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Ah ha.

This is short, and I have a few cool and important things to report. One happens Tomorrow, so READ NOW.

First… correction and reminder on this Sunday’s Town Meeting. It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday… monster monster meeting in San Francisco. December 14th noon-3pm. Doors open at 11. visit burningman.com for directions and other details. This is NOT a volunteer recruitment meeting, this is our “open forum what’s on your mind” meeting.

Next… most of the rest of you in the U.S. of A. might think you don’t care two bits about the mayor’s race in San Francisco. I will however, share something that is of value to everyone. Larry Harvey spoke at a rally in San Francisco on Sunday, December 7th. I read his speech the night before, and it brought tears to my eyes. It hit me strongly because it spoke to me not only with regard to the current mayoral race, but my own philosophy about being a participant in the Burning Man culture… and in life. It is a short speech, but he manages to express some empowering thoughts about being oneself and living authentically. The speech can apply to every one of us no matter what city we’re in. Read the text and/or see the short video produced by Andie Grace, budding film maker in residence.

and, the closer:

Lastly, If you live in San Francisco, and choose to vote on Tuesday’s election we’d like to celebrate our civic duty and opportunities with a reception at the Burning Man office. Bring your ballot receipt (that’s that thing that’s torn off the top) to the office and join with the staff and volunteers as we revel in our participation in the electoral process. No matter who wins, we want to celebrate our ability to make change happen both on and off the playa.

Here are the details:

When: ELECTION NIGHT: Tuesday night, December 9, from 6 PM to 10 PM

Where: Burning Man’s San Francisco offices – located at 1900 Third Street (at the corner of 16th Street), 2nd floor – ring the bell for entry. burningman.com/office.directions.html

What: Food, libations. Conviviality. Conversation. Laughter. Moop-free environment. No dust storms. No pesky art cars.

Come and hang out with us! Don’t be shy. We won’t bite. It’s a great reason to visit our office and see all the fun stuff on the walls. You might even get to see some of the ticket post card designs we’re considering or hear about the theme if you can corner Larry!

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