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JACK RABBIT NOTE: We tried and tried to send the JRS last week to get you an announcement about the Flambe Lounge and other time-sensitive information, but we’ve had a bear of a time with it — it kept getting “lost” when it hit the server, every time it was sent. We’re all scratching our heads and still not exactly sure what happened, but we’re trying yet again to post it for you today, (sans info that’s no longer timely). Our apologies for the delay.

Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 27
May 21, 2004

Whoa! You leave for just a little while to visit Burning Man events in foreign countries, and suddenly you come home and there are 105 days until the event. How’d that happen?

Yes, our mistress Maid Marian, Larry Harvey, and I have just returned from a European junket: in Dublin, we participated in the Convergence Festival, where Gone Off Deep’s “Beyond Black Rock” enjoyed a test screening, and Aprile Blake and Dearbhla Glynn showed “Dust Devils” to a receptive Irish audience. The next weekend, seats were sold out at nearly every show at the London Burning Man Film Festival, a burner-organized weekend full of films, performance, art, and music in Brixton. We were hosted by new and old friends alike, we met potential regional contacts for several new locations, and Larry was interviewed by Irish radio, television and print reporters. On the way home, a quick stopover in Washington, DC netted two fruitful meetings with government officials, and a fantastic happy hour with participants from the Baltimore/DC regions. What a fantastic trip!

Now that I’ve finally figured out which way to look again when I cross the street, we return to a full-swing busy season just in time for the first Flambé Lounge of 2004, this Sunday in San Francisco. This day-into-night event is a highlight of our planning year, so you won’t want to miss the full announcement below. We’re proud to have the Flambé Lounge as a featured event of San Francisco’s artSFest 2004 artSFest2004.com. Plus, there’s, well, a metric tonne of news and info, all for your preparatory enjoyment.

The news doesn’t wait, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to freaking out. (105 days???)

=========TABLE OF CONTENTS=========

Black Rock Arts Foundation Seeks Pro Bono Help
Reminder: Theme Camp Registration is LIVE
Deadline Extended For Dioramas Under the Man
CHAC Talk: Errata
This Week At Burningman.com
Rocketeers in the Black Rock Desert

Looking for the Hamster Wheel Creator
Tip for Rental Vehicles!
Café Art, Decor, and Lighting Craft Party 06/06
Residence at Jim Mason’s Shipyard – Deadline Extended
Belly Dancers at Burning Man 2004
Seeking Pagan and Native American Wedding Ceremonies

Playa Del Fuego SOLD OUT!
California Campout Memorial Day Weekend – Free!
“Nothing Without You” Festival Screenings
Health and Harmony Festival June 12-13th
North Carolina Burn event – July 30-August 1


========BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS=======

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The Black Rock Arts Foundation, an arts nonprofit 501(c)3 organization supporting interactive art year round at venues other than Burning Man. We are looking for pro bono legal help on a long-term basis in the following areas: nonprofit taxes, administrative issues, structure and governance, grantmaking and special issues. The time commitment would be approximately two hours per month. If you would like to offer help, please email us and include your resume: info. Thanks!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


You can go here: forms.burningman.com and access the theme camp form. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to fill it out, so be patient and prepared to answer tons of questions! This is your camp’s key to placement, being mapped, and other goodies, so be sure to register soon.

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The deadline for diorama design submissions for the Off-Planet Theatre under the man has been extended to June 1! We want to encourage you to get as far out into realms unknown as possible. There are two requirements: your alien world must be believable as a physical space as we know it, one with a horizon line, a foreground, a background and a sky (or something like a sky!) And your world must not contain animate creatures, like human beings, aliens, or animals… participants acting on these stages will be the living creatures who inhabit these worlds.

Within those parameters, we’d love to see bizarre, inventive worlds:
Landscapes made of text.
Mountains of liquids. A Dr. Seussian world of exotic plants. A world made of fire. A land of flesh. Forests of feathers. Your imagination is boundless, but our human perceptions require believable space in which to move around. For that reason we cannot use abstract patterns unless they fit into the above parameters. Think of the dioramas you’ve seen in natural history museums. Your world should be ready for humans to step into it and move around in relation to its components. Please read through the Alien World text:
burningman.com…alien_world.html and then follow the instructions here: burningman.com…participate_obs.html. We look forward to receiving your designs at alien-world!

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We forgot to credit the writers of last JRS’s “The Cat in the CHAC” by name – they were our glorious Seattle co-regionals, Dave Martinez and David Peterman. They wrote about Larry Harvey’s appearance at the Capitol Hill Arts Club in Seattle – which speech is now archived at staticfactory.org if you’d like to hear it for yourself. Thanks, Daves!

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This week, those little white letters on the black background at burningman.com inquire as to how you’ll participate at Burning Man 2004. Take our poll and find out what others say.

Plus, for you music and/or noise lovers, make sure your camp’s plans jive with the latest sound policy in BRC. Forewarned is forearmed. (Or fore-eared. Or something!)

Updated news items, gorgeous new images from the Image Gallery, and much much more this week at burningman.com!

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Hello, There has been an attempt to launch a civilian rocket into space.

Here is the video I took of it. rawfire.torche.com…The_launch.mov

This will redirect to the directory with the images I took as well.

I do know know if they have an official word yet or not as to if it actually made it into space, but everyone seemed pretty sure it did, which means it’s a first!

Here is the group that did the launch. civilianspace.com

And here is the artcle about today’s launch. msnbc.msn.com/id/4962707

Here is the video I took of it. rawfire.torche.com…The_launch.mov

This will redirect to the directory with the images I took as well.

All I can saw is… WOW.. it was cool to watch so close!!


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The Art Department is looking for the creator of this wonderful example of mobile art: http://images.burningman.com/index.cgi?image=15839
The UC Berkeley Extension catalog will feature this image and they would very much like to credit the artist. If you have information, please send it to ladybee@burningman.com.

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


“Here’s a top tip for RV users:

Last year we decided to take serious steps to save the carpet in our RV (& elbow grease), so we duct taped carpet underlay to the whole of the floor of our RV before leaving town. Magic.. it worked a treat, and we used the underlay as somewhere to have a doodle. Once back in a dust free environment we peeled back the underlay & only had to give the floor a quick wipe to get it sparkling. On it’s return to Cruise America – NO CHARGE! As well as that we wrapped all the seating in cling film [Ed: that’s Saran Wrap to us Yanks] & so as to avoid sticking your butt to it, wrapped them in groovy sheets. From Logical Linda in London”

***JRS NOTE: we would like to remind everyone that steps like these are CRUCIAL when renting vehicles for Burning Man – RV’s, autos, and even all those box trucks! Every vehicle that is returned in anything-less-than-perfect condition puts one more nail in the coffin for our community’s chances of being permitted to rent vehicles in the future. Each year, we hear of a new vendor who refuses to rent to anyone headed for Black Rock City, and this problem can be ameliorated if precautions like these are observed and all vehicles are brought back clean and unharmed. So, be careful. We’d love to hear from you if you have more suggestions about how to keep rentals clean and un-playafied, for future issues of the JRS, so do let us know if you have ideas. We’ve heard some truly terrible horror stories about very irresponsible rental vehicle antics (did you know that the roof is NEVER covered in your extra insurance on a rental box truck? That means that taking the camp’s group photo on top of it is, in fact, a REALLY BAD IDEA!) Don’t give Burning Man renters a bad name. Return it spic and span, and operate carefully!***

And thanks for the tip, Linda… Logical indeed!

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Aspiring Electricians!!!: If you have a knack for or interest in lighting large spaces please stop by to find out about new opportunities on our team.

NEW TIME: 1pm to 6pm

Feeling creative? Excellent! Come get your craft on and help us make the Center Camp Cafe into the fabulous oasis of splendor that does so much more than quench thirsts each year – anyone who likes to have fun, be creative and won’t run with scissors is invited to come on down for a reenactment of last year — only with a NEW theme. Bring your own sewing machine for double the fun! We will provide food and beverages.

We always love donations such as extra hot glue sticks/glue guns, scissors, fabric, etc., but we have a few specific requests this time:

*Interesting looking washers, screws or small to medium metal thingies for decor. *Silk-like material in ORANGE, YELLOW and RED. *4 foot Florescent light tubes and fixtures. *Any type(except heavy playa attracting fabrics like velvet)/amount of solid colored yellow, orange or red fabric. *Enamel paint in gallons, it’s Playa-Proof! (If you are interested in donating paint to the Café next time you go to the hardware store, buy a gallon or two of the ‘mistake colors’ enamel paint they have cheap!)

What: Cafe Art, Décor and Lighting Craft Party
When: Sunday June 6th, 1pm to 6pm
Where: Burning Man Headquarters
1900 3rd St @16th St (second floor)
San Francisco, CA 94107-2502

Parking info and directions to the offices: burningman.com/officedirections
We have 20 parking spaces on the north half of the neighboring lot (next to Sno Drift) Questions? Email cafe-decor-vols

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


The Shipyard Art/Build Space in Berkeley is once again offering our annual Rocket-Scientist-in-Residence program to a deserving yet under-resourced artist with ambitious plans for playa art.

The selected artist will get a free 8′ x 24′ ground floor shipping container to store materials and have a small personal shop, as well as shared use of our 6000 sq ft open asphalt, blue-sky overhead, building courtyard. Along with space to build, you will get full use of the Shipyard metal fabrication shop, machine shop, trucks, forklifts, crane, DUKWs, Ryon Gesink, DSL, hot tub, and as well as tech and creative consulting from all of us (for better or worse).

The Burning Man residency is from June 1- September 15. It is open to any Burning Man destined project. If you are interested in the residency, please email Jim Mason at jim and ladybee with a statement of your interest, what you plan to build, and why the Shipyard space and citizens would be of unique relevance for your project. The Deadline for applications is June 1.

Last year Nate Smith of Utah was awarded the residency. His playa project was the Pillar of Fire: images.burningman.com. Check out Nate’s website at fire-arts.com.

In the future, we hope to offer 2 or 3 free residencies a year, depending on how well we like the proposals we get and what else is going on in the yard. If you are interested in proposing a project for a time other than this summer, please email Jim Mason with what you would like to do. We are always open to hearing pitches for interesting projects and events, whether they are properly called “art” or something else – especially if they are most likely nearly impossible to actually pull off. If in doubt, ask, and we’ll probably say yes. Again, email Jim. He likes email.

More information on The Shipyard is available at

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Belly Dancers Unite! Burning Bellies 2004!

Hey gang, Spanky here again. Apparently there’s been a bit of confusion (on my part, what’s new about that!?) and I’m here to help get things back on track. After the smashing success of the Belly Dance Invasion of 2002, a group of folks, led by Kat and Ivy formed a group known as “Burning Bellies” to continue on the tradition and have been going strong since. I, being completely unaware as usual, inadvertently sent out a posting in the last JRS asking for belly dancers who wanted to get together to invade the Café this year, when there’s already such an endeavor underway! Silly me. Well after a few understandably confused emails from the Burning Bellies coordinators, I realized I needed to use my superhuman powers of cooperation and radical inclusion to try to get everyone back on the same page. SO, to make a long story short, I have contacted Kat and Ivy, gotten them hooked up with the bellies email address and will kindly step back and let the professionals take care of this. Hell, I don’t even belly dance! So, the final word is this: YES! there will be a Belly Dancing Event on the playa this year. YES! you can use the bellies email address to get in touch with Kat and Ivy who are coordinating events this year. If you’re interested in hooking up with this year’s belly bonanza, they keep the belly community alive yearlong at the following website and email addresses:

– The Yahoo group is: burningbellies
– The Tribe is: burningbellies

Café Performance

And speaking of the Café Performance Team…step right up, we’re ready to serve you!

Come extroverts! Come socialites! This is a call to the auditorily apt citizens of Black Rock City, the veritable virtuosos, the skilled savants. Burning Man is hosting a little 34,000 square foot theme camp. You might know of it as “Center Camp Café”? We would simply love for you to bring your swanky style to our Café Performance line up. In order to pack as much pleasure onto our two stages as possible, we are taking sign-ups posthaste. Over to your left, you’ll find the Café Spoken Word stage where lyricists, poets talks shows and other varieties can be found… and to your right the Café Music stage, where instrumentalists, virtuosos and talented musicians from around the world can heard in the shade and breeze. Above you, you’ll find aerial performers defying the fundamental laws that govern space and time. And of course, amidst your very selves in the Café you’ll find amazing spontaneous, dramatic and engaging performances every day, for seven days and nights in Center Camp Café.

If you sculpt music, paint words, sing motions or you are a disciple of the air, and performing in the Café sounds like a dream then please check out our pages on the Burning Man website. All of the details are there for you to read late late at night in your jammies. Please read this information carefully (maybe some coffee first?) before sending us your information, we worked real real hard on it:


~Spanky & the Café Performance Crew!


*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Affinity, our Wedding Coordinator has had requests for both a pagan/handfasting, and Shamanistic/Native American wedding ceremony, and only one of the current volunteers that are legal officiants feel like they have such a background.

She is seeking anyone out there who would be willing to share a written ceremony and perhaps correspond with one of the couples if they have any questions. If there is anyone who could and would “perform” a song or poem or drumming that would be appropriate to one of these ceremonies that would also be welcome. Please email Affinity at: weddings.

Affinity says thanks for being such generous Burners as to share your rituals with us…

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *

All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. burningman.com/calendar/yearround

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Playa del Fuego Tickets have SOLD OUT!

For the first time in PDF history, all 500 of our tickets have sold out in advance!

There will NOT be tickets for sale at the gate. If you haven’t ordered AND paid for your ticket by now, please do not drive to Delaware expecting to get in! The fall event is in October – we do ’em twice a year!

playadelfuego.org – Burnin it East Coast Stylee since 1998!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


Since Flipside sold out, we are inviting our fellow burners to join us for the long weekend. So, in conjunction with the Sacramento regional, we are hosting a burn at our Memorial Day campout on private property near Cottonwood, CA. The site is a wooded 1000 acre undeveloped parcel. It is very private yet easy to reach in any vehicle. The potential is unlimited so bring your projects to try out or share with fellow burners.

There will be portipotties and lots of nice areas to camp under shade oaks. Lots of free firewood and we’ll provide the basics for a BBQ on Saturdayevening. We’ll fill the evenings with DJ tunes so if you spin, bring a set to share. A kitchen area will be set up as well as an area for fire performance and our fire circle.

There are no tickets to buy nor are there any other charges. For details checkout dragonsorb.org Look under new projects for the details and photos of the site.

Please RSVP to dragonsfire66 or by phone @ 916-685-6833

Dragon… AKA Bob Parker (Greeters, staff)

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


(Nothing Without You is a 52 minute documentary about Ted and Paul’s theme camp in 2002 where Ted started in a perimeter with no water, clothes, food or supplies and relied entirely on donations from the community to both survive and flourish at Burning Man.)

The film NOTHING WITHOUT YOU next screens at the following festivals:

Moondance: Boulder, Colorado on Thursday May 27 at approx 1pm. moondancefilmfestival.com

Filmstock International Film Festival: Luton, England Wednseday, June 2 at 9pm www.filmstock.co.uk

Wine Country Film Festival
July 22-Aug15: TBA

Brief update: Nothing Without You won the Audience Choice Award at the Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood on April 27. Thanks to the more than 350 people who came out to see it!


*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


26th Annual Health & Harmony Festival – June 12th-13th, 2004 Sonoma County Fairgrounds Santa Rosa, CA Saturday 11:00AM to 8:00PM, Sunday 11:00AM to 7:30PM

Activate and Celebrate! Listen to an incredible musical lineup with 70 bands and performers on five stages; Headliners include Afro-pop legend, Angelique Kidjo, blues-rock sensation Jackie Greene; local favorite Jai Uttal and The Pagan Love orchestra; rising star Keller Williams; Rock Legend and Hall of Fame member, Dave Mason, of Traffic and Fleetwood Mac fame; as well as other incredible acts including Lost At Last, Hamsa Lila, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Caroline Aiken, Dezarie and Ikahba, Feisty Females in the Round (including Suzanne Sterling and Joanne Rand), Ancient Future, Alcyone, and more! Speakers include Starhawk, Kevin Danaher, Luisah Teish, Ram Dass, and special guest, Daryl Hannah (pending film schedule). Explore great attractions like the expanded Eco-Village, Alternatively-Fueled Vehicle Expo, the Well-Being Pavilion, the Goddess Temple, Kasbah Tea House, Harmony Alter, Global Bazaar and so much more. The Saturday Night Techno Tribal Community Dance features three amazing rooms of live music, performance artists and stellar DJ’s with headliners Lost At Last! For a full schedule of entertainment and more information visit harmonyfestival.com or call (707) 861-2035.
Tickets available online at harmonyfestival.com Tickets by phone through InHouse Ticketing: 415-389-TIXX

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *


TRANSFORMUS: Fire on the Mountain
SouthEast Regional Burn: near Asheville, NC

3 days and nights of east-coast mischief, July 30-August 1, 2004. For your participating pleasure, the Transformaniacs have secured 800+ acres of privately owned wilderness land nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, complete with 2 lakes, orchards, lush forests, and a talent stage!! Just 30 minutes south of Asheville NC, 3 hours northeast of Atlanta.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW FOR JUST $28, AND LIMITED TO JUST 500 PARTICIPANTS. (price goes up significantly after the first 200 are sold)

See transformus.com for event details and how you can help!

*<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ **<>/**<>/ *

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