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JRS V8:#24:04.13.04

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks!
Volume 8, Issue 24
April 13, 2004

It’s all still zooming toward the playa here at BMHQ – momentum has fully gathered and things are really picking up steam. At last week’s Town Hall meeting we met dozens and dozens of new friends looking for a place to plug in; we heard from staff members and team leaders reaching out for recruits; we even saw a demonstration of the new cup disposal technology in Center Camp, to eliminate the mess of the trash cans! (Did you know you can BRING YOUR OWN CUP to the Café this year?)

This week’s JRS is short and sweet, but has some important info, so we’ll not palaver: a valuable ticket update, a call to participate in designing BRC’s street signs, and calls for several volunteer opportunities, and for help for our friend Reverend Billy, who’s gearing up for his West Coast tour. Plus, those crazy kids in my home state of Missouri are excitedly planning their first Midwest Burn… don’t miss out!

143 days…

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Where Are Your Tickets?
Call for BRC’s Street Sign Designs!
Join the Fabulous Tech Team!

BRC Post Office Wants You to Deliver O-Grams
Furniture Building at the Ranch, April 23-25
Rev. Billy’s Flock Needs California Beds

Update on Midwest’s InterFuse, April 23-25


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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Greetings from Ticket Land!

Where Are Your Tickets?
We have received many emails from all you eager ticket holders out there wondering when your tickets will be mailed. The fabulous team at InHouse Ticketing is working hard to get through the thousands of orders for online sales. When your ticket goes in the mail, you will receive an email letting you know your tickets on are on the way to you.

We know how excited everyone is to get your tickets, please try to be patient and do not send emails inquiring about your ticket mailing status. That only slows down the crew trying to get them in the mail. If you received a confirmation number for your tickets and selected to have them mailed to you then everything will be okay. We promise. Just sit back, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let the playa visions come – your ticket will get there soon.

Other News in Ticket Land:
There are still a limited number of $200 tickets available for purchase through Mail Order. These won’t last long, get yours today! Send your clearly printed full name, mailing address, contact info (either phone or email) and how many tickets you wish to purchase to the address below. Remember payment must be made in form of Money Order or Cashier’s Check – Burning Man does NOT accept personal or business checks.

Burning Man
Mail Order Tickets
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

If you wish to have your ticket sent by secure delivery please add $10 to your order.

Walk In Outlets:
The following walk in outlets are now selling tickets starting at $200. Please remember these businesses are burner-owned and they have volunteered to help us sell tickets and open their doors to our community. Please treat them with the respect they deserve for this huge task they have taken on.

The Melting Pot
888 Virginia St
Reno, NV
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills
1217 21st St
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 :00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight)
San Francisco, CA
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company
2510 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM -6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Low Income Tickets:
We are still accepting applications for low income tickets! Go here for more info on Low Income Tickets:

It is very important that you follow ALL directions when applying for these tickets.

See you on the playa!!

The Ticket Team

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Attention Artists, Illustrators, Designers and anyone!
We’re excited to announce that this year we have created an opportunity for artists to add their creative touch to Black Rock City! We’re always looking for more ways to involve the participants of Black Rock City and this year we’re moving from the vinyl printed street signs you have seen over the last few years back to the hand painted last seen in 1999. So this year, we are extending an invitation to artists to design your own font and motif for several streets!

We are looking for several artists to design a few streets each and here’s the skinny on specifications:

The signs are 6″ x 18″
The signs will have a white background.
They need to be legible for emergency services.

The theme this year is Vault of Heaven and the signs should complement the theme.
Bear in mind that the signs will be produced by opaque projection onto a prefab sign (background pre painted) and then traced. And the street names will then be painted in by either the artist or skilled volunteers as needed. So, if your design is selected, you will need to be available for the production run during a weekend between May 21st and June 28th.

The goal of the signs is to
– wow the citizen’s of BRC
– assist in navigation
– offer participation for our beloved artists, and
– be completed by the due date, June 28th when our Sign Genies move on to producing the gate road signs and all the other assorted signage throughout the city.

Submitting your design:
– Submissions are due by April 20th.
– You will need to submit 2 signs. The first being 2:30, the second being Mercury. (street names will likely be the planets for 2004)
– The signs should consist of a font that you choose or develop (make sure you develop the entire complement of alphabet and numerals if you create your own font!) and can also have an accompanying design element like the compasses we had in 2002 for the Floating World.

Electronic submissions should ideally be placed upon a web URL. We will also accept submissions emailed in .jpg or .giff format to:
streetsigns. This is the email addresses you’ll want to use for questions.

Hard copy submissions can be brought in or mailed to:
Sign Designs attn: DPW
C/O Black Rock City, LLC.
1900 Third St.
San Francisco, CA 94158

If your design is selected, then you will need to produce the full complement of templates (for opaque projection) by May 3rd.

On your marks, get set, PARTICIPATE!!!

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If you’re a technical whiz, the Burning Man Tech Team would love to have your help! The Tech Team develops, manages and maintains the back-end infrastructure and public-facing elements of the Burning Man technology tools which include the website (burningman.com), extranet, databases, office-based desktop support and system administration.

Our projects bring together a fun and diverse group of multi-talented volunteers dedicated to supporting and expanding a strong online community, providing information, resources, contacts, and a way to celebrate Burning Man throughout the year.

We’re holding our bi-annual recruitment and orientation extravaganza on April 14th at the Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisco at 7pm, and we’d love to have you join us to learn how you can help out.

We welcome network engineers, system administrators, python programmers, Zope/Plone developers, HTML coders, CSS wizards, database jockeys, web scripters, graphic designers, information architects, project managers, writers, image crunchers and photographers.

If you’re interested in helping, please fill out the volunteer questionnaire at:
burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html or drop me a line at ron@burningman.com.


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Are you outgoing?
Do you like meeting new people?
Would you like to indulge in your exhibitionist whims?
We may have just the position for you.
The Black Rock City Post Office is looking for O-gram Specialists.
What is an O-gram, and what do the Specialists do? Well, that is between you and the person you are delivering the O-gram to… just use your imagination.
If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in contact the Black Rock City Post Office at brcpomanagers@yahoo.com

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Cafe Furniture Building Camp-out Weekend!
April 23-25

Calling all builders, carpenters and crafty folks for an adventure in playa furniture construction at the work ranch outside Gerlach. We will be building newly designed wooden furniture for the Cafe. Be prepared to camp on the playa, at the ranch or stay in town as well as provide your own breakfast and dinner meals. Email marie with your skill set to sign up and to receive more details.

What: Furniture Building Camp out
When: Friday April 23rd to Sunday April 25th
Where: Work Ranch in Nevada
Details & Entry: marie@burningman.com

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Reverend Billy and The Stop Big Boxes Gospel Choir are touring California in a school bus April 17-25, defending communities against the life killing invasion of big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot. The Neighborhood and Town Revival Tour is looking to bed members of The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir in Los Angeles, Arcata and San Francisco. We still have about fifteen singers who need sleeping places, showers, directions and public transportion guidance in the following communities:

Los Angeles, April 17 and 18 nights for shows at Cal State and Northridge campus
Arcata, Tuesday 20 night for a show in the trees for the tree sitters San Francisco, April 22-24 nights for shows in Bernal Heights, Berkeley, Castro Theater

Do you have an extra bedroom? A comfortable somewhat private guest area in your house? We really need to find several hosts to take two or more singers into their homes. LA folks: our gigs are in the north east sections of the city, and a number of us are staying in Altadena. Rides to meeting points would be a big help since we only have one and a half vehicles.

SF folks: just near a good bus or street car will be fine.

We are working almost all day long on this tour, doing actions and shows, so its really about providing comfortable sleeping for wandering and possibly exhausted gospel minstrels. If you can do this, if you want to do this, we are so very grateful and when you get to heaven there won´t be any parking lots and the sky will rain joy.

please contact savitri d at savitri51 or 718 853 4025.

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All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.

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Update on InterFuse 2004: a Spring Compression party and Midwest Regional Burn

InterFuse is really shaping up to be an incredible Midwest gathering! Burners and pre-burners from all over the central United States will be traveling to Ozark Avalon, outside of Columbia, Missouri to join together in this fiery celebration. We’ve made some important changes since InterFuse was first announced. Check them out below and at midwestpagan.com/InterFuse

Date: There has been such an enthusiastic reaction to InterFuse, that we rented Ozark Avalon for an additional day. InterFuse now runs from April 23-25, 2004. One more day of InterFusion!

Gate Hours : 8AM-midnight on Friday night
9AM-9PM on Saturday night. The Wheat man gets lit Saturday, at Midnight!

Admission: $15 per person
Please bring CASH to pay at the gate!! If you show up at the gate without cash, you’ll be directed back down the road to an ATM. This is only a 3 day fling so you won’t want to waste precious chill time from being unprepared.

We’ve had to put an age restriction on InterFuse because of Missouri laws involving nudity and children. Children UNDER 14 will not be allowed in. Children 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Since we made this change a only few weeks before the event, PLEASE pass this information along to anyone planning on going.

Please help us make InterFuse run smoothly. Volunteer!

Anyone planning to attend should check out the rules beforehand.

For InterFuse updates and to get the low down on burner happenings across the central United States, sign up for the Vox Ignis newsletter.

Let’s get the Midwest burnin’!

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