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100 days down… 265 days until Burning Man!

Just one quick announcement from the Jack Rabbit in today’s recommended-reading-list JRS. A full plate of the usual fare shall soon be yours as well. Happy Monday!

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LARRY HARVEY: “Viva Las Xmas”
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
NYC April 25, 2002

Perhaps you too have perceived that the connection between people at Burning Man stands in sharp contrast to most social interactions in the outside world. There exists, in this community, a kind of social capital, a bond based upon bridging connections and sharing experiences and gifts.

In the spring of 2002, Larry Harvey and several Burning Man staff members visited New York City, where Larry delivered a speech at Cooper Union to an audience of hundreds, including members of many East Coast burner communities. The transcript of this speech, entitled “Viva Las Xmas”, is now available for PDF download at 2002_Cooper_Union.pdf

This speech, a fundraiser for SEAL (sealspace.org) and BRAF (blackrockarts.org), examines this social capital and how it ties us to others – how we bridge connections between strangers by the gifts, experiences, and environments we share in Black Rock City. Beyond the mere rejection of mass commercialism and consumerist culture, there is a nascent desire to provide ourselves with alternatives that bring us closer together. In a world that leaves us increasingly isolated by our very lifestyles, how can we find a way to revitalize waning social and spiritual bonds in our everyday lives? How does this social connection to others deepen our knowledge of self? (And just what does Las Vegas have to do with any of this?)

(You will need a PDF reader to open this 26-page file.)

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