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When was the last time you heard from me? Probably in June from Scotland!

Today’s an important day for us all. The building of Black Rock City started at 10 am this morning with a little ceremony on the playa. The actual survey work will begin tomorrow, but the driving of a golden stake into the ground marked the spot for the Man. Yes, a gold-painted cement-stake (a type used for cement work) which we’ve been reusing for several years. Pulled out at the end of the event, and pounded back in again the next year.

Hey, did you know Burning Man has just produced a beautiful calendar? It’s set up for the Burning Man year-cycle. Sept 2003-Aug 2004, with 4 additional months in 2004 at the end. It’ll be in the office shortly, and you’ll be able to find it at various places on your way to the event, and online. So, put aside your $$$. (GoMonk, Cameragirl, Spaz and others)

Simple wisdom, challenge to self discipline, good for the playa, save time later: CLEAN UP AS YOU GO.

Read all about the removal of stuff from the Ranch, and the new RIDESHARE application with the Year Round Calendar, WAY cool! Ever wondered exactly where due north is out there? Trouble renting a truck? Are you an artist that likes to paint bodies, or a librarian, read more below! The donations and membership contributions to the Black Rock Arts Foundation and the David Best prints are happening at a fast pace. Where do you get bulk water in Reno? San Francisco-based folks: Don’t miss Barb Traub’s show, and the Irish-made Burning Man Film, “Dust Devils”, by Aprile Blake is GREAT, I’ve seen it!

Random question: Anyone out there have a “playa-specific” beverage/libation that is made for being on the playa, made only on the playa, includes ingredients found only on the playa? Inquiring minds want to know. Email: jackrabbitspeaks

And, here’s a transcript of a hand-written letter that came to the office from Baghdad from a fellow Black Rock City participant:

25, June ’03

Greetings from Baghdad (the real one) well it looks like I won’t make the Burn this year. At the camp that is my home in Kuwait I have no internet access. I have a mailing address for one burner but he seems to be ignoring my letters. Could you please put my address on a couple lists. Surely there’s someone out there that hasn’t forgotten how to write a letter. I have associations with AEZ, Earthguardians, Greeters, Lamplighters and DPW and a few with you in the office. My address is: SSG John Jensen 2ndPH, 1498TC 345 CSB, 3rd COSCOM, APO AE, 09327. Kuwait Sucks!! Iraq is nicer – it’s a desert with trees and it’s cooler than Kuwait’s 120-and I haven’t been shot at. Knock on wood. I’ve been writing letters like a machine and only Dad has answered. So, he got a long letter back. Johnny Jet, 451 Bookmobile, in exile.

I’m sure he’d love to hear about preparations for Burning Man. From one lonely burner to 30,000 of you. He’s reaching out for a connection.

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Simple REMINDERS from the Big MEOW/Rabbit
Work Ranch/Staging Area: LEAVE NO TRACE
RIDESHARE Board – It’s Alive!
Beware Of COWS On The Drive To And From
CLEAN Up Your Act For The ‘RENTS

BODY PAINTERS’ Guild Seeks Painters’ Bodies
DIM Your HEADLIGHTS On The Playa With Help From Rat

WATER, WATER, WATER, and Plenty to Drink
Propville: Your Source For THIGH-HIGH BOOTS And More
Acolyte Offers FUN, LIGHT
STAKE PULLER Alternatives
PLAYAWEAR: A Pre-Burningman Sale
Michael’s LIGHT TOYS Open House, AUG 2-3, 9-10

BARB TRAUB 10-years of Photos, Opening: Aug. 7, San Fran.
Irish-made BRC film: “DUST DEVILS”, SF premier: Aug 7, San Fran.
The Azburners 4th ANNUAL REBAR BENDER, Aug 8


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========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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I have some reminders from me to you, one about cows on the road is below. The others:

If you bring TP (toilet paper) please bring only ONE-ply paper. Breaks down faster and is less likely to clog the portable toilets when they are pumped. This REALLY goes for RVs. Trust me on this, I’ve learned the hard way, and I’m right about this one.

Another reminder, if you’re prone to long walks past the perimeter fence. Carry your ticket stub. Those perimeter guys just LOVE to catch gate/fence crashers, and plan to be more vigilant this year. They keep asking if we can have participants wear wrist-bands, and that’s a silly option. However, you’ll make life easier for yourself and for them if you take your stub if you’re planning a long-range-walk-about.

Duh: If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty.

Duh Duh: Never Let it hit the ground

DUH DUH DUH: CLEAN UP AS YOU GO. Do you really really know exactly when the next wind storm will hit, and will you be ready to run back to your camp to pick up stray carpet fibers, cigarette buts, bottle caps and zip ties before they are covered with dust and lost until the spring rains bring them to the surface and then cause us to loose our permit for the following year? I picked up MOOP on the playa this spring. The MOOP category of “I didn’t know I dropped it” is high, but higher are the ones that were in your hands ONCE, and you must have figured you’d pick it up later. Like: bottle caps, cigarette butts, water jug plastic tops, etc.

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As those of you who have been tracking the situation in Washoe County know, Burning Man is working hard to address our neighbor’s concerns about the uses and appearance of our staging property known as the “Work Ranch”. One of the unfortunate side effects of our permitting problems is that Burning Man is no longer able to store individual artist’s, and theme camps’, property on our land. The accumulation is too much to handle.L

Once the Department of Public Works (DPW) moves the Burning Man operations to the playa this year, EVERYTHING else must be removed from the Ranch. An item must be taken away by its rightful owner or brought to a salvage yard or debris box. After the event, only those individuals with approved Property Use Agreements, signed by a Black Rock City LLC member, will be allowed to bring materials back onto the Work Ranch. Unfortunately, that means most items not owned by the LLC can not be stored on the Ranch.

This means that anything you bring to Black Rock City for your art projects or theme camps, or anything that you have stored at the Work Ranch in years previous, needs to go back home with you. PLAN NOW so that you’ll have truck space after the Burn.

Burning Man and the DPW will NOT welcome or be accepting donations of mattresses, couches, rebar, lumber or any other not-quite-working equipment.

Items that ARE on the DPW wish list include: food, beverages, working vehicles with titles (including trucks, trailers, and ATVs), good tires with tread and sidewall, computer equipment (nothing older than 1999 stuff), computer monitors larger than 17″, working tools, working and non-leaking refrigerators and freezers, working industrial kitchen appliances, working ice makers with water filters sod, A/V and sound equipment, and working vacuum cleaners and handvacs.

To donate anything other than food and drinks (there will be donation bins for these items on your way out of Black Rock City), please contact metric@burningman.com, preferably before the event to receive prior approval. During the event, he can usually be found at the DPW Depot located east of the Greeter’s Station.

In short, Burners should not leave ANYTHING on the playa when they depart. This means you, whether or not you think it can be reused, you’ve left stuff like that before, or you just don’t have a way to get it home. LEAVE NO TRACE – MOOP (matter out of place) left by anyone (artist, theme camp, participant, etc.) will be tracked and groups will be held responsible. Don’t make us come with yet another rule, and another process, and more enforcement. Just do it!

We’re hopeful that as we resolve the issues with our neighbors and county officials, and we will again be able to use our property in the ways that best support our year-round activities. We’ll keep you updated! Friday’s (8/29/03) playa-based Black Rock Gazette will have information on the latest political situation.

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More info on the 2003 Ride Share, or “How am I going to get All The Way There?”

So, you’ve gotten your ticket in the mail and pinned it to your bulletin board (carefully so as not to actually put a hole in such a beautiful piece of artwork) and you have the cutest playa outfit you just picked up and you think you’re all set to go – but wait! You still need to find a ride, from here [wherever you may be] to there [BRC]. Well, NEVER FEAR! WEBDADDY is here! That’s right, after 6 months of abuse, ridicule and finger pointing (not really), we finally got Webdaddy’s killer rideshare app integrated into our yearround/regional calendar! All the information you need can be found at rideshare.burningman.com.

In addition, now you can add “rideshareability” to ANY event, year-round! Yes. We’re not kidding. The ride share is directly integrated into our Year Round Calendar application. You can post rideshare information about any event located anywhere! First, create a new event, then you’ll see the “Add a Ride Share to this Event” link – click there and you can offer a ride, or search for someone to ride with, to that event from your home area…

To look for a ride:

To offer a ride:


~Spanky/Webdaddy and the Entire Burning Man Web Team

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The Jack Rabbit recently participated in a “cooperator’s” meeting at the BLM office in Reno, Nevada. This is the meeting when all the “cooperating agencies” that need to work together to bring Burning Man to fruition come to compare notes and check in on progress. The meeting went very well. Everything is on schedule and all expectations are being met.

There were a few minor issues that were brought up. The BLM and representatives from the local counties and Highway Patrol asked that I specifically REMIND everyone what “Open Range” means on Route 447. OPEN RANGE is a term that indicates there are no fences bordering the roadway, so cows explore the range freely. After dark the cows are often drawn to the road to soak up the warmth retained in the asphalt. Cows are worth over $500/each to a farmer, rancher or the Native American tribe in the area. Hitting a cow is no fun, as anyone who’s done so can tell you. Be safe, and be smart. Travel the speed limit at all times, but do so particularly in areas indicating an “open range”. The Jack Rabbit has traveled that long stretch of highway many many times, and has come to prefer driving it before dark to avoid the nerve wracking experience of coming over a rise only to fine 4 cows lackadaisically chewing their cud from the side of the road. Cows do NOT leap quickly out of the way as rabbits do. I was told by a local resident who drives the stretch nearly daily that the 9-mile area between mile markers #31 and #40 is the worst. You have been forewarned.

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For you GPS enthusiasts out there:

-Burning Man location: -119 14 11.105358W 40 45 17.162029N
-Elevation: 3904′
-True North/South is along road 4:30
-Man to the center of Center Camp: 2400′
-Promenades are 50′ wide on the 3:00/9:00 and 6:00/12:00 axis, with lampposts every 100′
-Camp Center Theme Camps radius: 250′ inside and 485′ outside (500′ radius to the center of the outer circle road)
-The first road (Esplanade) is 2100′ from the Man, the next is 2500′, then every 200′ (400′ between 4:30 and 7:30 and fourth and sixth road), all roads measured from center line
-The roads are 30′ wide, except the fourth and the outer roads (roads at 2900′ and 4100′), and 2:00, 3:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, and 10:00 spoke roads, which are all 40′ wide.

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Technopatra writes: There have been many reports of burners having difficulties finding trucks to rent for the long haul to the event. Some rental agencies are requiring Burners to pay heavy cleaning deposits up front, and some are flat-out refusing to rent to people going to Burning Man.

I’d like to take a minute to (gasp!) . . . defend the rental agencies.

The reason that we are finding it so much harder to rent trucks now than a couple of years ago isn’t rocket science: so many vehicles have been returned in such bad condition that the rental agencies don’t want to rent to us.

Not only is it not cost-effective to have to spend so much extra time cleaning and repairing, but these guys are human, too. It can upset them that their customers are so disrespectful to their property. Trucks are not hotel rooms to be trashed and left for the maid to clean up. When you return a vehicle caked with playa, with torn upholstery, or a dirty interior, you are destroying trust between the Burning community and the vendors we rely on.

When you take care of your rented equipment and treat the vendor with friendly respect, you build a bond that transcends commerce.

Several of us in the Cafe Village went in on a truck last year. It got pounded in the post-event dust-storms, so after we got home and unloaded we went to one of those big industrial coin-op car washes. Four of us spent a couple of hours and a pocketful of quarters and had good ol’ time scrubbing the heck out of that vehicle with the same care that we cleaned our campsite on the playa.

When we returned our truck all sparkly, the manager of our rental company not only complimented us on the cleaning job, but told us to remind him who we were next year, so that he would rent to us again. We did, and not only did he remember us with a big smile, but he waived the Burner-only cleaning deposit _and_ gave us a little discount.

Please please please remember that Leave No Trace shouldn’t stop when you leave the playa.

Editor’s note: Sierra RV (Reno) no longer rents to Burning Man participants due to past abuses.

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The Black Rock Body Painters’ Guild, est. 2003, is looking for a few good artists. Body painters, armed with airbrushes or paintbrushes (or with both!) are sought by the Guild to help gild the lilies of Black Rock City. We’re hoping for both campers (artists who might like to eat/sleep/live with us) and visiting artists (who visit and use our facilities for their art but live elsewhere). We’d also love to hear from similar camps/groups we may wish to work more directly with. Interested parties… please send inquiries to stefanie_adams.

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Ahoy Burners,
I trust all of us are extremely busy getting ready for Beyond Belief. My crew and I have been working very hard to bring the Nautilus X out to the playa a second year and everything is looking awesome! We are, however, searching for a new home-port for the Nautilus for after this years burn. She currently lives down in the Moss Landing area, and we want to bring her to live in the Santa Cruz or surroundings areas for her new home. If anyone knows of someone who owns property in the Monterey Bay area that is sympathetic to a truly epic community art project, please ask them to contact me. For reference last years project website is at. The plan for the Nautilus X is to continue to voyage out to Burning Man and related events for everyone to enjoy for as long as she can. And we do not exclude or charge any guest for riding and partying aboard at the events. Thanks everyone and see you on the playa.

Mobilis In Mobili

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Burning Librarians Unite! Email list for joining together the playa-dusted in the library professions. Meet and greet on the playa, get together for a night out at the national conferences, and just have general email-y fun. To subscribe, send mail to brclib-subscribe, or contact Holly at ruby_tsu

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It appears I’m not the only one that finds brig headlights to be a nuisance. I’m preparing a limited amount of homemade gels free for the asking. They will be distributed on the playa as I spot vehicles in need or anyone is welcome to stop and ask me for a pair if you see me. Just look for the green-haired elf riding Santa’s sleigh.

Ho ho ho~

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Help Build the Temple of Honor and support both the art of David Best and the mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation!

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is in full swing with our full summer membership drive to help David build his Temple. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made a contribution. We’ve been thrilled with the swift response to the recent Jack Rabbit Speaks post about the membership drive and it’s affiliation with David’s prints. We expect the prints to be sold out right before, or soon after, the Burning Man event. If you would like to become part of this effort to support interactive art whilst helping David with his ongoing project, read on.

To help David make his vision a reality, foster civic-minded art off the playa, and receive a limited-edition monoprint by David Best, please click here now:


To see the print, click here:


To see some of David’ past work, visit these links:


For MORE detail on this project refer to JRS Vol.#7:Issue#40 – 07.18.03.

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Hello, you have been so kind in the past to include information about our company, Crystal Springs Water Company in Reno Nevada. We do however now have a web site crystalspringswater.org and have initiated an email address for inquiries. It is crystal4burningman

Please add this to your website… thank you very much.
Melissa Baker, owner 775.323.4710

(We can supply a tanker of potable water if needed…there seemed to be some interest – please call us. Thanks )

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Some burners use illuminated bike spokes for fun and safety. Our company offers a discount: burners get 20% off until around Aug 15th. Put Burningman 20% or similar in the notes on the order.

One Spoke will do the job of getting folks to see you. After that, it’s all aesthetics. The number of spokes determine what percentage of the wheel the pattern appears on, at what bicycle speed. Covering the whole wheel is what we call “full persistency”, which happens at

1 spoke — 20 mph 2 spokes — 10 mph 3 spokes — 6-7mph

If you are going too slow for full persistency, each spoke covers a “pie slice” of the wheel. One final thing I should note is that one spoke gives something of a lopsided effect, not necessarily a bad thing.

Hope this helps…

Clay Bridges
90 Sherman St.
Cambridge MA 02140-3233
Voice: +1 617 868 2929
Fax: +1 617 868 1799

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I run a small company and would be grateful for the opportunity to give something to my fellow burners. The company is . It’s a database of props, supplies and expendables, organized by keywords, 900 of them. It was conceived for the production community in San Francisco but is perfectly adapted for the type of hunting and gathering that occurs before Burning Man. The user can ask for Camping or Electronics or Boots or… and a list of vendors in the Bay area will be generated. We think it’s pretty great!! You can pick up a tent, add electro-luminescents to your favorite hat and find thigh high boots in men’s sizes, all in one quick visit. Forget the Yellow Pages.

It would be my pleasure to waive the subscription fee to Burning Man attendees. Please have respondents use the source code “mlove03b” for free registration on the website.

Best, Teri Cundall

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Dear Burning Man Friends,

For your Burner Lighting needs, Acolyte is pleased to announce a very special FunLyte offer for Burning Man participants. FunLytes are perfect for any night-time application whether for design or utilitarian use.

The price is $1.00 per unit with a minimum purchase of 50 units. If you want different colors, they come in multiples of 50 per color. Shipping is $6.95 for up to 200 lights via UPS ground anywhere in US (except Alaska and Hawaii), $10 for 250 or more.

Consolidate with other Burners and buy in groups!! You are getting wholesale prices. For more information, please visit 888acolyte.com/products_lytes_funlyte.html, or call 888 226 5983 and ask for Mas.

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Burner Rus found this Stake puller on Amazon for $50:

and Dr. Atomic has an even cheaper suggestion:

Go to the junk yard and purchase an old style American bumper jack. Then purchase about 2 feet of 1-inch chain link. Hook one end of the chain link to the hook on the jack. Then wrap the chain around the rebar a few times. And then hook the other end again on the jack. Put your foot on the base of the jack and your hand on the top to stabilize, and start pumping. It is VERY EASY for a mere $10!! After a few times playing with it, you will have it mastered.

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Get your groove on in gear that’s specifically designed to enhance the Burning Man experience. PLAYAWEAR is clothes, costumes, and other paraphernalia created by local designers especially for the intense conditions and aesthetics of Burning Man. Amplify your adventures with clothes that are engineered to endure 168 hours of Burning Man insanity.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Details: beautsf.com/playawear
When: August 16th, from noon til 5pm
Where: Rx Gallery
132 Eddy street, San Francisco, CA
What: Burning Man clothing and costume sale.
Info: Contact Isobel Schofield at isobel

Participating designers:

Jewelry by superhero designs (superherodesigns.com)
Men’s clothes by isobel schofield (beautsf.com/mens)
Woolies by Shizknits (shizknits.com)
Women’s clothing by sarah larson design
Cool wool hats by Kimbaa (kimbaa.com)
Costumes by Stichbitch (stitchbitch.com)
Fake fur hats for the urban and country hipster by wiG (wiggirl.com)

**<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **


Please post, for the next two weekends are our last chance to raise money for our wild costumes and giveaways that we do all year long. I have never made any profit from light sales, I give too many away…….:)

We are getting closer and closer to heading out to the playa. We will have two back-to-back weekends of open house light-toy parties. A lot of the lights we have are in small quantities so we can have a diverse collection to pick from for costumes and bikes.

I am also looking for volunteers to help get some drums ready for the playa. They need to be decorated! (I plan on bringing around 200 pairs of burning drumsticks for everyone to use.). Come on over and spend some time with us talking about art projects and Black Rock City, and decorating drums…and check out our lights!

There isn’t going to be a moon at this year’s Burn. Don’t get caught in the dark!

Let MichaelsLightToys.com help to Light Up You, Your Camp and Your Ride. We specialize in unusual and interesting personal lighting not found in stores. We have a unique and colorful assortment of lights for you to choose from, including EL Wire, LED & Fiber Optic items.

Come to our 4th Annual Open House series. The last open houses of the year ae August 2 and 3, and 9 and 10. All days, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are at 4119 Marin Court, Concord, CA 94521. More info at 925/686-2677 or MichaelsLightToys.com.

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===========SPECIAL EVENTS==========

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A decade of Burning Man photos by Barbara Traub

Hotel Triton
Mezzanine Gallery
8/1 – 9/15, 2003
342 Grant Ave. @Bush
San Francisco

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 7, 5-7 PM

And… after Barb’s show. . .

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From Aprile Blake, an Irish lass who’s been working on a film for several years:

San Francisco Premier of “Dust Devils”,

What: Fundraiser screening of “Dust Devils”, an Irish made documentary about Irish and American participants at Burning Man.

Xenodrome, 1320 Potrero, (@25th)
San Francisco

Thur 7th Aug, Doors: 9pm, Adm. $10 on the door

“Dust Devils”

Once a year, far out on a vacant expanse of the Nevada Desert USA, a most surreal city arises from the cracked desert floor. It houses a medley of themed camps constructed out of outlandish sculptures and interactive installations, whilst lavish art cars and a zany array of costumed characters cruise the virtual streets. Here, 25,000 people gather to experience the world’s most unique community arts gathering; Burning Man. This visually spectacular documentary shares the experiences of Irish and American participants at Burning Man and features music from talented up and coming Irish musicians such as Rollers/Sparkers, Burning Love Jumpsuit, Earth Monkey, The Sticks, Kila, etc.

Mike Clancy
Conor Mc
Brian O’Neill
Jason Keehn
Jerome McCarthy
Jim Kibblewhite
Bubble guy
Larry Harvey
David Best
Nicolas Phelps (Lykens nephew – tell him!!)

**<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **


The Azburners 4th Annual Rebar Bender at Casa de Grover in Mesa Arizona. All day and night Saturday August 2nd. Bring Art, camp projects or shade structures to work on. We will also have tools available to make tent stakes out of rebar. However you will need to bring your own rebar. As with all regional events, new people to Burning Man and regional events are always welcome. We practice a gift economy, bring food and beverages for your self and to share with others. Playa Attire appreciated but as always, not required. Respect for others property, lifestyles and personal boundaries is required. Pack it in Pack it out leave no trace! For more info and directions contact,

For information about other Arizona based regional events year round send an email to Arizona

Gary Taylor: Burning Man’s Arizona Regional


Email us or questions any time with questions. Email jackrabbitspeaks by 2 PM PST on Tuesday for post requests. (We don’t post all requests, however.)

For questions: questions

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