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Welcome to the last (unless there’s more news!) Jack Rabbit Speaks of 2002 A.D., folks! It’s been a wonderful year, with the growth of regional events, the move into a new headquarters for the Burning Man organization, the best cleanup in event history (under the worst conditions we’ve ever seen) and more participants at the event than ever before. Stay tuned for 2003:
YES, we’ll soon be announcing information on TICKETS and 2003’s THEME. (And you’ll hear about it here first, so keep watching your inbox!)

What a day it’s been at the SF office. We’re all hard at work creating this year’s Afterburn Report, and with the holidays, things would be chaotic enough as it is… but THEN, not only did the street in front of the building flood from the rains (you should have seen me, Marian, and Bliss running to move our cars out of the “river”!) but no fewer than 20 people have emailed us to tell us about a spam they got today from an imposter calling himself “Burning Man”, showing a Burning Man symbol at the top of the email, advertising blinky light toys to our community! Apparently, many Burning Man aliases and lists were spammed by this company, and we wanted you all to know that yes, we’re aware of it, and yes, the ads were pulled right away. Thanks to the whole community for being so vigilant about this kind of dorky behavior!

So, what are you doing New Year’s? Burning Man doesn’t do a NYE party, but so many burners will be at the Sea of Dreams party in SF (a similar band of people are behind the Flambé Lounge happenings) it’ll feel like a reunion. More info below!

On with the news, my friends.

*************TABLE OF CONTENTS************

***Burning Man Documentary: Call for Participation***



***********BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS**********

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If you got to BRC early this year, you probably saw the massive Spanish galleon being assembled on the playa. If not, you may have noticed it cruising the seas and been so overcome with wonder, you forgot to ask yourself how something so massive and beautiful got there in the first place.

Either way, if you were inspired by La Contessa, click here to read an article in design magazine “Core 77” about how she came together. (Thanks to CameraGirl for the link!)


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***Burning Man Documentary: Call for Participation***

Gone Off Deep Productions (formerly SubstanceTV) is currently at work on Black Rock: City in the Sand, a feature-length documentary on Burning Man. With unprecedented access to the Burning Man organization, City in the Sand will fully chronicle, for the first time, the monumental year-long efforts of the community to create the seeming magic of a temporal city.

We had a hugely successful burn this year, shooting nearly 30 hours of footage.

We like to express our appreciation to the organizers for the unprecedented access they’ve provided us, as well as to the wonderful artists and citizens of Black Rock City who’ve shared their stories, work and ideas.

Production continues through the end of Burning Man ’03, at which time we’ll begin crafting a film that will tell the Burning Man story like never before, fully exploring the creativity, passion, and lifestyle of Black Rock City.

In an effort to make this film everything it can be, we’re asking for the help of the global Burning Man community. We’re specifically seeking:

-Artists willing to show and discuss their works-in-progress for Burning Man 2003.

-Information on regional events or gatherings over the next year, leading up to Burning Man ’03.

If you or someone you know can help us with any of these items, please contact us at:  burn(at)substance(dot)tv

For more information and production updates on City in the Sand, please visit: goneoffdeep.com

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Per our forwarding information on using old billboard vinyl as tarps/shade structures on the playa – burner Sacha Ielmorini writes to remind us to remind you that the smoke produced by burning vinyl can be toxic. For more information, she recommends the website Myhouseisyourhouse.org and the movie “Blue Vinyl.”

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This note from participant Michael Moss:
Earlier this month, the fire people of Colorado infected Denver’s annual Christmas celebration, the Parade of Light, with over 20 fire performers, 20 safeties and more support staff. We were spinning staff, spinning poi, fire breathing, fire eating and basically strutting our stuff down a two mile parade route.

We executed the parade performance with style and total safety. Zero injuries with thousands of smiles from the crowd. We even made the local live broadcast of the parade. Now, since we performed sooooo professionally, we have received a letter of recommendation from our fire department inspector for future performances. Watch out Denver. Next year we will strive to push Charlie Smith’s Naust, “the Gantry” through the streets of Denver and perform for any holiday parade.

With wishes of safe a happy fire play for all –

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From a burner:

“I was a volunteer firefighter at BM this year, and stupidly didn’t notice my camera was out of film before I stood in front of the man for the most awesome moment of my years at BM. However, I figured I probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding myself in pictures on the internet, considering I was between the man and a quarter of the crowd. No such luck yet though, and I was wondering if any of those lost rolls of film had a shot of me that I could get a copy of? I was the only female, wearing a black helmet that said “SEA” on the side with bug antenna-style glow sticks on the front. I was located at 9:00 at the burning of the Man (I think- it was the side that had the arm lights out), and at 3:00 at the temple (forgot my camera entirely). The back of my jacket said “Langdon”, but that’s probably not visible.

I’ve checked the BM Image Gallery religiously. Anything you come across that might have me in it would be appreciated!”

Jean Scott
Monterey, CA

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This note from French burner Alain Couderc: “I want to work with a group on a project on the theme of “No Rules Kingdom”: something between the erotic-hedonist King Pausole, Theleme Abbey by Gargantua, and philosopher Francois Rabelais:

‘All their life was spent not in laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their own free will and pleasure… In all their rule and strictest tie of their order there was but this one clause to be observed: DO WHAT THOU WILT.’

I’d like to hear from any French/European burners interested in participating!”

Alain Couderc

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**********EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS********

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***ANON SALON/ SEA OF DREAMS 03 – 12.31.02***

ANON SALON reanimates
SEA OF DREAMS 03 – fanta-see
A transcendental New Year’s Eve-olution
—— — — — — — — — — ————

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

@ The opulent REGENCY CENTER
PLUS the psychelegendary AVALON BALLROOM
1300 Van Ness @ Sutter St., SF

ONE Epic Event, FOUR Mythic Ballrooms, THREE Ultra-Chill Zones & a MULTITUDE of Dreamscape Performances, Installations & Environments.

Advance Tickets & Info @ anonsalon.com

Tickets:$65(until 12/25)@ anonsalon.com or StreetLightRecords.com (SF, San José, or Santa Cruz)

(21 & OVER) (Lots of Parking & Public Transport)

Fanta-see Costumes VERY Encouraged! Dress as your Dream!


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Did you know there is now a regional contact in Hawaii?

Ka Pilina (the Hawaii BM Regional) announces:

Man-O-Mana, an exploration of Magic

Join us all of you playa veterans and wannabes, be a part of our very first Living Art Experiment, a 24 hour communal Art experience. Join us on beautiful Makua beach on the leeward coast of Oahu on February 1st starting at noon and come prepared to stay the night. This event is Participant-only and everyone is encouraged to be a part by adding their own creativity to the mix, hopefully along the lines of the theme, Magic.

Prepare to be amazed by the strange sights and sounds of tropical beach magicians. Be dazzled by the Hat Trick before you flee in terror. This is your chance to relive a piece of the playa here and now. Come and join us, you don’t have to wait another 250+ days.

To get up to the minute information on what is happening locally here in Hawaii sign on to the Announce List. By subscribing you get emails that tell you about Man-O-Mana and other events, gatherings, news and more. To subscribe send a blank email to:

For more information about Man-O-Mana online check out:
kapilina.org/events/event003.html or contact Andi, the Burning Man Hawaii Regional Contact at:

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Come check out the NYC Decompression photos!


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With new regionals in Hawaii, Ottawa, Sun Valley, ID, and other locations (and more added every week!) we thought it was time to remind you to take a peek at the regionals section of the website at:

Connect with other Burning Man participants in your home town!

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Thanks, as always, for reading… and however you spend them, however you celebrate, have a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2003!

Love from
and the Jack Rabbits

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