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One important announcement from the Web Team in this Special Edition JRS:


Hello you fabulous people!

Our time on the playa is magical, challenging, passionate, constructive, destructive, hazy, clarifying, extreme, empowering, and restorative.

It is the culmination of months of planning, creating our camps, our art, our performances, our gifts. The time we spend working with each other to provide the basic essentials of shelter, food, water, and contact with other human beings – all that defines our on-playa community – that time is also instrumental in defining our off-playa community.

Each of us love Burning Man for different reasons. We want to share a secret reason with you: the real goal of Burning Man is not to perpetuate the event, but to perpetuate our community.

Burning Man wants to support participants interacting with each other and growing our artistic and social community beyond the Burn. To that end, we have supported Regional Contacts outside the Bay Area in gathering community year-round, provided the e-Playa BBS for web based discussions, and published Tales from the Playa, where you can share you best playa stories with the world.

We love doing this. But we want to do more.

The Burning Man Web Team wants to improve our online presence. We want to find out what you, our community, wants to see and hear and learn and share and play with online. We’ve created a short survey to help determine how to best serve your needs and desires.

Please go to:


to share with us.

Thank you for playaing!

The Burning Man Web Team


Burning Man
jackrabbitspeaks(at)burningman(dot)com (for questions and post requests)

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