certainly be appreciated also.

Fred Hagemeister
1350 Breaker Way
Sparks, Nev 89431
#s: 775-358-5080 and 775-722-1427.

Burn, baby, Burn.


Many of our emails so far have noted a vaguely Time Bandits-esque conception of the Floating World: navigation, star charts, adventure. But as Glen Mehn writes, that’s only one interpretation:


“Living only for the moment,
turning our full attention
to the pleasures of the moon,
the snow,
the cherry blossoms,
and the maple leaves;
singing songs,
drinking wine,
diverting ourselves in just floating,
refusing to be disheartened, like a gourd floating along with the
river current;
this is what we call the Ukiyo–the floating world.”



SteveO says: “If you have a GPS unit, bring it along this year. I’ll be setting up a cache (argh, a treasure chest matey!) on the playa, and having a GPS will help to locate it. The location of the cache (and others that people may place) may be found in an ammo box at the Burning Bell message board.

“If you’d like to place a cache, please do not dig up the playa. Familiarity with normal geocaching might help, as well: http://www.geocaching.com/articles/making.asp.”


The Center Camp Cafe Performance Team is scheduling an extra special (extra secret) Belly Dancing event this year. We’ve gotten tons of Bellies signed up already but we need all we can get! To get involved you *could* send email to bellies(at)burningman(dot)com, but since we’re so close to the event (aren’t you excited?!) your best bet it to make a point to go to the Sound Booth in the Center Camp Cafe any time during the event and ask for Spanky, I won’t be far off. All ages, sizes, shapes and experience levels welcome, this is a “Woo Hoo” event. Come find me on-playa and we’ll make it happen!



Burning Sky/Sky People are trying to find people to volunteer to help form a Human Man, with 2,220 people, for an aerial photo op on Saturday. (Exact time is TBD and weather dependent.)

You can join in the event once you get to the playa by visiting their camp or finding a volunteer recruiter. Yes, the number is limited – but there’s a good chance you can get in, you just need to get on the list, so you know where and when to meet up for the final instructions.

If the weather is good, you can find their camp by following the parachutes, since that’s where they will be landing :). The location is Abyss & 150 Outer Ring, near the Airport In the meantime, more information is at http://www.aerialsoul.com/burningsky/plans/humanman.asp.

Blue skies!

PS: Want to be one of their all-important recruiters? You’d have to be willing to attend one or two meetings Friday night, and help get people to their respective locations for the photo op. For detailed instructions email Karen at karen.e.hawes(at)lmco(dot)com (but please only if you want to be a recruiter – not just one ofthe 2,220!)


Beckie Friend, of the MezLabMixers Crew, writes:

“I am wondering if you could make an announcement about juice. I will have a wheatgrass juicer at Burning Man and would love to see folks bring flats of organic wheatgrass and we’ll gladly juice it up for them. I wish I could supply more, but it’s a transportation issue: it’s a living plant, and needs some care during transportation and storage, and will take up a good amount of room which also limits how much I can bring myself. So therefore I am asking for any volunteers to contact me at this email if they are interested in juice!

“Also any fresh citrus, juice, bananas or berries, etc. contributed to make smoothies will be shared by all our new friends. We are part of eVille and are calling ourselves MezLabsMixers.

Many thanks, namaste –
MezLabMixers Crew


AGPR 101.7 – Broadcast Messages on the Playa!!

Wanna tell something to Black Rock City? Wanna know what’s going on in the most uncensored free-est wackiest way possible? Anything Goes Playa Radio will be there to record your thoughs, ideas, rants, blurbs, words, raves, stories, jokes, rumors, bits, pieces, spiels, callouts, announcements, events, personals, messages, request — or anything else! — and broadcast it to all of Black Rock City!

So when the crave gets you to send a message to thousands of people on the playa, what are you to do? Simple, veeeeeeeeery SIMPLE! Go to the PlayaNET (www.playanet.org) kiosk close at Center Camp (likely close to the Playa Information Services – http://www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/infrastructure/info_services.html) which will have the AGPR 101.7 sign on it, walk inside, find the AGPR 101.7 PC sitting there, and follow the simple instructions on the screen! That’s all there is to it! Then just tune in to AGPR 101.7 and listen to your message(s) with glee!

Enjoy the service, enjoy the radical free expression. Anything goes on the playa, and you’re all here to tell everyone else all about it!

A bientot et avec amour,
Fuzzy :philippe


Did you know that there will be over 40 FM radio stations broadcasting from within Black Rock City again this year? That’s right – fellow burners are reaching out to you via the airwaves! Bring a radio and tune in while you are relaxing in your camp, having a meal, pitching your tent. It’s also a great way to hear about happenings, events, important info, etc. It’s all about community, and best of all…it’s commercial free!

For more information contact skid ( maquino(at)ihot(dot)com)

Here’s a list of this year’s FM radio stations!

87.9 Vulcan Free Radio
88.3 Radio Free Wrybread / Cyberbuss
88.9 Westpole Productions
89.5 Bear Lair Radio
89.9 WRONG Radio
90.3 COUAC
90.7 WMSC (Mad Scientists Camp)
91.1 Radio Synaesthesia
91.5 KHIK
91.9 Willow Grove Radio
92.3 Radio ToA: Temple of Atonement Radio
93.7 Radio E.O.M.
94.1 Crash Radio
94.5 BMIR (Burning Man Information Radio)
94.9 Radio Free Lahonton
95.3 Dave Martinez
95.7 Fusion Valley Radio
96.1 Heartwaves Radio
96.7 Radio Tiedye (solar/wind powered)
97.1 KAEZ (The Alternative Energy Zone)
97.5 Free Radio Takilma
97.9 Radio Dionysus
98.3 GPS Radio
98.7 Yellow Solar Seed Station
99.1 Basswave Marina
99.5 Radio Free Burning Man
99.9 People’s Republic of Robots
100.3 KRAP Road Show with Jack SparX
100.5 KAMP – K-Ambient-Music-Project
100.7 Decimal Radio
101.3 eVille radio
102.3 Soma FM
102.7 Radio Television
103.1 SPURT Radio
103.5 TikiFest
103.9 Radio Electra
104.3 KBK Kanadian Broadcasting Korporation
104.7 Zachary Paul Rukstela
105.1 105DustDevilRadio
106.1 Lahontan Broadcasting Coalition
106.5 K-SVERT “the 10 watt flame thrower”
106.9 Burnin’Mon Radio
107.3 F.A.R.T. Radio
107.7 KAOS


Live Monday-Friday at 5pm on the Spoken Word Stage at Center Camp: Daily Talk Show featuring Kevin Adair and Chicago Rose.

Seeking help from others with recording / radio experience or just an interest in passing the word.

Monday’s Topic: The Best of Burning Man Kicking off the week is Burning Man past, present, & future. Tell your highlights from previous years, and share events / installations / performances / camps not to be missed this year. Find whatever you seek in BRC. Welcome Home! Help this show act as a guide for fellow seekers and yourself. Share what you know; learn what you need.

Tuesday’s Topic: It’s Polyamory Day! By far the most popular topic of last year’s show was the day we spent discussing Polyamory. Now it’s your turn to add your views to the discussion! What is Polyamory? Are you polyamorous yourself? Do you think it’s the lifestyle of the future? Do you think it’s wrong to consider any lifestyle other than monogamy? What’s the difference between being Poly and swinging? Does being Poly mean you are bi-sexual? Have you tried Polyamory and discovered it doesn’t work for you? Were you on the show last year and have new experiences to add? Now’s the time!

Wednesday’s Topic: Spirituality: What do you Believe? And Why? Is there anything that all spiritual perspectives share? Are we evolving toward a unified spirituality? Will Christianity, and other major religions survive? If so, how will they change? What defines a healthy religious / spiritual perspective? What makes someone’s beliefs unhealthy? Can anyone judge another’s beliefs? Let’s hear from you!

Thursday’s Topic: Thumpin’ Thursday! It’s the Heat of the Day Variety Show! Give us your best 3 minutes of whatever you do! Performances of all types sought to perform on stage. It’s the spoken word stage, and our talk show is designed for audio broadcast, so if your act has no words, Kevin will provide a play-by-play description. This is your big chance to share your hottest talent with the world. Don’t just hold it inside, let it out! Today’s the day.

Friday’s Topic: Consummation Friday! It’s the last show of the week, time to finish what we’ve started. We’ll briefly revisit all of the other topics of the week to give you a final chance to put your two-cents in. We’ll give a few minutes to Burning Man highlights, Polyamory, Spirituality, and have a couple more brief performances. Anything change since you last appeared on the show? Any crucial experiences you want to share? This is your forum. We’ll finish up with a brief open mic segment featuring additional concepts to help everyone prepare for Saturday’s Burn. Come on in, this might be your last chance!

Every show will also feature 15-second Hot Shout-Outs to focus further attention to your group or your connections to others. Sign-up before each show.


Liquid Light is pleased to extend a discount to all 2002 Burners!

LarryGlows writes: “We have flashing, blinking, lighted & glow toys to make your burn a blast! New this year are glow drinking cups that glow in six different colors for up to eight hours – to add to that, we also have freezable lighted ice cubes in six different colors that light up and last over one hundred hours. We also have necklaces and light sticks that are mood color changing for the first half-hour of use. Finally, we also have torch lights (blacklight flashlights). All this in addition to the many varieties of 6″ lightsticks, mini lightsticks, and more! Please call or email to discuss & mention Burning Man!”

1-800-228-6890 x2152
1-650-321-8991 fax


9 PM

Some of you may know that Deige, or Deirdre DeFranceaux, as she is formally known, has again been selected to receive a grant from Burning Man to make a piece for this year’s festival.

Last year’s piece was an amazing success, and landed her in Art and Sculpture World News, and made for a fabulous place to hang out on the playa… (http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi?image=3005)

This year’s piece is called Sirens, and features two huge shapely sculpted women, one on all fours and the other reclining, and music is pouring out of…well, I don’t want to wreck it…Unfortunately, two weeks ’til Burning Man and the budget has been…fully explored. So she’s having a FUNDRAISER!!!

You TOO can support the arts – feel free to deduct your $10 contribution on next year’s taxes…

Friday night, 9 pm till the piggy bank’s full…

Clooney’s Pub
1401 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110-3716
Phone: (415) 826-4988


Do not MISS the fabulous party this Friday night at Clooney’s. We have three awesome DJs and we will be boogeying for the last time prior to Burning Man. Even if you’re not going to Burning Man, come out and say hello.

NOON til the last project is done!

Our final soldering party before packing everything up and heading to the playa is this Sunday. Our entire product line will be available for sale at the home of Cool Neon in Oakland. No matter where your electroluminescent wire came from, we want you to come and finish all of your soldering here with the help of our dedicated funhouse crew. As always, this event is free, and welding and brazing equipment will be available to those who need it.

Directions are available at: www.coolneon.com
(510) 547-5878

That’s all!


*The JRS Team*

{Soundtrack to this JRS: Kerbango’s “BassDrive” channel – Illuminaughty for the office!}



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