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What’s here: Theme, Tickets, Poll, Job Opening, Ice Sales Disbursements, Photo Contest, 2003 Art on bman.com, and a sound collage!

Happy 2004! Though we all know when the “new year” REALLY happens!

The Man Burns in 218 days.

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Without further ado, and found on your ticket postcard:

The theme for 2004 is The Vault Of Heaven. Here is the short version.

In the time it takes to read this sentence, the sun will travel 1,500 miles in its orbit round the center of our local galaxy, the Milky Way. Our theme this year will contemplate the cosmos — real science and its surreal realms of possibility; time and space will warp and dimple, quasars pulse, supernovas might blaze in the night. The laws of Nature as you know them could abruptly change. Close yours eyes and hold your breath. Prepare to fall into the sky.

This is only a very brief general description, and will be followed by a much more detailed plan. Bear in mind that “vault of heaven” is a poetic expression which describes the firmament – the galaxies, stars and planets. Think astronomy, physics, life beyond the planet earth.

(Stay tuned: a longer version will appear sometime in the future)

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By now you must all be wondering when on earth tickets are going on sale for Burning Man 2004.

The wait is over, the date is set – mark your calendars!

Tickets to Burning Man 2004 go on sale Monday March 1st.

We have made some big changes to the ticket process this year. Please go to the link below to learn everything you need to know to get tickets.


See you on the playa!

The Ticket Minions

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Are you aware there is a Burning Man Regional Network?

Find it from the home page, or go here:

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Under Latest News:


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Title: Black Rock Station (BRS) Ranch Manager / Facilities Operator

Department: Burning Man Nevada Properties

Reports to: Nevada Properties Manager (NPM)

Compensation Package: Salary Commensurate with Experience, Room & Board on the Premises

Type: Fulltime, Year-Round, Salaried

Mission: Provide Facility Services at Black Rock Station to the Burning Man (BM) Staff and Community.


1. Manage and maintain BRS including the power, fuel, water, waste, structures, general environment and overall conditions. Manage and administer services to buildings, power plant, water system, gates, fences, signage and general housekeeping.

2. Initiate, develop, and maintain an inventory of the properties, materials and supplies stored at BRS. This task includes cooperating with and supporting other BM Departments.

3. Manage the labor staff reporting to the BRS Ranch Manager including the Assistant BRS Ranch Manager, Caretaker, Shop manager and any other staff assigned by the NPM. Hold regular meetings as necessary, direct jobs, create job lists, track project man-hours.

4. Ensure that the BRS labor staff submit weekly departmental status reports. Submit overall BRS Operations Report to the NPM on a weekly basis.

5. Track equipment use including BM fleet vehicles and rental equipment at BRS. Initiate and track liability forms, operator authorizations and report misuse/damage. Ensure that vehicle and equipment operators are properly trained and licensed. Work with the Shop Manager to oversee maintenance on all vehicles and equipment. Maintain accurate and current records on all equipment and vehicles.

6. Maintain permanent residence at BRS (20 miles north of Gerlach, Nevada) for 12 months per year with vacation to be agreed upon with the NPM in advance.

7. Greet and direct volunteers and visitors at BRS to best inform them of current rules, procedures and protocols and to best utilize the resources available. Work with the Nevada Operations Labor Coordinator to collect “round up forms”. Host orientation sessions.

8. Ensure that the BRS is accessible and safe for all appropriate members of the BM Community. Maintain active membership in the Burning Man Safety Committee for the purpose of providing a safe work environment and promoting safe conduct. Update and maintain safety rules and policy at BRS. Conduct safety orientations. Inspect and ensure that fire extinguishers are current. Ensure that first-aid kits are on hand. Work under the direction of the BM Emergency Services Department.

9. Maintain vendor service and oversee appropriate inventory at BRS.

10. Monitor expenses for BRS operations and provide input into the Nevada Operations budget.

11. Responsible for creating and maintaining an accurate inventory of all BRS communications equipment including computers, telephones and radios.

Basic Qualifications and Skills Needed:

? Good communication, mediation and listening skills ­ ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts, a cool head
? Strong writing skills
? Computer literate
? Management experience
? Knowledge of organizational hierarchy
? Ability to interface with managers
? Ability to think on his or her feet, problem solve, critically think, and remain calm under stress
? Ability to interface well with local community
? Personality conducive to community relationships
? Ability and willingness to live in Gerlach or at BRS
? Knowledge of Burning Man
? Willing to travel for work
? Team player
? Ability to multitask
? Can take direction
? Physically fit
? Proven leadership skills
? Budget reporting skills
? Previous budget responsibilities
? Basic First Aid training at minimum
? Possess a valid Nevada Class “C” Driver’s License

Interested applicants should email a cover letter and resume to ranchmanager by Friday, February 6, 2004 at 5:00 PM.



Photo contest for Pershing County:


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PLAYA ART 2003 on the WEB

The 2003 theme and playa art listings are now finalized and illustrated with images taken on the playa. Many thanks to the Art Documentary Photo Team, participants who sent art images to the Image Gallery and to volunteer (and fire spinner) Caitlin Hazen of Seattle for getting the images up there.



Artists: if you don’t see an image by your listing, please send us one! We’ve searched high and low but couldn’t come up with images for every project. You can send them (jpgs preferred) to ladybee.

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my name is jeff chorney. i attended bm last year and made a sound collage that was broadcast last week on KALX, the station at uc berkeley. it’s part of a variety show called bside. i’d like to let everyone know about it and was wondering you might be able to link to it from the homepage and/or put it in jackrabbit. please let me know.

people can listen and find out more info at bside-radio.org/current.html.


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