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Burning Man 2003 was overall a very successful event. Black Rock City was built smoothly and on schedule. It is currently being removed with the same care and finesse as the set up. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to MOOP your camp and remove your trash. Though the surface of the playa is cleaner on this date than I’ve seen it in years (thanks to no post-event dust storms and diligent participants), there was a higher than normal incidence of garbage being left along the side of the road. Shame on you who are responsible.

Unfortunately there were more accidents during and after the event than usual. There were two plane crashes during the event, a roll-over near Elko after the event, and the very tragic loss of a participant early on Saturday morning, Aug. 30. Kathy Lampman, 21, from Belmont California, was disembarking from a slow moving art car, when she slipped and was crushed by the trailer being towed behind. The Burning Man organization is deeply saddened by the death of this young woman. Members of the Board, Rangers, REMSA, Burning Man Emergency Services Department including crisis intervention counselors worked closely with her friends and campmates after the accident. Additionally, Kathy’s life was honored and celebrated by those that knew her and other Black Rock City citizens in both the burning of the Man and the Temple of Honor. For stories including quotes from her sister and the memorial service:



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One reminder: the Elko rollover and a rollover of our own staff a few days ago were caused by over-correcting as the vehicle nudged off the pavement. When you hit the soft shoulder of the road, stay steady forwards, slow down and move off the side carefully.


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One of the first web sites post-Burning Man that I ever fell in love with was by Derek in 1996. It was a place to tell stories related to images. Derek’s current Burning Man site references his previous Burning Man experiences and images. Still love this man’s work, the site gives you context regarding his experience.

More URLs to come, of course.


Media Hits:


(including 2 NPR pieces!)

burningbeach.com, the Santa Cruz regional web site, has blurbs in addition to the listings and is kept up to date in a nearly anal fashion by ronjon, the head of the trademark violation police, Media Mecca, and other things too numerous to mention.

– Notable:


–which is the same as the next URL, which includes a 4-year old photo of yours truly.



sfgate.com has some beautiful photos, however they seem to be selling the images, and we’ve dispatched our fiercest lawyer in their direction.


Decompression 2003
“Heat the Street Fair”
October 12: noon – midnight
San Francisco


Be there.

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