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JRS V8:#20:03.05.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 20
March 5, 2004

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This week, we have to start with gratitude.

The JRS, as you know, often includes posts that seek some form of help from the community. Sometimes, it’s helping another burner locate a picture of their project or costume. Sometimes it’s a departmental wishlist, or a call for volunteers. Sometimes, it’s a wide way to cast a net for specialized info, such as when we posted a search for child psychologists to discuss children at Burning Man, or two weeks ago, when we asked for suggestions on online conferencing solutions for an upcoming meeting.

It happens all the time… “Hmm. We can’t seem to find this answer/item/knowledge. Hey, we should post it in the Jack Rabbit!” And then we do, and (sometimes instantaneously) dozens… DOZENS of replies come in, with everything from helpful hints to words of encouragement to “Hey, I think I can do that for you myself!”

And we just wanted to say thank you. Seriously. If you could be a fly on the wall at our office, you’d see that there are plenty of times throughout the year where this community’s spirit and generosity overwhelms us, and, why, if we weren’t such big tough grown-ups, we’d… ok, yeah. Sometimes we even get all teary-eyed (…but hey, don’t tell anybody, ok?)

So for taking the time to help keep Burning Man alive:


This week: The Theme Camp and Art Installation questionnaires are ready for your registrations! Plus, Town Hall is coming up April 3. We’ve got an update from the Black Rock Art Foundation, some fantastic events (my homestate of Missouri is doing its first regional burn!) and more.

It’s two days until the Burnal Equinox (March 6) – that halfway-point to the playa. Feels pretty good, huh?

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Art and Theme Camp Questionnaire Live
Town Meeting Set for April 3 in SF
BRAF Corner: Three News Items from Black Rock Arts Foundation
Burning Man Desktop Pictures at Burning Beach
Larry Harvey on ZeD
Tag That Artifact!
Art Cars Needed in SF

Burning Band Seeks Players
Dr T.J. Eckelberg Photos Needed (Eyes of Gawd)

XaraProject’s Floralia in San Diego April 23-25
Midwest Burners’ InterFuse 2004 in Missouri Ozarks April 24-25


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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The art and theme camp questionnaires are now live! If you have an art project or theme camp that you want to register for placement at Burning Man 2004, read all of the supporting information and then fill out the appropriate questionnaire.

Our web and and tech team have done a great job reworking our questionnaires so they should be much easier to complete. STILL… take your time and make sure we get all the information accurately the first time around. All changes are made manually, which takes the time of our staff and volunteers. Remember, there is no need to try to get your questionnaire in quickly. We do not work on a first come first serve basis – all submissions will be viewed with the same respect and attention to need.

Theme Camp questionnaire deadline: July 1
Art installation questionnaire deadline: August 1

Start at this link burningman.com/themecamps/ or burningman.com/installations/

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Mark your Calendars now! This year’s spring Town Meeting is just around the corner, on April 3rd at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, from noon to 3 PM, and you are very invited!

This is your big opportunity to meet the behind-the-scenes superstars who make Burning Man happen, and find a way for YOU to get involved. As you may know, Burning Man is a volunteer-driven event, with almost 3000 people pitching in to make it happen. Roles range from greeting folks as they arrive on the playa, to working during the year on the website, to helping light the city with the Lamplighters, and many more. No matter what your inclinations may be, there is always a way for you to help out & participate – it’s a great way to meet people, and to feel more connected to the burning community. Check it out!

We’ll have a BYO BBQ, so bring some food to share, and be prepared to have a great time! Directions are here: tinyurl.com/2hoe9

questions? write to volunteers

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BRAF CORNER: (aka The Nurse Speaks)


The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) has opened its grant cycle for 2004. We do NOT typically fund art for BURNING MAN. We fund art like that which you encounter in Black Rock City, but year round and in your hometown. If you have plans for an interactive, civic-minded art project, or you know someone working on a project like this, please apply and push the URL to others:


On May 15 the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) is having its annual fundraising event. Those of you have attended know how special these events are and how important they are to funding interactive, year-round, civic-minded art off the playa. We have a wonderful variety of artists and performers who are participating in this including members of the BRAF board and Rex Foundation board (rexfoundation.org). We want to invite you! Tickets are not available yet, but when they are we will post the information on BRAF’s new announcement list.


We have just started this list to give regular updates on BRAF’s activity and related events. Please join us! You can subscribe by sending an email to announcements-subscribe@blackrockarts.org. If you would like to receive our paper-based postcards in the mail (we will be sending out 2 or 3 per year), please sign up:


Thanks to everyone who made the David Best print membership drive a success. We still have a few prints left. If you are interested in becoming a member and getting a print, you can do so here:
If you would like to give at another level, please go here:
The drive has gone to BRAF’s general art fund for the current grant cycle and David’s continuing works. Special thanks to the folks at Trillium Press, the BRAF board, and David for the prints.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to funding interactive art year round at venues outside of Black Rock City. You can read more about our mission, our board of directors and grant recipients on our website blackrockarts.org.

— Jess Bobier, the Nurse
Executive Liaison, BRAF

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Santa Cruz photographer Richard Jones is again making some of his best photos from Burning Man 2003 available to burners as computer desktop images. Jones, who shoots for the Black Rock Gazette and the Artery, has been photographing the event since 1999. To check out his desktop images, visit Burning Beach, the Santa Cruz regional group, at burningbeach.com.

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This from an intrepid CBC correspondent who made it to BM and back:

I just wanted to confirm that my interview with [Burning Man founder] Larry Harvey will air on CBC’s ZeD on Wednesday, March 10th. ZeD starts at 11:25 PM across Canada, and 11:55 PM in Newfoundland.

The piece will be available online at ZeD.cbc.ca on March 11th for those who missed it, or living in the States. Check it out here:


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Your friendly Material Culture Archivists ask:

Hey, as some of our Playa Artifacts were found on the playa or were donated by the giftee, we don’t know who created them. We want to be able to attribute them to their creators, so as you enjoy the archive, if you see an object you recognize, fire us an email at pa and let us know who made it. Thanks!

-Playaquest and LadyBee

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WANTED: Art Car/Mutant Vehicle creators to present at a community awareness building event on April 1 at The San Francisco City Car Club (citycarclubsf.com). BM DMV representatives will also be on hand to cover 2004 guidelines. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, we will be setting up a “shrine” to represent your work with photos and written tips and tricks.

Contact Jeanavive TheNetworkGirl at info for more details on the event.

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Hello fellow burners!

The Burning Band is looking for marching (well, ambulatory) band musicians…

A favorite playa fixture for many years, the Burning Band is HQ’ed at The conGLOMerate village. We raise hell every afternoon on the Esplanade, and at two incomparable Glom evening gigs – the Weird Underwear Brigade and the Little Black Dress parade. We also lend ambiance and elan to your private parties, funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs… just ask for us at flossyrabbit.

The Burning Band continually needs more wind, more brass, more drums, violins, kazoos, flugelhorns! Were you last chair in your school band? Have you forgotten what half those little keys and levers were for? Perfect! If you have an instrument of any kind and wanna bring some class to the playa, come play with us!!!

Traditionally (always in B-flat), we improvise by ear on crowd-pleasers such as “Tipperary,” “Yes, We Have no Bananas” and “Walk Right In.” We have a tune list for you online. (Your suggestions are always welcome.) We will lend you a splendid custom-designed uniform. And did we mention Free Booze for the embouchure?

If you are interested in joining the Burning Band during any or all of its playa-performances, please contact us now. Our main contact person is SINdy Costell. You can email her at flossyrabbit.


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Hey there – I wonder if you would make just one more request for pictures. It seems that our group of 54 members of the tribe was so excited and stressed about getting the Eyes of Gawd off the ground, that no one thought to grab a camera. So we have pictures of designing it, building it, testing it, transporting it and thats about where our photo album ends… If anyone might have possibly gotten ANY pictures of the Eyes Of Gawd actually in the air or during the launch, I would realllllly appreciate having the proof to show my grandchildren… cuz they’re certainly not going to take my word for it.

jim bowers
the eyes of gawd

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. burningman.com/calendar/yearround

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Xara Dulzura: 2004
April 23, 24, 25
Dulzura, CA, San Diego County

Xara Dulzura, the Xaraproject’s second annual creative mythology festival, returns to Madre Grande Monastery for the Floralia weekend, Friday, April 23 through Sunday April 25. We will take the whole private and cozy mountain valley of the Madre Grande Monastery grounds as our world within a world – our imaginary future paradise – our Xara – as it celebrates its own festival, the “Floralia,” to welcome the coming of Newsummer. The landscape will be a living playground for participants to explore, experience, and enrich with their own art, creativity, and hospitality. We hope you will join our celebration of the Floralia, a future-tribal-pastoral-utopian performing arts festival/costumed theme party, with theme camps, performances, workshops, eyecandy, earcandy, soulcandy, oil painting, puppets, and whatever else breaks out.

Discount for early registration available through March 15, 2004. Proceeds from this retreat will benefit Madre Grande Monastery, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, and fundraise for Xara’s BRC efforts. Pretty pictures and registration info, retreat rules, forms, and all that jazz are on our website at xaraproject.org We hope you’ll come see Xara in our new “other” home, and help get our sticks and stones back to our first home in the desert. You’ll like it. Less epic fire, more kites and hoops; less sunscreen, more picnic blankets; “Half the fun and none of the dust.”

Oh yeah… Xara Dulzura is a private retreat and you must have a confirmed reservation to enter the monastery grounds. Registration is by mail order only, there will be no onsite registration for this retreat. It’s on, rain or shine. 21 and up with ID2. No vending – no advertising – no pets – no phosphate or scented soaps/shampoos – no glass bottles – no spectators – no trace.

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Midwest Burners, a whimsical heartland Burning Man group, is proud to present InterFuse 2004: a Spring Compression party and Midwest Regional Burn.

Interfuse is defined as: to spread through or among, and to combine as by fusing. Fusing together means to become fluid with heat and join by melting together. A fuse is also a small fiery event that prepares the way for a large fiery event. The goal of InterFuse is for the scattered Midwest burners and pre-burners to become One in the flames of this celebration of Art, Fire, and Life, further spreading the unique Burning experience through this region.

Where: Ozark Avalon, Columbia, Missouri ozarkavalon.com
When: April 24-25, 2004

We will be burning a wooden Man at the height of the festivities on Saturday night. However, some people may wish to arrive at Ozark Avalon on Friday, April 23, to set up their tents, theme camps, stages, sound equipment, art installations, etc., in order to be ready for the event starting on Saturday. Please see midwestpagan.com/InterFuse for more information on this option. Theme camps are not required to register for InterFuse 2004.

Many InterFuse participants will be burners from the Kansas City and St. Louis communities. However, we encourage any other Burners, especially those in the Midwest, to come co-create the InterFuse experience. Of course, you don’t need to be a previous Burner to attend this event. For more info please visit midwestpagan.com or join yahoo.com/group/MidwestBurners

Questions and comments can be sent to the InterFuse 2004 Event Planners by clicking here:

To join the Missouri announce list, send a blank email to missouri-announce-subscribe.

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