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When the Jack Rabbit Speaks, she says, “Decompression, Ho!”

Yep, it’s Black Top City in San Francisco as the Burning Man community brings the playa to the Bay. The Flambé Lounge team has been hard at work making what promises to be the most EPIC Decompression yet, complete with all manner of entertainment, interactive art, theme camps, performances, music, and participation. And it comes with all the fixin’s – Greeters, Earth Guardians, Black Rock Rangers – even a special edition of the Black “top” Gazette! We’re excited as burners converge on SF this weekend, traveling from as far away as New York and Seattle to join the fun. Check the “Events” section below for the full story, and get your costume ready!

But first, a little reading. Discover the happy ending to the Burning Man story that continues after you’ve packed up and left – the cleanup! Plus we’ve got follow up and stories galore, decompressions across the country, and more of the usual fare to keep you knee-deep in playa dust while you’re sitting at your desk.

*************TABLE OF CONTENTS************




***********BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS**********


Dear fellow participants.

As of 4:00 pm Friday afternoon, Sept. 27th, Black Rock City 2002 (photos at Building BRC) ceased to exist. The last trace of the city to be removed was, appropriately, the first trace of the city to be installed, the golden stake that marked the center of the city where the man stood and burned. Except now there where no cameras, only a weary, but very validated crew that stood and watched. We were feeling a huge swell of pride and ceremony surrounding this, much greater than the heightened glee that accompanied the actual driving of this stake. We knew we had gone the distance. We had gone up against some of the biggest obstacles yet and were still able to punch our way out. This brought the entire project of Black Rock City to its full circle, which is simply to cease to exist. It is “The Magic Disappearing City”, and its final function is to return the Black Rock Desert to itself, unburned, unbesmirched, and unharmed. I could almost hear her sigh as I pulled that last annoying stake-sliver from her thick hide. That city’s gone, folks!! And the playa is once more the awesome playa. Of course, the only real magic out there was the DPW clean-up crew that shoulders this massive and very specialized feat and all else who weathered the storms long enough to pick their camps and art sites clean. It’s always DPW in the end, though. Who you gonna call?!

Without a doubt, that three day dust storm that followed the event was the central cause for many of these obstacles, the most problematic being the giant dunes. Some where up to four feet thick and one on the south fence line actually housed an entire tent! No, there were no occupants. Another thing it caused was a very understandable mass desertion of our fair city by her citizens and even some of our best campers left messier camps than ever before. Well, of course our good neighbors, the BLM, and most importantly, the playa herself really doesn’t give a rat’s ass how these messes happen, they just need it gone. So this year truly presented a challange to the DPW clean-up crew, and trouble shooting was the name of this game. We had to actually invent new dune busting and line sweep methods. There was an entire two weeks worth of truckloads of lumber, containers, whole buildings, many acres of shade structure, piles of garbage and what not to be removed – each with a giant dune beside. We came across art installations that left massive amounts of debris where the artist appeared to have total disregard for anything beyond trying to soak some Black Rock City spotlight. One installation required a crew of eight to pick up twigs and leaves for five straight days. That’s over two grand in man hours alone. Not to mention that two of the crew members had to be committed to the insane asylum with horrendous giant twig nightmares! Not really. And then the line sweepers, or, quite simply, the ones who pick up the damn litter, where faced with some of the heaviest MOOP (material out of place) ever. Again, it was certainly storm related and mostly in the theme camp and art installation areas; the more “public” spots. We looked at these things and decided that the lesson here was to clean your camps every day during the event and not wait until the annual post-event dust storm. My mom taught me the “clean-as-you-go” method in the kitchen.

Then came the huge and very expensive dune busting truck fleet with four and a half square miles to cover! Since we were doing so much inventing out there, we were even kicking around the idea of patenting some of these big busters that we made. Hmmm… Toward the end of the clean-up, we were visited by Dave Cooper, the manager of the Black Rock Desert NCA and grantor of our festival permit. He told us that we were not only getting it down to a science, but are continually setting the standards and raising the bar for the other users of the Black Rock Desert; screwing up the curve, so to speak. He was saying that a typical, camping family leaves more trace than our entire city! It’s amazing how just a little praise will make an entire crew shine with pride. Well, we are DPW clean-up crew, and praise is nice but not what truly motivates us. What would motivate us and, what would stand to benefit our entire community, is a heightened awareness of the things that are needed to be done in order for this magic to happen. A little respect, I guess you could say. All too many times a project is diligently planned and brought out to our city with little regard as to how it is to be removed. These people are not jerks or assholes, but most of the time are simply unaware. So it’s my campaign this year to shed much light to the other half of this project. The yang if you will. Know one ever wants to deal with the mess. It just magically disappears, right?

It’s a beautiful thing that happens out here in the month of September and I want the world to know. That’s why when we pulled up the final stake, our eyes met and we all smiled, filled with good old fashioned pride. We looked around ourselves and were once again humbled by the playa’s magnificence. We where honored to be the ones to return her to herself… unburned, unbesmirched, and unharmed.

Coyote Nose
The Magic Disappearing City.

     )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(


I’m saddened by the horror stories of art and property being vandalized and stolen (the antithesis of a gift economy). Particularly the dragonflies, which were stunning. It seems appropriate to share my personal experience, which was very different. This year my boyfriend Neil and I installed “Floating Chess”, a wind-proof chess set with table and chairs, way out on the playa. Fluorescent paint, lit by a battery-powered blacklight, made the board playable at night and appear to float above the ground. The chess pieces were secured with velcro and vistors were invited to use it.

We had wondered if theft might be a problem, but instead found the installation to be actively cared for by anonymous strangers! For example, one of the chairs was damaged by a bike collision or errant art car. When we went out to fix it, someone had already done the job. At another point, a handmade reversible plexiglass sign labelled “white to move” and “black to move” was donated, again anonymously. This simple but clever gift allowed solo passersby to participate in an ongoing game in progress. We were amazed that someone took the trouble to go all the way back to camp, create this sign and return it to the remote location. Thank you, whoever you are. At another point, a digital watch appeared on the light fixture. A chess clock, of course! The board was up for a full week (Monday->Sunday). Although we’d made a complete set of backup pieces, we didn’t lose so much as a pawn. I’d hoped for this, but didn’t expect to receive gifts!

Please feel free to share this story – I hope the negative acts won’t detract attention from the positive.


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Howdy there fellow participants. Playafrog here with the post-burn report about dogs at Burning Man. So far we have had only one report of a missing dog and I don’t believe she was actually at the event (see info below), but if anyone has any information, please contact the number listed.

****Would you please get the word out to the participants of the last Burning Man about a lost dog? I don’t know who else to turn to and I believe one of the Burning Man participants may have felt sorry for our Golden Retriever and picked her up. We live close to the Gold Ranch Casino on the outskirts of Reno, NV. Is there a place in your newsletter or on the internet where you could PLEASE post a little blurb about her? We are desperate.

She is a 10 year old, Golden Retriever, red collar, ID, “Lucy”. Frightened by loud noises. Someone was shooting close to our house. Please call if any info. 775-345-7642, pscutt(at)msn(dot)com. My deepest gratitude to you. We have had her since a puppy and she is our baby,
Pam Scutt****

As far as positive things to say about dogs at Burning Man, I have very few. Although I know some of you may have come in cushy RV’s and kept your animals cool and well hydrated, I still think bringing a dog to Burning Man is a BIG HUGE NO NO. Since my job is to deal with all lost, found and injured dogs at Burning Man, most of the time I am involved in a situation is when it is a negative one. I would however, like to give a huge thanks to Rick Brown and Sharon Montooth who help me with the pooch pens every year and are really great people and dog parents.

There were a lot of newbie participants this year that chose to bring their dogs, having never been to Burning Man before themselves. THIS MAKES ME MAD. You have no idea of the different environment you are forcibly bringing your animal to and possibly stressing them out in. Please, if you have never experienced Burning Man before, wait before bringing your dog. I am a 6 year Burner and dog mommy of 11 years and at no point in my dogs life would it have been ok for him to go to the event.

There was a man that brought his PREGNANT dog with him and for the 2 days that I was aware of her being lost during the event, all I could think of was her possibly having her puppies prematurely due to the extreme heat and the multitudes of problems associated with this. It turns out that some people near his camp had found her and were caring for her until we united them again. This was a nice thing for those people to do, but Burning Man is about being self sufficient, and most people don’t want to spend their event worrying about someone else’s dog. I also received a radio call from a man that had several dogs and was having problems with his camp situation and wanted to know if I could watch his dogs for half a day or so until he sorted things out. Again, Burning Man is about taking care of yourself and sharing with others, but having dogs out there that you have to pass to different people because of your own problems is both stressful to your dogs and you.

As I said in my report last year, I just don’t think it’s a good idea at all to have non-human animals at Burning Man. These animals have no choice when it comes to their being brought to the desert and they have no ability to say “Hey, I think the dust in my eyes and nose, all the loud noises and freaky people really bother me.” Don’t misunderstand your dog following you everywhere to mean that he/she is really happy where they are. They are following you, the pack leader, whether they are uncomfortable with the situation or not. You are all they know and they seek direction from you.

Some people think dogs are smiling when they are just overheated and panting…

Until next year…

Frog ( PlayaFrog(at)Burningman(dot)com)
Participant Services
Desert Dog Info
Burning Man 2002-2003

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Following up on Maid Marian’s mention in the 9/20 JRS of Larry Harvey’s talk at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Thursday, September 26, Larry’s Talk

Larry’s talk will be broadcast in San Francisco on KALW at 1PM on Oct 22nd.

And speaking of Maid Marian, our Mistress of Communications herself will discuss Burning Man in an episode of “Inside Base Camp” on the National Geographic channel this Sunday, October 20th at 8 and 8:30 AM. Be sure to tune in!

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On my way out of the playa and back into “reality” I noticed something that I felt was worthy of mention for future burns. In keeping with the leave no trace mantra that is in place on the playa, it seemed quite horrifying to myself and my fellow travelers that there were cars ahead of us with objects (ie.: trash, clothing etc.) that weren’t properly secured, and were coming loose and falling on the highway. We were disgusted, and it was also dangerous, as cars and RV’s swerved to avoid the debris. There was crap all over the highway that some poor soul had go clean up. I just thought it deserved a mention and a “heads-up” for future burns. It was a disgraceful thing to do to someone else’s land.

Ms. M

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We want your stickers, buttons, lighters, patches, postcards, T shirts and pendants -whatever you made for playa gift-giving or commemoration of your theme camp/art installation/volunteer team. Our Material Culture collection is growing and will soon be online in its own library of images with captions and contact information. Please contribute any items you made. We will have a collection box at the gate, as well as our Material Culture forms which you can fill out and leave with your items. Please bring them in a ziploc bag or some sort of container.

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The Video Doc Team has compiled two videos for Sunday’s Decompression, to be shown at approximately One is a much anticipated “Art Teaser” showcasing interviews of select Burning Man Theme Artists from the past three years. Burn Burn Burn, yes, it wouldn’t be a Burning Man party without a video of the Man Burning to the ground. The Video Documentation Teams Burn edit is the most comprehensive coverage of the Burn to date. You might also catch a 6 minute clip of the Foliding Time timelapse project! Come see and reignite the memories of your Burning Man experience.

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A burner is trying to find information from anyone who bought BM 2001 tickets from a woman named Lisa (or a similar name), on Craiglist or elsewhere, that turned out to be fake. If this happened to you, contact Nick Lusson at mojourney(at)yahoo(dot)com. Just a reminder from the Rabbits, BM tickets attract a lot of forgers (though this year we had less of a problem with this thanks to anti-counterfeitting measures on the tickets themselves. Know your ticket source!

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We are the “Poseidon’s XXX Adventure” art installation on the Playa & 90 degrees.

Can you please post this link: pixs on the Jack Rabbit newsletter, so folks can come and get their pics.

China Bill

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_50 images from 50 people_

Did you meet an English guy at the burn this year who gave you one of these cards? bmcard2002

If you received one then you promised wholeheartedly that you would participate by sending a photo in for the gallery assembling itself here burning_man_2002_photos

Thank you so much to those who have already sent in your images but there’s still a lot to go. If you’ve lost your card (shame on you!) then please still go through with sending an image using this form matazone.co.uk/burn.html and I’ll fit image onto the page.

I look forward to seeing the images!


**********EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS********

     )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(

THIS SUNDAY!!! OCTOBER 20th, starting at NOON!

Burning Man Presents: 3rd annual HEAT THE STREET FaIRE! – SUN OCT 20th NOON TIL MIDNIGHT. INDIANA ST bet. Mariposa and 20th, SF
Entrance: 19th & Tennessee. In front of and inside Cocomo (650 Indiana).
$10 Blackrock Attire; $15 Street Wear. Shine or Rain.
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm; Street FaIRE! ends at midnight; Cocomo ends 1:30am.
Please take public transit/carpool/ride your bike or park on 3rd St or at 3Com Park


ART: Jeremy Lutes’ Lilly Pond, Flaming Lotus Girls, Paint Da Bus, The Swimmers, Ping, the Easter Island HEADS, photos by Supersnail, Amacker’s Justice & Mercy, the Hippocampus, Flaming Lotus Girls, Ardentopterygil, the Beehive, Tim Black’s Ship to Ship, Howard Cohen’s Sea Anemone, Surfing Man, PlayaRicks, Improbable Orchestra, The Planet Anodyne Mural, Space Cat’s Cafe Mural, the Gyroscope, Starboy and Cary’s Mobile Aquarium, Russell Wilcox’s laser control center, Brad Templeton’s panoramic photos, the Video Buoy, Annie Hallat’s fish tails, John Lieb’s Blotar, The Herkimer Playa Jitney, F*$% Machine, Jenne Giles and Paul de Plumber giant Lilly, The Cinnebar Charm, The Wagon, Discordia, Tropicar, + more art, more art cars and a fresh batch of Burning Man videos and imagery+

40+ THEME CAMPS: Playa Video, Easter Island, Eggchair-Pyromid Alliance, The Lost Penguin, Technomania Circus, Fishing For Compliments, Geometricks, Costco, BubbleLounge, Zenplicity, the Evening Lounge on Cleopatra’s Barge, Playa Dust, Bamboodo Inspiration Island, The Cyberbus, Space Cowboys UNIMOG, Totem Camp, Spoon Return Center, The Karaoke Glam Clam, Tarwater, Temple of Atonement, Biscuit Bed, Blyss Abyss, Pancake Playhouse, Scurvey Monkey, Playa Plow, Women’s Temple, Lite Brite Camp, Sacred Land Project, Wonderlounge, Lotus, Plug 4, World Floating, The Deep End, the Giant Boom Box, Community Trance, Earth Guardians, Camp Arachnid, Comfort Station, The Black Rock Rangers, and more!

PERFORMERS ON 4 STAGES AND ON INDIANA ST: Mermen, Extra Action Marching Band, Mark Growden’s Electric Pinata Band, Xeno, Infinite Kaos, Hamsa Lila, Dr. Abacus, Connie Champagne, Hal Robins, Annie Coulter, The Mutaytor, Braingarden, M.I Blue, Pollo Enfermo, The Porn Clowns, Children ov Paradise, Scurvey Bastards, Diamond Galaxy, Marisa Lenhardt, Riptopolis, GAS, Danny Heines & Human Beatbox Andrew Chaicin, Mr Lucky, Erica Candycane, GAS, Michael Olsen, Nambla the Clown, The French Maids, Burn the Man Band, Harvey Rabbit, Timestry, Pinkman, InflataBill, Cowgirl Dance Revue, Asian Princess, Guru, Temple, Tully-the one man circus, members of the Fire Conclave, the Black Top City Fashion Show, Audrey Rosales, DJ Lorin, Laird, Greg Rose, Zach Darling, DJ Ripple, AmesEla, d6, J.T. Tempura, DJ Sparkle, Michael Maisley, Leslie Schill, DJ CHICA, Mister Wa, DJ Drastic, Rain, DJ Marco, $teven Ra$pa +++

Here is the schedule – subject to a little change:


-Hosted by $teven Ra$pa, Joegh Bullock + special guests
12:00-1:00 DJ Marco from RFBM
1:00-1:45 Riptopolis
1:45-2:15 d6
2:15-3:00 Scurvey Bastards
3:00-3:30 d6
3:30-4:15 Mermen
4:30-5:15 The Extra Action Marching Band!
5:15-6:15 The Blacktop City Fashion Show – Hosted by Connie Champagne & the cranial wonder that is Hal Robins!
6:15-6:30 Marisa Lenhardt
6:30-7:00 The Mutaytor (on the Mutaytor street stage)
7:00-7:45 Hamsa Lila
7:45-8:00 Infinite Kaos – fire performance
8:00-8:30 Xeno
8:30-9:15 Mark Growden’s Electric Pinata Band
9:15-10:00 Fire Conclave Jam with DJ Laird
10:00+ Additional Quiet Fire Conclave Performances


– Hosted by: Pollo Enfermo, Playa Video, Community Trance, Infinite Kaos, Fantuzzi, Spaz and Paz
12:00-2:00 DJ
2:00-2:45 Children ov Paradise
2:45-4:15 DJ
4:15-5:00 Playground
5:00-6:30 DJ
6:30-7:15 Pollo Enfermo
7:15-8:45 DJ
8:45-9:30 Braingarden
9:30-12:00 Playa Videos


– Hosted by NAMBLA the Clown, Mr Lucky, Joegh Bullock, + Special Guests
2:00-5:30 Burning Man videos brought by participants
5:30-5:45 Burning Man Documentation Team edited Burn video – 15 min
5:45-6:00 Burning Man Documentation Team Art Teaser video – 10 min
6:00-6:45 Burn the Man Band
6:45-7:20 JT Tempura
7:20-8:05 Funkmobile
8:05-8:10 Folding Time video by Timothy Childs ^ 6 min
8:10-8:15 Latisha A. Strickland
8:15-8:20 Asian Princess
8:20-8:30 Tully, the one-man circus!
8:30-8:55 JT Tempura
9:00-9:45 GAS
9:45-9:55 Mr. Lucky
9:55-10:10 Xeno
10:10-10:55 DJ Ripple
10:55-11:01 Folding Time video by Timothy Childs ^ 6 min
11:01-11:45 DJ Trevor
11:45-12:30 Diamond Galaxy
12:30-1:30 DJ Lorin
1:45-2:00 The Exodus Parade and Clean-Up Cha-Cha!

Note: Videos screened all night in upstairs screening lounge, including Gifting It, 3-D Stereoscopic imagery, and many wonderful videos!


– Hosted by Justin Katz, El Gato, Zach Darling + Special Guests
12:30-1:30 DJ Noodleknows
1:30-1:40 Harvey Rabbit
1:40-2:30 DJ Chica
2:30-3:15 Guru
3:15-3:25 M.I. Blue and friends
3:25-4:05 DJ Greg Rose
4:05-4:50 Guitar + throat singer Danny Heines w/Human Beatbox Andrew Chaicin
4:50-5:30 Mister Wa
5:30-6:15 Dr. Abacus
6:15-6:55 DJ Leslie Schill
6:55-7:35 Scott Huckabay OR Taber Shadburne?
7:35-8:15 DJ Drastic – hip hop break-beats
8:15-8:20 Erica Candycane
8:20-9:00 Zack Darling
9:00-9:40 Rain
9:40-9:55 AmesEla, a DJ Diva Set
10:00-10:40 Michael Olsen – acoustic Flamenco guitar
10:40-11:20 Michael Maisley – harp
11:20-12:00 Quiet Time Performers

So, bring a pic nic for the park! Dress your playa best! Be your own stage and re-create the Floating World on 3 city blocks, a park, an indoor club with patio, 4 stages, and multimedia wall of imagery. (HOORAY!)

You can also return found objects and playa art here at the INFO STATION, LOST & FOUND & ART RETURN CENTER. (please help reunite art and artists)

E- mail northbay(at)burningman(dot)com.
(We need people to help with clean up and many other areas)
E- mail spoon(at)well(dot)com.
Other questions:
To share your playa imagery, bring VHS tapes, slides in trays and CD-ROMs to the Visuals Check Point in Cocomo upstairs lounge or contact us. MORE INFO:
Call 415-TO-FLAME.

Link to the electronic invite

See the full invitation at: Invite

     )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(


SEAcompression: The Drowning World
Saturday, November 9, noon – 2am
Fremont UNconventional Center, 160 N. Canal St., Seattle
$10, $8 w/costume (proceeds go to Black Rock Arts Foundation)
All ages outside, 21+ inside

On Saturday November 9th the Seattle Burning Man community is coming together to throw an all day decompression party. SEAcompression: The Drowning World.

However, this is more than just a party: our vision is to bring together Seattle burners to express a taste of Burning Man itself, to share that spirit of active community participation with each other and with people in Seattle who have never had a chance to go.

As such, we have reserved the parking lot space in addition to the FUNC for an all day festival, and we want you and your theme camps to REPRESENT with your performances and projects! Recycle last year’s, or try out something new!

Plans for projects and performances will be finalized by October 23rd, so if you want to participate let us know as soon as possible. We also need people to help greet, set up, and break down. There are so many ways to participate!

E- mail Shelly at shelly(at)hive-mind(dot)com about art installations/theme camp projects
E- mail Amani at amani(at)drizzle(dot)com about performances
E- mail FauxFaux at galore(at)fauxfaux(dot)com about DJs
E- mail Ivan at ivan(at)cockrumville(dot)com with general questions and comments

Info? seattle(at)burningman(dot)com

     )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(


Bring your videos, pics, art & costumes!

At “the Ranch,” get on the Florida regional list for the location. Send a blank email to florida-announce-subscribe(at)burningman(dot)com

Lakefront rural 2.5 acres private in beautiful Winter Garden. Bring grillables, stir-fryables, drinkables and burnables. firewood greatly appreciated too!

No charge, no donation.
Just bring your burner self.
Late nite lake runs, bring your “safety shorts” !!

More info? florida(at)burningman(dot)com

     )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(     )'(      )'(

{Soundtrack to this week’s JRS: Kings of Convenience… Liquorice… and the Playaphone CD!}


Burning Man
jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com (for questions and post requests)

The JRS: guaranteed to be interesting every now and then.

old rabbits: www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/jrs/